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Best Snorkelling full Face Mask UK

Best Snorkelling Full Face Mask UK


Limiting yourself to conventional snorkelling might sound comfortable when you are unaware of something new. I have been snorkelling for a long time now, but I have undergone certain inconveniences. The common problems I experienced are saltwater coming in through the tube, strained breathing, hurtful jaws, fog in glass goggles and bleak vision. These inconveniences minimise my enjoyment when it comes to water adventures. It’s after that I decided to use a full face snorkel mask.

However, these all came to an end when I bought my full face mask. Full face masks are easy to use and have a sophisticated feel making you snorkel with real style. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? It is normal to have certain hesitations. You might think, are they dangerous? I mean, of course, one can think that covering your face and going underwater makes no sense at all. Here, it is not the case. You will soon know why.
What goes in mind before I choose a mask
Another uncertainty, what if it doesn’t suit my face size? I am well aware that size is important. If it is incorrect, then the mask will not function the way it should. The golden point here is that all models offer two to three different sizes. To ensure the size is suitable for you, check the distance from your chin to the top of your nose.
Moreover, some of you must have heard that straps should be extremely tight to avoid water leakage. If such is the case, it can cause too much pressure and pain on the head. Let me tell you that there is no need to tighten your straps too much. This can make it hard to breathe and give you a claustrophobic feel. We want the contrary, that is why we want to purchase a full face mask! The back strap, once loosened till adequate fitting, will gift you a comfy spirit. Other demotivating detonators can be the kind of brand to buy and whether these are pricey. Many brands out there offer excellent pricing and quality full face masks. They reward the customer a pleasurable experience through the purchase and use of these exciting gadgets! I felt it indeed. So will you. Let us snorkel in and see what full face masks have to offer.

Top 10 Face Mask UK

1. SeaELF 611517116780 

SeaELF 611517116780 

SeaELF 611517116780 

Self constantly works with innovative products which are meant for amateurs and experts. They focus on creating sport-related goods, including unique and enhanced features to provide their customers with a wonderful experience. Such is the 611517116780 full face snorkel mask model.


  • Materials applied for the frame, tube and valve are polypropylene. Lens are made with ABS resin. The Gasket is made of silica gel. The visual features are enhanced due to the flat lens. There is no play with the distance of sea objects or creatures.
  • It has an improved structure which makes it lighter to wear and sustain. The breathing tube can be folded and easily port it around. The tube has been incorporated in the mask. This ensures that it does not fall off in case you encounter with an outer force.
  • The mask and tube are lucid. This facilitates effective cleaning and sees whether any dirt has remained.
  • This full-face snorkel mask has 180 degrees of visual fielding. It allows the user to cover more fielding.
  • It comes with a top drying and anti-fogging method.
  • Removable earplugs are included to prevent water from going in the ears.
  • Air chambers are not joint. This ensures that you are breathing fresh air and not re-inhaling CO2.
  • You can attach a camera and frame your underwater experiences.
  • Flat lens prevents headaches and sickening.
  • The buckle is available which aids into freeing the headband.
  • Salt will not enter your nose or mouth as there is a waterproof valve that forbids it.
  • This mask is suitable for people whose face length is between 3.9 inches (ca. 10 cm) to 5.3 inches (13.46 cm).
  • You cannot wear prescribed glasses underneath the mask as the seal will break. Consequently, the water will enter into the mask.
  • The silicone is thin, causing a steaming sensation.

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Yiwu Helloyee import and export company produces various consumer products. Its major products include sports and outdoor gears, prototyping kits and electronic components. This product is a good example of revealing how many efforts the company takes while creating consumer products. The company takes a huge effort to offer products and services that fulfil customers expectations.


  • Malleable design is implemented.
  • The ball design system enables you to breath freely.
  • 180º panoramic view allowing an increase in your visual field.
  • Anti-fog and anti-leak system enable the flow of air in different directions.
  • It is light-weighted for it weighs only 600 grams.
  • Adjustable straps and top quality silicone enable a perfect closure for your face. This prevents the water from entering inside.
  • You can connect a camera and capture unforgettable underwater experiences.
  • It is made up of silicone material which is suitable for allergens.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • The flat lens contributes to avoiding dizziness and headaches.
  • The available pouch for devices is not effective.
  • This full-face snorkel mask can become uncomfortable for kids as the mask’s sealing is very tight.
  • As the screen is made out of plastic, and you may have a deceiving view.




Salary is known to be an expert in snorkel products varying from semi-dry to full masks. They also design water goggles and use modern designs to make their products as complete as possible. SP-M01 is an example of this.


  • It has an advanced design which includes separated channels for breathing. The highlight here is that there are two exhaling channels instead of one. This allows the separation between oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • The anti-fog and anti-leak system are made up of smooth silicone and inner skirt. The silicone used is safe. The ball design prevents water from entering.
  • 180 degrees of panoramic views. The flat lens is grey and transparent simultaneously.
  • The tube is latched with a rubber ring. This enhances your travelling experience.

Straps are easy to remove; the camera is attachable.

  • The two exhaling channels prevent dizziness and allow convenient breathing.
  • No steaming experienced.
  • No fish-eye effect as the lens is flat.
  • Not effective if used in deeper saltwater.
  • Slow airflow causes breathing to become heavier.




DasMeer is a well-known leading industry by the constant production of qualified products. When it comes to full-face snorkel mask, they make sure that their two principles are met. First, the presence of CO2 inside the mask should not even reach the safety measures. Second, breathing should be near to natural and reposeful, as done when we are on land. DasMeer describes this as fun when using snorkelling masks. Check out the UK-SMAS-BL model.


  • There are no breathing limitations. It also counts with a 180 degrees broad viewing.
  • The view is enhanced with the implementation of optical lens and top graded clarity.
  • There are two chambers for proper airflow. This allows the CO2 to dissipate on both sides and prevent fogging. It also avoids the fresh O2 from mixing with the CO2.
  • The silicone applied offers a smooth and firm fit to the face.
  • The purpose of the floating ball is to block water from entering the breathing tube. However, the ball will go down when the tube is above the water.

Attaching a camera is possible to encapsulate vivid underwater sensations.

  • No distortion is felt. A realistic view approach is achieved.
  • Medical silicone avoids the appearance of any smell.
  • Earplugs are made out of rubber. This stops water from going inside your ears.
  • Ideal for amateurs or even for people who don’t encounter with jaw issues.
  • It includes a drain valve to let out any water which has entered.
  • Smooth strap fit.
  • The manual is not written properly.
  • The strap’s grip lacks firmness. This may open up allowing water to enter inside.
  • The seal seems to be made out of plastic. It is not of rubber material. This makes it less malleable and hard. Therefore, some people might feel that the mask doesn’t mould to the face properly.
  • It loses reliability after several uses.




Built particularly for European and American faces, boost the nose part, DEEP ENOUGH, do not press on the nose bridge. Soft Silicon Inner Skirt with a sufficient resting surface and full face protection. The lens is made of hard polycarbonate and has a special treatment, NO FISH-EYE EFFECT, for a full and clear field of vision.


  • You will always breathe fresh air as the mask has two valves on both sides. This improves the air quality, and you will feel the breathing natural as if you are on land.
  • Tight sealing ensures no water leakage or breakage.
  • The design is sophisticated, especially on the nose zone. It is very deep, which means that you won’t feel any pressure on the nose bridge.
  • Soft silicone is applied in the inner skirt, which provides enough rest and shielding to the face.
  • The lens of the mask is of polycarbonate, which allows transparent vision.
  • Anti-fog and anti-leak technology implemented. Three airflow channels where two are meant for exhaling.
  • This avoids air mixture, and the dry system further enhances the fact of no water entering.
  • It is easy to wear and you have a strap too which allows quick removal in case of an emergency crop up.
  • Various sizes were available too.
  • 180 degrees of broad view gifts you a whole new water experience.
  • The strap allows you to adjust according to different head sizes.
  • The silicone part of the mask is so precise that you will feel no gap between the mask and your face.
  • Wise packaging as it comes in a net which is perfect for storing your mask; meanwhile, it is drying.
  • You can attach a Go-Pro camera.
  • Unclear statement regarding breathing capacity in the instructions.
  • Not meant for active swimming.




Built particularly for European and American faces, boost the nose part, deep enough, do not press on the nose bridge. Soft Silicon Inner Skirt with a sufficient resting surface and full-face protection. The lens is made of a hard polycarbonate and has a special treatment, no fish-eye effect, for a full and clear field of vision.


  • Silicone and plastic are the materials used.
  • It has an advanced dry technology that prevents saltwater from entering your mouth.
  • Elastic straps and which are comfortable.
  • The camera is attachable to captivate wonderful views and scenarios underwater.
  • 180 degrees of panoramic viewing means that you have a wider vision of what’s going on in the sea world.
  • Anti-fog system means that the air chambers are separated and allows a fluent airflow preventing the appearance of fog.
  • The ball design is the key to avoiding leakage as it blocks the water coming in.
  • The silicone is simple to adjust. This means that adequate fitting is achieved.
  • You experience no leaks and is attractive.
  • Ease while breathing.
  • Simple to use for kids too.
  • You can’t wear glasses under the mask as it would result in having an inadequate fitting.
  • It has no clips for the elastic straps making it difficult to remove.




X99 offers seriousness and great customer satisfaction with its products. It raises curiosity within its clients’ obliging’ them to have their products in their hands. This black and blue mask shows this.


  • The dry top system is implemented. This allows free-breathing and strong air inhalation.
  • It consists of a double-channel which automatically duplicates the flow of air and separates CO2 and O2 with accuracy.
  • 180 degrees wide panoramic viewing and detachable camera mounting to enhance your snorkelling journey.
  • Anti-leaking system. Carefully selected silicone produces no odour and gives the user a smooth and firm accommodation to the face.
  • The mask is made of acrylic.
  • The elastic band is removable.
  • Separated chambers make sure that the air doesn’t reach the primary lens. This ensures that no fog is produced.
  • The acrylic mask assures clear visibility. It gives a tough resistance to any scratch. It is anti-collision; so your vision will not encounter with any obstacle.
  • Looks stylish.
  • Very comfortable.
  • This full-face snorkel mask is limited for snorkelling only. No diving is recommended.
  • It has a minor leakage petitioning as a referential point. This mask might work well in some waters such as in the Caribbean. It might have a contrary effect in others, such as in the Cornish waters. The latter is so for two reasons: one, a weird kind of noise could sprout from the breathing tube. Two, fog production is possible.

8. WSTOO RED-K8FN3-GB1068 



WSTOO enjoys doubling its potentials. They make sure their goods meet every necessary detail; be it the system they use or the range of colours. Their manuals regarding the usage of each product tend to be detailed. Hence, improving performance delivery. RED-K8FN3-GB1068 reveals this.


  • Modern breathing system ensures a safe encountering. It comes with three separate channels which prevent the re-intake of CO2 with full accuracy.
  • Top-quality anti-fog and anti-leak system. Every part is doubled: the exhaust passage and the speed of airing.
  • These stop the exhaled CO2 reach the visor and hence deter fogging.
  • Organic silicone is applied to provide great elasticity and no inflow of water.
  • It has two buttons which greatly aid in removing the mask when needed. This saves time and enhances auto-helping when there is a snorkelling crisis.
  • Panoramic view with an angle of 180 degrees.
  • It has an even lens avoiding any distortion. You can capture your underwater journeys and keep your hands unoccupied by attaching a camera.
  • The snorkel tube is tied to a rubber band providing simple installation.
  • No dizziness nor suffocation as it is void of breathing mixed air.
  • The silicone lining avoids tight pressing on the nose hence making it very comfortable while wearing it. It is skin-friendly too as it does not irritate.
  • Simple to fit and operate. You can also fold it and port it around wherever you desire.
  • Appropriate for experienced and non-experienced swimmers, kids, adults and beginners.
  • When children use this mask, they must use it solely on shallow waters under an adult’s guidance.
  • Meant to be used for time-pass snorkelling and not in deep waters.
  • Maybe kids can feel the adjustment to be too tight and cause them a headache.
  • In the nose area, there are tiny nipples made of plastic which can cause bothering.




Dri-Armour works with creativity and elegance. It wants the customer to have a fresh aqua experience. It ensures that its physical output and its internal constructions are wisely met as safety and integrity are values they highly meet. RED-K8FN3-GB1016 is a clear example.


  • An upgraded and unique design. Smooth silicone rim applied, which gives a comfortable fit.
  • You can mount a camera to captivate your mesmerising underwater sceneries and creatures.
  • The dry system is implemented with the floating ball being in charge of blocking any water entering your mouth.
  • It covers an angle of 180 degrees. A broad vision is achieved in one go.
  • The anti-leak and anti-fog design assure top graded airflow and avoid salt getting into your mouth.
  • Dual airflow technology has been applied so that no mixture of airs occur and you can stay longer to snorkel.
  • It includes an ear pressure equaliser so that you can snorkel deeper.
  • It comes with extra accessories such as a mesh bag, a mobile pouch and a travel towel.
  • The breathing tube is detachable.
  • Beginners will have loads of fun with Dri-Armour as it offers a whole new experience.
  • Smart and attractive design.
  • The screen is mirror-like as it is very clear.
  • It works with a Go-Pro too!
  • Very adjustable fit which allows you to share it with others too.
  • Not suitable for kids under 12 years old.




Bridawn works with intelligence. It knows how to makes its way through when targeting a specific audience. Wanting to offer ongoing fun with its products, at the same time safety comes in their priority list. BR0501BBB-UK is a cute snorkel mask that portrays this.


  • Safe breathing system. Chambers are separated for both, inhalation and exhalation. This avoids asphyxiation or laboured breathing due to the mixture of air. Fresh air is breathed through the two valves implemented.
  • Efficient anti-fog designing. The use of silicone material in the valves also allows the CO2 not to reach the field view.
  • There are three anti-leaking systems: a dry top system which forces the ball to stop any water entering. Organic silicone provides effective accommodation on the face. Lastly, a ring is made out of silicone which makes sure that the joint suffers no filtration.
  • Panoramic view of 180 degrees with a plane mirror. Avoids crooking in the child’s vision as well as dizziness.
  • Unique and loving animal design.
  • Extra silicone ring for substitute.
  • The tube is foldable and can be easily ported around.
  • The attractive animal approach can stimulate your child’s desire for snorkelling. As well as upgrading your child’s memories upon this sport.
  • It serves as a perfect summer reward after a productive year of schooling.
  • It comes with complete packaging.
  • It requires patience for your child to build confidence in snorkelling, but in the end, it is a worthwhile investment.
  • Only meant for kids.

Face Mask UK Buying Guide

We can appreciate the similarities and differences between the brands. Self and Dri-Armour have a unique approach in presenting their products. They highlight their physical output. Yet they are complete in what they offer in the inside. HELLOYEE and SPLONARY play with electronic-based innovative ideas. Both fusion with customer dreams and get to display them in their products.

WSTOO and X99 are more technical. They concentrate on their goods’ inner parts, even if that means giving a more controlled and serious touch to their physical designing. FLYBOY, DasMeer and BRIDAWN keep safeness as their most important focus. They know how to smartly keep safeness intact and simultaneously give an artistic brush to their products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are solved queries that aid in making you feel fearless when buying a full face snorkel mask.

Full face masks aren’t supposed to present any water leakage. Why does it still happen?

As we have seen in the features mentioned throughout, the masks provide rigid sealing due to silicone use. We forget that certain elements in our bodies interfere in the direct contact between the silicone and our skins. These can be beards or even lengthy hair, thus creating miniature space for water to make its way through. However, there is a tested solution for that which has been efficacious. That is the use of Vaseline to seal the mask. If you are sure that there is nothing in your way, you must be wearing the incorrect mask size. We all have different face shapes, so you must check out the size that best suits you.

Can you dive without any limitations?

We should clarify that these masks are mostly meant for snorkelling only. Very few will allow diving, but it does not imply that we can dive as deeply as professionals do. You will not feel much air pressure in the face as these masks tend to retain a good amount of air to enhance breathing.

I can hear a weird sound while snorkelling?

Don’t panic! That is the sound emitted from your breathing. It is natural. Learn to love it. Thanks to the valves which open and close in your mask, you can breathe safely. Your stay under the water will last even longer! Likewise, your breath, these valves also produce a minimum sound. When both are combined, a gentle humming is emitted.

Why do I undergo a moment where I find it difficult to breathe?

You are fortunate! That means the top dry system has protected you from in-taking saltwater. Imagine a giant wave crossing on top of your head or by chance you lean forward way too much then the system will activate. However, when exhaling, the top part of the snorkel mask is unblocked. You will be able to breathe afresh.


The cheapest

The FLYBOO is the most cut-rated of all. Its simple outlook tells the client that it is easy to operate. Particularly, if it is going to be used as a first-time encounter. The mask accommodates pretty well on the face. Even more, if you have kids, you can assure yourself that they will enjoy using it.

The Best choice

I would say Splonary. Being a good snorkel leader, I must say the mask is complete and gives more than what you are paying for. It is very comfortable and ensures proper safeness.

The Prime Choice

The DASMEER UK-SMES-BLGA16 without a doubt. It does not have an elevated price. I feel the product weighs more than its value. It has an elegant approach. I like the idea that a person with autism will be safe while using it. This says a great deal about the mask. It feels robust and long-lasting.
So all those water and snorkel lovers out there, don’t stop and fire away into purchasing your full face masks. Sometimes you should treat yourself with such luxury. After all, it is you who will be snorkelling and live an intense and colourful water adventure.

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