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Best Toothpaste for Gum Disease UK

One of my greatest fears asides encountering a big snake in some forest was having to visit the dentist for a tooth operation. I was about 10 years old when I accompanied my elder sister to have her decayed tooth removed. Just from the waiting room, I could hear her groan loudly, and by the time she returned, her eyes were all red and watery. It was at that moment I swore never to steal lollipops and chocolates from the kitchen’s cabinet anymore.

Apparently, my sister had a severe gum disease that merely resulted in a withdrawn tooth. We were both the culprits of an occasionally scanty jar of candies in the cabinet, but my involvement wasn’t as often as hers; guess that’s what led me off the hook. The fact is, gum diseases are actually prevalent among adults, especially in the UK, and you may not notice the symptoms at early stages.

It’s safe to say my sister raised the matter of her teeth issues much after the initial symptoms occurred. When you have gum disease, exhibitions like bad breath and traces of blood while brushing exist – gingivitis (the initial conditions for gum disease). It becomes more of a pain when one is ignorant, and the further stage occurs wherein the tissues that underpin the teeth get affected.

Of course, I don’t recall how much my dad was charged for my sister’s dental operation. Still, he made it pretty clear to us that he would use the traditional means of a claw hammer to uproot our teeth if we got any intense teeth problems, henceforth in a British economy where some of us try to subsist on one pound per day, visiting the dentist frequently could be a luxurious expense. It is rather convenient to take proactive measures like using the best toothpaste for gum disease in the UK to escape high dental bills.

It cannot be overemphasized that we should endeavour to brush our teeth twice a day to reduce the risks of having gum disease. Eating sugary foods, like some people I won’t mention again, damage the enamel, and attack the gum line of your teeth causing gum disease. But the truth is, not everyone, including myself, remember to brush duly. What now happens when we suspect unusual gum pain or related issues?

While most new toothpaste brands target making products that essentially treat gum diseases, it can be a gamble to know which one would best suit your situation. There are several different types and brands of toothpaste in the market today, and some top products, when used twice a day, offer faster gum relief than other regular toothpaste. Some are specially formulated for controlling gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease on various levels).

When browsing a store to purchase toothpaste(s), you must inspect beyond its popularity or possibly attractive package design. Not all toothpaste gives you the same effect on some level. There are certain ingredients, and application usage that is production companies include for their target users. In essence, buying toothpaste to aid a gum disease solution that is already targeted for strengthening children’s teeth would be of futile use. Hence, you should carefully read the instructions and ingredients usually on the pack to exit the store with your ideal choice.


1. Corsodyl Daily Gum & Tooth Paste 75ml

People often find traces of blood in their spit after brushing or eating foods like apples, which signify a wounded gum. Normally, healthy gums do not bleed, so it becomes important that you seek medical solutions instantly when you discover a bleeding gum. Corsodyl Daily Gum & Tooth Paste is among the best toothpaste for gum disease in the UK because it provides a proven gum treatment solution for bleeding gums. It helps you to get rid of such gum issues by attacking the accumulated bacteria along with the gum while revamping your teeth’s strength. Corsodyl toothpaste contains fluoride which is responsible for strengthening your enamel (your teeth’s outer layer) and helps protect against cavities. The product weighs 0.24 kilograms with a unit volume, 75 millilitres.

Instruction/Application: Brush with Corsodyl toothpaste not more than thrice a day; Try to avoid swallowing while brushing.


  • Corsodyl daily gum and toothpaste are formulated to help arrest and prevent your gums from bleeding. It also offers four times the effect of stopping the main cause of bleeding gums than casual toothpaste.
  • Sodium bicarbonate is a present active ingredient that is used to get rid of more plaque when compared to regular toothpaste.
  • Fluoride is a present active ingredient that is used for strengthening the enamel while preventing tooth cavity.

  • It eliminates more plaque than casual daily toothpaste.
  • It is specially targeted for people who seek bleeding gum solutions.
  • It does not discolour the teeth.
  • It provides healthy gums and fresh breath.
  • It may not offer a decent taste when applied.
  • It could give a burning sensation while brushing.

2. OraMD Original Tooth Oil

The use of essential oils for teeth solutions is becoming quite popular. In most cases, people tend to make DIY oils to aid their brushing experience by supporting their use of toothpaste with a new and potent effect. However, in the course of making homemade oils for your teeth, expert medical practitioners advise that not all oils are safe to ingest. But with OraMD, you rest assured of getting the best of effects for your ideal new brushing experience. The product offers a peculiar and effective method of gum disease treatment while leaving a real, fresh, and clean mint mouth feeling. OraMD toothpaste is also facilitated to help individuals who seek solutions that involve applying chemical ingredients to sensitive areas that may cause more damage. It contains 45 millilitres of 100% pure botanical and essential oils.

Instruction/Application: You must never use OraMD with an electric toothbrush because the plastic present may not hold up to the menthols in the product. Just apply the tooth oil in drops (say, two) on your toothbrush and brush away. You should floss with OralMD once a day, brush every morning and evening, and rinse thoroughly as well after each brush.


  • OraMD is a fast action gum solution and an apt alternative to toothpaste, mouthwash, and breath fresheners.
  • The product aims at providing a complete natural solution for healthy gums and strong teeth.
  • It brings a peculiar and effective method of gum disease treatment while leaving your mouth clean and fresh.
  • It is proven to block off periodontal bacteria and offers inter-dental mouth access that makes the product to ooze through and locate bacteria in hidden areas.
  • The presence of Sweet Almond Kernel oil, Spearmint oil, and Peppermint oil provide distinctive properties and effects.
  • It is chemical-free and abrasive-free; contains no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) responsible for irritating the skin.
  • It provides your mouth with an immaculate and fresh effect while fending off periodontal bacteria.
  • It offers a completely all-natural solution for healthy teeth and gum. It works perfectly alongside natural tooth cleaning powder.
  • It is relatively expensive.
  • It does not contain fluoride.

3. Gengigel Gingival Gel

When it comes to dealing with mouth a wide range of issues ranging from gingivitis to sore, burning mouth syndromes, Gengigel Gel serves you the best toothpaste for gum disease in the UK. The gum is a delicate mouth feature and should be treated with the utmost care. When affected, certain “remedial” toothpaste could actually cause more harm than the relief of your gum due to harsh chemical contents that work as the active ingredient(s). Also, it can be inconvenient to follow up on different dental products like powders, pastes, and oils to achieve healthy gum, unlike Gengigel Gingival gel that provides a combined treatment solution. It restores your healthy gums by stopping traceable bleeding, soreness, and the sting effect of ulcers. In essence, Gengigel Gel is a biological gum care gel that aids gum disease and infections, including gingivitis, periodontitis, and all forms of inflammation. The product contains 20 millilitres of gel content (x3).

Instruction/Application: Gengigel products offer various applications based on almost any gum treatment product. Just read the instructions labelled on the product you intent to apply.

Gengigel Mouthrinse

Used for conventional mouth rinsing treatment solutions involving sore burning, mouth syndromes, dry mouth, and irritation; can apply for gingivitis, chronic ulcers, lichen planus, and intra-oral inflammatory conditions.

Gengigel Oral Spray

Serves as the ideal pick for cases where the affected area in your gum is too sensitive or difficult to access fully with the gel; can apply for gingivitis, sore gums, gum inflammation, ulcers, and unpleasant post-surgical sensation.

Gengigel Teething Gel 

Provides mitigation of gum sores or inflammation, especially during infancy with situations like teething or traumas.

Gengigel First Aid 

Implies a quick treatment plan for addressing gum issues or pain during post-operative and traumatic stages; can apply for sub-gingival root planing and scaling, acute lichen planus, post-operative, and implant surgery.

Note: Each product mentioned above are sold separately.


  • It provides absolute and fast protection from a wide range of gum disease.
  • It is formulated to grant natural healing of tissues in the mouth that are damaged or inflamed.
  • It aids the regeneration of gum tissues as well.
  • It includes various treatments that are suitable for many unpleasant mouth conditions.

  • Hyaluronic acid is the active chemical that facilitates the healing of the gum.
  • It renders instant pain relief to various disturbing gum sensations like mouth sores and receding gum.
  • It provides an excellent treatment for inflamed gums while aiding the regeneration of gum tissues.
  • It is relatively sold at an affordable price.
  • It may be too harsh for certain degrees of gum issues like inflamed oral lichen plants.
  • The products are sold separately, not offering an all-in-one package deal.

4. Gum Paroex Toothpaste Gel 75ml (x3)

When purchasing toothpaste, you shouldn’t consider just attaining clean and sensitive teeth solutions for an optimum result; other elements of your oral health are just as important as well. You wouldn’t want to have teeth that shine out in the open while facing a traumatic gum experience on the inside. With the help of Gum Paroex toothpaste gel, you get to experience a professional dental treatment for better gum health. The product aims at providing solutions to gum disease, especially plaque control. It is specifically formulated to prevent the accumulation of plaque while giving long-lasting protection against such gum issues. Gum Paroex is a recommended toothpaste gel for pre-oral surgery as well as post-oral surgery. It is applied for tooth extraction under certain situations of implant placement. The product contains 75 millilitres of gel content, each with a total weight of 354 grams.

Instruction/Application: Use Gum Paroex Toothpaste daily in the mornings and evenings. It is, however, targeted for adult consumption.


  • It renders optimum solution for gum relief in cases of unpleasant sensations in the gum.
  • It offers a long-lasting effect on keeping the gum healthy while preventing the accumulation of plaque.
  • The gel is suitable for pre/post-oral surgeries and implant placements.
  • It provides a professional dental solution for plaque accumulation.
  • It does not have a harsh (highly sensitive) effect on the gum.
  • It helps to alleviate and fend off cavities.
  • It brings benefits to anti-periodontal disease.
  • The continental toothpaste is quite expensive for its value.
  • The instruction in the package isn’t available in English.

5. Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste

Saliva, food particles, bacteria, and other substances are the physical elements of plaque accumulation in the teeth. Particularly, a build-up of plaque exists as a sticky film that is formed between the teeth, seeping in the molars where tiny holes or pits are. It may also proceed to your cavity fillings and next to your gum line that links the gum and teeth. In certain cases, the bacteria present changes food starches into acids which results in a deterioration of the healthy minerals found in the tooth enamel. Regular toothpaste may not be recommendable at this point, but products like the Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste acts as the best toothpaste for gum disease in the UK. It is developed by NR-5 technology that is clinically proven to regenerate 82% of enamel mineral after three days. The manufacturers understand that 80% of common tooth issues are caused by enamel erosion and acid attacks. Consequently, the advanced toothpaste helps to reverse the early erosion process, restoring the pristine nature of your healthy gum and teeth. It has a product weight of 130 grams with 75 millilitres of semi-liquid content.

Instruction/Application: Like regular toothpaste, use Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste twice a day, but obtain more fantastic results immediately after every brush. You may equip the Regenerate Advanced Enamel Serum to increase effectiveness by up to 43%. Children below the age of 6 years are advised to use a pea-sized quantity for supervised brushing; minimize swallowing. Consult a doctor in case of fluoride consumption from other sources.


  • The toothpaste is developed by revolutionary and globally patented NR-5 technology that is clinically proven to aid the regeneration of minerals in the enamel.
  •  It helps to nullify the initial stages of enamel erosion that further affect the gum.
  • This product is designed with a unique dense formula with rich texture for enhanced brushing experience.
  • It restores the teeth enamel with its original minerals while whitening and strengthening the teeth like never before.

  • It helps protects against cavities, re-establishes the original enamel minerals and whiteness of your teeth.
  • It strengthens your teeth thrice as much.
  • Its unique NR-5 ingredients combine to give tooth enamel minerals that wrap and integrate onto your teeth.
  • It alleviates other common tooth issues such as sensitivity, yellowing, and transparency caused by acid attacks and enamel erosion.
  • It is now relatively costly.
  • The instruction in the package isn’t available in English.

6. Corsodyl Gum Care Regime Kit

There are different types of products sold in their separate types and quality to get you a decent treatment plan for gum disease. But what more interesting way could there be than having an all-in-one treatment pack? Corosodyl Gum Care Regime Kit consists of a total solution package that includes a protection toothbrush, two ultra-clean toothpaste,  and two extra mouthwash cool mint. Apparently, this kit serves your daily mouth cleaning activities for an extended period of 3 months. The package is targeted to provide healthy gums and prevent bleeding gums, which are all clinically proven.

Instruction/Application: Use the Corsodyl kit daily to clean your teeth and retain healthy gums as you apply every morning and evening. It is recommended you change the toothbrush after 3 months. For effective brushing, attend well to the gum line when using a manual/electric toothbrush with a small head and soft circular bristles; use the mouthwash twice a day as well.


  • An all-in-one treatment pack that works together to help provide the ideal mouth cleansing experience.
  • It is clinically proven to help prevent bleeding gums while dispatching plaque accumulation.
  • The full kit offers a long-lasting and effective brushing experience.
  • The fluoride product gives you a complete set of mouth treatment plans to alleviate gum issues.
  • It offers effective cleaning in hard to reach areas.
  • It is mild and gentle on your gums while retaining your enamel.
  • Its unique formulation is 4x more effective than regular toothpaste.
  • This product may colour your teeth.
  • It may be hazardous to water supply (wastewater).

7. Colgate Gum Invigorate Detox Toothpaste 75ml

Colgate Gum Invigorate Detox Toothpaste

Instruction/Application: You should brush your teeth twice a day with Colgate gum detox toothpaste. Note, however, that it is not suitable for children 7 years and below.


  • The toothpaste is designed to restore your healthy gums while protecting your teeth.
  • In cases of sensitivity, gums this product addresses the issue by mitigating the condition.
  • It invigorates and purifies your gums, especially.
  • It contains minerals and coconut oil that are formulated to give a decent brushing effect.
  • It is made to refurbish your gums ultimately.
  • It helps with gum sensitivity.
  • It contains fluoride that enhances healthy teeth and gums.
  • It may be relatively expensive.
  • It is not suitable for all ages.

8. Oral-B Guns & Enamel Repair Whitening Toothpaste 75mlOral-B Gum & Enamel Repair Gentle

Instruction/Application: use Oral-B daily to get a gradual and absolute solution within 2 weeks.


  • It aids gum protection and rejuvenation.
  • It is formulated to desensitize your teeth and whiten them.
  • It prevents acidic erosion of the enamel while repairing the polish.
  • It gently fends off stains, residue, and tarter.
  • It is effective for sensitive teeth.
  • It offers complete gum protection and rejuvenates them.
  • It is sold at a friendly price.
  • It may taste weird.

9. Himalaya Botanique Whitening Toothpaste

Himalaya Botanique Whitening

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