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Best Smart Watch under £100 UK

A smartwatch is now a necessary accessory to move around have with one at every time. This is because of its numerous functions and versatility in our everyday life. Just like the name, the watch is a smart one, possessing the capacity to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Tasks that ranges from been a pedometer, a heart rate tracker, and a blood pressure tracker. A notification platform for WhatsApp, SMS, and other application messages, and it is also relatively light in weight. This can improve overall health and check for lapses if there be any and on time too.

I know first-hand how a smartwatch can be a lifesaver, even for kids. This is because a child I know who got missing was found. After all, she had a smartwatch on which had a GPS sensor. I also got one for myself for convenience of navigating through my applications and getting notification for my messages and tracking my fitness when taking my long walks. During my search for a smartwatch, I came across so many options, but I had specific factors to look out for which gave me the best look and choice in the end.

Therefore, I have put together in this piece the available best Smartwatch under €100 UK with unique features such as series 4, 5 and 6 smartwatches, heart rate tracker, those compatible with Android, and iOS, Bluetooth earphone, and smartwatches with a camera and sim slots. Take a look. 

 Top 10 Smart Watch under €100 UK

1. 2 in 1 Smart Watch with Bluetooth, Earphone, Heart rate, and Blood Pressure Monitor

2 in 1 Smart Watch with Bluetooth, Earphone, Heart rate, and Blood Pressure Monitor


2 in 1 Smart Watch with Bluetooth, Earphone, Heart rate, and Blood Pressure Monitor

The 2 in 1 wireless Bluetooth headset and smartwatch bracelet-combination of 5.0 is a must-have. It comes with HD wireless stereo Bluetooth earphone-0.96-inch HD TFT touch colour screen with state-of-the-art acoustic parts and components that produce incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal-clear treble. It not only gives you an attractive and stylish look but provides IP67 waterproof protection to meet your practical needs. It is a professional fitness tracker as well, and it can support heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, blood pressure, smart reminder, call reminder and pedometer. It is quite affordable and easy to navigate across these distinct features. 


  •  A professional fitness tracker that supports heart rate
  •  Comes with wireless stereo Bluetooth earphone 
  •  Blood pressure checker
  •  Pedometer tracker
  •  WhatsApp and SMS notice.
  • Magnetic charging and longer battery life with 110mAh large capacity
  • Invisible wireless earbuds can be changed in a smart bracelet
  • Noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset.
  • Earbuds might not fit well for some.

2. BE HOME Bluetooth Smart Watch

BE HOME Bluetooth Smart Watch

BEUHOME Bluetooth Smart Watch

This incredible smart gadget offers the best performance in automatic functions, with its array of numerous features. It includes a heart rate monitor and ECG measurement functions to ensure your cardiac health is closely supervised. It also includes a pedometer to count steps and analyze your aerobics. Also featured are a calorie consumption calculator, distance calculator, sleep calculator, sleep detection and SMS functions.

The Bluetooth device also comes with a sedentary, task, and call reminders so you can conveniently keep to appointments. It also features a 250mAh battery that charges by magnetic contact and synchronizes data to your apps. The device is also waterproof, dustproof and is compatible with Android and iOS systems. An all these amazing features are merged into a classic wristwatch design that combines quality black belt strap with a round body and screen.


  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Magnetic contact charging
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Calorie consumption calculator and pedometer
  • Compatible with Android 4.4. and iOS 9.0
  • Simple, stylish design
  • Strong battery life
  • Comes with a very efficient pedometer
  • Cannot be used to bath in hot springs or sauna.

3. X-WATCH SIONA COLOUR FIT TFT Women’s Smartwatch



The X-WATCH Bluetooth smartwatch offers excellent image quality with the full-screen operation design, which brings you a better user experience. Its sleek and eye-catching look makes it a perfect choice for women, as it comes in a feminine, artistic design. The fitness tracker features multi-functions; heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, music control, call/SMS/message notification, and social media notifications from Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. 

It has a broader compatibility built-in low power Bluetooth chip and large battery capacity that lasts up to 7 days usage. It also allows you easily synchronize your smartphone, as it comes with a free smartphone app that is compatible with a wide range of Android and iOS devices. All its dashing features are displayed on a bright and clear OLED display operated intuitively with the control button. 


  • A fitness tracker with heart rate monitor
  • Compatible with Android 4.4 and above; iOS 8.0 and above
  • Call/SMS/message and social media notifications
  • Bright and clear OLED display screen
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Comes in two stylish and trending colours for women to choose from
  • Comfortable design
  • Very effective heart rate monitor
  • Takes a while for the device to connect with the app on Android devices.

4. Letsfit Smart Watch

Letsfit Smart Watch

Letsfit Smart Watch

This superb quality product is a great addition to the wardrobe choices of anyone with a taste for quality and style. Its unisex design makes it great for both men and women, and the wide array of exciting features make it worth every euro. It features a 1.3 inch TFT-LCD colour screen with top-notch graphic icons. It also comes with an All-Day Activity Tracker to keep records of your everyday activities. These employ familiar functions including steps, calories and distance counters, workout duration tracker, heart rate and sleep monitors, and even mileage reached. 

A Multi-Sports Mode further improves the fitness tracking nature of this device, as it features nine sports modes, including activities like running, hiking and even treadmill climbing. It also comes with sedentary, calls & message notifications, as well as alerts from your social media accounts. These are made possible when synchronizing the device with your smartphone.


  • 9 Sports Modes
  • All-Day Activity Tracker
  • Bright and clear TFT-LCD colour screen
  • Scratch-resistant 2.5D glass screen protector
  • Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter alerts 
  • It is effortless to use
  • Very effective and versatile multi-sports mode
  • Stylish and colourful screen with sensitive and responsive touch
  • Not suitable for tablets or laptops

5. SPACETALKAll-in-One Smart Watch for Kids

SPACETALKAll-in-One Smart Watch for Kids

SPACETALKAll-in-One Smart Watch for Kids

The SPACE TALK all-in-one smartwatch is the perfect companion for kids. This high-performance device has an in-built GPS device for easy location of your child. You can easily set up Safe Contacts, Safe Zones, notifications and reminders for your kid and rest assured that they will be protected. All these are possible through the AllMyTribe app, compatible with smartphones. It also comes with an integrated fitness step counter and stopwatch for improved activity. An SOS button allows your child to call for assistance in a flash.

And it has a slot capable of taking a Nano SIM card with calls, SMS and data permissions. Also featured is a School Mode that disables features so your child would not experience any distractions during class sessions. And all these features combine with an attractive, 240 x240 pixels colour LCD screen.


  • GPS tracking/ safe zones and SOS for kids
  • School Mode for distraction-free class ambience
  • 480mAh internal rechargeable battery with USB charge support
  • Colour LCD screen
  • Dust, rain, splash and sweatproof
  • The scratch-resistant glass is perfect for children
  • Sturdy build that withstands the roughest activity
  • Comes with virtual rewards that motivate kids
  • Needs to be charged overnight

6. LTECHNOVO Smart Watch Health and Fitness Smart Watch with Sim Card Slot and 2.0mp Camera

ULTECHNOVO Smart Watch Health and Fitness Smart Watch with Sim Card Slot and 2.0mp Camera

ULTECHNOVO Smart Watch Health and Fitness Smart Watch with Sim Card Slot and 2.0mp Camera

This Smartwatch can call record, phone book, hands-free call and comes with sim card very affordable and has extra entertainment like mp3, mp4 music player. It is compatible with iPhones/Samsung and Android phones. It has a sim slot and 2.0pm camera. The material is made of stainless steel and rubber. It is affordable, easy to navigate and has the necessary sensors for a smartwatch. And can be used by every member of the family.


  • Two-way anti-lost, reminder 
  • Compatible with iPhone/Samsung/android 
  • Sim slot available
  • Mp3/Mp4 music player
  • 2.0-pixel camera.
  • Works with a wide range of phone models
  • Made from durable materials
  • Hands-free for driving, or multitasking.
  • .
  • Phone call reminders are only activated when shaken.

7. iConnect by Timex Active 40mm Smartwatch

iConnect by Timex Active 40mm Smartwatch

iConnect by Timex Active 37mm Smartwatch

An impressive device with features that are easy to operate; this product is one of the most efficient and affordable smartwatches in the UK market today. It features a colourful LCD screen with fancy interactive icons and an easy-to-use app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It also comes with notification permissions for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, email, text and even weather updates. 

Also included in this low budget product are a sports mode and an optical heart rate monitor. You also get great performance from the sleep, calories, distance and step counters. And the device comes with a battery that holds its charge for up to 10 days.


  • activity tracker and heart rate monitor
  • Sports mode
  • USB rechargeable battery with a 10-day charge-holding capacity
  • Water-resistant
  • Phone finder and music controller
  • Comfortable to the wrist
  • Comes with a controller for your music apps
  • Charges quickly
  • Looks better on males than females

8. Fit bit Inspire Health and Fitness Series 4 Smart Watch

Fit bit Inspire Health and Fitness Series 4 Smart Watch

Fit bit Inspire Health and Fitness Series 4 Smart Watch

The Fit bit inspires health and fitness tracker with auto-exercise recognition, 5-day battery, sleep and swim tracking. It supports all-day activity tracking, sleep tracking and calorie-burn tracking. The black Smartwatch has 150watt lithium battery energy content, and it comes in one size which can fit all. It has a stylish look and can practically be used by any member of the family. It has a long-lasting battery and is compatible with Android and iPhones too. 


  • Series 4 smartwatch
  • Compatible with android phones
  • All-day tracker
  • 15-watt lithium battery
  • swim tracking
  • Helps track calories burn
  • Free shipping
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Might appear to have a tiny strap.

9. Hihey Z60 Smart Phone Fitness Wrist Watch

Hihey Z60 Smart Phone Fitness Wrist Watch

Hihey Z60 Smart Phone Fitness Wrist Watch

The Z60 also serves as a fitness tracker, sleep monitor, reminders, phone, alarm, pedometer, and heart rate monitor. Equipped with a top-quality technology, it allows you to keep track of your everyday activities with ease. It also has a colourful 2.5D TFT HD LCD screen and comes in silver, black and gold colours for you to choose from. The casing is manufactured with a metal coating treatment process, which gives it a gorgeous shiny look. And the large polymer battery is quite powerful, with a power capacity of 380mAh.


  • 1.54 inch TFT HD LCD 2.5D touchscreen
  • The metal coating treatment process
  • 128M+64M memory, with up to 32GB TF memory card support
  • 380mAh large polymer battery
  • 0.3M camera
  • Good memory space
  • Large touchscreen display
  • App downloads quickly and is easy to set up.
  • Heart rate tracker not reliable

10. CZX 2020 Full Touchscreen Smart Watch

CZX 2020 Full Touchscreen Smart Watch

CZX 2020 Full Touchscreen Smart Watch

This multi-sports Bluetooth device features up to 9 sports modes, including walking, riding, football, running, basketball and even swimming. The last one is made possible, thanks to its IP67 waterproof feature. It also supports real-time weather sync update, multiple motion modes, and includes push notification settings for calls, SMS, emails and social media accounts. The device allows you to customize your screen by choosing from a variety of different fancy style dials. It also displays all these features on a full wide touchscreen, can hold a charge for up to 8 days and has a wide selection of display languages for you to choose from.


  • 1.3 inch IPS OLED single touch screen
  • Up to 9 sports mode, including badminton, basketball and swimming
  • Sleep monitor with remote camera control
  • IP67 water-resistance
  • 180mAh battery
  • Comes with a wide array of languages to select, including German and Arabic
  • The variety of different style dials give you great customization flexibility
  • Great for swimming
  • Waterproof features are not for prolonged exposure

Smart Watch under €100 UK Buying Guide

Having explored quite a several smartwatch options in the product list, I do hope you will find one that meets your needs and addresses your concern for wanting to purchase one. However, there are quite many factors you should look out for that are very important before buying a smartwatch. I will also advise that you give attention to the buying guide as much as you would the product list. This is because these factors make for a large percentage of the smartwatch efficiency, and we aim to make sure you get the best, even from the lots available out there. Let’s take a look at these guides.

Android Compatibility

So, one of the primary reasons to own a smartwatch is to use it in very different ways at your convenience. A smartwatch can enable you to connect to your android phone wirelessly, and you can operate the said phone through your Smartwatch. Android compatibility is an essential factor to consider before picking your desired Smartwatch. This will make handling your phone easy and seamless and quite convenient. 

Fit for Kids

Smartwatch for kids has been very instrumental in the past to finding kids who strayed without their parents noticing. With their inbuilt GPS, the person wearing the Smartwatch can be tracked and found. So, you want to look out for smartwatches that are specially made for kids also. They come with even more amazing features that parents can use, including class time and taking photos.

Bluetooth Earphone

There are many smartwatch options out there, and not so many come with extra features, accessories at affordable rates too. So, when picking your Smartwatch, you want to check for one that has a Bluetooth earphone included. This will further foster convenience and help you connect to your device quite well. You can take your phone calls on the go and use as hands-free when driving. This and many more are the importance of having a smartwatch that comes with a Bluetooth earphone. You should check out for this.

Smart Watch with Sim Port 

A smartwatch can accommodate a lot of technologies, and having a sim port is one of them. This will inadvertently make your Smartwatch your smartphone, which increases convenience in every sense of the word. This is also helpful for kid’s smartwatches, as they can use it as a watch for the time, and as a phone to speak to parents and friends. A smartwatch with a sim port is one of the features a smartwatch can have, and it should be considered when purchasing one. 

Smart Watch with Camera

Another fantastic feature a smartwatch can possess or come with is a camera. This will make your Smartwatch appear like a multi-functional device which is convenient and easy to carry. The camera is another factor to consider when buying a smartwatch. Be sure to look out for it.  

Blood Pressure/Heart Rate Tracker

Blood pressure and heart rate tracker are some of the features a smartwatch can have. This is a significant factor for a smartwatch to have because it increases the quality of life of the users. It puts you in check and reminds you of the level of your blood pressure and how fast your heart is beating. This is a vital factor that you should consider when purchasing a smartwatch. These points might and will come in handy, so, keep them at the back of your mind. 

Smartwatch with WhatsApp Notification Alert

This is one point a lot of people buy a smartwatch for. You should be able to get notifications on your Smartwatch even on the go and reply them too. A smartwatch with this feature will make you respond promptly to messages and which may be emergencies. So, you want to look out for this feature when purchasing a smartwatch.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Can smartwatches make calls?

Yes. Most smartwatches can make calls and receive them as well. They are usually connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone, and you will get a beep to receive your calls or dial numbers on the Smartwatch. It is smart. 

Can smartwatches monitor blood pressure?

The increasing rises in blood pressure related ailments has made for blood pressure monitoring by smartwatches. Although not always practical because blood pressure is checked on the upper arm, while your Smartwatch is worn on your wrist. Some specific smartwatches can check for this to a reasonable extent.

Can smartwatches be used without a phone?

Fortunately, some new smartwatches can be used without a phone as they have their sim port is built in them. You should look out for LTE if you want a stand-alone smartwatch.

Are smartwatches safe?

Yes, smartwatches are safe. They contain features like google play and app store, which helps us do a lot on it. It also improves health by incorporating fitness trackers and monitoring for heart rate and blood pressure.


So, this is it on the best Smartwatch under €100 UK. I do hope you find this review quite helpful and it will help you pick the best fit for you and your family. Smartwatches have become part of our daily life’s, and it does make it easy for us to do a lot of things seamlessly, so having a smartwatch will improve your quality of life. All the reviewed products are below a €100, so, for best recommendations, I will give them based on the unique features they possess, and how helpful they can be. First will be the BEUHOME Bluetooth Smart Watch, as it comes with great features at an even better price. The choice for best value will be SPACE TALK ALL-in-One, for its very affordable, yet extremely classy technology. Lastly will be CZX 2020 Full Touchscreen Smart Watch, which offers great value that matches its price. I am optimistic that you would find one or two that can do the magic for you and give you what you want precisely when smartwatches are concerned. 

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