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Best Ski Helmet with Visor UK

I loved skiing right from a tender age. The fun, sense of accomplishment, renewed vigour and feeling of adrenaline coursing through your veins as you glide down a slope is indescribable. However, skiing can also have its dangers. I once lost my balance on a skiing adventure when I was 12 and plummeted down a slope. I, however, made it out with minor injuries which were lucky considering the speed at which I was going. But I learnt a vital lesson since then; never go skiing without the right helmet.

Helmets with visors are more comfortable than other helmets, less vulnerable to condensation as compared to using a helmet with goggles and they also allow you to be able to wear your glasses (just in case you use one), right under the visor. But choosing the best ski helmet with a visor can be incredibly daunting, which is why we’ve come up with a review of the best ski helmets with a visor.

In creating this article, I’ve taken into consideration factors. Such as the safety and protection they confer, as well as the manufacturing brand and also the cost-effectiveness.

Top 10 Ski Helmet with Visors

1. Black Crevice Gstaad Ski helmet

Black Crevice Gstaad Ski helmet

Black Crevice Gstaad Ski helmet

This ski helmet has a visor that can be moved and folded in many positions thus providing trouble-free hours when skiing on slopes. It also has a thumbwheel which can be operated with one hand to adjust the size to fit your head. It is available in three different sizes, S which is suitable for a head circumference of 51 to 53 cm, S/M suitable for a head circumference of 54-57cm while the M/L is best for a head circumference of 58-61. The inner lining is made of Velcro and can be removed for washing. The Black crevice brand produces it.


  • 12 ventilations holes
  • Adjustable Y-shaped chin strap for optimal grip
  • Removable anti-bacterial mesh lining and fleece
  • Wheel adjustment for individual head size.
  • Perfect fit and lightweight
  • Great visibility
  • Sufficiently ventilated
  • It may have reduced visibility in heavy snowfall.

2. Bolle Backline Visor

Bollé BACKLINE VISOR Unisex-Adult

Bollé BACKLINE VISOR Unisex-Adult

Complete with an ultra-resistant ABS shell, this 2-in-1 helmet with an incorporated visor promises total safety when skiing. This helmet is also delivered with two visors of different categories to ensure good visibility no matter the lighting conditions. 

It has a click-to fit size adjustment system that makes it properly fits your head. This also makes sure that you can quickly wear glasses or spectacles under them with no problems.

The yellow visor can be worn in flat light, and the visor shape enables you to have a full view of your surroundings. The helmet is produced by Bolle, a brand known for high quality and technologically advanced helmets, goggles and sunglasses.


  • Dimensions:30 x 30 x 30 cm; 650 Grams
  • Adjustable venting system
  • Shell construction: HARDSHELL-ABS
  • Comfortable and feels great around your head.
  • Perfect for different light conditions
  • A high product for price ratio
  • Double visors
  • Snowing may reduce visibility

3.Black crevice ski helmet (Saalbach)

Black Crevice Ski Helmet

Black Crevice Ski Helmet

The Saalbach model of black crevice ski helmet combines safety with a high-quality design; the helmet comes with two visors (black and orange) which protects against unfavourable weather conditions. The shell is made from tough anti-scratch polycarbonate while the headband is softly padded with a quick-release mechanism to allow the helmet to be easily opened.


  • Soft Ear padding
  • Adjustable head-sizing system
  • 12 vent holes for adequate ventilation
  • Available in different colour combinations.
  • It is easy to use
  • Excellent quality for the price
  • Comes with a two visors
  • The visors sides may allow for too much inflow of air

4. EnzoDate: 2-in-1 visor snowboard Helmet ski

2-in-1 Visor Ski Snowboard Helmet Detachable Snow Mask Anti-fog Anti-uv Integrated Goggle Shield Low Weight Adults Men Women

2-in-1 Visor Ski Snowboard Helmet Detachable Snow Mask Anti-fog Anti-uv Integrated Goggle Shield Low Weight Adults Men Women

Possessing an integrated Goggle shield which is detachable and a 2-layer sponge, this 2-in-1 Visor Ski Snowboard Helmet manufactured by Enzodate is an excellent value for money. The double-layered anti-fog and anti-ultraviolet lens make sure your face is protected while still enabling good visibility. The earpads are detachable, and the visor will fit perfectly over your sunglasses if you’re using one. The liner is removable and washable; it’s soft material making sure it dries fast enough for use.

Product Features

  • Material: EPS + PC (shell), Impact resistance and shock absorption.
  • Integrated Goggle Shield.
  • Circumference regulator.
  • Detachable earpads
  • Adjustable lens angle
  • Double layered anti-fog
  • Protective sponge guarantees maximum comfort
  • Lightweight with a luxurious finish.
  • It comes with only one visor.

5. ProtectWear Ski helmet MS95

Protectwear Ski helmet MS95 black matt with two visors folding - XL

Protectwear Ski helmet MS95 black matt with two visors folding - XL

Apart from being equipped with foam on the lower edge of the visor to avoid drafts in the eye area, ProtectWear Ski helmets also come with air control levers for sizes M, L, and XL. However, this is not available for sizes S. Sizes ranges between 53-55cm head circumference for small size (S), 55-58cm for medium sizes (M), 58-61cm for large sizes (L) and 61-63cm for extra-large sizes XL.


  • Numerous ventilation openings
  • Optimum fine adjustment rotary knob
  • Complies with the standard CE EN1077
  • Removable Earpads
  • Great value for money
  • Comes with two visors
  • Fits well
  • High quality with soft inner lining
  • Tensioning strap of the inner helmet shell is poorly placed for spectacle wearers.

6.Uvex helmet 400, Visor style Ski helmet

Uvex helmet 400, visor style ski helmet, Unisex

Uvex helmet 400, visor style ski helmet, Unisex

The Uvex helmet has a light construction with maximum impact strength and an integrated full-frame visor. The OTG design ensures that glasses wearers can use their glasses under the visor without any pressure. The visor is also made of lite mirror which reflects any dangerous UV rays while promoting a perfect range of draught-free vision at the same time. The internal lining is removable and washable while the helmet can be easily adjusted to fit the user’s head as comfortably as possible.


  • Anti-fog coating visor
  • Closable ventilation system for climate regulation
  • EPS protective material.
  • Optimal fit
  • Very light and comfortable
  • Cool design for a great price
  • Earpads may not seal properly

7. Black Crevice Adults Ski Helmet with visor

Black Crevice Adults Ski Helmet with Visor

 Black Crevice Adults Ski Helmet with Visor

This Silvretta Adult ski helmet has a merely excellent ventilation system. 10 different vent holes, with an adjustable back rim that ensures it perfectly fits your head. The inner layer is removable for washing, and it quickly dries. The visor protects against snow and UV radiation. If you want to use googles, the helmet has an extended coverage around the back of the head with a skill google mount. And you are also assured of visibility whether in snow or cloudy weather conditions. The visor is easily removable and replaceable.


  • In-mould manufacturing process
  • Adjustable rim
  • Adjustable chin strap with padding
  • Soft ear pads
  • Break and scratch resistant visor
  • Fits well and comfortable
  • Good visibility
  • There are no spare visors to buy.

8. TOMSHOO skiing snowboard helmet

TOMSHOO Skiing Snowboard Helmet Certified Safety Helmet Professional Skiing Snow Sports Helmet Detachable Earmuff Built-in Goggles

 TOMSHOO Skiing Snowboard Helmet Certified Safety Helmet Professional Skiing Snow Sports Helmet Detachable Earmuff Built-in Goggles

This lightweight and the ventilated helmet is one you should consider putting on your ‘to-buy’ list. Made of polycarbonate on the outside and designed with 14 ventilation holes to ensure rapid removal of sweat and moisture, it’s a perfect composite of safe and comfortable. The chin straps are adjustable, and the inner lining is made of removable mesh material and fleece. It also comes with removable ear-wadding made of soft material, making sure your head is kept dry and bacteria-free. You can easily open and close the helmet with just one touch.


  • PC outer shell
  • High-density EPS inner shell:
  • EN 1077 safety standard.
  • 14 ventilation vents.
  • Ventilated and lightweight
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Ear covers may be too tight with hearing aids.

9. The AWE snowboard Freeride 

AWE Snowboard Freeride VISOR SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT In Mould Ski Helmet Black 58-61cm

 AWE Snowboard Freeride VISOR SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT In Mould Ski Helmet Black 58-61cm

This AWE snowboard freerides with a uni-size headlock system which ensures that the helmet stay attached in the best fitting way possible. The lens colours also are adaptable for user’s maximum face protection. The visor is made of polycarbonate anti-reflective high-quality lens and the helmet itself has adjustable cooling vents with extra thermal ear insulation.


  • Fully washable and detachable lining
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • In-mould construction
  • EPS foam inner core
  • Goggle shade anti-slip rail.
  • Super-fit and comfortable
  • The visor is Fog resistant.
  • Good thermal insulation
  • No offer to change the lenses

10. Kuyou Ski Helmets Snow Helmet

Kuyou Ski Helmets Snow Helmet with Detachable Ski Goggles Lens -EN1077 Certified Safety, Dial Fit, Warm Fluffy Earpads Snowboard Helmet for Men, Women & Youth

Kuyou Ski Helmets Snow Helmet with Detachable Ski Goggles Lens -EN1077 Certified Safety, Dial Fit, Warm Fluffy Earpads Snowboard Helmet for Men, Women &.

If being lightweight and adequately ventilated is what you’re looking out for in a ski helmet, then you should check out Kuyou ski helmet. It has up to 20 Velcro dots that can be closed just in case the wind gets too intense.

The extra thick plush ear padding is guaranteed to keep your ears warm while you ski, The adjustable chin strap is anti-slip and sweat absorbent.

The internal fabric and ear padding lining are also moisture-wicking and easy to remove for washing.


  • Adjustable Chinstrap.
  • 20 Velcro dots
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Lightweight
  • Well ventilated
  • Safe and durable.
  • Visibility can be affected by snowy conditions.

Ski Helmet with Visors Product guide

Now that we’ve taken time to look at some of the best ski helmets with visor, how do you choose a good ski helmet with a visor? What are some of the features to look out for before concluding on a helmet to buy?

One of the primary importance of a ski helmet is to protect your head from injuries. With this in mind, there are a few things you should check out;


The shell which is a rigid surface, it typically should be made of ABS high impact plastic, this part of the helmet is important because it helps protect your head against or during a fall. You should also check out the inner liner designed to absorb impact, make sure even your liners are washable and dry quickly to prevent the accumulation of moisture which may breed bacteria.


CE EN1077 is the European certification for snowboarding and skiing helmets. You should check whether your helmet has this certification before you choose as to whether to buy. If it doesn’t, go for another helmet.


A good ski helmet must be lightweight. You can quickly figure out heavy a helmet is just by putting on the helmet and moving tout head from side to side. You should be aware, however, that ‘lightweight’ does not mean the same thing as ‘fragile’. Your helmet should be lightweight but yet strong enough to keep your head safe.

Size and fit

Measure your head with a soft measuring tape to know the size of your head circumference. This is because helmets come in different sizes of the rim of the head, ensure that the helmet fits snugly and nicely and on shaking your head, the helmet is not loose and flopping. Also, make sure that there are no unwanted gaps between the helmet lining and your head.


The presence of vents ensures a steady inflow of cold air and outflow of sweaty air, you should go for helmets with adjustable vents, as this will make it possible to regulate your airflow level with just a press, instead of you having to adjust the air-plugs manually.


Soft detachable earpads will keep you warm and can also be washed. The ear-pads should not be too tight as this can make you uncomfortable from time to time.


Can you wear spectacles with these helmets?

Yes, you can surely wear your glasses with these helmets

Do they all come with double visors?

Most come with double visors, but a few have only one visor

Are the visors anti-fog?

Yes, the visors are fog-resistant.


In this review, we have gone through the best skiing helmets with visors, and we have also considered how to choose a skiing helmet that that is most suitable for you. Now as to the question of which of these skiing helmets would I recommend’, the Black Crevice Gstaad helmet would be the obvious answer—considering its high quality and recommendation from many buyers. However, it might be a little pricey. You’ll have to agree it is of a better standard than many skiing helmets of the same price range out there.

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