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Best Rat Trap UK

The presence of rats and other rodents in the home can many times get frustrating especially for the damages they cause to items like food, furniture, and beddings, among others. What is most annoying about this is when you’ve done all you know to do, and it doesn’t seem to yield any result. I can understand how tiring this can be for anyone because I was there at a point before I discovered the best rat trap UK.

It was at a time when my wife was just delivered to a baby, and I had to help with the shopping of food items. After a few days, I noticed that rats had eaten some of them, urinated all round, and it smelled so bad. I didn’t take note of this before now because I was always engaged with work. It was then I knew something had to be done to ensure these rats are eliminated. This way, my wife doesn’t have to go through the stress of continually cleaning the mess caused by the rats. That was when I came across the best rat trap UK, and it’s been a different story since then.

If just like me, you’ve been getting frustrated by the presence of rats and other rodents in the home, it’s high time you went for a good rat trap. Considering that there are several rat traps in the market, I have decided to do a comprehensive review of the best to help you narrow your choices and make the better buying decision.

TOP 10 Rat Trap UK

1. Roshield 2 x Heavy Duty Rat Traps

Are you looking for professional quality traps for the control of rats? Then, Roshfield 2x Rat Heavy Duty Traps is the best choice for you. Designed from one of the best rat traps in the market – Richfield, you are guaranteed of quality and durability which the brand has been known for many years. This rat trap has been manufactured exclusively by Roshfield for Richfield. The difference between this rat trap and other rat trap is that it is welded allowing for the transfer of more force from the kill bar to the body of the entrapped rat.

This trap also possesses high strength spring, an additional forth loop, and a sensitive trigger plate and catch. This trigger plate and catch is what gives the trap the ultimate balance that guarantees a successful trigger. While there are several rat traps that you can choose from, this is recommended as the first choice because it is a more aggressive and balanced option.


  • Powerful, instant-kill spring
  • Welded kill-bar
  • Sensitive trigger plate
  • Large central bait cup
  • Rear fixing holes
  • Has a high spring strength
  • Comes as a welded kill bar
  • Rear fixing holes provided
  • There is the presence of large baiting cup
  • A bit large meaning it takes a lot of space in the home

2. The Ginbau Rat Trap Cage

If you are looking for the best humane rat trap that you can get in the UK, then look no further than Gimbal. This rat trap cage is designed with high quality galvanized steel that enhances its construction, making it very lightweight. The popularity, quality, and durability of this rat cage can be drawn from the brand itself – Gimbal. Over the years, Ginbau has established itself to stand out from similar brands by making sure attention is paid to every aspect of its products. This has made it one of the best brand option for buyers in the market.

Asides coming from a quality brand, this rat cage ensures that rats are captured alive, making it easy for you to remove the rats. This way, you don’t have to deal with the smell of dead rats as you can remove the rats from the cage and dispose of them off just where you want. Other features of this rat cage include an automatic door closing mechanism and clear instructions on how the bait is to be placed.


  • Non-toxic, catch-and-release feature
  • High sensitive structure
  • Easy set-up
  • Auto door lock
  • Large size rat trap that can even capture other rodents
  • The galvanized steel construction makes it very durable
  • You do not have to make use of poisonous baits to catch the rats
  • Buyers have found this rat trap a bit expensive than others.

3. Godmorn Humane Mouse Trap

Where you have children in the home, especially very young ones, you have to be concerned about their safety. In making your children’s safety your priority in your home, you have to get a very safe rat trap that doesn’t put your kids in harm way while trying to eliminate rats. This is where the Godmorn Rat trap becomes essential.

Compared to other rat traps in the market, this rat trap has been rated to be the safest for anyone who has children in the house. This is because it requires no chemicals or toxic materials to rid of rats. When using this rat trap, you are expected to place the bait on a tray and put it at one of the doors to lure the rat into the cage while you set-up the trap at the other entry. This is a trap designed in such a way that as soon as the rat eats the bait, the lock mechanism of both doors are activated immediately, thereby preventing the rat from escaping.


  • Humane design
  •  Non-toxic, environmental friendly function
  • The highly sensitive trapping mechanism
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Entirely enclosed thereby keeping trapped rats away from children
  • Thermoplastic construction is environmentally friendly.
  • The auto-lock mechanism shuts the door without any noise.
  • It is a large size trap that can also catch other rodents apart from rats
  • Quite expensive and very difficult to maintain.

4. Aspectek Large Rat Trap

Rats are very annoying pests to have in the home or garden as they can do a lot of damages to items that are being kept there. This is why you need a quality rat trap to get rid of them. However, asides from rats, several other rodents can have the same damaging effect in the home. This is why, when buying a rat trap, you have to take into consideration the possibility of the presence of other rodents. To address this and get a versatile rat trap, you need the Aspectek rat trap, which is a large one capable of serving all your trapping needs.

This rat trap makes use of a spring mechanism and requires that you place the bait on a sensitive plate before clipping the spring to the plate. As soon as the rat or any other rodent gets on the scale, the spring shutter mechanism is immediately triggered, and the rodent is captured. Setting up this large rat trap is not difficult, but to ensure you are getting it right, an instructional manual is always provided with the product on the purchase that you can refer to when you need.


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Perforated trigger
  • Multiple usages
  • Easy to clean, bait and set-up
  • Comes with a very powerful spring that can capture any rat regardless of its size
  • Has a very sensitive perforated trigger on the trap that quickly detects movements.
  • Setting up and maintenance of this rat trap is very easy.
  • The spring can be very dangerous especially when there are kids around
  • You cannot use these traps for outdoor purposes.

5. Rentokil FR51 Advanced Rat Trap Twin Pack

Are you looking for a portable and simple rat trap that you can use within the house alone? Then it would help if you considered getting the Rentokil FR51 Advanced Rat Trap. Trusting a rat trap is one thing; trusting the brand is another thing. The best thing to do is to rely on both the brand and the product when buying a rat trap.

Rentokil is a brand to be trusted when it comes to offering quality, durable, and affordable rat traps. They have been in the market for a while now, and in that while, they have provided quality products to their customers, and this rat trap is nothing short of the quality they are known for. This rat trap makes use of the spring snap mechanism that is activated the rat immediately feeds on the bait. There are very clear instructions to be followed when setting up this rat trap, but the most important thing is that you have to put nuts as baits on a plate to lure the rats.


  • Poison-free, instant kill feature
  • Long-lasting supplement to bait
  • Easy to use
  • Twin pack
  • Very easy to set up and spring snap mechanism is triggered quickly resulting in a better catch
  • This rat trap comes as a twin trap meaning you can place them at different places in the home.
  • Maintaining this rat trap is easy and can be done quickly
  • Not the best rat trap for outdoor purposes

6. The Big Cheese Rat Cage Trap

Known to be one of the most expensive rat traps in the market, but also one of the most quality humane traps for rats, the big cheese rat cage trap is one product that is worth the price. This rat trap is a very versatile one as it can serve as a rat trap, mouse killer, mousetrap, and rodent trap in general. This rat trap makes rodent control seem very easy. It is a very reliable, safe, and welfare-friendly cage that comes with a lifetime promise giving you all the guarantee you want from a product.

This rat cage trap is very easy to set-up and can be used anywhere and at any time. There is an instructional manual that provides for how you can have this product fully assembled and ready to use at all times. In terms of construction, this rat trap is made from galvanized steel, making it a heavy-duty trap that can catch every rat regardless of its size. It also has a solid top and protected carrier handle that can be used to move it from one place to another easily.

With the lifetime promise that comes with this product, you have complete peace of mind when buying knowing fully well that you are purchasing a rat trap that can be used for many years. The Big Cheese makes use of an efficient open-and-release mechanism on the trap that is immediately activated when the rat touches the bait. You also do not worry if you have kids in the home as this product is welfare friendly. Other rat traps and you are not getting the result you desire, it is time to bring in the big cheese.


  • Ready-to-use cage design
  • Unique spring-loaded door
  • Humane, environment-friendly feature
  • Rust and weatherproof

  • This trap is made from galvanized steel, making it a more durable option.
  • It is huge and can trap other rodents like the squirrel.
  • This trap is the best humane way of controlling rats as it catches the rat alive without allowing it to harm itself
  • The Big cheese is a costly rat trap.

7. Eterbiz Humane Mouse Trap 2 Pack

Eterbiz Humane Mouse Trap 2 Pack, Reusable

The Eterbiz Human Trap is easy to clean and reusable rat trap that is made of sturdy ABS material. The material construction of this rat trap is why many users across the globe prefer it because it helps you to save money off replacing the trap. This rat trap is unique from others on this list as it makes use of a sensitive sensor pedal structure and spring door level system.

When properly baited, the rat is attracted to this trap, and that activated the pedal which detects the weight and locks the rat immediately. With this rat trap, the rats can’t escape when they have been captured as the doors can only be opened from outside. Rated as a very versatile rat trap, Eterbiz can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes either in the house, garden, or open field among others.

Do you need a washable, easy to set-up and maintain mousetrap, then you should consider getting the Eterbiz Humane Mouse Trap.


  • Catch-and-release, no-kill function
  • Sensitive sensor pedal
  • Children and pet safe
  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • Very easy to set up, wash, and maintain
  • Comes with a unique sensitive sensor pedal structure and spring door lever system.
  • Rats, when captured, cannot escape as the door can only be opened from outside.
  • The size of this product has been a major challenge for buyers.

8. Pest-Stop Rat Bait Station

Pest-Stop is a trap producing brand with several quality products to its name, and this rat bait station is just one of that quality product the brand is known for. Many professionals in the area of pest control love this product for its durability and shock resistance. This product is completely safe for use as it can be locked thereby guaranteeing the safety of your kids in the home. The design of this rat trap is such that it exploits the behaviour of rats, thereby encouraging them to get in. Do you want something simple and effective to get rid of rats and other rodents in your home, then you should make use of the Pest-stop rat bait station.


  • Lockable unit
  • Shock-resistant construction
  • Easy dispose of rats and clear
  • This rat trap comes from a brand that is trusted by professionals
  • Very safe for kids and pets in the home
  • Very affordable and easy to maintain
  • Not the best option for outdoor purposes

9. Songwin 2 Pack Humane Mouse Traps

Do you have a lot of gnaw marks, odour, smudge tracks in your home as a result of the presence of rats or other rodents? Have you tried different means of trying to eliminate them, but it seems to yield no result? Then, it is high time you began using Songwin Mousetraps. This catch-and-release trap allows you to get rid of rats from inside and within your home in the best possible way. This rat trap offers a lot of space, and it is transparent, allowing you to see what goes on the trap compared to other rat traps that have been listed on this review.


  • Pet and Children friendly
  • Smart and durable trap design
  • Safe to handle and release
  • High quality and good feeling
  • It has a highly sensitive spring
  • Made from quality ABC transparent plastic
  • Very sturdy, versatile and durable
  • Maximum care needs to be exercised when cleaning this trap to avoid injury.

10. Prettop Mouse Traps Professional Mice Trap Blow Trap

prettop Mouse Traps Professional Mice Trap Blow Trap

Prettop traps is a great trap from a great brand and one of the best on this list. It is well-known for the sensitive trap mechanism that makes it very efficient. This trap is made from high-quality ABS plastic material and has smudge resistance. It is designed in a way that you can easily unscrew the container, open the tail mechanism, and set it up in the best place. This trap is very versatile in use as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


  • Highly-sensitive traps
  • Strong and easy to clean
  • Easy to set and suitable for every setting
  • This trap is friendly to both pets and children in the home
  • Has a double spring design and strong bite force
  • This rat trap is durable and reusable
  • It can be harmful if care is not exercised when setting it up 

How to Choose Rat Trap UK

It is not enough to know the best rat traps to buy in the market; you have to know certain factors to consider. These factors are what helps you as the buyer to buy a rat trap that meets your needs and not just one of the many rat traps that are being put up for sale in the store. It is why I have decided to provide you with this buying guide that contains.

The durability of the Rat Trap

One very crucial aspect of paying attention to when buying the best rat trap UK is durability. An ideal mouse trap should be one that will last you for a very long time because that way, you can save cost off having to purchase rat traps from time to time. There is every possibility that rats or other rodents in the house or outside the house will keep coming and you won’t want a scenario where you have to start changing traps. To determine the durability of the rat trap, you have to read through the product description to be sure there is a lifetime promise provided. Also, you will have to check through the reviews of other buyers to know what they are saying about durability.

Cost of the rat trap

Another critical factor to consider when buying the best rat trap is its cost. You have to deliberate on how much you want to spend before even getting into the market in search of a rat trap. This will help to limit your options and keep you focused on the marketplace. There are always a lot of options to choose from all of which varies based on price. However, don’t be quick to conclude that a trap being expensive automatically makes it quality.

Reading through reviews, I have come across the opinions of several buyers on some products that have testified to the fact that a product being expensive doesn’t always mean it will be quality. Research different rat traps to know that which is sold at a relatively low price and is suitable for you. Go for the top-rated traps in the market within your budget. Also, make sure to keep your budget reasonable to reflect your need and get you the product that it will serve you for a very long time.

Safety of the rat trap

One major feature many buyers neglect when buying the best rat trap in the market is safe. Safety starts with you considering the rat trap that won’t hurt you will setting it up. Some rat traps can be very stressful to set-up and can even damage your finger in the process. Another side of this safety is that of your children. If you have kids in the home, it is always best to get a rat trap that is safe for your kids. When buying, make sure to choose a rat trap with safety precautions or go for a cage that entraps the rats without posing any harm to everyone else in the home.

The trap mechanism of the rat trap

Also, when buying a rat trap, make sure to pay attention to the trap mechanism of the rat. The best is to go for one with an efficient open-and-release tool. This trapping mechanism allows for quick, easy, and better operation and guarantees that the rat is trapped at all times it gets to the bait.


Rats and other rodents in the home and outside can cause a lot of damages to your items, especially food items. You have to the rise to the challenge of eliminating these rodents from your home, and the other best way to do that is to get one of the best rats traps the UK in the market some of which have been reviewed in this article. However, when buying any of these rat traps, you have to pay attention to the buying guide. While a rat trap might be good for a specific purpose, it might not be good for another. To be sure the rat trap you are buying is one that meets the particular purpose for which you purchase it. It would help if you focused on the guidelines for buying as contained in the buying guide.

Which is the best value rat trap from those that have been listed above? The Aspectek Large Rat Trap, no doubt, is the cheapest among the ones that have been reviewed. It is not just cheap in the price that it comes alone but also based on the cost to quality ratio. It is large and can be used to catch other rodents in the home or environment.

With regards to the best choice, Rentokil FR51 Advanced Rat Trap Twin Pack is not as expensive as others on the list, but it can help you keep eliminate rodents in your home. It’s very portable, easy to use, and can be maintained easily. Also, with this rat trap coming as a twin trap, you can position it at strategic places in the home when you are not sure where these rats come from.

Then for the premium choice, the Big Cheese Rat Cage Trap will fit in just that. No doubt the most expensive and the most quality on this list, the Big Cheese Rat Cage Trap is one that will not fail you even when others do. The galvanized steel construction and lifetime promise mean you can use this trap for a very long time.

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