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Best Pruning Saw UK

One of the greatest perks of owning a backyard or a garden is that you can decorate it with all kinds of beautiful trees and plants of your choice. However, the problem is that plants and trees don’t know when to stop growing. Hence, it is extremely important to do some pruning, trimming, and cutting once a while. Cutting branches beyond the capacity of your tool is not only tiresome but dangerous as well. This is where you need a pruning saw. A pruning saw ensures that your cuts are clean without putting too much effort.

Pruning trees and plants improves their appearance and size, and keeps them healthy by removing dead or diseased branches. A pruning saw is a perfect tool for that. We know that deciding on which product to buy can be daunting for you. So, we have done the research part for you and came up with a list of the best pruning saw UK.

Keep reading on to find out about some of the best pruning saws available in the market.

Best Pruning Saws

#1 Gruntek Barracuda Hand Pruning Saw

The Gruntek Barracuda Hand Pruning Saw is our pick for the best pruning saw UK. It only weighs 296 grams and is 450 millimetres in length, out of which, 300 millimetres is the saw portion. This light and sharp model is all you need to keep your backyard and garden clean. It comes with a comfortable two-component handle for safety and prevents slipping. The high carbon steel combined with 7 teeth per inch allows for precise cut. Whether it comes to pruning trees or chopping down the shrubs and bushes, this is the perfect garden tool for everyday use.

The saw boasts 3-D sharpening teeth that are quite robust and stable. The blade doesn’t bend when cutting thick tree branches. And thanks to its soft-touch handle, your hand and palm experience less stress when doing hardcore pruning. You can trust Gruntek Barracuda Hand Pruning Saw for cutting numerous types of wood – both outdoor and indoor, including your bonsais. The saw guarantees blockage-free sawing.

The best part about this model is that it is quite practical to use. It comes with a protective cover, which hides the blade safely when not in use. And the cover comes attached with a belt loop that allows you to carry it safely around your waist and be mobile with it.

  • Ergonomic handle and soft-touch grip
  • Saw made using extra strong high carbon steel
  • 7 teeth/inch and 3D sharpening teeth allows for easy cutting of thick branches
  • Incredible lightweight and easy to carry around your waist
  • Te protective cover is not as robust as it is marketed
  • While there is cutting accuracy, the cutting speed is a concern


#2 Gruntek Folding Hand Pruning Saw

If you are looking for something small and precise, which you can easily store as well, then the Gruntek Folding Hand Pruning Saw is worth giving a try. While it has a balanced long design, you can actually fold the saw portion into the handle to make it even more efficient. Yes, the 180 millimetres saw houses comfortably inside the ergonomic handle when you are not using it. Unlike other Gruntek saw models, this one incorporates IMPULSE-hardened PRECISION teeth that resemble the teeth of a shark.

The saw boasts 7 teeth/inch and has a 3D cut per tooth. This gives you precise cuts no matter what type of vegetation you are working on. Whether it is thick branches or small shrubs and bushes, you can trust this pruning saw to get the job done with ease. This special toothing is designed for a purpose. It ensures long-lasting and efficient use for making clean cuts and sawing fresh wood without damaging the tree.

It is 400 millimetres in length and only weighs 248 grams. Its ergonomic soft-touch handle prevents slipping, and since it is purposely curved, it provides a good grip for both right and left-handers.

The blade is made using Teflon-coated high carbon steel for sharp cuts and longer lasting use. The saw comes with multiple adjustment features that allow you to hold and use the saw in three different positions.

  • Versatile in use
  • Well-shaped handle
  • The blade is sharp and robust
  • Adjustable positions for numerous sawing and pruning applications
  • Small blade size for a 400mm total length
  • The teeth tend to bend after several use


#3 Davon Pro Premium-Quality Wood Cutting and Pruning Saw

The next in our list of the best pruning saw UK is the model from Davon Pro. This saw is designed for heavy-duty pruning. This pruning saw boasts a 10-inch superior SK5 carbon steel triple cut blade that can cut a thick branch like butter. Its teeth are coated for less resistance and friction with each pull for quick cutting. Davon Pro Pruning Saw is a choice of every professional in the landscaping line, as it makes the job a lot easier. What we liked the most about this pruning saw is that the blade is secured using a nut, which is situated further in on the handle instead of being too close to the edge of the handle, giving you optimal control over the blade. It also prevents unnecessary bending as well.

When we talk about comfort, the saw has a premium ergonomic comfort handle with anti-slip soft grip. It gives you superior handsaw comfort as you trim the hardy bushes and branches. Your hand will not ache even after prolonged usage. The best part is that you can use this saw with both your hands for pruning difficult subjects.

In terms of functionality, it is a folding saw, which can be used as a garden pruner, hiking accessory, survival gear, and camping kit equipment. Moreover, the blade has a secure locking and unlocking mechanism that keeps the saw in place when in use and when not in use.


  • The blades are coated for smoother action
  • Quick sawing cuts
  • Durable, strong, and rust resistant
  • Extremely sharp blade
  • It weighs heavy for the size
  • Sometimes it is difficult to adjust the cutting angles


#4 Bahco Laplander Pruning Saw

This is a general cutting and pruning saw from Bahco, which is ideal for gardening, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities. The blade is made of high-quality Sandvik steel that can easily cut small to medium size branches and shrubs of all kinds. It is a multipurpose pruning saw and perfect for small gardens and backyards for occasional use. Still, its build quality is exceptional. The blade is coated with a non-stick clade that allows it to easily glide through even the most difficult materials, whether it is a tree branch or anything else. When we talk about its teeth, the blade has XT toothing cuts in both directions.

Bahco Laplander Pruning Saw is equipped with a comfortable two component handle that gives it an excellent grip. It is a great tool for hunters and campers as it can easily cut through flesh and bones. There is a safety lock installed that locks in both closed and open positions. It has a low resistance rust preventive coating that increases the longevity of the blade. The best part is that the company provides spare blades as well.

It is a handy saw which can be folded and can fit easily in your pocket or small backpack. All in all, it is easy to carry around and is highly functional.

  • Perfect for cutting both dry and green wood
  • XT hardpoint toothing for optimal cuts
  • The ergonomic 2-component plastic handle gives perfect grip
  • Special coating prevents it from rusting
  • Poor locking mechanism
  • Expensive for the fewer features you get


#5 HACHIEMON Japanese Sentei PRO Hand Pruning Saw

HACHIEMON is a popular brand in the UK known for its traditional Japanese techniques and methods for crafting blades and other essentials. Its Sentei PRO Hand Pruning Saw is an exceptional piece of cutting and pruning tool that is crafted using techniques like horizontal polishing and “the set,” which renders the blade incredibly sharp, providing an outstanding smoothness when cutting into things. While it is designed for woodwork, it has a different structure than your traditional saw. That is, it has fewer sets and comes with a buffed surface, which prevents it from damaging a live tree.

The blade is electroless nickel plated and impulse hardened. Therefore, it can withstand extreme pressure and last for years to come. To give it a more rustic look, the manufacturer has equipped the blade with a wooden sheath, which gives it a better curve and grasp. This makes it ideal for gardening work.

Its total length is 400 millimetres and has a blade length of 240 millimetres. Most importantly, it only weighs 120 grams, which is incredibly lightweight. While it is on the expensive side, if you want your gardening work to commence properly, this is a great pruning saw which can make a difference.

  • Thinner teeth provide a clean cut without damaging the tree
  • The wooden handle gives it a more luxurious look
  • Has a long lifespan
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive
  • The sheath fits terribly


#6 Draper Folding Pruning Saw

If you are looking for something handy, which you can carry around easily, then this folding pruning saw from Draper is worth a look. Of all the pruning saws we have discussed above, this model from Draper is a bit different. For starters, the manufacturer has given it a sword-like design by installing a plastic guard on its soft-grip handle. And the best part is that you can fold the blade into the plastic guard when not using it. The blade has super sharp teeth that can cut even the thickest branches you have in your garden.

The blade is rust-resistant, which means it has a long lifespan. Moreover, since the saw is designed for easy storage and carry, you can take it for camping and hunting trips as well. It will help you clear your path and space in the jungle by easily removing vines, bushes, and shrubs.

The handle is equipped with a lock, which prevents it from folding back when in use and prevents it from opening up when folded inside the handle. The ergonomic handle gives a decent hold when you use the saw for cutting an object.

  • Easy foldable design
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Comfortable while in use
  • Comes with a lock system to hold the blade in place when not in use
  • Poor quality plastic handle
  • Small teeth – not ideal for intense pruning


#7 Stanley Garden Pruning Saw

With a 14-inch tempered steel blade, this curved pruning saw is perfect for tree branches up to 10 inches thick. What we like the most about Stanley Garden Pruning Saw is its pistol-style handle, which is rubber-coated. This makes it easy to hold when doing heavy-duty pruning. This is literally a professional-grade pruning saw that comes with a rigid poly sheath and a belt hook so that you can carry it around your waist when doing garden work. The blade is Blade Armour Coated, which makes it rust-resistant and ensures that it doesn’t create any friction when cutting.

Thanks to its curved design, it has a push and pull cutting action that makes the job a lot easier. The longer blade is nice and offers some flex, especially when using for cutting or pruning difficult materials. This is a way better model than other similarly priced pruning saws because of its distinct curvy design and ergonomic handle. Professional landscapers and gardeners prefer this type of curvy saws as it eases down the push and pull cutting action.

We can say that it is the best pruning saw UK because of the features it offers. However, since it has a long blade, it could be dangerous. Any mistake may cost you your finger. So, we recommend that unless you have used a pruning saw before, you should not buy it. It is for professionals.

  • Longer blade
  • Pistol-style handle for easy grip
  • Small pointy teeth provides clean cut
  • Black Armor Coated
  • Sometimes it is difficult to remove from the sheath
  • Too much blade flex


#8 Spear & Jackson Telescopic Razorsharp Tree Pruner

Now, if you have a garden or backyard with long trees with long branches, you would not dare to hop on a stair and do the pruning. To save you from this hassle, give a look at this incredibly versatile telescopic tree trimmer and pruner. Unlike your traditional pruning saws with a regular handle, this one has a telescopic handle that extends up to the length of 92 inches. What’s great about its design is that the top of the pruner has a bypass looper for branches up to 30 millimetres. The pruner boasts an SK5 premier carbon steel upper blade that doesn’t lose its sharpness even after prolonged usage. Most importantly, it can be resharpened whenever required.

While it may look complicated to use, it works with a simple push button. All you have to do is pull the lock to the ‘open’ position, and you can pull the cord out of the cleat. Then it becomes easy to adjust the grip. Now that you have achieved your desired length before you start pruning, lock the handle in a fixed position by pushing the lock back to the ‘lock’ position.

Spear & Jackson is a reputed brand in the United Kingdom operating since 1760. So, you can trust their product for quality and consistency. This is really a unique pruning saw that is ideal for long branches and trees.

  • The handle can be extended up to 92 inches
  • Razorsharp SK5 carbon steel blade provides optimal sawing
  • Has a separate bypass looper for smaller branches
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • It weighs over 2 kilograms
  • Not ideal for beginners


#9 Gardena Combisystem Pruning Saw with Hook

This is another versatile model which you can use as a handsaw close to the body or as an extended saw using a combisystem telescopic handle. It will be a great addition to your gardening arsenal as you can use it for pruning both small and tall branches with ease. This saw can prune through branches at heights up to 5 metres. The blade incorporates precision toothing for clean cuts using its push and pull cutting mechanism. There is a combisystem handle safety lock that makes sure that it is securely connected to the saw.

The Gardena pruning saw has 300 PP optimal rust protection, and the manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty on the product. What’s different about its design is that there is a hook on top of the saw. This is especially beneficial when you are pruning the tree using the telescopic handle. During the pulling movements, the hook ensures that the blade holds on to the branch that you are cutting.


  • Incredible curved design with hook for safe sawing on hard to reach branches
  • Great cutting with little force
  • Optimal rust protection
  • Comes with a 25-year warranty
  • Difficult to use for beginners
  • A bit flimsy and takes a lot of effort when used on a pole


#10 Darlac Swop Top Garden Pruning Saw

Last in our list of the best pruning saw UK is the Darlac Swop Top Garden Pruning Saw. It has an interesting straight blade design for a faster and cleaner cut. Thanks to its unique tri-edged teeth, it makes sawing branches as easy as butter. Cleaner cuts are healthy for the plants as it encourages new growth and prevents the sawed side from getting rotted, which eventually leads to the death of the plant.

The best part is that you can use this pruning saw with Darlac Poles. It is compatible with the DP570 giant pole and the DP560 Dralac standard pole. These poles come in handy when trimming branches that are way above.

Since it is a straight blade saw, it doesn’t use a push and pull mechanism; instead, it cuts on the back stroke. Moreover, it has a decent straight handle that provides a proper grip when sawing.

  • Chrome armoured blade
  • Can be used with poles
  • Easy pull back action
  • Precision ground tri-edge teeth
  • Not great for cutting at a height using poles because of its straight blade design
  • The blade tends to be wobbly when cutting thicker branches


Choosing the Right Hand Pruning Saw

There are different varieties of pruning saw available in the UK. However, choosing the right one is important based on your requirements. We are going to jot down a pruning saw buying guide based on which we listed these products.

#1 Folding Pruning Saw

Folding pruning saw is a type of saw that is ideal for hunting and camping trips. Since the blade can be easily folded into the handle, the saw can be easily slid inside your tote or tool bag. It is great for clearing up space for setting up the camp. The saw can clear up vines, small branches, and bushes. You should go for it if you need a compact and portable pruning saw. Now, they also come in all sizes and shapes, and you need to choose one according to your requirements.

#2 Curved Blade Pruning Saw

This is the most preferred type of pruning saw by the professionals. The curvy design adds toughness in the cuts you make. That is the curved blades grips the material tightly, adding extra force on your push and pull motion. However, you may find it difficult to cut big branches with curved blades. They are ideal for small gardening jobs as well as pruning your treasures like bonsais and small bushes.

#3 Straight Blade Pruning Saw

This is the third type of pruning saw you would find in the UK market. These saws have straight blades, and the handles are usually designed like a pistol grip. This gives optimal grasp while you cut down big branches. These saws are great for cutting green wood and sap. Due to its straight design, it works well on thick branches. However, they flex a lot while cutting. This can cause imperfect cuts.

Taking Care of your Pruning Saw

In order to use your pruning saw for a prolonged period, it is important to take good care of it. Although pruning saws don’t demand much care, the blades need to be cleaned of debris and sharpened once in a while. Moreover, it is also important to lubricate the blade to ensure it remains frictionless.


These are some of the best pruning saws you will find in the UK. All these 10 products have been included after thorough research. Make sure that you read the description of the saw you are thinking to buy to ensure that it perfectly fits your requirements. Also, look for alternate options in the same price range to see if you can buy a better product without crossing your budget.

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