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Best Solar Pond Pumps UK

Keep in mind that you will not just be looking for a reliable solar pump. While reliability and performance are certainly important, you will also want to consider your budget. Because the solar pond pump prices vary from pump to pump, you have to keep this in mind when looking for the best one for your needs.

The most obvious features that you will want to look for are energy-efficiency and convenience. The solar pump that best meets your criteria is one that operates quietly and efficiently without polluting your pond water.

One feature that you will also want to consider is the amount of power that it uses. If you want a pond pump that will work efficiently and pump a wide range of water types, you will want to go for a solar pump that is more powerful. It will help you make sure that you will be able to pump a wide range of water, with plenty of energy-efficiency and efficiency, without having to worry about too much maintenance. The higher the power draw, the lower the energy-efficiency, and the greater the overall cost.

Other than that, you will also want to look at the features that will help you maximize the effectiveness of your pump. Things like the surge capacity, the power output, and the battery capacity will allow you to maximize the size of your pond. And you will also want to consider the gear ratio between the solar pump and your pond to make sure that you get the best pump for your needs. You should also have a backup battery, in case the solar pond pump loses power and you need to keep the pump running. It would help if you chose a pump that you can use without any electric power in case of a power outage.

I have reviewed a list of the best solar pond pumps the UK on the market for you to choose from. Each product is highly praised by users, as well as experts all over. Also included is a product guide that addresses the confusion associated with making a choice. With this, I believe that selecting the perfect solar pond pump will be a breeze for you.

Top 10 Solar pond Pumps UK

1. Decdeal UK Solar Pond Pump

Decdeal 9V 1.8W Solar Pond Pump

Decdeal 9V 1.8W Solar Pond Pump

One of the best solar pond pumps I ever tried out, this is an exceptional device that deserves to sit at the top of my review list. Efficient, versatile and long-lasting, it delivers of every aspect, passing my tests for most preferred solar pond pumps.

First, it comes with a highly efficient solar panel that kicks off an impressive pumping action in full sun. Also, it features three tubes with four water spray patterns that combine performance with beauty when it dispenses water over my koi pond. And the suction cups beneath the pond pump keeps it secured under the water, so it sits conveniently as it supplies water.

Once charged, the startup is relatively quicker than I expected. And I enjoyed its versatility, as I can also use it for fish tanks, birdbaths, and as an aesthetic option for gardens.


  • 156 gallons per hour
  • 9V/180W power
  • Four types of sprinkler heads
  • 3-second restart under full sunlight
  • Submersible
  • Reduced the blanket weed in the pond
  • Powerful solar panel
  • Easy to install
  • No backup battery

2. Kyerivs UK Solar Pond Pump with Battery Backup

Kyerivs 2.0W Solar Pond Pump

Kyerivs 2.0W Solar Pond Pump

Having a solar pond pump with a battery backup is an essential option, especially in places where the sunshine does not last for long. And as far as such devices go, this one serves the purpose quite effectively. It saves me tons of energy consumption by capturing sunlight, saving enough power to keep the water running.

I love how high the pond pump pushes water, as it can kick the flow up to 70 cm once it starts. The solar panel is also quite powerful, as I noticed it increases the performance of the pump as the sunshine intensifies. With its six different nozzles, I enjoyed a variety of gorgeous patterns dazzling my pond. I could tell the carp population was excited about it as well.

In the absence of sunlight, the solar pond pump continues working, as the reserve battery kicks in. Pumping at the rate of 150 litres per hour, it made a great addition to my small koi pond and even the newly set up birdbath.


  • 150 litres per hour
  • 10V/ 2.0 W
  • Six sprinkler patterns
  • Built-in battery pack
  • Pumps from a 50 to 70 cm height
  • The fountain creates a powerful jet up to 3ft high
  • Eye-catching performance
  • Very easy to use
  • Performance is best at full sun

3. Tropro Solar UK Solar Fountain Pump with Battery Backup

Tropro Solar fountain Pump

Tropro Solar fountain Pump

Some solar pond pumps work best when installed externally, that is, above the water. And this particular device displayed an outstanding level of performance in that aspect. Its quality performance and aesthetic delivery make every penny spent on it worthwhile.

I love how powerfully it shoots water over my pond, even though it floats over the surface. The solar panel is designed so that it is fully exposed to sunlight, allowing it to capture as much power it needs for operation. And the backup battery stores more than enough energy to keep the solar pond pump working up to 3 hours, even on a cloudy day.

The plastic body casing allows the pump to float successfully on the surface while it works. And the six different nozzles release water patterns so impressive, even the small mammals that visit my lawn are caught in awe!


  • 3.5W
  • Built-in backup battery
  • Plastic body material
  • Six nozzle patterns
  • Floating pump
  • Works straight from the box
  • Quiet operation
  • Comes with a backup battery
  • The filter needs constant cleaning

4. MVPower UK 500L/H 5W Solar Pond Pump

MVPower 500L/H 5W Solar Pond Pump

MVPower 500L/H 5W Solar Pond Pump

Beauty and awe are two of the fundamental reasons for installing a solar pond pump. You want a device that makes your landscape look like a mini paradise, and this one entirely does that. Of all the solar pond pumps I tried out, this one displays some of the best waterfall effects I have ever experienced.

Even though it comes with four nozzle pattern options, the effects were so unique, and I kept watching it jet streams of water. I firmly believe this has to do with its ultra-powerful solar panel, which is conveniently designed to tap maximum sunlight. I also found this great solar pond pump quite useful in a fish tank, as well as in birdbaths.

Pumping water at 500 litres per hour, the enthralling device worked perfectly for my relatively large pond. It also features a surprisingly efficient water cycling capacity, ensuring the fish in my pond get an optimum supply of oxygen.


  • 10V/5W power
  • 500 litres per hour
  • Four nozzle patterns
  • Oxygen water circulation
  • 120cm jet stream height
  • Powerful waterfall pumping
  • Quiet operation
  • Shoots water surprisingly high
  • No on/off switch

5. Anself UK Solar Water Pump

Anself Solar Water Pump

Anself Solar Water Pump

While I love the feel and look a high-performing solar pond pump gives my backyard, I also appreciate convenience in operation. So, when the chance to get a device that uses a remote control feature came up, I tested various models. And this one came on top.

My biggest takeaway is that I never had to turn on or off the solar pond pump directly. All I needed was to click the options on the remote control, and I get it working. The range is impressive, and the solar pond pump itself is quite efficient at its performance.

An added advantage is how it lights up with LED effects at night. And though this is a significant plus for me, the remote access function is my most preferred pro, regarding this solar-powered pond pump. Still, the lighting gives my garden a stellar appearance when the sun gradually begins to set.


  • 9V/2.5W
  • 150 litres per hour
  • Remote control
  • Three nozzle patterns
  • Submersible
  • Powerful pump, for its size
  • Works tremendously even in cloudy conditions
  • Perfect for larger features
  • No built-in battery backup

6. Lewisia UK Solar Pond Pump with Filter

Lewisia 1.8W Solar Pond Pump

Lewisia 1.8W Solar Pond PumpHaving a filter in your solar pond pump is a splendid advantage, as it allows you to clean the pump quite easily. The filter also collects dirt in the water, keeping it clean and healthy. I know how essential this feature is, and always look out for it when I select solar pond pumps. In this device, that particular feature is most outstanding.

It comes with a foam filter and filter bag, making cleaning easier. Also, I enjoyed the ease of installation for the solar panel; it could either be mounted on a wall or stuck to the ground. The cable is quite long, making these options so convenient for me. And the panels come with a swivel, to adjust them to any direction that exposes them to the most light.

I firmly believe this feature is also why the flow is so powerful, as it takes up to 170 litres of water per hour. And it features three nozzle patterns, so I enjoyed the varying options of sprayers it has to offer.


  • 6V/1.8W
  • Eight nozzle patterns
  • 170 litres per hour
  • Foam filter and filter bag
  • Submersible
  • Very flexible use
  • Panels can be tilted to capture maximum sunlight
  • Very easy to set up
  • No backup battery

7. JXWL UK Solar Pond Pump

JXWL Solar Pond Pump

JXWL Solar Pond Pump

Though solar pond pumps can never replace regular ones, having one with high flow power is excellent. These complement the function of the standard pond pumps, as well as give the pond a pretty look. For such needs, I find this device to be one of the most powerful of the products I tested.

With six nozzle patterns, I enjoyed the various display of spray patterns after installation. The jet height and shape make this device perfect for beautifying the landscape. And if you own a large pond, you enjoy outstanding performance and delivery from this device. That is because it comes with a pump power of up to 500 litres per hour!

The high-performing, high-quality solar panels deliver optimum power to make this happen. And you can also change the spray head, so you get full control on determining how high the jet sprays. Plus, the metal-plastic combo build makes this decorative solar pond pump extremely durable.


  • 10V/5.5W
  • 500 litres per hour
  • Six nozzle patterns
  • Adjustable spray height
  • Metal-plastic build
  • Can be used either free-standing or floating
  • Great flow and power
  • Outstanding performance, even under low sunlight
  • No battery backup

8. Blagdon UK Liberty 200 Solar Powered Pond Pump with LED Lights

Blagdon Liberty 200 Solar Powered Pond Pump

Blagdon Liberty 200 Solar Powered Pond Pump

This is another device perfectly designed to enhance the beauty of your landscape. Having a solar pond pump that impressively decorates your outdoor during the day is nice but at night time, most just sit there looking bland. With this product, however, your landscape gets the added advantage of extra eye-catching at night.

This high-quality solar pond pump comes with LED lights that illuminate the jets of water by night time. After supplying excellent performance during the day, the reserve battery pack kicks in at the absence of sunlight. This provides the pump, so it sprays water at night, while also lighting up the streams with dazzling LED effects.

Are you bothered about getting up at night to turn it on or off? I felt the same way too, which is why I love the timer feature. With it, I can determine when the pump kick starts, and it will continue running, flattering my landscape for at least 4 hours!


  • LED lights included
  • 200 litres per hour
  • 4-hour timer
  • Built-in battery backup
  • Ground or wall mountable solar panel
  • Comes with a timer
  • Beautiful LED light effects
  • Good water supply power
  • Wish timer lasted longer

9. Lewisia UK Solar Pond Pump

Lewisia 5W Solar Pond Pump

Lewisia 5W Solar Pond Pump

If you prefer having your solar pond pump submerged under the water surface, then this is your best option. This device is designed for the highest performance below the water surface. Its high performance and top quality aesthetic delivery capacity easily won my heart over.

Its size and power capacity make it ideal for tiny fish and koi ponds. It also comes with three nozzles, delivering impressive varieties of visual water effects. I also like how sizable the panel is, as it spreads generously for maximum capture of sunshine. And the fountain function can push water for up to 2 feet, and lift it to 4 feet!

Checking out the build, I was quite impressed with its polycrystalline silicon and ABS material body. This adds to its aesthetic feature; which is funny, considering the solar pond pump on its own already does that with the water displays.


  • 12V/5W
  • 380 litres per hour
  • Three nozzle patterns
  • 10 feet cable
  • 2 feet maximum water height, with 4 feet maximum water lift
  • Impressive water pressure and volume
  • Does not require frequent cleaning
  • Long-lasting service
  • Needs full sun

10. Decdeal UK Solar Pond Pump 

Decdeal 9V 1.5W Solar Pond Pump (best water circulation)

Decdeal 9V 1.5W Solar Pond Pump (best water circulation)

In addition to giving your garden or landscape that splendid look, solar pond pumps also help circulate water in your pond. This feature is quite helpful, especially if you have fish and fauna reared in it. Now the performance of each device in this function varies, but some are better than others at it. This, for me, performed the best.

Surprisingly powerful, this fully solar pond pump achieves a water fountain height of 50 to 80 cm. Its four nozzle patterns combine with the high water pump power capacity to keep water efficiently circulated in the pond. With this constant movement, fish and other fauna get a consistent supply of oxygen, thereby thriving abundantly. I know mine did.

Since it uses no parts that need oil, no battery pack, and depends entirely on solar power, I find it to be one of the most environmental-friendly devices I have ever introduced to my koi pond.

And the build consists of durable, abrasion-resistant tempered glass that adds an extra spark to my pool environment.


  • 9V/1.5 V
  • 180 litres per hour
  • Four nozzle patterns
  • Tempered glass build
  • Submersible
  • An awe-inspiring range for its small size
  • Great water flow
  • The fountain power makes it great for vast ponds
  • Height of water depends on the amount of sunlight it gets


Smelling water in your pond is a common occurrence, and you might not feel relaxed when you know that some goldfish are dying of thirst because of the dirty water. Finding the right solar pond pumps will certainly give you the trust you need.

So, do not hesitate, check out the list of solar pond pumps. Take a look at the latest products in the market, and experience how the innovative technology enhances your small fish pond.

Landscaping is great when you fit the right features. And if your preference is one with water-based aesthetics, you might find a pond pump quite handy. These nifty devices offer that extra finesse to your small fish ponds, koi ponds, birdbaths and fountains. And the solar-powered types are one of the best picks you can think of.

Solar pond pumps come with tons of advantages, ranging from energy-saving to non-polluting operation. Not only do they harness the infinitely clean energy of the sun, but also operate quietly, without releasing any toxic materials to the environment. Opting for a solar pond pump means you cut cost on electricity bills, and enjoy excellent, noiseless service from these outstanding devices.

But picking the best one may feel challenging. Tons of questions swim in your head, like the right size to buy, the ideal pump power, the need for a backup battery, and whether you should buy one with a filter. Also adding to the pressure is whether to place it inside or over the water and if the solar pond pump will give you long-lasting service.

Before setting out to pick a solar pond pump, it is important to note one general fact. Solar pond pumps are at best suited for decorative purposes. They add a beautifying effect to your water features and give your landscape a gorgeous look. They do not, however, qualify as full-time water pumps, as their regular counterparts. The best way to make use of them is to have them complement the function of the standard pump.

Now, there are certain essential features you must take note of when selecting the best solar pond pump for you. These features ensure you purchase the ideal device for your environment, as they determine the kind of service each solar pond pump will offer to you.

Pump Power

The power of a solar pond pump is measured in litres per hour (LPH) and tells just how much water the pump can conveniently move around your pond. You must consider the pump power, as too much of it will cause your pond to quickly deplete, as it may squirt water far off and out of the boundaries. Too little power and you might not get enough water circulation, and if you have fauna in the pond, that spells trouble. To strike a balance, purchase a solar pond pump with an LPH that is at least half the amount of water in the pond.


Ponds tend to carry a lot of weeds and debris, so you might want to consider buying a solar pond pump with filter. These give the added advantage of cleaning up the water gradually, as they operate. Filters are a significant plus, and the more emphasis a product makes on it, the more you should go for it if that is what you want. A good example is Lewisia 1.8W Solar Pond Pump.

Battery Backup

Because solar pond pumps are most efficient during the day, you may need to purchase one that comes with a built-in backup battery. Such models store extra energy during the day and can run the device a night, in the absence of sunlight. Some solar pond pumps come with batteries that last up to 4 hours after sunset. Products like AISTIN Solar Pond Pump come with 1500mAh in-built battery and work correctly in such light.

Submersible or External?

While some solar pond pumps can be placed just below the water surface, others must be installed above it or at least left floating at the top. Your preference depends on various factors, ranging from the type of pond you have, to whether you consider the sight of a floating device on your pond an eyesore. Either way, when choosing, make sure to check how the one you wish to buy operates, and if such works for you.

Extra Features

Certain extra features may give your selected solar pond pump a better chance of being picked if they fall in your list. Some models come with LED lights that glimmer at night, adding an extra touch of breathtaking fascination to the fountain effects of the solar pond pump. Others come with timers that allow you to program when the device comes on after the sunsets.

Some also offer you remote access, as they come with remote controls to turn the solar pond pump on or off from a distance. If these are things you look forward to in a solar pond pump, you might want to check for them before taking one home.


Why use a pump in your pond?

Ponds are a great way to make your backyard more wildlife-friendly, wildlife-friendly, and wildlife-friendly, too. Plants and animals that would otherwise build a nest in a rotting branch, or get crushed under a vehicle, can now live in your garden with all the resources they need to survive and flourish. Additionally, the pond adds variety and intrigue to your garden and provides a way to entertain yourself and your guests. You can invite your family and friends over for a nice day-long party or you can enjoy the benefits of having your own private wildlife resort.

Why use a solar pond pump?

Pond owners have a variety of options for installing a solar pond pump. You can choose to install your solar pond pump directly over the water or place it over the top of a swimming pool. This option will offer the advantages of being able to get a pump without a filter, and the capacity to pump a wider range of water types than you can with just a pond pump. But it will be a lot more difficult to install, and requires a stable power source to function efficiently.

You also have other options that involve placing the solar pond pump over a large pond or a wetland area. This method will not only deliver all the benefits of a solar pond pump, it will also help you realize several environmental goals.

What features do I need to pay attention to when buying a solar pond pump?

If you are still looking for a new pond pump, there are some features that you should pay attention to when making your purchase.

Size is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a solar pond pump. You will want a pump that is suitable for your pond. Do you need a deep pond? Do you need a pool? Do you have a smaller pond with a shallower depth? The size of your pond will affect the types of pumps that you can use. You can use a low capacity pump that will not run much, or you can use a high capacity pump that will run as long as it is running.

Power output is another important feature to consider when choosing a solar pond pump. Will you be using it to pump water over a large pond? Or will you be using it to pump smaller amounts of water over a wetland area? For a deep pond, a simple solar pond pump is sufficient. But if you have a large pond that you want to pump for a lot of hours, or if you want to pump larger amounts of water at a time, then you should go for a more powerful solar pond pump.

Most solar pond pumps use the power of the sun to power them. This power allows the pump to run during the night so that it will be ready to pump in the early morning when you are ready to use the pond. Keep in mind that you will need to consider the environmental impact of the solar pond pump, and how much the solar pond pumps could pollute the pond water.

If you are looking for a solar pond pump, you have to consider your budget. If you do not have a large budget for a solar pond pump, then you will have to look for a less powerful solar pump. But if you do have a large budget for a solar pond pump, you will want to look for a higher performance solar pond pump. The more powerful a solar pond pump, the less it will pollute the water in your pond. And it will also allow you to pump more water at a time.

Do solar pond pumps work at night?

Only solar pond pumps with batteries can do such. These are also quite useful on cloudy days, as the pump will have reserve power from the previous sunshine. However, if the solar pond pump does not come with a battery, it will only work with direct sunlight.

How do I choose a solar pond pump size?

The best option is one able to pump out at least half of the volume of water from your pond per hour. For instance, if a solar pond pump takes out about 200 litres of water every hour, it would be most appropriate for a 400-litre pond.

Can you use solar pond pumps indoors?

Yes, you can. Some options come with AC adapters, allowing them to be used indoors. If you have an indoor pond, or somewhere you feel it can fit in, you can use such, since AC adapters are designed especially for indoor operation.


Adding that extra touch of razzle and dazzle to your ponds is not as difficult as you may fear. With exciting water features like solar pond pumps, you get to flatter your landscape with splendid water displays and fountains. These fancy water-based gadgets are also quite useful in circulating water in the pool, keeping the fauna refreshed. Plus, they complement the regular pumps by assisting in filtering functions as well.

For your consideration, I have made a comprehensive list of the best solar pond pumps in the British market. I have also included a product guide to aid you in selecting the perfect one for you. Each product listed here has been tested and confirmed by various users and experts all around. Their quality performance cannot be overemphasized, so you know you get nothing but the best from these suggestions.

To ease your choosing, I have selected Decdeal 9V 1.8W Solar Pond Pump to be the best solar pond pump UK on this list. It displayed the highest level of quality in the panel and pump power, as well as longevity of service.

For a premium choice, I pick Blagdon Liberty 200 Solar Powered Pond Pump, as it gives you the best quality in aesthetics that equals its high price. Budget shoppers are not left out, of course, as they can still get the best of service from Kyerivs 2.0W Solar Pond Pump; a product that delivers tremendously yet costs just a few quid.

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