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Best Ultrasonic Bird Repeller UK

Birds are cute little creatures, and we cannot help but adore how they fluff their wings and tweet constantly! But what if these adorable tiny creatures are damaging your property? For instance, we all love pigeons and the way they hang out in huge groups, but do you know that pigeon droppings are dangerous? They can eat away any surface they fall into, from solar panels to your house’s roof. But how can you stop these pesky creatures from being them?

My friend came up with this idea of buying and installing the best ultrasonic bird repeller, and I thought to give it a try. Thank god, I went with his crazy idea because after installing the bird repeller, my problem disappeared, and so did the birds.

The sonic qualities of the bird repellant created noises and sound to scare and disorient the birds. The repellant I chose emitted frequencies of around 24 kHz, so the noises did not disturb the neighbours. Furthermore, the repellant repelled the new birds from coming in and attacking my territory.

Also, if you find foxes and rats attacking your territory because you live around the woods, then you can install this bird repellant, and it will successfully drive them away. But with the plethora of brands manufacturing bird repellants, how will you know which one is best for you? Don’t worry because you will hopefully know which bird repellant you want to buy by the end of this article.

Top 10 Ultrasonic Bird Repeller UK

1.Balcony Gard Bird Repellant

Bird-X 240V Balcony Gard Ultrasonic Bird


Although this repellant looks compact, it can emit frequencies of up to 25,000 Hz. You can also set periodic chirping sounds to prevent birds from sitting on your crops and flowers all together. The best part is probably the adjustable settings, which you can adjust according to the birds’ number. For instance, you can set it high during the mating season. You will have to install the place where you get the most birds coming in for the best results.

 Once you get the device going, pigeons will not come into your property ever! And if you see pigeons are flying in to have a feast on your crops, just switch on the sound, and you can see them getting irritated and fleeing away for good.


  • It silently prevents pigeons and other pesky birds from coming into your territory.
  • You have got the option to operate it either via AC or DC voltage, and you can switch it whenever required.
  • The motion sensor implanted in the device will detect birds’ slightest movements and notify you almost instantly.
  • The device can work effectively up to a distance of 250 meters.
  • It will frighten the birds and pests away, but it will not harm them in any way possible.
  • The repeller is operated via rechargeable batteries, which you will have to connect via a 15-meter cord to the power source.
  • It is entirely waterproof so that you can set it outdoors without any worries.
  • Stops the pigeons and gulls from coming in your territory.
  • Covers a wide area.
  • It is not harsh to pigeons and pests.
  • Not impacted by extreme weather.
  • Beeping sounds might affect kids.
  • No rechargeable solar batteries.

2. Professional Garden Repellant




If you have not successfully used traps and chemicals in keeping your garden free from birds and animals, you might need this device. The compact ultrasonic repellant by GARDEN SECRETS will clear all these troubles for you, and you would not have to do much for it. The mini device is famous for creating ultrasounds for frequencies, which will irritate the birds and pests, forcing them to flee away.

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But you would not have to worry about the unpleasant sound because you would not be able to hear them! The manufacturers claim that after 2-3 weeks of installing this device, you will be stunned with the fantastic results. This repellant is not only useful for driving away birds, but also rodents, fox, and deers will stop attacking your property after getting too disturbed and frightened with the noise.


  • Covers an area of about 60 meters.
  • It comes with rechargeable solar batteries, so you would not have to charge the batteries manually.
  • The ultrasonic device is completely noise-free for humans, and thus even in the eerie hours of the night, you would not be disturbed by it.
  • It will charge via the power of the sun even on partly sunny days, and thus you can save on your power bills.
  • The ultrasound effect comes in 3 modes, and you can adjust it by increasing the frequency knob to more than 19 kHz.
  • You can also set LED light flashing or an alarm to alert you about upcoming unwelcomed guests.
  • The device is safe for your plants as well as the birds; it is driving away.

  • You can add dog barking or sirens as noises.
  • No maintenance is required.
  • It is not affected by light rain.
  • Three operating modes available.
  • Poorly built device.
  • Not useful in the case of rabbits and skunks.

3. Sonic Bird And Deer Repellant


If you have been unsuccessful in driving out annoying birds and other animals like mice, stray cats, raccoons, etc., then check out this animal repellant device from the house of Izzie. The reason behind its efficiency is its most comprehensive sound frequency range, between 13.5 kHz to 45.5 kHz 🙂. That is why it assures that you can get rid of birds and other furry creatures as well. Installing the device is pretty straightforward, and then your job is done as the solar-powered batteries will self recharge.

 The device is entirely cruelty-free and pest-friendly, so it will not cause any harm to the intruders. There are three settings available in the machine, and you can choose them depending on the type of animals you are willing to scare away. For instance, in the strongest setting, you will find alarms beeping accompanied by LED lights flashing to scare away birds, rodents, etc.


  • It emits 24.5 kHz noise for maximum efficiency without disrupting the composure of humans.
  • The device is made of high-quality ABS material to guarantee your maximal longevity.
  • Self-replenishing solar batteries will help you save on your electricity bills.
  • The pest repellant is categorized under IP44 certification, so it’s completely waterproof and thus can endure rain and even snow.
  • You can charge the device using a 9V 200mA adapter on cloudy days due to solar power scarcity.
  • The product works within an area of 90 m, so you would have to set it in a particular place.
  • Night flashing LED and PIR sensor is incorporated into the device.
  • Can withstand any weather conditions.
  • The robust build of the device.
  • Installation and setup are super comfortable.
  • Powered by solar.
  • Alarm sounds can annoy humans.
  • Does not work for deers.

4. Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repellant


If you have previously used a bird repellant device but faced struggle while connecting it into the power outlet, then this device might be of your interest. Once you look at the device closely, you will find solar panels built on top of it, so it is safe to assume that it will charge itself. Even if the deterrent is left outdoors amidst heavy rain and snow, the device will work correctly because it is made with waterproof material.

 The Passive Infrared Sensor (PIS) embedded into the device will emit noise whenever it detects movement in the range to scare away the birds and animals. If your region expects consecutive rainy days, you can charge the device by connecting it to a power bank. So the device offers you five modes, and you will have to choose one based on the type of animal you want to repel.


  • The portable device is super easy to set up, and for this, you have to plant the device into the ground after fixing the spike.
  • PIR sensor technology is integrated into the machine to detect motion.
  • Built with a solid plastic profile, the device features an outstanding style.
  • The repellant is made with waterproof material so that you can place it anywhere in your backyard.
  • The device’s back has holes, which you can use to hang the device instead of putting it on the ground.
  • The maximum range within which it works is 9 meters.
  • It takes up to 8 hours of charging with solar power.
  • Keeps cats, birds, and squirrels away.
  • Super easy to setup.
  • Comprises of different modes
  • Waterproof in nature.
  • Does not scare rabbits.
  • Would not alarm unless the animals move.

5. Gard Ultrasonic Bird Repellant

Bird-X PRO Yard Gard Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, 240 Volt


The bird repellant from Bird-X Inc is best suitable for small backyards, pool decks, lawns, etc. A motion sensor is embedded in the device, which goes into action whenever an animal or bird comes into the range. The repellant makes a threatening noise to scare off the animals coming to destroy your plants, but none of the noise will reach your ears so you would not be disturbed at all. The particular model is efficient for eliminating birds and animals like dogs, raccoons, and deers.

 There are detailed sound levels, and you can adjust it depending on the types of animals you want to repel. You can find a picture coming with the package, which illustrates which sound level is appropriate for animals and birds. Also, the animals’ names are painted into the volume buttons so that you can use it in no time.


  • It can drive off animals within a radius of 370 square meters.
  • Super easy to plant in on the ground and use.
  • The frequency it offers is between 15 kHz and 25 kHz.
  • The device is compatible with 4C batteries, and it can continuously work for a month.
  • As the batteries are non-rechargeable, you can easily replace it.
  • The device will come in with a power adapter for convenience.
  • It can repel birds and pests silently by making the most of motion sensors.
  • Works for a wide radius.
  • Offers eight recorded sounds to scare specific animals.
  • Good value for money.
  • Raccoons and dogs will be gone.
  • Not useful in the case of pigeons.
  • Non-rechargeable batteries.

6. Ultrasonic Waterproof Animal Repellant


When you look at this device for the first time, you might wonder whether this device will work because it is super compact. But once you start using the product, all your doubts will disappear because this device is powerful even though it is compact. The repellant will start producing ultrasonic waves and causes an alarm-like beeping sound accompanied by LED flashing. There are, in total, three ultrasonic functions that differ by the intensity of the noise.

The device is not only a bird repellant, but it is also useful for repelling skunks, deer, rodents, raccoons, etc. The manufacturers mention that the device works effectively within a distance of about 32 feet. The repellant can be charged via USB cable, but it can recharge during sunny days because solar panels fit on the device.


  • The ultrasonic bird repeller is designed with the IP44 element to stay outdoors, even in harsh climatic conditions.
  • The device comes with solar panels attached to its top, which can sustain itself with solar power.
  • The repeller will work correctly if the birds come within a range of 9 meters at most.
  • The device rotates at an angle of 180 angles, and thus a large area is covered within the scope.
  • You can also charge the device by connecting it with a power outlet via a USB cable when the sun is not shining brightly.
  • It takes about 7 hours to charge.
  • You can adjust the sensitivity and frequency by rotating the left and right knobs, respectively.
  • Choose the frequency based on the animal to be repelled.
  • Intense alarm and LED flashing when detects motion.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • The design looks stylish.
  • Alarm sound might be audible to children.
  • The first frequency option is not practical.

7. Powerful Solar Battery-Powered Bird Repeller


The bird repeller from Hoont has proved to be successful in expelling birds of all sizes and other small wild animals. Often birds and other creatures get used to the noise of the ultrasonic repeller, and thus they come back again and again to destroy your garden. To prevent this from happening, the device offers you three different ultrasonic sounds, varying by intensity. You can adjust the sounds by rotating the dials given for this purpose.

 Once you look at the device, you find that the unit is enclosed in a hard plastic shell. Because of this outer covering, you can continuously leave the tool outdoors, even under heavy rain and snow, without worrying.


  • LED light flashes continuously to drive birds and pest away from your territory.
  • The device’s PIR motion sensor can detect any sort of motion from a distance of 30 ft.
  • Users can choose between 3 frequency settings to repel the animals.
  • There are also seven sensitivity settings available in the device for you to choose.
  • Comes with 3AA batteries, which charges with the solar panels’ help attached to the device’s top.
  • The repeller is built with waterproof and weatherproof material to guarantee longevity.
  • The device can also be recharged using a USB cable on rainy days.
  • The motion sensor is useful.
  • Optional LED flash option.
  • Three frequency settings for different animals and birds.
  • It can be charged with solar power.
  • Not useful for cats.
  • Not durable.

8. Battery Operated Bird RepellantASPECTEK Animal Repellent, Ultrasonic Animal Repeller


If you want to start with an affordable and robust unit, you can check out the features of this bird repellant by Aspectek. The device can repel birds and deer, rabbits, and squirrels by emanating frequency between 15,000 Hz and 18,000 Hz. To increase the chances of driving more animals away, the device rotates at an angle of 150 degrees.

 The unit offers five levels of ultrasonic frequencies to repel particular pests and animals. Other features include a convenient time setting, volume control buttons, robust motion sensors, etc.


  • The ultrasound waves of the device can cover up to 5000 feet.
  • The ultrasound is inaudible, but the alarm sound is audible.
  • IR infrared sensor activates the ultrasound and alarms sonic when an animal enters 15 m from the device.
  • If the alarm sound bothers you, it can be turned off by the volume knob.
  • The unit is made with a hard solid plastic frame and thus is suitable for outdoors.
  • The sonic and sensor sensitivity is adjustable.
  • It can be charged via C-type batteries or the power adapter.
  • The device is travel-friendly.
  • Effective in repelling birds and squirrels.
  • Longevity is guaranteed.
  • Setup instructions are clear.
  • Cannot repel pigeons.
  • The charger plug is non-standard.

9. Battery-Powered Bird Repeller


Are you struggling to prevent flocks of pigeons from eating all your precious plants? If yes, then you might be interested in knowing more about this bird repeller by Isotronic. The device is powered with ultrasonic technology to drive away from most birds, including pigeons and seagulls. The unit is designed to offer your garden, orchards, balconies, and windows maximum protection against birds.

Its best part is that the device is ready to use once you remove the packaging, and no chording is required. The battery-powered repeller allows you to choose between numerous frequency levels depending on the intensity you want.


  • The repeller can perform effectively in an area of 40-meter square.
  • No assembly and power connections are required for using it.
  • You can even attach it in your vehicle, in case birds are causing damage to your car.
  • There is a 30-second interval switching feature incorporated in the device to prevent the birds from getting used to the noise.
  • You can use the repeller continuously for 12 months.
  • The product flashes LED light every 50 seconds when motion is detected in the range.
  • Made with solid waterproof material.
  • Pros

  • It can be easily moved to another location.

  • Results can be immediately seen.
  • Excellent for sparrows and pigeons.
  • Setup is convenient.
  • The limited life of the product.
  • Ultrasonic sounds are audible to humans.

10. Outdoor Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

YOLEO Cat Fox Repellent Solar Power Ultrasonic Animal Repeller


Another ultrasonic bird repellant featuring in this list is brought to you by the brand of YOLEO. If you desperately try to get rid of rodents and various kinds of birds, but all your previous efforts have gone into vain, you can consider this unit. The device works by emanating irregular frequency levels so that even the most aggressive birds and animals don’t get used to the noise.

The device can sense motion within a distance of 30 feet at maximum. Also, it can drive away animals and birds within a range of 5000 square feet. You can allow the device to self-charge using solar power or recharge it via a USB cable.


  • There are three frequency modes for different animals, and the highest one is apt for birds.
  • You can control the frequency and sensitivity of all the modes.
  • The repellant device emits a green light when fully charged.
  • The unit is designed with waterproof material to withstand rain and snow.
  • The frequency range is between 13.5 kHz and 45.5 kHz.
  • The powerful speaker creates a mixture of ultrasonic sound and LED strobe lights.
  • The item rotates at an angle of 210 degrees, so to survey your entire backyard.
  • The ultrasound speakers are influential.
  • The device looks stylish.
  • Flashing lights are decent.
  • Will drive the cats away.
  • Solar charging stops working after some time.
  • Cannot repel foxes.

Ultrasonic Bird Repeller UK Product Guide



I am a huge fan of gardening, and I put in considerable effort intending to my flowering plants and shrubs! So I planted a few seeds and started watering it, and I was so hopeful about its further growth, but all my hopes went in vain when I found that the flowering plants are destroyed completely. I realized that birds are to be blamed for this, and if I don’t take any immediate action, my entire garden will be a massive mess shortly.

If you purchase an ultrasonic bird repeller for the first time, you are bound to have some questions in your mind. It is evident since you are not familiar with the product, and thus here are some frequently asked questions about ultrasonic bird repellers answered.

Can pregnant women and heart patients with pacemakers use these devices?

There are no health risks reported from using the ultrasonic bird deterrents. However, the ultrasonic alarms might be audible to kids and teens, and thus they might be disturbed.

Will birds be dead after coming in contact with the device?

You would not have to worry regarding this as the furry, adorable creatures would not be harmed in any way. The bird repellers can only drive away from the birds from your property and further ensures that they don’t come again.

Where should you place the device to scare the birds?

The choice of the unit’s location depends on individual goals and requirements. Before installing it, you should check where you are experiencing most birds and place them accordingly.

How to maintain the device?

Your priority should consider a unit that requires no constant maintenance to save your time and efforts. But to ensure efficiency and longevity, you should wipe off the device’s debris once every 2-3 months.

How to install the ultrasonic bird repeller?

You can find this detail in the instruction manual coming with the device package and recommendations about installing the item in the right way. However, if you are planting it on the ground, make sure that the surface is even.

Can the device be switched off during the daytime?

Some products mentioned here have day modes and night modes, so if you turn on the night modes, the device will be idle during the daytime.


Now that you have understood that you can repel birds effectively without using traps and chemicals, what are you waiting for? If you want to repel some other animals apart from birds, then you would find plenty of options in the list above. To narrow down your list, here are some recommendations in various segments:

Best overall- ZOVENCHI Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

Value for money- Bird-X PRO Yard Gard Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

Expensive- GARDEN SECRETS 3-in-1 Professional Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

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