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Best Tool Bag with Wheels UK

When you have to carry tools for long distance, you need to look for a bag that can carry heavy loads. Tool bags are a must-have in every home as they come in very handy for a wide range of purposes. The bags with wheels, furthermore, make handling the tools and their transport them relatively easy, thereby reducing the stress of carrying them manually. There’s always a need to store different kinds of devices in a bag, and even more so, take them outside for external use. It is still relatively fresh in my memory of when my dad built our first wood house on the farm.

It was always so stressful after working on the farm and not having a place to nestle a bit before going home. So, my dad decided that we build a convenient wood house on the farm and also have it as a mini-vacation place during the holiday. We started by taking the tools we needed for the day, and it was one day at a time, as we always forgot one necessary tool or the other. This was quite frustrating and will leave us waiting until the next day to complete a part of the house we could do that day. There was no convenient way to bring the tools to the farm, and so I began to search for the best tool bags, and I found great options, including those with wheels for easy transportation. This gladdened my heart and my dads’, so we got one immediately, which helped to speed up our building on the farm.

We also used the bag to store tools and take them out at different times when we needed them for a project outside the home. There are quite a lot of options out there, and they come with various features. I picked the one that was suited for our needs at the time, and it served us so well. In this piece, I will be reviewing quite a number of them, and hopefully, you pick the one that will tend to your needs. Let’s get on with it quickly then.

Top 10 Tool Bag With Wheels UK

1. Dewalt DWSTI-79210 UK Duffel Trolley Bag with Wheels

Dewalt DWSTI-79210 Duffel Trolley Bag with Wheels

Dewalt DWSTI-79210 Duffel Trolley Bag with Wheels

This tool bag with wheels comes in two combined colours of yellow and black, and it is quite large at 26-inch. It is made to carry extensive tools and is easy to transport to any location for use. It is also great for help for people with fatigue problems.


  • Comes with an ergonomic handle and shoulder strap
  • Two hardwearing transportation wheels with bearings
  • Inner removable divider
  • It is made with an extra Dewalt duffel bag
  • It has a lightweight of 3kg
  • It comes with free delivery.
  • Comes in just one size

2. VonHaus UK Rolling Tool Bag with Wheels

VonHaus Rolling Tool Bag with Wheels

VonHaus Rolling Tool Bag

The Vonhaus rolling storage-large capacity is made with a telescopic handle and durable wheels to carry any tool. It is made from extra strong 600D oxford fabric and offers enamours easily accessible storage spaces. This tool bag is for anyone who needs to transport their tool collection.


  • Comes with a large storage capacity
  • Made with an adjustable telescopic handle, which makes it easy to move your tools.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Can carry heavy tools up to 25kg
  • Made with durable wheels
  • Extra storage space for tools.
  • The bag is slightly oversized, and this may add to the weight of the tools.

3. Milwaukee M18 UK Wheel bag-S Heavy Duty Duffel Tool Bag with Wheels

Milwaukee M18 Wheel bag-S Heavy Duty Duffel Tool Bag with Wheels

Milwaukee M18 Wheel bag-S Heavy Duty Duffel Tool Bag with Wheels

This tool bag with wheel comes with plastic and rubber castors. It has a padded and adjustable shoulder strap with heavy-duty zippers and fasteners. It also has two sealed external pockets and plastic base protectors. It takes your tools direct to the job with its handy mobile roller. It is a utility bag and can be taken anywhere.


  • Padded and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Sealed external pockets
  • Plastic base protectors for additional strength
  • Comes with a twin carry handles with velcro grip
  • It has a strong base for additional strength
  • Free shipping available
  • Does not come with batteries

4. Stanley FMSTI-80148 UK Fat Max Rolling Bag

Stanley FMSTI-80148 Fat Max Rolling Bag

Stanley FMSTI-80148 Fat Max Rolling Bag

The Stanley fat max rolling bag comes in dimensions 50×36×41 centimetres and is 4.9kg in weight. It has outer pockets for flexible storage solutions, and the transport wheels make it relatively easy to be transported on any terrain.


  • Made from strong denier material
  • Long telescopic handle for easy mobility
  • Has an enormous capacity to hold power tools
  • It is quite portable and flexible
  • It has a moderate weight of 4.9kg
  • Strong metal wheels which accelerate mobility
  • The metal wheel adds extra value to the bag

5. Klein Tools 55452RTB UK Tradesman Pro Rolling Bag

Klein Tools 55452RTB Tradesman Pro Rolling Bag

Klein Tools 55452RTB Tradesman Pro Rolling Bag

This cool tool bag comes in unique black and orange colours. Just as the name suggests, it is a tradesman’s bag and capable of containing several tools and different kinds too. It comes with wheels that can navigate rough terrains without spoiling and has a wide-open interior that accommodates extensive tools.


  • Rugged 6-inch wheels easily used in rough terrains
  • 24 pockets for maximum tool storage
  • Moulded kick plate to protect from the elements.
  • Has a large interior to accommodate a wide range of tools
  • Built to navigate rough terrains
  • Contains extra pockets for more devices.
  • Quite weighty at 8.62kg

6.  Makita 831279-0 UK Tool Bag with Wheels

Makita 831279-0 Tool Bag with Wheels

Makita 831279-0 Tool Bag with Wheels

This brand of tool bag is unique with its sporty appearance and its affordability. It requires batteries for motion, though it has a long-lasting one. It comes in canvas materials and has amazingly lightweight.


  • It is lithium-ion battery powered
  • The batteries have a voltage of 18V
  • Comes with a telescopic handle
  • It is very affordable
  • Has a lightweight of 3.4kg
  • Delivery is free
  • It is battery powered. Therefore it will only operate with them.

7. ProBagFacom BS. R20P9 Series UK Tool Bag with Wheel

ProBagFacom BS. R20P9 Series Tool Bag with Wheel

ProBagFacom BS. R20P9 Series Tool Bag with Wheel

The Facom pro bag is made from 1200×1200 denier fabric, which makes it durable and robust. It is also a comfortable bag for tool storage and comes in black and red match colours. It is full and allows easy access to the bottom for a practical and comfortable hold.


  • Comes with a shoulder strap, aluminium handle, and wheels, which allows it to be transported in 3 ways.
  • Comes with a telescoping handle
  • Has six external pockets
  • Has capacity for a wide range of tools
  • It is portable in the form
  • Can be transported in 3 ways
  • It comes in one size only.

8. CK Magma MA 2650 UK Tool Trolley Bag

CK Magma MA 2650 Tool Trolley Bag

CK Magma MA 2650 Tool Trolley Bag

The Ck magma brand combines optimal functionality with a creative style to deliver this tool bag. It is made from durable polyester and has a bright red inner lining for easy visibility of stored items.


  • Rugged and durable chassis, wheels, and telescopic handle for all-terrain
  • 30 deep square pockets and tool holders for efficient tool storage and access.
  • Lockable zip-system for extra security
  • Suitable to use in any terrain.
  • Balanced design for effortless movement of larger tool kits.
  • Has extra storage for 4A documents.
  • Appears bulky

9. Bosch UK Professional Tool Bag

Bosch Professional Tool Bag

Bosch Professional Tool Bag

The Bosch professional tool bag is a well-sized tool bag containing up to six tools made out of hardwearing. It has a robust material and is quite portable and affordable as well.


  • Comes with product specific batteries
  • It is hand-powered.
  • Comes with a shoulder strap rubber protector and reflector for extra on-site safety.
  • It is portable and affordable
  • Lightweight of 1.5kg
  • Free shipping available
  • It is battery powered

10. Airaj 18 UK in Heavy Duty Tool Bag

Airaj 18 in Heavy Duty Tool Bag

Airaj 18 in Heavy Duty Tool Bag

The Airaj 18 tool bag is another strong brand that has a wide mouth for tool storage. It comes with a plastic handle and adjustable shoulder strap and can be used to store or carry any tools from the household, carpentry, electrical and DIY enthusiasts. It is quite spacious and has high-quality accessories.


  • Comes with 14 pockets in total. Six internal and eight external pockets
  • Has a double-opening zipper and an open mouth
  • Comes with five layers of 600D oxford cloth.
  • It is durable and reliable because of the solid oxford cloth
  • It is a comfortable tool bag that is not bulky
  • Comes with a warranty and customer support.
  • Limites storage space

Tool Bag with Wheels UK Buying Guide

At the time I purchased the tool bag, I was feeling very heavy and uncomfortable carrying it for the first time. I then continued to search for a compact one which would fit in my pocket and that wouldn’t weigh me down too much. This was very important, as I was looking for a bag which would be light but functional. One problem I faced was finding just the right one. So, I did my research and found the Abode name on Amazon. I also saw the affordable pricing and I ordered it as soon as I could. But again that would not fit all my stuff. It was light but not fuctional.

Although about ten different kinds of best tool bag with a wheel in the UK has been reviewed, it is essential to note and consider some factors before buying one. This is important because it will help narrow your choices to a suitable product for you and one that can serve your needs as well. We have, however, put together some guidelines to enable you to make the best choice in your purchase. Take a look.

The Brand

There are a whole lot of brands out there with the same product, but you want to get your tool bag from a reputable one with a good rating and best reviews. So, before you buy a tool bag from a brand, be sure to go through the reviews from previous users. This will help you make the best choice of tool bag that will serve you adequately.

The Size of the Tool Bag

There are different types of tools that you need to carry all the time. These include wrenches, screwdrivers, clamps and more. Most of the time, you will want the one that is light and compact. So you should know the width and length of a handyman tool bag so that you can pick one that will suit your needs.

Because you also will not want to have such a heavyweight to pull, it is essential to know the size of the tool bag you want to buy. Having a larger nag will increase the weight you need to haul. So you want to go for a tool bag that is portable but enough to contain your tools.

The Storage Space

This is also a very important question to ask when you are buying a tool bag. This is because you can only find a few bag that are big enough for a professional and versatile tool bag. So, make sure that you buy a bag that will be big enough to fit your tools without any problem.

This is a crucial factor when buying a tool bag. This is because you want to get a bag that can contain all your tools at once. So, you should check out for the number of pockets, extra space, and interior storage space to know if it would suit your tool needs.

The Wheel Capacity

If you are carrying substantial farm tools like my dad and me, then you should look out for tool bags with strong metal wheels that can be transported on any terrain. A rugged built-in one is recommended.


It might seem tempting to purchase a tool bag for £50. But, you should bear in mind that you should not be tricked by price. A cheap tool bag will only prove to be a flimsy one. On the other hand, a pricey bag would be durable, lasting, and great to carry. Therefore, do not rush into buying a cheap bag without actually knowing what you are looking for.

The various lots available comes with minimal to high pricing. So, considering your budget, you want to check out for a tool bag with the necessary accessories but at an affordable rate to meet your desired needs.

Features to look for in a tool bag

Once you have made your choice, you need to check out what other features it comes with. This is because some of the great features in the tool bag include:

  • Corduroy handles
  • Large shoulder straps
  • Front pockets
  • Durable nylon
  • Multiple drawstring top and bottom options
  • Multiple front pockets
  • Different sizes
  • Canvas interior
  • Large capacity

Is This a Useful Tool Bag?

Do you need a tool bag that can carry tools when you have an outdoor gig? You need to know whether you need a backpack or a tool bag. If it is a tool bag that can carry you around while you are on a gig, then it is best to pick the best one available in the market.

Should You Buy a Hand Tool Bag or a Soft Car Boot Tool Bag?

The only right answer here is that it depends on the use of the tool bag. If you are going to be carrying around your tools on a regular basis, you should pick up a soft, lightweight tool bag. In contrast, if you are going to carry your tools only once, then a backpack would be the best option.

Do you need a tool bag with wheels and handles?

You can look out for a tool bag that has wheels to help you wheel your tool box around. There are a number of them available in the market. If you want a tool bag that can carry you while you are performing, then you should go for a bigger bag with wheels and handles.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Who is a tool bag for?

A tool bag is actually for everyone. Sometimes, you may need to carry several tools all at once to a place, and you cannot do this without a tool bag. So, it is must-have household equipment that comes in handy for carrying any tools.

How do I know a good tool bag with a wheel?

First of all, go through the features of the product to ascertain what it can and cannot do. The storage space, the durability, and the wheel strength. Of course, considering what kind of tools you will be using it for, you will know the capacity you need to get.

How do I clean my trolley tool bag?

Because of the wheels, you may need some extra care when cleaning. But you can use a towel and soap to wash through the compartments, and the body of the tool bag, then air dry after cleaning.


This is it on the review of the best tool bag with wheels UK. I am hopeful that this review will guide you in getting the best tool bag for your tools and need. Please, do give credence to the buying guide as much as you would to the product list, as this will help save your time and help you plan on the best tool bag to get. This was what I did when my dad and I got one. So, for best recommendation, I will go with the VonHaus rolling tool bag with wheels. This is because this brand has a good rating by users, and also comes with unique features like its large storage capacity, can contain tools up to 25kg, and is also made with durable wheels. It caps all this up with a very affordable price. Best to say, a total package that is not costly.

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