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Best Split Air Conditioners UK

The United Kingdom is a relatively cold place most times of the year, so the idea of getting a cooling unit for your environment seems laudable. However, with the warmer season gradually approaching, the idea of purchasing these appliances begins to take precedence in your mind. And such is expected, after all, air conditioners offer outstanding comfort, and shelter you from the unforgiving bite of heatwaves.

When it comes to picking an appliance that easily fulfils this need, split air conditioners easily top the list. They are ductless, offer the perfect power for dwelling environments, and are much easier to install and operate. In a world where the populace is swiftly jumping at the best technology has to offer, they experience a significantly high level of demand.

Deciding to purchase one of these fantastic appliances is the first step. The second, however, is known precisely how to choose the right one. With so many factors to consider, this can prove quite hard. It especially becomes apparent when you find yourself confronted with how to navigate through features like the cooling capacity, the energy efficiency ratings, and size.

The issue continued when you realize there are still more factors to consider. Choosing from numerous extra features like a dehumidifier, heater combos, timers and others may add to the already existing headache. And if you do not know how to pick the right model for your comfort, you might realize too late that you have purchased a product that either serves you less or gives you more than you initially bargained for.

To quell these issues, I have compiled a list of what I consider the best split air conditioners for you. Each product ranks high in performance and energy efficiency, and come with tons of exciting features to toggle around. A product guide is also attached to this review for extra convenience. This will help you understand how to compare products and select the ideal appliance that perfectly suits your needs.

Top 10 Split Air Conditioners UK

1. Klarstein Windwaker Eco-Split Air Conditioning

Klarstein Windwaker Eco-Split Air Conditioning

Klarstein Windwaker Eco-Split Air Conditioning

As far as cooling units go, this is by far the best I have ever used. Exhibiting the highest of quality in performance and design, the unit is a perfect option for installation anywhere. It delivers a stellar level of service in numerous environs, ranging from homes to workshops, offices, stores, and even garages.

I love how powerful this unit is. At 9000BTU, the appliance works conveniently in virtually all conditions. It also features five operation modes to toggle between and offers three sleeping modes to give that extra level of comfort. The oscillation is outstanding with six ventilation levels, and the unit adapts quite easily to the user’s specific needs. And the remote control displays the control options in the clear LED screen.

The energy efficiency rating is impressive, and it offers both cooling in the summer and heating in the winter seasons. It also features cleaning mode, a Turbo button, and its installation is almost effortless, due to its reasonable overall weight.


  • 9000BTU capacity
  • Five operational modes and three sleep modes
  • 610m3/h airflow
  • A++ cooling, A+ heating Energy classes
  • LED display remote control
  • Powerful cooling effect
  • A wide variety of operational options
  • Impressive energy efficiency
  • Requires technical expertise to install

2. Electriq Smart wifi Wall Split Air Conditioners

Electriq Smart wifi Wall Split Air Conditioners

Electriq Smart wifi Wall Split Air Conditioners

Certain situations require you to install a unit with incredibly high BTU, and not many deliver in this aspect. Until I discovered this appliance, I never believed I could come across such that will offer this and more. The product performs at such commendable levels that I had to include it in my review list.

As far as BTU capacity is concerned, not many units can give you as great as this for general use. It blows and cools your environment, operating at a shocking 24000BTU. With such power levels, this appliance gives you the highest of quality and functions efficiently in any space with high cooling demands. Coming with a 5-year warranty, your investment is secured, as you enjoy the best of service.

It also comes with a 5-meter pipe kit, giving you more installation flexibility. At 46kg, mounting this appliance is as easy as pie. And the A++ energy efficiency class means you enjoy powerful delivery and excellent energy management.


  • 24000BTU capacity
  • A++ energy efficiency class
  • 3-in-1 cooling, heating and dehumidifying operation
  • 46kg of weight
  • EasyFit pre-gassed, with 5m pipe
  • Ultra-powerful performance
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to install
  • Overkill for smaller rooms

3. Ambista Electric ALPHA High Wall Split Air Conditioner

Ambista Electric ALPHA High Wall Split Air Conditioner

Ambista Electric ALPHA High Wall Split Air Conditioner

Though seeking the most potent appliance is essential, it helps tremendously if the unit is also great at managing energy. In this aspect, this unit delivers quite exceptionally. It is by far, the most energy-efficient appliance every home should consider.

With an energy class of A+++, the unit ensures excellent service and performance, while exhausting minimal energy. The unit comes highly rated; 9.7 SEER, and 5.3 SCOP. Installing this unit means you never have to worry about raking in massive electricity bills in your abode. Regardless, this appliance still operates at a capacity of 9000BTU, delivering remarkable cooling effects.

This powerful unit operates at 220-240 V, yet saves you tons in energy consumption. And the design comes in white colour, allowing the appliance to blend effortlessly with your interior aesthetics.


  • 9000BTU capacity
  • A+++/A++++ energy classes
  • SEER 9.7/ SCOP 5.3
  • Eco-friendlyR32 refrigerant
  • 220-240 V power source
  • Incredibly energy-efficient
  • High power performance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Requires certified installers for mounting and installation

4. TERMOTEK Airplus Split Air Conditioner

TERMOTEK Airplus Split Air Conditioner

TERMOTEK Airplus Split Air Conditioner

Having a cooling appliance that keeps the temperature comfortable is excellent. A more incredible option is one that also excels at dehumidifying the surrounding air. Most units fail at this, resulting in glass and metal surfaces becoming accumulated with condensed droplets. If this is an issue you wish to avoid, then this appliance is your best pick.

The unit features multiple airflow adjustment features for great flexibility in temperature balancing. The dehumidification feature is quite powerful, and I enjoyed a feeling of cold, dry air circulating my apartment. It also comes with tons of other exciting features, including a Turbo, Sleep Timer, and Auto Restart modes. And the inverter technology results in an appliance so impressive, I was glad I spent my money on it.

I also love that the unit comes with an air purification system to keep the surrounding air free of dust. And the internal unit battery self-cleaning reduced the need to carry out purge maintenance on a frequent level.


  • 9000 to 12000BTU capacity
  • Dehumidification feature
  • Air purification system
  • Sleep, Timer, Turbo, and Auto Restart options
  • Internal unit battery self-cleaning
  • Produces the driest of cool air
  • Very flexible operation
  • Powerful operation
  • Not as energy-efficient as other models

5. Klarstein Windwaker Supreme Split Air Conditioner

Klarstein Windwaker Supreme Split Air Conditioner

Klarstein Windwaker Supreme Split Air Conditioner

We all agree that combating heat is the main reason why split air conditioners are purchased. However, these appliances become relatively useless when the cold season sets in. In such situations, you would be glad that your unit also features a heater function. For such, this is your best bet.

The heating effect of this appliance is quite impressive, as it efficiently circulates warm air around your surroundings. Delivering cool air in the summer at 9000BTU, it further impresses me by offering a heating capacity of up to 30°C. With such levels of warmth, relaxing in the winter was no longer a dream. The 3D oscillation also meant the unit generously spreads the heat to every corner of my home.

I also enjoyed the Auto mode feature, as it conveniently adjusts the temperature to suit my fancy. And with its five operational modes, I could alternate between heating and drying fan to further improve the comfort of my surroundings.


  • 9000BTU
  • A+++ energy efficiency class
  • Heating mode with a temperature range of 16 to 30°C
  • Five modes of operation
  • Remote control
  • Super effective warming
  • Comfortable auto-selection of temperature
  • Great flexibility in control via remote
  • Installation instructions may be difficult to interpret

6. Sinclair Multi Split Air Conditioner

Sinclair Multi Split Air Conditioner

Sinclair Multi Split Air Conditioner

Choosing the ideal cooling unit for your home can be a painstaking task. While some do not produce enough cool air for circulation, others deliver at levels that are too powerful. This is why I find this appliance so attractive. It offers a balanced performance required for general air cooling in homes.

I appreciated how the multi-split unit allows adequate circulation of cool air throughout the home. The energy efficiency is also commendable, as it operates at 7000BTU. The multi-split design perfectly regulates how much air circulates my house, and the R32 refrigerant is easily controlled with very responsive remote controls.

In the winter, the heating effects warm up my home, keeping my family and me comfortable all season long. The appliance is also quite portable, and very easy to mount on any wall in the house.


  • 2x7000BTU capacity
  • 4.1kW output
  • Condensate pump
  • Remote control
  • Multi-split
  • Delivers a well-balanced cooling and heating
  • Very responsive remote control
  • Good energy efficiency
  • Overkill for smaller homes

7. Hisense Full Inverter Split Air Conditioner

Hisense Full Inverter Split Air Conditioner

Hisense Full Inverter Split Air Conditioner

When we talk about units that deliver all-round satisfaction in room temperature balancing, this is the perfect product. Getting an appliance that touches all the right spot is a feat, not many products can fulfil. Such value is what makes this unit the most versatile unit I have ever installed anywhere.

So many features about this appliance make it an ideal unit for every situation. It delivers optimum cooling effects with its full inverter. Its energy efficiency is outstanding, as it consumes less, yet gives more every time. The size and performance are perfectly balanced, and blends with any wall dimension and the coupling are straightforward.

The valves are gas pressure operated, ensuring the quick release of cooling effects. The installation requires no vacuuming and no special tools. This means that anyone can set it up; be you a professional or an enthusiastic DIYer.


  • A++ cooling/A+ heating energy classes
  • 34.39kg weight
  • Quick coupling system
  • Gas pressure-operated valves
  • Remote control
  • Excellent cooling in warmer seasons
  • Easy to install
  • Very energy-efficient
  • The cooling effects are not very noticeable in larger rooms

8. Olimpia Splendid Nexya Split Air Conditioner

Olimpia Splendid Nexya S3 Split Air Conditioner

Olimpia Splendid Nexya Split Air Conditioner

Some rooms and apartments need a unit that delivers the right amount of power and takes minimal space. While many models tick only one of these two boxes; this one satisfies both requirements. For a mini-split air conditioner, the performance is outstanding.

Hardly will you come across an appliance that offers an operational capacity like this one. At 9000BTU, this small unit generates enough cool air to supply a reasonably large room. The effects are better felt in smaller rooms of about 20m2, making it the best option for spaces of such dimension. And the size makes it very easy to mount and install, saving you money in coupling.

The appliance also excels at energy-saving, arriving with an A+ energy class. I also appreciated the 24-hour timer, which I could easily access with its ergonomic remote control.


  • 9000BTU capacity
  • A+ energy class
  • Dehumidification, Sleep, Turbo, and Auto functions
  • 24-hour timer
  • Remote control
  • Powerful cooling
  • Stress-free installation
  • Takes minimal mounting space
  • The heating effect could be more powerful

9. Electriq Multi-Split Air Conditioner

Electriq Multi-Split Air Conditioner

Electriq Multi-Split Air Conditioner

I find multi-split models to be the most efficient for use in more than one room space. And I find this unit to be one of the most efficient in this light. With such power levels and minimal energy requirements, I enjoyed excellent service and more energy-saving advantages, compared to the others I tested.

The appliance produces cooling effects at 9000BTU. I find this capacity extremely useful at generating an impressive supply of cold air to the rooms in my home. It also works at the minimalist level, using very little energy to deliver powerful blows of cool air. And its multi-split controls are quite flexible, easing operation and use.

Another major takeaway is the appliance can operate two indoor units from a single outdoor unit. And the unit takes very little space, making it convenient for both my home and office.


  • 9000BTU capacity
  • A++/A+ energy classes
  • Cooling, heating and dehumidification functions
  • Multi-split control
  • Three units
  • Compelling performance
  • Easy to operate and set up
  • Hushed operation
  • Works best for homes with multiple rooms

10. Hotpoint-Ariston AERES Split Air Conditioner

Hotpoint-Ariston AERES Split Air Conditioner

Hotpoint-Ariston AERES Split Air Conditioner

Unlike general rooms, garages and workshops have a different batch of requirements for heating and cooling. You need a unit that supplies the right amount of cooling without causing humidification. It must also generate enough heat during the summer to keep you working if you need to.

This appliance works excellent for workspaces and garages, especially during the cold seasons. The heating capacity is impressive, preventing the tire bolts from freezing over. Its performance also keeps the cars warm during the winter, saving you costs in warming up and maintenance. As for workshops, I found myself keeping busy with projects without wondering about the blistering cold bombarding the outdoors.

With its high energy efficiency ratings for both cooling and heating, the appliance operates at high efficiency. It also features a backlit display and the mountable unit sits comfortably on any portion of your garage wall.


  • 12000BTU capacity
  • A++/A+++ energy classes
  • Built-in display
  • 230 volts
  • 550m3/h cooling air supply
  • Effective cooling
  • Blows hot air in heating mode
  • Highly energy efficient
  • No wifi control

Split Air Conditioners UK Product Guide 

Before selecting any of these products, you need to understand that there are particular features you should look out for. These ensure that you pick an ideal model for your environment, as the right combination of features determines how well the appliance performs in delivering quality service. It also helps to avoid issues related to a wrong purchase, returning hassles and general disgruntlement with the product.


These appliances come in various sizes, and your choice depends on certain factors. The wall space, room space, installation speed, and performance concerning the room size are essential things to analyze. You should consider how big the appliance you pick is, and if the room you plan on mounting it in has enough space to put it.

You also want to consider wall space, as you do not plan on having just the appliance taking over the entire wall. If the size is too big, it might make the wall look tacky, as visitors would find a hard time ignoring the gigantic-looking contraption you hung on your wall.

Larger sized products also take a longer time to install. Plus, you might waste a considerable amount of time mounting something that is eventually too bulky for your wall space. And since most powerful models are hefty in size, you might just find out that your selected appliance is nothing more than overkill for the space you use it in.

BTU Measurement

BTU stands for ‘British Thermal Unit’, and is the general parameter used to measure the cooling and heating capacity of an appliance. Different room sizes work best with individual BTU specifications, so you must learn how to identify the ideal capacity for your room space. Smaller rooms work best with appliances of about 8000BTU, and medium rooms conveniently accommodate those of 1000BTU or slightly more. And for larger room spaces, a machine operating at 15000BTU and above is most ideal.

The BTU measurement is a feature you cannot afford to ignore, and for a justifiable reason. Installing an appliance of lower BTU in a larger room means the effects of the device will be almost unnoticeable. And using those with more extensive BTU measurements in smaller rooms mean the cooling will be excess, and the appliance will have no chance for proper dehumidifying.

To understand how to compare the specifications thoroughly, smaller rooms are those measuring around 18 square meters, medium rooms start at 24 square meters, and larger room sizes range from 36 square meters and above. You also need to consider if the room you plan to use the appliance in has other electrical equipment. Places like the kitchen and garage door well with devices that offer up to 4000BTU. These models ensure the room gets optimum cooling, and eliminate the possibility of condensation on equipment due to less dehumidifying.


The EER, or Energy Efficiency Ratio, is an indication of how well the appliance manages and utilizes energy. This is essential, as you do not wish to rake in humongous energy bills because you want your room to be cooled continuously. Therefore, ensure to look out for appliances that offer a high EER rating. The higher the number, the more energy-efficient the unit automatically is.


Some split air conditioners also double as heaters and prove quite handy in days of colder weather. Since this is usually the general climate condition of the British environment, I highly recommend you go for an appliance that comes with this feature. That way, you can also enjoy sound healing effects in the cold season. And you know you can switch to cooling in times of unusual hotness.

Extra features

You must also look out for other extra features that come with these appliances, as these enhance the versatility, usability and flexibility of the unit. Among these handy features are a timer, dehumidifier, fan speed adjustment features, as well as sleep or night mode.

Some models also come with smartphone control features, giving you more flexibility in operation. And a great majority of these appliances come with a standard remote control, allowing you to toggle between the various performance mode options in the unit.


Does brand matter when buying a split air conditioner?

Yes, and no. While certain brands like Fujitsu, Sharp, Panasonic and Hisense are generally known for top-quality products, some unpopular brands do offer a great advantage, regardless of their obscure identities. It may be wise to go for products that come from popular brands, as these companies dwell heavily on maintaining an untainted reputation.

However, appliances from popular brands tend to be on the pricey side and most times, hurt your pocket more than you may have planned for. The best advice would be to look out for products that offer essential features and high performance. Combine these with a very lengthy warranty, and you are sure to get great value for your money.

How do you size a split air conditioner?

To generally analyze the amount of air conditioning your living environment requires, the first step is to determine the size of your living quarters. Next is to combine the total dimension of the rooms, and the result would arrive in square meters. Then, you can use this measurement to decide what appliance will work best for your surroundings.

Can a split air conditioner be used for two rooms? 

Yes, it can. You can conveniently generate enough cooling or heating for multiple rooms in your environment with both the multi and mini-split air conditioners. However, while the former allows you to set up different temperatures for each room, the latter only offers a general temperature for both.


Split air conditioners are an ideal companion for your home in warm weather. They offer great comfort by creating a calm surrounding. And they also double as heaters in the warm weather, ensuring your environment maintains a constantly tolerable temperature all year round. Such quality services make them a valuable addition to every home, office, workshop and living space.

In this review, I have featured the best appliances you can spend your money on. I have highlighted their features, as well as how to compare the various products. I have also included a product guide that explains the parameters to observe before making a final choice. I believe with this information, and you will find selecting the best product for your need to be an easy ordeal.

However, I understand if you still find it hard to decide what to pick. This is very expected, as every product listed here offers features that are too eye-catching to ignore. Based on my experience, I can narrow down the list to what I consider to be the best options for you to select from.

For the best appliance, I recommend Klarstein Windwaker Eco-Split, because it is a well-rounded unit. If you can afford to spare some extra money, Electriq Multi-Split is your best choice. But if your budget seems to restrict your spending, do not fear. Ambista Electric ALPHA is my top choice for a quality appliance unit; at a price, I consider to be a giveaway.

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