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Best Thermal Insoles UK

So, you woke up one morning and looked out of the window. You noticed that there is frost covering your grass. The animals and birds all seem busy preparing for the season to come. And, after a few days, you get a surprise snowfall. You know all these signs too well, don’t you? Winter is here and it is the time to take out your woollens and thermals.

Now, you have got your jacket and your scarves out, but what about your feet? You need to keep them warm too in the chilly weather, and the best way of doing that is by getting yourself heated insoles: a smart and economical way to have warm feet.

Using thermal insoles is a great way to keep feet warm during the cold weather. You can simply slide these into the shoes to make the outdoors bearable when it is chilly outside. There are all kinds of insoles available nowadays, right from the disposable ones, the battery-powered ones, to the woollen insoles. Insoles are a great idea when you are planning to take part in some winter sporting event but don’t want to get cold feet.

So, if you are planning to buy a new pair of quality thermal insoles before the winter hits hard, read on to know about our product recommendations and buying guide. Let’s get started!

Best Thermal Insoles UK 2020

Given below are the top ten that you will currently find in the market.

1. Kaps Natural Wool Shoe Insoles

If you have been looking for woollen insoles, then this product from Kaps will not disappoint you. The best thing about these thermal insoles is the materials used and manufacturing quality. These are made of high-grade, natural sheep wool which are super soft. So, it heats your feet up even when the temperatures are really low. The bottom of these insoles is made of soft latex foam, which ensures that you are not uncomfortable while walking around in these insoles.

Now, let’s talk about the size since the brand claims it to be made for all sizes. Well, that claim is absolutely true because these are pretty massive, and there can’t be any shoe that these won’t fit in. Just follow the cutting guides and cut the size pad according to your need. The maximum length you’ll get is thirty cm, which is more than enough.

The thickness of the insoles is just right to stop you from getting cold feet without making them uncomfortable or sweaty while walking.

  • Latex foam bottom to ensure comfort
  • Big enough to be adjusted for all sizes
  • The right thickness to keep you warm
  • Easy to walk around without getting sweaty feet
  • The quality of wool needs to be better
  • Too thick to be used on shoes that are a snug fit

2. Kaps Alu Super Triple Layer Shoe Insoles

Another great offering from Kaps, this one is a thermal insole that assures you of both comfort and warmth. It is a warm and soft shoe insole that has three layers to give you the maximum protection. The top layer is made from warm fabric, the middle one has insulating foam, and the bottom layer is foil to prevent cold from entering your feet when you walk.

Just like the previous product, this one also fits all sizes, and you will just have to cut it according to the size that you need. The maximum size is 12 UK, which is enough, as per the average shoe sizes.

A good thing about these insoles is that stops you getting cold feet but won’t let them get them to hot so they become uncomfortable and your feet start sweating. Wear these inside your work shoes or wellingtons, your feet stay toasty warm. The fact that it moves a lot inside the shoes might be an issue, but that’s nothing that a little glue can’t fix.

  • Three layers for added protection
  • Can be cut to fit all shoe sizes
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Reasonable price
  • Tends to move a lot inside the shoes
  • Not suitable for extremely cold weather


Next up on the list is the Woollen Winter shoe insoles by Kaps, which come with the same promise of quality as their previous two products. In fact, this one is a notch above the others because it is made to offer you protection from extremely cold temperatures. The insoles are good to go with winter boots and shoes as well as trekking and outdoor shoes having climatic membranes.

In terms of the comfort factor, the top layer is made of completely natural and high-quality wool that makes the insoles cosy and warm. The bottom layer has aluminium which keeps your feet insulated against the cold. It also has latex foam infused with charcoal to control odour. So, no more smelly feet problems!

Unlike the previous insoles from Kaps, you will have to choose your size for this one. It sure helps when the insoles take a fits-all approach, but even then, the size variety is good enough to get you what you need. The insoles deliver an exact fit, so don’t think of buying a size up or down.

  • Make to offer protection from extreme cold
  • Aluminium bottom layer for effective insulation
  • Contains charcoal-infused latex foam to control odour
  • Comfortable and cosy to wear during the winter
  • Not a very durable product
  • Tends to slide to the front

4. Blackrock Men’s Heat Thermal Foil Insoles

When the aim is to prevent any cold from coming up through the shoes, these winter insoles by Blackrock can come to your rescue. From cycling and skiing to simply walking down the lane, you don’t have to let the cold winter stop you from any activity once you slip these insoles on.

The aluminium foil-based insoles reflect the cold away from your feet to make sure that your work does not have to suffer due to the harsh weather. There is also an added layer of foam to bring thermal insulation to the insoles. For extra comfort, you have a felt covering on the shoes.

When it comes to the size, the product takes the made-for-all approach like most of the modern thermal insoles. You just need to cut it according to the cutting guide to trim it for your size.

These are about five millimetres in thickness and get compressed gradually after you wear it a couple of times. So, make sure you insert them in shoes that are a bit bigger than your normal size.

  • Good insoles for winter sports and work
  • Felt covering for added comfort
  • Easy to trim to fit your shoe size
  • Aluminium foil and foam offer extra protection
  • Not a very long-lasting product
  • The price point is quite high

5. Lambacraft Lambswool Sheepskin Insoles

There is a general consensus among users that sheepskin insoles are one of the best products to go for because these have absolutely the right quantity of fluff to keep it cosy. And, in that regard, the Lambacraft sheepskin winter insoles are an absolute winner.

Beautifully made with high-quality materials, these fit perfectly on to your slippers, wellingtons, shoes, and snow boots to keep your feet warm and comfortable. The pure lambswool on top ensures cosiness and the latex bottom keeps your feet toasty.

People usually have a compliant with thermal insoles that these tend to move inside the shoes and either bunch up in the front or at the back. However, you will not have that issue with this one because the bottom layer is anti-slip and keeps the insole in place.

To top it off, it is super easy to get these insoles clean. All you need is some warm water, a mild detergent, and a damp sponge to wipe off the dirt. When you compare the price point and features, you will see that these warming insoles are quite the bargain.

  • High-quality sheepskin material
  • The anti-slip bottom layer
  • The affordable price point
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Needs to be a bit thicker than it is
  • Not suitable for harsh everyday use

6. ABUSA Men’s & Women’s Sheepskin Insoles

And, here is another sheepskin option on the list for those of you who only want to go for this material. A great thing about this product from Abusa is that you can wear it at ease during both cold and rainy days. The fleece material will make sure that your feet are super happy throughout the day.

If you are worried about the fleece coming off from the latex back and leaving lint on the socks, you can be rest assured that the fleece has been stitched tightly to the sheepskin. It sticks to the soles firmly.

Plus, the fleece is of non-flattening quality, which keeps the insoles perfectly fluffy for years. It will not go as flat as a pancake after just a couple of uses.

It is also commendable that the brand has taken care of the issue of the insoles moving around inside the shoes. There is a self-adhesive layer to keep the insoles in place and make sure you don’t have to face the annoyance of adjusting them in the shoe time and again.

  • The self-adhesive layer to prevent bunching up
  • The non-flattening fleece ensures longevity
  • The fleece leaves no lint on the socks
  • Suitable to be worn throughout the day
  • Not really an affordable option
  • Difficult to fit in wellies and boots

7. Valsole Winter Orthotic Insole

If you suffer from any of the common foot ailments, like foot valgus or plantar fasciitis, or when you just want to have an insole that takes care of your feet. These insoles will do the twofold job of keeping your feet warm and providing it with the much-needed support while walking.

The product is ergonomically designed to help you during the long hours of walking, working, standing, or taking part in sports and fitness activities. It addresses the pain and muscle fatigue in your feet to keep you comfortable for the whole day.

It’s really easy to maintain these insoles. You just need to hand wash these in lukewarm water and a mild soap or detergent and let it air dry.

The only problem is that the sole is a bit on the rigid side, though the surface is quite soft. Apart from that, it’s a great thermal insole to buy for relieving your foot problems effectively.

  • Offers relief from common foot problems

  • Ergonomic design for longtime wear and use

  • Supports the heels and arches of the feet
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Too thick to fit in your regular shoes
  • The sole is a bit rigid

8. Ailaka Women’s Premium Sheepskin Insoles

Ailaka has brought to you a thermal insole that wins on both accounts of breathability and anti-slip fit. Basically, the bottom layer of the insoles is made from high-grade pigskin, which prevents the product from moving around inside the slippers or boots. And, the best part is that it absorbs moisture produced by your feet and neutralizes the odours.

The workmanship on the insoles is also commendable. The felt layer and the pigskin stick tightly to the soles as they are stitched firmly to the sheepskin. You can be assured that the fleece does not come off to leave lint on the socks.

Another feature of the insoles that deserves a mention in here is the ergonomic design. You will get a good cushioning effect that supports your feet because these are made in keeping with the shape of your feet.

You also get 100% money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the product. There’s even a free exchange policy if you’re stuck with a wrong size.

  • The ergonomic design
  • The anti-slip pigskin
  • Moisture-wicking property
  • Leaves no lint on the socks
  • The material needs to be of better quality
  • Tends to flatten out too much

9. INTNUT Sheepskin Insoles

The first thing that has to be mentioned about these is that they are super warm and comfortable. In fact, it almost feels like you are actually wearing soft wool around your feet. When keeping your feet toasty and cosy is the aim, the sheepskin insoles from INTNUT can do the job for you.

It has other great features too that make it a good choice. For instance, these insoles absorb and disperse moisture, which lets the feet breath without that bad odour that comes from used insoles.

Make sure to hand wash the insoles at regular intervals with cold water and soap, and these will be good to go for a long time.

Next, these retain heat and remain ultra-light, so wearing it around the whole day while working is not really a big deal. Plus, it fits all kinds of footwear perfectly for both men and women. And, when you get all these qualities at a stellar price, it’s definitely a product worth investing in. Just keep in mind that you might need to get a size bigger because the users have pointed out the regular size doesn’t fit snuggly.

  • Ultra soft and lightweight
  • Fits all kinds of shoes
  • Retains heat and absorbs moisture
  • The affordable price point
  • Needs more options in sizes
  • Tends to move around in the shoes

10. TerraTherm Insole Foot Warmers

Keep your feet toasty warm for at least eight hours with an average temperature of 39 degree Celsius, with these pack of ten, foot warmers from TerraTherm.

You don’t need to go through the hassles of using electricity, boiling, or any additional warming to get these going. Just take the insoles out from the package, and hold it for a while. It will warm up automatically when in touch with the oxygen in the air.

Furthermore, the product is super thin, which is a great feature to have if you are looking for something to put in your ski boots, winter boots, or even lady’s shoes. You won’t need to go up a shoe size to wear these heated insoles, nor does it cause any discomfort because of being too thick for good.

The foot warmers don’t just do away with the troubles of boiling and electricity usage, but also ensure that only natural ingredients are used that are ideal for women, men, and children. The soles have vermiculite, activated carbon, salt, water, and iron powder.

  • An ultra-thin and comfortable product
  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • Suitable for all kinds of footwear
  • No need to use electricity or boiling
  • An expensive option
  • Needs to be more durable

Best Thermal Insoles UK- Buyer’s Guide

That concludes the list of the top ten thermal insoles available in the United Kingdom. You can choose any of these products to keep your feet happy during those chilly winter days. But, you might be thinking what criteria we used for choosing these ten products out of the hundreds available out there. We will clarify that further with this buying guide that we have brought for you.

So, take a look at the five important factors that you need to consider while choosing the best thermal insoles for yourself.

Ease of use

The first thing you need to consider is how easy the insole is to use. Do you really have the time for electricity and batteries? Do you need something with an elaborate cleaning procedure? Check the factors like how to wear, maintenance, and the fit to know if the insoles are easy for you to use on a daily basis.

Foot coverage

Some thermal insoles cover the entire foot, while others concentrate only on an area of it. In our article, we have only focused on the insoles that cover the entire foot because it offers the maximum protection from cold when you are working or walking at a stretch. You can get the rather inexpensive option of only toe coverage if that is what you need.

Material used

Looking at the ones we picked must have given you a clear idea about the kind of materials that are available in thermal insoles. As you well know, the sheepskin insoles have the maximum popularity because these are warm and fluffy like no other and help give you a really nice shoe temperature. However, even fleece or pigskin insoles are a good bet when you think of the quality of material used.


A concerned buyer would look for the reassurance of a warranty in case any issue pops up with the product. Besides, when a company offers money back guarantee or exchange warranty, it also shows their confidence in their product. So, taking a look at what the brand has to offer in terms of warranty is definitely a wise choice.

Price factor

Last, but not the least in importance, is the price factor of the insoles. The price varies widely with the kind of material or features that you are getting. But, in any case, you wouldn’t want something that is way out of your budget. A good idea is to compare the features of the thermal insoles with the price point. It will let you know whether you’re getting what you’re paying for.


The winters feel harsher when you have to work outdoors for long hours or you are an enthusiastic participant of skiing, cycling, and other such sports. However, there is nothing to worry anymore because you can keep those feet toasty and comfy with the quality thermal insoles that you have chosen from our list.

Hopefully, you had all your queries answered in here to help with your purchase. For any suggestions or doubts, feel free to drop in your comments! We would love to hear from you.

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