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Best Shower Squeegees UK

No one likes to see steamy grime and soap scum on the walls and bottom of your shower, so a simple squeegee will get the job done.

Shower time is great; clean up can be a headache. This happens mostly when you have those hard-to-scrub stains and smudges on your glass and tile walls. And what are the sources of these tough stains; lather and dried bathwater. These stains can be a pain in the hind during the weekly cleanup, especially if you do not employ help or janitorial service. Plus, they make your bathroom look unattractive even while still wet.

Fortunately, you can ease this problem with one handy household tool; a bathroom squeegee. Until recently, many people never realized how helpful these little bathroom accessories could be. Though you find them in the hands of janitors and house helps, you never know how important they are until you have to do the chores yourself.

These tools are great for wiping water deposits and lather off your bathroom glass and tile walls. This way, your shower stay cleaner, and you never have to worry about those deposits drying off and giving you a tougher time to clean up. Now, while picking a bathroom, squeegee sounds like a great idea, various factors come in play. Once you hit the markets, you will be surprised at the numerous options available for you to choose from. Also, you might find it hard deciding on the factors that best favour your needs. Among these include the size, body and blade material, and the mount type.

To help, I have compiled a collection of the best bathroom squeegees I have ever come across. Each product has been given the thumbs up by numerous users and experts in the region. They stand out in their niches, promoting nothing but top-quality performance and service. I also included a product guide to assist you in understanding how to look out for the essential features.

Picking the best product is not exactly rocket science, but knowing how it is almost as important. It is why you should pay heed to the council on the product guide. Do this, and I assure you that you will have a smoother ride when looking for the best bathroom squeegee UK has to offer.

Top 10 Shower Squeegees UK

1. OXO UK Good Grips Stainless Steel Shower Squeegee

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee

When a product has over 26,000 ratings on Amazon and still has an average of around 4.0, you should check that product out. Well, one product with that kind of record is the OXO good grips squeegee. Not only are you getting a product trusted by thousands of consumers, but you are also getting one that comes with a lot of unique features at a very fair price.

The most exciting feature of this squeegee has to be its multipurpose feature. You can wash your shower glass, tiles and floor, then you have the liberty to use for your mirrors and windows. Also, this product comes with a flexible blade that allows you to wash ripped surfaces easily. Furthermore, this product has designs that enable you to have a firm but a soft grip.


  • Multipurpose tool
  • Slim profile
  • Plastic construction
  • Flexible blade
  • Comes with suction cup mount
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting blade
  • Easily stores anywhere around the bathroom.
  • The plastic body may feel weak.

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2. Command BATH32-SS-ES UK Shower Squeegee

Command BATH32-SS-ES Shower Squeegee

Command BATH32-SS-ES Shower Squeegee

Sometimes, you need a squeegee that is resilient and versatile. In situations like this, the Command BATH32-SS-ES Shower Squeegee is your best option. It is resistant to rusting and has water-resistant adhesive strips. As a result, you worry less when it comes in contact with water 

This product comes with a stainless steel made blade that wipes away water and some dirt to help keep our shower clean. It also has a nickel hook that sticks to several surfaces. With this, you do not need to bother about driving a nail through the wall or purchasing suction cups that sometimes take much space. As an added advantage, this squeegee has an excellent rust resistance. And it has designs that cater to smooth surfaces of tiles, glass or metals. 


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Satin nickel hook with water-resistant adhesive
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Rust-resistant
  • Damage-free hanging
  • Versatile, long-lasting and rigid.
  • Wipes tremendously
  • Easy-to-mount hook
  • The blade is not flexible enough for contoured surfaces

3. Pukkr UK Stainless Steel Window Shower Squeegee

Pukkr Stainless Steel Window Shower Squeegee

Pukkr Stainless Steel Window Shower Squeegee

If you are like me, you almost always want multipurpose products. Well, in the world of squeegees, the Pukkr squeegee answers solve that puzzle. The design specification of this product caters to business and family unit use. You can either use to remove splash stains or some minor stains on windows. And of course, you use the squeegee in your bathroom, kitchen, vehicle reflect, window glass, tiles and so forth.

When you talk about easy usage, this shower squeegee is one of those that offer it. The squeegee has a rubber blade that eliminates the water drops from any smooth surfaces quickly and easily. Therefore, you have the assurance of a neat cover after its usage. The metallic hook easily fixes to your wall without the need forscrews. Introduce the hooks to hang the edge safely and for effortless capacity on a plain and clean surface like glass, non-permeable tiles and so on.


  • Stainless steel body
  • Rubber blade
  • Metal hook with suction
  • Shiny chrome finish
  • 300g
  • Effortless to use.
  • No smear
  • Rust-resistant body
  • Might feel heavy for some users

4. Augproveshak UK Telescopic Shower Squeegee

Augproveshak Telescopic Shower Squeegee

Augproveshak Telescopic Shower Squeegee

If you have a larger bathroom, you would want a squeegee with a rod that is extensive. Not just that, you also need t to be flexible enough to switch between task levels. Telescopic shower squeegees are the best option for such situations. And this is one of the best in the market.

It features a combination of sturdy aluminium rod and plastic head. The product also comes in a dual-function design; a double head. One side is useful for scraping water droplets off the walls, while the other acts as a sponge. This gives the squeegee a unique 2-in-1 advantage, making it an ideal cleaning material for bathrooms.


  • Stainless steel and plastic combination material
  • Adjustable telescopic pole
  • Dual-purpose, two-sided head
  • Thick sponge mesh
  • Rubber blade
  • Perfect for full cleaning
  • Durable construction
  • Great for larger bathrooms
  • Bulky size

5. YunNasi(Style 2) Stainless Steel Shower Squeegee

YunNasi(Style 2) Stainless Steel Shower Squeegee

YunNasi(Style 2) Stainless Steel Shower Squeegee

Have you ever been in that situation where you spent so much to make your bathroom beautiful, so any other instrument coming must have that beauty? Well, this squeegee is the perfect tool to suit that purpose. However, the beautiful appearance of this product is just one of the many benefits, as it also has many outstanding features. 

This squeegee is a perfect mix of premium rubber blade and stainless steel. And with that, it effectively removes every drop of water from smooth surfaces. Furthermore, the ergonomic, non-slip design gives you a firm grip and handling comfort. Also, it comes with a suction cup to help hang the product and that, of course, matches the colour of the squeegee. Plus, it has useful in public places like restaurants and churches and is still very convenient for home.


  • Stainless steel body
  • Rubber blade
  • Chrome-plated suction hook
  • Non-slip grip
  • 200g weight
  • Gives a polished finish
  • Nice weight
  • Comes with an extra wiper
  • Suction pad only sticks to completely smooth surfaces

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6. MILANO UK Shower Squeegee

MILANO Shower Squeegee

MILANO Shower Squeegee

Of course, you need to keep your bathroom clean, but you also want to maintain its stylish aesthetic, right? Plus, there is the belief that good looking and great functioning bathroom squeegee must be expensive, but this is far from the case. In reality, a top-quality cleaning tool can come in an attractive design, and a price you would consider a giveaway. And that is what squeegee has achieved with this product.

Besides the attractive design, it has several other features that make it appealing. It has a flexible wide lip with a width of about 250cm, which makes it easy to clean the toughest stains with ease. You can use this squeegee for other surfaces such as glasses and mirrors. And it does not require to need much space to keep, as the small size makes it easy to hand on its mounted suction cup.


  • Flexible wide lip with 203cm width.
  • Suction cup mount
  • Clear plastic body
  • Rubber blade
  • 100g
  • The design integrates with every bathroom furnish
  • Small and handy
  • Takes little storage space
  • Size may be too small for some types of cleaning.

7. WENKO UK Telescopic Shower Squeegee

WENKO Telescopic Shower Squeegee

WENKO Telescopic Shower Squeegee

Mostly, we all love that complex, beautiful and sophisticated design for our products. However, in some cases, simplicity is the heart of beauty. So, if you’re a big fan of minimalistic design, then you should try out this shower squeegee. It combines a wide array of stunning features in a design most people would overlook, only to regret later.

It comes in a simple, polished stainless steel body constriction. While this may give it a simple look, it also ensures the durability and rust resistance of the product. The rod is telescopic, allowing the tool to be extendable from37 to 59cm. The blade is made of rubber, making it easy to wipe off after use. The head is wide, making the product perfect for bigger bathrooms or glass extended to larger surfaces. And with all these amazing features, the product still arrives with an unbelievable lightweight.


  • Polished stainless steel body
  • Extendable shaft
  • Rubber blade
  • Wide cleaning head
  • 9.07g
  • Long-lasting usage and durability.
  • Covers large surfaces with ease
  • Lightweight
  • The extendable shaft could be longer

8. Casabella UK Clip-On Silicone Squeegee

Casabella Clip-On Silicone Squeegee

Casabella Clip-On Silicone Squeegee

Portability is a factor that is most important to look out for in-home cleaning tools. This is most especially if your bathroom space is rather small, or the reflective walls are not so extensive. In such situations, what you need is a lightweight, wide lipped, easy-to-use cleaning tool. And this is a marvellous one.

At 136g, this small item may seem like the heaviest compact cleaning tool you have ever used. However, it comes with a soft grip feature that makes it impressively convenient to use. The silicone construction also helps in this, as it contributes to its non-slip function. And the wide blade covers a large surface area, making your wiping chores move fast and comfortably.

To store this wiper is also very simple. All you need to do is clip it on to any mount or hanger, and it will stay in position until the next use.


  • Silicone construction material
  • Clip-on storage
  • 136g
  • Wide head
  • Comfortable, non-slip grip
  • Very easy to keep anywhere
  • Soft and comfortable handling
  • Flexible blade performs well on all surfaces
  • Too small for certain bathrooms

9. Sealskin UK Deluxe Window Wiper

Sealskin Deluxe Window Wiper

Sealskin Deluxe Window Wiper

There are times that you want the most expensive and classiest product. Well, if you want a luxurious and premium product with the right sprinkle of quality, then this product is a perfect choice. It offers great durability, performance and service; three qualities that make spending a lot worth the effort.

The primary material is stainless steel; which makes this product very functional. This squeegee comes with a glass hook, which makes it easy to hang in the shower or bathroom. It also comes with a comfortable handle which makes it suitable for mirrors, tiles and shower walls. And the handle has an anthracite silicone cap, so if the squeegee drops, the glass and the floor surface remain protected. 

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A combination of the design and material standards give this product an outstanding grip. You experience a non-slip experience every time you carry out wiping chores. And though the stainless body might seem to make it rather dense, the weight is not as tasking on the arms as expected.


  • Non-slip grip
  • Glass hook mount suitable for 6 and 8mm glass
  • Polished stainless steel handle
  • Anthracite silicone handle cap
  • Rubber blade
  • Great flexibility
  • Long-lasting service
  • Firm mount
  • Mount cannot be placed on glass panes wider than 8mm.

10. Ibergrif UK Stainless Steel Bathroom Shower Squeegee

Ibergrif Stainless Steel Bathroom Shower Squeegee

Ibergrif Stainless Steel Bathroom Shower Squeegee

In Spain, one of the prominent manufacturers of quality plumbing devices is Ibergrif. And with the squeegee, they held tight to their legacy. The Ibergrif Stainless Steel Bathroom Shower Squeegee comes exciting features that proudly announce its renowned reputation in the game.

The handle material is stainless steel with a beautiful shiny chrome finish that has excellent scratch resistance. The finish also adds to its durability and makes it quite easy to clean after use. The rubber blade offers immense flexibility and wiping capacity, with no smears left on smooth surfaces. And the product is supplied with one extra hook and two blades, giving you more value for your money.


  • Chrome-finished, stainless steel handle
  • Rubber blades, with replacement
  • Glass mountable hook
  • One size
  • 360g
  • Stylish, ergonomic shape
  • Very flexible blade
  • Hangs conveniently inside a shower cubicle
  • The grip is not non-slip

Shower Squeegees UK Buying Guide

They’re easy to use, but we recommend them for most showers as you can remove most all the water with one go. The surface of your shower is completely clean within just a few passes, so this is a great way to quickly and easily clean a long time loved wet area of your bathroom. You will quickly see that your shower is not only sparkling clean, but also no longer caked in grit, grime or grease.

What you can use shower squeegees for:

Separate the shower from the rest of your bathroom – the last thing you want is for that shower to soak up the dirt and water that falls off the rest of your bathroom and collect in the bottom of your shower.

Scrub down the walls and floor – the residual grime that remains after you’ve cleaned the rest of your shower and its edges will stain your walls and floor over time. A simple squeegee will help scrub away that grime and will leave your bathroom gleaming white.

Wipe down the entire length of your shower – No one likes to see steamy grime and soap scum on the walls and bottom of your shower, so a simple squeegee will get the job done.

Now that you know the usefulness of bathroom squeegees, you may be on the verge of getting one for yourself. While this is to be encouraged, certain considerations must be put in place. This is so you never end up with a product that cannot give you the satisfaction you deserve. So, to ensure you walk home with the perfect cleaning tool, bear the following factors in mind;

Surface Type

In most cases, these products are used for smooth surfaces, e.g. glass walls, windows and panes. But there are situations where you might need them on not so smooth surfaces like tiled walls, marble, contoured metal and ceramic. You need to consider these factors before you pick a product for your bathroom. Some models are ideal for smooth surfaces only, while others can be useful for both. Generally, tools that offer functionality for both are indicated on the package.

Handle Material and Length

The type of material from which the handle is built is a very important factor to consider. Generally, squeegees for bathrooms are built from either metal or plastic. Metal handles are usually more durable and long-lasting, being majorly stainless steel. Most even come coated in chrome, to improve rust, abrasion and mildew resistance. However, they tend to be heavier, except for the compact sizes. And even most of these types may slip off when wet, due to their extremely smooth surfaces.

Plastic handles are lighter and more compact, plus they generally offer better grip than the metal ones. The major downside is they tend to be less durable and sometimes difficult to clean. While products made from either are still great, a good compromise for someone caught between both would be a metal body with a plastic-coated handle.

Also, consider the length of the handle if your bathroom is larger. Smaller sized bathrooms work well with small squeegees, but the larger bathroom needs a longer reach. The telescopic tools are best for such cases.

Blade Material and Width

Squeegee blades are made from either of two materials; rubber or silicone. The rubber blades are the most popular, the main reason being their affordability. They also offer good flexibility and possess a softer texture. Silicone blades, however, are more durable and flexible compared to rubber blades. The downside is they tend to be expensive, due to the high-quality of the material. So, if you have the extra quid to spare, a squeegee with a silicone blade is a good investment. But for shoppers on a budget, rubber blade squeegees are still a good and affordable choice.

Non-Slip Grip

Using a squeegee means spending a lot of time around water, and whether you want it or not, your hands will get wet. This is why regardless of the type of handle material you go for; make sure the slip is non-grip. Anything less and you will have the tool falling off your hand’s countless number of times while cleaning. And between you and I, that is more annoying than the chore itself.

Storage Type

Most bathroom squeegees can be hanged during storage, and this is most advised. The tool will drain off any residue water in its corners this way, and reduce stress on the head, should it lean on a wall. Some come with holes in the handle for you to hang them or attach a string or clip to. Most bathroom squeegees, however, offer you wall mounts to hang them too. These are very convenient; as they allow you to place the tool close to reaching in the bathroom directly.

The best options are wall mounts that do not require drilling or boring holes into the tiles. These types come in various ways, suction cups, hooks, or sticky adhesive tapes. Whichever you choose, ensure your wall can take such comfortably. Suction cups are best for very smooth walls, sticky adhesives can stay on any surface, and hooks sit on the edge the glass pane. The latter comes in numerous widths to suit different glass thickness, so look out for such.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can squeegees wash my bathroom?

Not quite. You still need to wash your bathroom periodically, but using squeegees help reduce the intensity of that chore. However, certain squeegees come with a sponge mesh. With such, you can spray the area to be cleaned with soap and use the sponge mesh side to scrub. Then, you wipe off with the wiper side. This, of course, is most applicable in bathrooms with smaller space and lighter stains, as well as purely glass-paned showers.

I don’t have space in my shower, how do I keep squeegees?

In many cases, squeegees come with hooks or suction which enable you to hang them. All you need to do is to opt for a squeegee with a small size. Others come with holes at the handle so that you can hang them through a pole hangar. If you come across a product, you love, but it lacks a mounting option, pass a string or metal ring through its handle hole, and hang it anywhere you wish to. Your bathroom rim is one place to consider.

Aren’t Squeegees too expensive?

No. While it is believed that you cannot get good quality squeegees without spending a lot of money, there are several and cheap options. However, you should check features before you make a purchase.


Squeegeeing may seem like a tough job for a lazy person like me. But if you think about the fact that you’re saving yourself less stress in the future, you will love it. You’ll even love it more when you do it with the perfect tool. Here, I have discussed the features found on some of the best products for this activity in the UK market. 

Each has its specifications, similarities, peculiarities, and advantages over the other. And though they all are stellar products, I will select three for you to choose easily. Though you may take the time to decide for yourself which is best for you, I believe these three conveniently cover the parameters the average shopper seeks to satisfy. And that among them, you will fund the best bathroom squeegee UK users will appreciate.

If I were looking for an expensive choice, I would pick Sealskin Deluxe Window Wiper, but if I am cutting costs, I’ll rather have the shower squeegee. Looking at the prices, customer reviews, and functions of all, I believe OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee stands out. 

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