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Best Tree Stump Killer UK

As a professional gardener, I find using grinders for killing stump tedious and time-consuming. Plus, many clients who wish to patronize my skills cannot afford the charges I place on tree stump removal- which is high, considering the workload. I desperately needed a way to tackle these challenges at once, and I did with a tree stump killer. Now, I get the best of both sides; work comfortably, and earn more patronage :). 

*If you are in rush to find best selling stump killers then here is the top 10 list for you.

Cutting down a tree to make space for your landscaping is easy. Removing the stump, however, is a different ball game. And though grinders are effective at this, they usually come insanely priced, not to mention the technicalities that accompany their use. The easy way out of such a rut, therefore, is a tree stump killer.

Professionals are not the only ones who find tree stumps bothersome. Perhaps, you just cut down a tree in your yard for some reason, but it keeps springing back up. Or you wish to carry out some landscaping on your own, but cannot afford to. Well, no need to worry, because now, you can get the task done all by yourself. You need to do is follow this review and product guide.

In the review, you would find what I consider the best tree stump killers on the market today. The product guide will inform you about the features to look out for in a tree stump killer. This will surely help you make the best selection for your need. Each product has been tested by both professionals and users all over. And their comments and feedback were compiled to make this review as informative as possible. 

Top 10 Tree Stump Killer UK

1. Roundup UK Super Concentrate Tree Stump Weed Killer

Roundup Tree Stump Weedkiller 250ml

Roundup Tree Stump Weedkiller 250ml

I have tried out a wide range of tree stump killers in my line of work. And when it comes to complete satisfaction, none of them meets up as high as this one. That is why it sits above all others, at the very top of my review list.

This product ticks all boxes for me. Not only does it successfully rot tree stumps, but also doubles as a weed killer. I tested it out on those nasty brambles and nettles that never seem to go away, and they all died in days! The quantity is also long-lasting, so I got to use it repeatedly on numerous jobs before I purchased a new supply. And it comes with a special pipette for easy application of the formula on unwanted plants and tree stumps.

The concentrate is also very powerful, so be careful not to let any on plants you wish to keep. Besides that, its use rewarded me with satisfying quantity, top quality and maximum convenience- a combination I have yet to see in most other products so far.


  • 250ml, Makes up to 25 spray litres
  • Kills up to 16 stumps
  • Kills Ivy, saplings, Japanese knotweed, brambles and nettles
  • Reusable pipette
  • Degradable in soil
  • Kills trees, even as a 50:50 mix
  • Very effective against stubborn weeds
  • Perfect for bamboos as well
  • Takes a long time to show results

2. Source4me UK Easy Copper Clout Nails

Copper Tree Stump Killer/Solid Copper Clout Nails - Very Large Sizes Available (20 x 65mm)

Copper Tree Stump Killer/Solid Copper Clout Nails - Very Large Sizes Available (20 x 65mm)

Killing tree stumps with copper is a technique as old as my grandfather. At the time, I decided to seek out better ways to gain clients. I adopted many methods of killing tree stumps. Till date, this is one of my favourites.

The main factor I love about using copper clout nails is its simplicity. Once the tree is cut, I drill about 5 to 10 holes into the grain (depending on the size; sometimes, it takes 10), and pound the nails into it. Then, I go about my duties and completely forget about the stump because it just dies slowly.

Another advantage of this is its affordability. You get up to 20 copper clout nails at about the same price you get a snack. And that is even enough quantity to take down larger stumps.


  • High purity copper
  • 65mm long
  • 3.35mm thick
  • 20 pieces
  • 299g
  • Kills tree stumps, even with regrowth
  • Also works on brambles
  • Easy to use
  • Needs pre-drilled holes in stumps. Otherwise, the soft nails will bend upon hammering.

3. Resolva UK Liquid Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer Sachets

Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer Sachets, 2 x 100 ml

Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer Sachets, 2 x 100 ml

In my line of work, versatility is a major element of success. Regardless of what the job is, I find it economically advantageous to buy products that can work on more than one front. This product does that for me.

It is a marvellous tree stump killer. Once applied, I began to notice impressive changes within a month. It is also an extremely powerful weed killer; better than I expected. I used it to tackle a wide range of pesky outgrowths ranging from brambles to dandelions, chickweed, red clover, scotch thistle and even bamboo! 

I noticed, however, that you get the best tree stump killing results when you apply into drill holes in the grain. It is also very effective when the tree stump is freshly cut, as the instructions insist.


  • 100ml sachets
  • No mess application on tree stumps
  • Kills a wide variety of perennial weeds
  • Soluble formula
  • Pre-measured
  • Long-lasting results
  • Very easy to apply
  • Kills brambles in less than a week
  • May need more than one application if the stump is not pre-drilled

4. Job Done UK Deep Root Tough Tree Stump Killer

Job Done Tough Tree Stump Killer Sachet, 3

 Job Done Tough Tree Stump Killer Sachet, 3

One of the biggest fears landscapers and gardeners fear when using herbicides is harming other useful plants. This can be a real challenge when the tree stump is smack dab in the middle of your lovely lawn. In such a case, this product is the most ideal.

The formula is very powerful and quite active. Within a short time, I noted a respectable amount of rot on the tree stump. I also noted the growth halted, so I never had to worry about reapplying. And I used it on other larger weeds as well.

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But what I loved the most about it is how safe it is on the lawn. While it attacked the tree stump effectively, it was rather forgiving on the beautiful landscape surrounding it. I think the immediate replanting feature the package promises is the reason why this is possible, and I was glad for such an advantage. 


  • Three drop-and-go sachets
  • Kills perennial weeds
  • Treats up to 3 stumps
  • No measuring
  • Allows immediate replanting
  • Very easy to apply
  • Effective against Ivy
  • Kills tree stumps without killing the ground
  • Takes a long time to notice results.

5. Gallup UK Home & Garden Glyphosate Stump Weed Killer

Gallup Home & Garden Glyphosate Weedkiller 2L + Free GardenersDream Cup & Gloves

Gallup Home & Garden Glyphosate Weedkiller 2L + Free GardenersDream Cup & Gloves

Most believe glyphosate-based herbicides are only useful for bushes and lower perennials. What they do not know is they make very efficient tree stump killers when used correctly. I found this product to be very powerful.

For one thing, you get great quantity value, as it comes in a 2litre keg. Add its effectiveness against weeds in general, and you get one quality tree stump killer at a friendly price. I also like how the formula neutralizes when it touches the soil, so I never have to worry about rendering the treated region unfit for replanting. But to be sure the stump is dead and gone, you must apply in high doses. 

For best results, I used the formula without mixing. I drilled holes in the tree stump and roots around it, then injected the formula directly into them. You can also apply as a spray, though I noticed the drilling technique works faster.


  • Professional-grade glyphosate formula
  • 2litres
  • Suitable for home use
  • Compatible with personal sprayers
  • No odours or lasting residue on surrounding soil
  • Very powerful rotting effect on the tree stump
  • Great quantity for a good price
  • Also very effective on bamboos and larger perennials
  • Kills useful plants as well, so be careful when you apply it

6. Vitax 5BKTS250 SBK Tree Stump Killer Concentrate

Vitax 5BKTS250 SBK Tree Stump Killer Concentrate 250ML

Vitax 5BKTS250 SBK Tree Stump Killer Concentrate 250ML

Though I regularly advocate for versatility, some situations require specialization, and sometimes, killing tree stumps is one of those. While you may feel like you missed out on extra advantages, the original purpose is fulfilled to the fullest.

This product tackles tree stumps with incredible effect. Though the formula is glyphosate-free, you have to take care not to use it in areas with plants you plan to keep. The application is so convenient; you can spray it, apply with a watering can, or paint it onto the surface. And the formula volume is enough to treat enough stumps, so you can reuse in case you need to.

I also found the formula to be great at treating hardy weeds, but I rarely use it for such. The concentrate is very powerful and can be a bit difficult to manage for such. But as a tree stump killer, I love it. After all, that was why I bought it in the first place.


  • 250ml concentrate
  • Treats up to 8 stumps
  • Glyphosate-free
  • Soluble formula
  • Also kills tough weeds
  • Highly effective on tree stumps
  • Fast results on weeds
  • Very easy to use
  • Takes longer to work on tree stumps

7. Rootblast UK Super Concentrated Weed Killer

Rootblast Super Concentrated Weed Killer Commercial Strength Glyphosate for Home & Garden, 360G/L

Rootblast Super Concentrated Weed Killer Commercial Strength Glyphosate for Home & Garden, 360G/L

I cannot emphasize enough how useful glyphosate-based weed killers are for killing tree stumps. These formulas are very convenient and offer you lots of quantity, but the results are more obvious if you know the right products to pick. And the sweetest part is they are quite affordable, like this one.

I noticed quick results when I used this product in high concentration. Of course, the formula is powerful enough to kill everything else around it, so I only applied in situations where the clients do not wish to plant anytime soon. The product super potent and initiates rot at both stump and root levels very quickly. You might have to dilute it a bit if you wish to kill a smaller stump though.

You can spray or brush it directly onto the stump when applying. Or if you have the time and patience, drill holes in the grain and inject the formula in. Either way, you get excellent results as the concentrate attacks and destroy the stump effectively, leaving it soft and weak enough to dig out.


  • 360g/l glyphosate
  • Commercial strength formula
  • Home and Garden use
  • Kills perennial weeds 
  • Coverage of up to 1666sq/m
  • Powerful tree stump killer
  • Quantity can last for months
  • Gives long-lasting results
  • Harmful to other plants as well, so be careful when using

8. SBM Life Science Bayer UK Soluble Garden Tree Stump Killer

SBM Life Science Bayer Garden Tree Stump Killer

SBM Life Science Bayer Garden Tree Stump Killer

While some professional gardeners do not mind opting for industrial-grade glyphosate as a tree stump killer option, others prefer products that are specifically tree stump killers. For such people, this product is a great pick. 

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Firstly, the concentrate works marvellously. The granules are very soluble in water, creating enough concentrate to spread all over the stump surface. I also tried injecting it through drilled holes and compared the effectiveness of both methods. The difference was not so extensive, leading me to the conclusion that the product is very effective regardless.

I also like that it comes in pre-measured sachets, so all I had to do was dilute and use. And the concentrate is kind to the surrounding soil, as it leaves it cultivatable after contact.


  • Makes enough treatment for three stumps
  • Glyphosate-based formula
  • Simple soluble sachet application
  • No measuring required
  • Biodegradable
  • The very good kill rate
  • Leaves no odour
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Takes much longer time to show any effect on larger stumps.

9. Doff UK’s Super Strenght New Tree Stump & Tough Weed Killer

Doff New Tree Stump & Tough Weedkiller 2 Sachet

 Doff New Tree Stump & Tough Weedkiller 2 Sachet

Speed is not a common feature when it comes to tree stump killers, and most users usually get discouraged when they fail to see fast results. But with this product, I was rather impressed. For a tree stump killer of its quantity, the results were superb.

Once applied, I began to see positive effects in under a few weeks. Because of the quantity, I assumed I would have to wait for long and probably even need a second application, but I was quite surprised. I noted quite a convincing level of rot in a short time, and in under a month or so, I could easily dig out the tree stump.

Perhaps, my habit of keeping the solution more concentrated by using less water is a factor, but something tells me the product itself is very powerful. This is because when I applied it to some brambles and Ivy around the area, the weeds died off within ten days!


  • 100ml
  • Single-use sachets
  • 90g/l Glyphosate
  • Also kills perennial weeds
  • Super strength
  • Powerful effect on small tree stumps
  • Easy to use
  • Also kills hard bamboos and small perennials
  • Takes a very long time to kills larger tree stumps

10. Vitax UK SBK Brushwood Killer

Vitax SBK Brushwood Killer 1L

Vitax SBK Brushwood Killer 1L

Sometimes, you wish to get rid of an annoying tree stump that keeps re-growing but worries about killing the grass on your lawn. And most times, hiring professionals to uproot it is not an option. Well, I know tons of clients who have been in your shoes, and I can tell you they feel much happier today. And the product that closes this review list is a major reason for that.

The major reason behind my picking this product is it is safe to use for lawns. I consider it my go-to kit for killing tree stumps at places where the grass must remain green and alive after treatment. I also get the added advantage of eradicating stubborn weeds while at it as well, so win-win. And as potent as the formula is, it is rather systematic in its treatment effects.

Triclopyr is a well-known ingredient generally used in herbicides, so it was rather easy to trust the effectiveness of this product. And the results are spectacular, offering great value for money, and safe catering for lawn grass.


  • 1 litre
  • 48g/l triclopyr
  • Treats up to 332m2
  • Home and garden use
  • Tough weed killer
  • Very efficient against tree stumps
  • Powerful effect against stubborn weeds and perennials
  • Gives large volume when diluted
  • Might require a second treatment for best results

Tree Stump Killer for UK Product Guide 

While it is expected for you to look forward to impressive results when using a tree stump killer, you must also note that getting satisfaction takes time and patience. Tree stumps are hardy things, and they take a while to respond to treatment. This means the concentrate has to take time to penetrate and damage the cells and tissues fully. 

You must know that there is no product on the market that will give you that rapid result you already imagined. It is why manufacturers will advise that you wait for between 4-6 weeks before expecting results. Even after that, a second application is still not outside the expected norm.

To get the best out of the product, use at the ideal time the packaging instructs. Most tree stump killers state the best time of the year to apply them so that you can ensure maximum initiation of the rotting process. For instance, Roundup Tree Stump Weed killer advises the best application time to be from February to November, while for Vitax SBK Brushwood Killer, it is autumn and winter.

Note that herbicides are toxic to humans and animals. This is why you must use the appropriate protective gear when handling these chemicals. These include gloves, goggles and nose masks. Also, keep children and pets away from treated areas until they are completely dry.

You must also learn to understand the factors to consider before selecting a tree stump killer for your personal or professional use. Tree stumps are not the same, as they come from various species and in numerous sizes. So, understanding how to merge these factors helps you devise more effective ways to rid of an unwanted stump.

Stump Size

The bigger the tree stump, the stronger the concentrate must be. Also, drilling holes into such a sizable stump is a sure guarantee that the concentrate will kick off the rot at an earlier time. Smaller stumps tend to respond to brushing over the surface, but injecting also hastens the decay process.

Stump Location

If the tree stump is located where you do not have any wanted vegetation, then you have nothing to worry about. But, if it sits close to your favourite garden or another tree you want, that might be a challenge. In such cases, you might want to go for products that degrade upon contact with the soil. Also, avoid products that are not specific weed and tree stump killers.

This way, you do not kill plants you plan to keep. I find injecting concentrates directly into the tree grain helps reduce a general spread, compared to spraying. And if it requires brushing, I cover the surface with nylon, so rain will not splash the formula spreading around the tree stump.


Most tree stump killers double as weed killers, so if you have such in your garden, you should consider those. I have found this tip to be very cost-efficient, especially when the job requires me to do some weeding for clients. Of course, I go for systemic formulas, so I avoid killing off a customer’s prized rose garden.

Method of Application

Tree stump killers come with different application forms. Some come with nozzles that allow easy and direct application to the stump surface. Others specifically require you to bore holes into the grain and inject it in. Some instruct you apply to the surface with a brush, and others come in solutions or soluble powders and granules. These types are diluted and sprayed or watered on the stump.

The application method works with the location of the tree stump you wish to kill. If it is close to other wanted plants, direct injection into the grain or through drilled holes is advised. If the stump sits at an area, you have no plans to cultivate anytime soon. You can spray or water the solution instead.


How long does it take to kill a tree stump?

The standard is a minimum of 6 weeks, though larger stumps might take longer. It also depends on the concentration of the formula used.

What other compounds can I use to kill a tree stump?

Bleach and Epsom salt are also effective home-based options for killing tree stumps. The latter contains magnesium sulphate, a compound that is known to poison trees.

Our tree stump killers pet-friendly?

A: Unfortunately, no. The compounds used to make tree stump killers are toxic to animals, and even humans. It is advised to keep pets away from treated areas until they are fully dry.

What is the fastest way to get rid of a tree stump?

Burning is a fast way of killing of tree stumps. A good douse of kerosene or gasoline would burn it completely. However, you have to check with the fire regulations department of your vicinity to ascertain whether this option is available to you. The most approved methods remain excavation and using a tree stump killer.


You do not need to spend a humongous amount of cash just to get rid of that pesky tree stump in your yard. With a very affordable investment, you can purchase a tree stump killer; powerful concentrate formulas with a record of efficient results. They save you cost, energy and let you relax while the stump rots away to a very manageable bump you can easily pull out the ground.

Here, I have listed the best of these products on this review, stating each of their features, pros and cons. I also included a comprehensive buying guide, explaining the factors to consider and study before buying one. I believe with this information. You are surely on the path to make the ideal choice for your garden or lawn.

To make you choosing easier, I have picked out three products from the list. Roundup Tree Stump Weed Killer is my top pick for the overall best product, as it offers all the great features at a friendly price. Job Done Tough Tree Stump Killer gives great value at the lowest cost. And for a premium purchase, Gallup Home & Garden Glyphosate Weed Killer easily stands out in my book.

Written by Simon Davis
Professional Landscape Artist and Gardener in London

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