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Best Professional Car Diagnostic Tools UK

Best Professional Car Diagnostic Tools UK


A high quality diagnostic tool is essential in identifying problems in the car’s engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes and other major components as well as fuel injector output, air flow and coolant, ignition bobbins and throttle body.

A well-equipped and reliable vehicle diagnostics tool can be bought from different sites online. An excellent diagnostic tool is one that is modern and accurate. When it comes to car diagnosis, the professional and reliable diagnostic tool is a must, so you can receive the repair or replacement parts you need without any time wasted. To get the most out of your diagnostic tool, you can download software programs for a further advance diagnostics. You can even record your diagnostic tests and upload the final analysis online for expert evaluation.

Here is our list of the best car diagnostic tools in the UK, which includes the top 10 car diagnostics tools. It is important to note that buying the car diagnostic tool online is the cheapest option as you will be able to get the service you need after self-diagnosis. There are a number of reputable brands which are reliable and provide accurate diagnostics.

Top 10 Professional Car Diagnostic Tools

1. LAUNCH CR3001 X431 Creader Car Diagnostic Tool

LAUNCH CR3001 X431 Creader

LAUNCH CR3001 X431 Creader

This scanner is a professional car diagnostic tool that scans car engine faults and is a significant upgrade from the traditional car diagnostic card reader. This professional car diagnostic tool doesn’t only detect the defect in the car’s engine but also read and clears out the error code. The device is plugged to the car’s OBD2 DLC, it turns on and sends a pop up to start your ignition. It can be used to read the error codes, discover the problem of the car and possibly fix it depending on the complexity of the problem. It is an excellent way for you to save time and money on a mechanic.


  • It has a classic handhold design
  • Scan and clears error codes
  • Definition of codes are displayed on screen making it easy to read and possibly solve the problem
  • It is easy to use, and even a beginner can read the error codes
  • It is a universal diagnostic tool, and it is compatible with most cars
  • No extra battery or applications required
  • Supports only six languages
  • Works on only 12 volts battery vehicles

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2. VXDAS OBD2 Car Scanner

VXDAS OBD2 Scanner

VXDAS OBD2 Scanner

This car diagnostic tool makes it easy for users to read freeze frame data, read codes and clear codes error. It enables data stream that delivers accurate diagnosis. If you are looking for a car diagnostic tool that allows you to DIY at any place or anytime, then this is the tool for you. It has a unique design with a bright LED screen for a great viewing time. It also has built-in OBD2 DTC lookup library for faster code identification. This tool has a patented one-click I/M readiness that enables fast emission readiness, check and verification.


  • Compatible with OBD II protocol vehicles
  • It supports the display of live data, I/M readiness, and freeze frame
  • It is user friendly and does not require batteries
  • High-quality diagnosis tool
  • Easy to use for DIYers
  • Bright LED indicators for visual reliability
  • Code descriptions could be more detailed

3. Foxwell NT301 UK EOBD/OBD II Car Engine Scan Tool

Foxwell NT301 EOBD/OBD II Engine Scan Tool

Foxwell NT301 EOBD/OBD II Engine Scan Tool

This outstanding tool is a single handheld code reader. With this device, you can comfortably clear error codes that are on the ECU of the car. This device does not only clear error codes, but it also enables you to see real-time data from your engine, data like air-fuel ratio, rpm, and others. The scan tool is user friendly, and you would not have to rely on visiting a mechanic all the time to read and clear your car’s faults. It makes it very easy when you tell your mechanic what is exactly wrong with your vehicle.

This device is also very quick at determining the cause of the check engine light, real-time curve and also retrieves your car’s speed information.


  • Clears irrelevant dash lights to pop up without having to pay a mechanic
  • It is useful in reading and clearing your car’s engine trouble codes and turn off the check engine light
  • Compatible with Windows 8 devices
  • Highly rated by previous users
  • It is effortless to navigate through
  • Great price for such a quality product
  • It only gives limited diagnosis information

4. ANCEL AD510 Auto Car Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner

ANCEL AD510 Auto Car Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner

ANCEL AD510 Auto Car Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner

This professional car diagnostic code reader has complete OBD2 functions. It reads and clears DTC, effective I/M readiness check, freeze frame data viewing, lives data stream viewing, onboard monitor system, O2 sensor test, EVAP system test, DTC lookup functions and vehicle information retrieval functions. This device is designed for any car owner and DIYers, and mechanics can also utilize this professional tool for accurate detection and solving of car faults. This device helps you to read the diagnostic trouble codes by making use of the BTC lookup function.


  • Easily read and clear DTCs and also turn off check engine light
  • View the operating parameters of the vehicle
  • Makes the last result of the O2 sensor test visible for troubleshooting
  • Universal compatibility for a wide range of cars
  • Supports seven languages to meet your preferred mode of communication
  • Very easy to use
  • Cannot check for airbag fault

5. Creator C310+Multi-System Code Reader for BMW

Creator C310+Multi-System Code Reader for BMW

Creator C310+Multi-System Code Reader for BMW

The Motor power MP69033 has multi-functions OBD II code reader features. It is one brand that has excellent performance for a giveaway price. It has vast capabilities and supports nine protocols that are compatible with most cars. It displays is one of the best, it is equipped with LCD with a screen of 128 x 64 pixels coupled with a contrast adjustment feature. It does not require a battery or charger. It is powered directly from your BMW car.


  • It reads OBD II, ABS, DSC, SRS and more
  • It has a clear, colourful LCD screen
  • It has excellent quality and offers a 12 months warranty
  • It is universally compatible with many vehicles
  • Does not require an extra charge for battery
  • It offers excellent performance at an affordable price
  • Only works for BMW vehicles

6. RETYLY MS309 OBD 2 Scanner

RETYLY MS309 OBD 2 Scanner

RETYLY MS309 OBD 2 Scanner

This device is a massive upgrade from regular diagnostic code readers. One of the major functions of this professional diagnostic tool is that it can detect the engine system. It reads and clears error codes effectively. It prompts you to start your ignition when it is plugged in your vehicle’s 16pin OBDII DLC. It is a do it yourself tool, straightforward to use. This little device will save you a lot of stress and unnecessary trips to your mechanic because it is easy enough for almost anyone to master it and know what problems you can fix by yourself or you may require extra help. This is an excellent tool for everyone who wants to save time and money from visiting the mechanic often because this professional diagnostic tool displays the error codes and its meaning.


  • Very easy to navigate through
  • It has a large and easy to read backlit LCD screen
  • It also views live stream data and freezes frame data
  • It is effortless to use and a perfect product for DIYers
  • It works perfectly on most vehicles sold in the UK
  • It is well built with a large LCD screen
  • Users complain that it cannot detect chassis code and cannot delete abs and stability lights




When you are looking for one of the best universal OBD II professional diagnostic tool for your vehicle, you have to check this out. The AUTOPHIX versatile OBD II SCANNER is suitable for reading engine fault, read/clear codes with LCD, it performs I/M readiness smog check unlike some diagnostic tool, it is also a very reliable tool for freeze frame data check, and it supports six languages. It has a well-equipped tool operating instruction, external supply of power from the vehicle, and communication between the device and the car is seamless. It performs perfectly for every car that is accorded the OBD II standard.


  • External power supply directly from your vehicle
  • Lightweight of 240grams
  • Humanized 4-button design
  • A perfect tool for professional mechanics
  • Easy to carry around
  • Comes with a very informative user’s manual
  • Not compatible with certain hybrid cars, and working diesel vehicles

8. Autel MaxiAP AP200M Car Scanner Tool

Autel MaxiAP AP200M Scanner

Autel MaxiAP AP200M Scanner

For car owners that are looking for an affordable tool that will do the same job of giving an accurate diagnosis of their vehicles and safe them the unnecessary trips to the mechanic, then this tool is the one for you. It is small in size and very affordable but still carries out almost the same duties as the sophisticated diagnostic tools in the market. It scans for engine faults, reads and clears codes, turn off check engine light, views VIN, retrieve I/M readiness data, and freeze frame data. This scanner is operated via Bluetooth and enables you to discover and scan vehicle diagnostic trouble codes. This tool also allows you to monitor your status, and it is the go-to tool for a quick vehicle health status check.


  • It offers six special functions
  • It covers all systems from OBD2 to ECU
  • Comes with an app compatible with android or iOS devices
  • It is effortless to use and navigate through
  • It is a very cheap and affordable product
  • It is lightweight and comes in very handy
  • Only connects via Bluetooth

9. TOPDON AL500 OBD II UK Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool

TOPDON AL500 OBD II scanner

TOPDON AL500 OBD II scanner

Topdon OBD II scanner is suitable for most European, American and Asian cars that meet the OBD II standards and we’re manufactured after 1996. This car diagnostic tool supports every OBD II protocol: J1850 PWM, Controller Area Network (CAN), J1850 VPW, ISO9141, and KWP2000. This car diagnostic tool is compatible with Toyota, Chrysler, Kia, Infinity, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Cadillac, Saab, Audi, Acura, Peugeot, Skoda, Suzuki, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, GM, Ford, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Lancia, Hyundai, Subaru, Vauxhall, Opel, Fiat, Mini, Volkswagen, Volvo, Jeep, Isuzu, Daewoo, and many other vehicles that meet the OBD II standards.


  • Topdon OBD II scanner gives practice and useful DTC information
  • It is also suitable for retrieving vehicle information
  • It is a plug and play tool and does not require an external battery
  • The LED displays in 3 colours
  • It does not consume much energy
  • Well-priced and easy to make use of
  • It does not require any update
  • It has some outdated features

10. KKMoon OBD2/OBD UK Car Scanner

KKMoon OBD2/OBD Scanner

KKMoon OBD2/OBD Scanner

This OBD2 Reader is a perfect diagnostic tool for your car. It is easy to use, understands the engine scanner, and just any car owner can comfortably navigate through it and DIY. It is easy to know why the check engine light is on or why your car is not performing as effectively as it is supposed to. It is very compatible and works on all vehicles that are OBD II compliant, it reads and clears error codes, reset monitors and turns off check engine light. This tool is also suitable for checking freeze frame data and the status of the vehicle, like speed, fuel trim, engine coolant temperature and airflow. It has I/M readiness for checking misfire and fuel system. It also has a comprehensive component for checking the emission system’s operation. It solves the exact problem of the engine system of your vehicle. It gives accurate O2 sensor tests, and that function can be used to read the results of on-board diagnostic monitoring tests for some components. It also has live sensor reading capabilities.


  • Simple function design and display
  • It detects engine faults
  • It can display clear fault codes and misfires
  • Gives fast and rapid car diagnosis in seconds
  • It can quickly determine the cause of significant vehicle faults
  • Can perform multiple functions than their counterparts
  • It cannot work for hybrid and electric cars

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Professional Car Diagnostic Tools Buying Guide

Since we have been able to go through the ten best professional car diagnostic tools for both professional car mechanic and regular car owners, we can now get to know the significant points to consider when you want to purchase one for yourself or your business. For you to make the right decisions as a buyer, it is essential to know what exactly will suit your specific purpose for the purchase, and else you might just end up with a product that does not meet your need, even if it has been listed as one of the best product in the market. So here are some of the basic guidelines you need to follow before making that purchase.

The first step to finding a solution to any problem is to identify the problem. When you decide to purchase that car of your dreams, then you should also get ready to properly maintain the car if you want to maximize the qualities of that car effectively. The best way to keep your precious vehicle is to be able to know the specific problems of the vehicle at different times, and a car diagnostic tool is all you need for the job. The good thing is, you do not have to be a professional mechanic for you to be able to operate a car diagnostic tool. Learning how to use a car diagnostic tool effectively saves you the expenses of paying for a car diagnosis.

A car diagnosis tool is as essential to a mechanic as a stethoscope is to a doctor. However, running a car diagnosis is not as complicated as diagnosing a car, and you can run a diagnosis for your vehicle at any time with your car diagnosis tool. Whether you are a professional mechanic or just a car owner, knowing the problem of your car is very important and in this article, I will guide you through on the best professional car diagnostic tools UK that you can use comfortably.

What Exactly Do You Want – A Tool For Making Money or Something For Your Personal Use?

When you take a closer look at the products reviews, you will notice that some products are more sophisticated and complicated to understand than others. If you are looking for a diagnostic tool that will be in your garage for the sake of detecting the problems of your car and try to solve those that seem easy personally, then you may not need to spend much money on a high tech gadget. Some of these diagnostic tools are quite advanced and would only be easily used by a professional mechanic and not just any DIYer. If you are looking for a professional car diagnostic tool that would be useful for your mechanic shop, then you do not need to purchase a less advanced product because a lot of features for different brands of the vehicle may not be available. So it is essential to know what you need before shopping for a car diagnostic tool.

Is It Compatible With Your Vehicle?

It will be a great disaster if you end up purchasing a product that is not compatible with your car. It would be a total waste of money and time. So you need to go through reviews and ask questions to be sure that the product that caught your eyes is suitable for the kind of vehicle you want to use it for. However, there are some universal car diagnostic tools. Still, a majority of these versatile tools are quite difficult to navigate through and would be beneficial to a professional mechanic who wants to use one device for different types of vehicles.

What Information Can The Car Diagnostic Tool Tell You?

There is a lot of information that can be revealed by a car diagnostic tool, but some tools can deliver more information than others. A car diagnostic test can indicate some issues with your car’s engine and transmission, exhaust system, gas and oil tanks, and so on. At the same time, some diagnostic tools can reveal even more information like details about your car. It is possible to know the root cause of your car’s problem and solve the problem with a diagnostic tool. But you need to be aware of the kind of information that a diagnostic tool can give and cannot give before making a purchase.

The Perfect Diagnostic Tool App

As you would notice from the review, these car diagnostic tools have various features. Some diagnostic tools apps are more functional and deliver better features than others. Be careful when purchasing one and be sure it offers all the features you would possibly need from a car diagnostic tool. Some of the best car diagnostic tools apps are Torque pro, Hobdrive, OBD car doctor Pro, etc. This is important specifically for mechanics that would want to use a single diagnostic tool to detect and solve problems in different types of cars.

What is the best diagnostic tool for my budget?

There are various diagnostic tools in the market. Some of these tools may be unnecessary for you to own because you may find it difficult to read the codes displayed by the scanner.

Read Customers Reviews 

Every manufacturer wants to sell their product so following only what the manufacturer says about the product may be detrimental. No manufacturer would highlight the disadvantages of their products; this is why you should read through the reviews of customers on a specific product before you decide to buy it. Customers would give an honest assessment of the product. They would also be quick to highlight features that the product does not have, the tasks that the product does not fulfil and the real disadvantages of the product. Customers are always willing to pour out their dissatisfaction with a particular product.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Do I need a personal, professional car diagnostic tool?

If you are one who does not mind paying extra money to know the problem with your car, then you may not need a professional car diagnostic tool. Nevertheless, asides from just getting to see the issue of your vehicle, you will also get to know if it is a minor problem that you can solve or only an error code that you can clear off quickly at any time and anywhere.

How Do I solve the problem of my car with a diagnostic tool?

These car diagnostic tools come with a manual, most of which are equipped with ways you can solve some minor regular faults that occur in cars. But the significant steps are, plug the tool into OBDII port, download data from the vehicle’s OBD II port, read the codes detected, interpret the data and solve the problems.

How do I know what tool is suitable for my car?

Most professional car diagnostic tools are compatible with OBD II compliant cars. However, it is essential to ask the seller and also go through customer’s reviews to be sure that the diagnostic tool you are about to purchase would be compatible with your car. You can again ask your mechanic to help you out on which tool would be easy for you to use and still be compatible with your car.

How long does a car diagnostic test take?

Normally, a full diagnostic test should last between one hour to one and a half-hour. However, more complicated issues can take up more time, and less complicated cases can take lesser time. It all depends on the severity of the problem.


This is the end of my review of the best professional car diagnostic tools in the market. I believe that you have been abreast on the necessary information you need to know about professional car diagnostic tools, their usage and their capabilities. Remember that it is essential to pay as much attention to the buying guide as you do to the product list because the buying guide will help you to know which tool amongst the list is suitable for you.

So you do not just end up buying any tool because it is listed amongst the best. Based on my recommendation, I would opt for ANSEL AD510 because of its numerous features, and its incredible speed and the fact that it performs multiple functions.

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