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Best Polycarbonate Greenhouses for Your Home Garden in UK

Polycarbonate greenhouses offer outstanding temperature regulation as they are effectively two layers of high-performance polycarbonate with the outer layer acting as a thermal mass to trap heat and protect the inner plastic interior of the greenhouse from overheating.

Polycarbonate is strong, shock-absorbing, sturdy and free from odour, mould and mildew. As a thermal mass, it also reduces energy loss through the sheet, thus reducing your greenhouse’s overall cost. It is extremely resistant to UV damage, fires, sprays and even bird droppings. The glass walls and roof of polycarbonate greenhouse also provide airtight seals and therefore are suitable for high-temperature or extremely cold growing environments.

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Polycarbonate is a lightweight, durable and easy to install the material. It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and high resistance to water and mould and pests. Protect your plants from cold, heat, insects, bird droppings and the harmful rays of the sun in the polycarbonate greenhouse.

Polycarbonate greenhouses are suitable for family gardens, schools and the use of allocated material as they are protected as children run around, are vandal-proof, and flying football resistant! Polycarbonate is a new and reusable material that is flexible and inexpensive. Polycarbonate Greenhouse can be built in 2 days and only £200!

I have reviewed some of the best polycarbonate greenhouses you can buy in the UK. I went through all the customer comments and listed out ten best, most trusted and durable polycarbonate greenhouses here. If you have any questions, then please feel let me know. 


1. Palram MYTHOS Greenhouse

Palram MYTHOS Greenhouse

Palram MYTHOS Greenhouse

Polycarbonate greenhouses trump the older generations by one simple fact; they make owning a greenhouse look easy. The whole reason for their existence is so setting up and running one becomes a cakewalk. If I have to single out one product from all my experiences that did this, it would be this one. Not only is it a quality construction, but also quite a good well.

My first take was the size. It could easily sit in my backyard at a 6 x 4 feet dimension without taking much space. The frames were easy to assemble, and the polycarbonate material though lightweight is of top quality. The size still does not stop me from entering and exiting the greenhouse as I please. The PC material is explicit, the frame sturdy, and the door wide enough to comfortably allow me access.


  • 6 x 4 dimension
  • Twin wall PC panels, with 100% UV protection
  • Over 70% light transmission
  • Rust-resistant aluminium frame
  • Hinged lockable door with magnetic catch
  • Very easy to set-up
  • Superb thermal insulation
  • Quite sturdy under most conditions
  • The supports for the front should have been metal, not plastic

2. Outsunny Clear Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Outsunny Clear Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Outsunny Clear Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Hardly will you come across a PC greenhouse that is pleasant to the eye. I mean, the cutest things to find are usually inside, not outside. So, I never come across a situation where a person would point at a PC greenhouse and say, ‘Wow! Stunning.’ Surprisingly, I did that with this one, and I must admit, I could barely believe my reaction.

I love how brilliantly coloured the aluminium alloy frame is. Combined with the very slightly tinted yet clear polycarbonate panels, you get a very attractive-looking construction. The overall design adds to the visual improvement of your surroundings. I jumped at it in one swoop and took it home on a huge gamble. Thankfully, it paid off gloriously.

The PC greenhouse is very useful in thermal insulation, especially during the cold season. And the light transmission is perfectly balanced, so I could quickly grow a wide range of plants in it. My wife also likes to sit under it during winter, enjoying the smell of nature on a cup of whisky.


  • 6 x 6 ft dimension
  • Dark green aluminium alloy frame
  • UV39u polycarbonate sheets
  • Sliding door
  • Hinged rooftop vent 

  • Very lightweight
  • Very spacious
  • Comes with extra fittings to secure the polycarbonate window panels
  • Panels need extra sealing with silicon in case of more massive winds

3. Palram Hybrid Greenhouse

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse

One time, a friend claimed he had just purchased, in his words, ‘the sturdiest polycarbonate greenhouse I have ever seen’. I called his bluff and we had a bet on it. He told me to visit and check it out for myself, and I agreed. The next day, I headed to his home with the confidence that I would leave with an extra 20 quid in my pocket. Instead, I left without mine.

I did confirm and agree with him on that notion because this greenhouse is indeed quite sturdy. It sits solidly on its base, looking virtually unshakable. The aluminium frame is surprisingly thick, and the PC panels are of extremely great quality. And the plastic is impressively clear, with the information indicating up to 90% light transmission for the PC material.

The PC greenhouse is also very spacious, and the heat insulation is quite outstanding. My friend is very excited about it, and cannot wait to start his tomato garden.


  • 6 x 8 ft dimension
  • Rust-resistant aluminium frame with galvanized steel base
  • Clear, polycarbonate glazed panels with 90% light transmission
  • Opening roof vents
  • Hinged door
  • Firm, sturdy, wind-resistant structure
  • Robust polycarbonate panels
  • Perfect for hobbyists
  • Takes a bit of effort to set up

4. BPIL Natural Wooden Polycarbonate Greenhouse

BPIL Natural Wooden Polycarbonate Greenhouse

BPIL Natural Wooden Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Certain situations call for the use of a smaller greenhouse, and this is something you cannot achieve with the traditional, conventional designs. Luckily, there are tons of mini polycarbonate greenhouses on the market, and I have tried out a lot of them. Out of all, this one is my favourite.

Not only is it portable, but also this PC mini greenhouse is built in a sturdy wood frame. The result is a robust structure, capable of withstanding rain and heavy wind. The doors also open both ways, like those of a shelf, giving me full access to my geranium seedlings. And at the top shelf takes plants, and allows an opening roof, just like the shelf doors.

The PC material is clear and durable and sits firmly in the wooden frame. Overall, I recommend this structure if you plan to run a small, convenient flower garden on very little space.


  • Hardwood frame
  • Twin-walled polycarbonate glazing
  • Height adjusting lids
  • Two Slated shelves
  • Two lifting lids with stays
  • Incredibly long-lasting
  • Assemblage instructions are easy to follow
  • Compact, portable size
  • Only suitable for seedlings and very small plants

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5. Tec Take 800416 Greenhouse

Tec Take 800416 Greenhouse

Tec Take 800416 Greenhouse

Sometimes, an excellent polycarbonate greenhouse is one that focuses on the job rather than the looks. It is one that comes with features that speak more about exceptional service and less about visual effects. Such PC greenhouses feature larger surface areas for light transmission, the right balance of thickness for U-Value, and a frame that supports without taking much space. This is one of those.

 The PC panels on this greenhouse are large and clear, with superb light transmission and thermal insulation. The frame is slim yet sturdy and durable, as it is made from anodized aluminium. The door fits snugly at the end of the slide, giving you maximum entry space. And the hardest thing I had to prepare to set it up was a concrete foundation and base.

The inner space is satisfactory, and it allows you to grow quite a lot of plants within the greenhouse. This is a plus for me, considering the high light transmission of the PC material makes it variety planting possible.


  • 4 mm UV-resistant PC panels
  • Stable anodized aluminium frame
  • Heat insulating hollow chamber panes
  • Roof window
  • Sliding door
  • Perfect size for lots of planting
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very lightweight
  • Requires very firm anchorage

6. BillyOh 4000 Lincoln Wooden Polycarbonate Greenhouse

BillyOh 4000 Lincoln Wooden Polycarbonate Greenhouse

BillyOh 4000 Lincoln Wooden Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Not all wooden-framed PC polycarbonate greenhouses are small-sized. Some models are constructed to take a relatively large amount of plants, which is one of those. The structure is specifically made to permit the growth of larger plants conveniently while managing space. Surprisingly, it comes in the traditional design.

The wooden frame is robust and sturdy- very resistant against weather and wind. However, the windows and walls set it aside from the traditional designs, as they are covered with polycarbonate panels. The interior is mid-sized, with twin shelf doors opening fully, so I can move in quickly. And the door can be secured firmly after closing, with a turn button lock.

The polycarbonate material is transparent, and you can feel the full flush of light passing through and nourishing your plants. For a split second, I felt jealous of them.


  • 6 x 3 ft dimension
  • Up to 85% light transmission
  • Sturdy timber frame
  • Tongue and groove construction
  • Hinged double doors with turn button locking system
  • The firm, robust build
  • Moderately spacious
  • An extensive doorway that makes moving in and out easy
  • Quite challenging to assemble, as it does not come with a base

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7. Outsunny Walk-in Greenhouse

Outsunny Walk-in Greenhouse

Outsunny Walk-in Greenhouse

After trying out the very spacious and lightweight PC greenhouse from TecTake, I decided to test its Outsunny counterpart. I believe in having various alternatives in anything, in case the first choice is unavailable. This tactic is also quite useful when there is a sudden climb in price on your favourite. This way, I keep my options wide and open, resting assured that I can always reach quality products.

While I prefer the TecTake version of this greenhouse, I have to admit. This was also quite effective. The polycarbonate panels are complete and allowed a rich supply of light to travel through. The frame is sturdy and commendably firm (not hurricane-resistant, of course). And the doorway is also large enough to walk through with a flower pot in each hand.

The PC material is of top-quality, though I set it up when it rained a lot. At least I was able to test out the roof gutters.


  • 6 x 6 ft Dimension
  • 3.6m2 Planting space
  • Polycarbonate panels with UV rating 30um
  • Aluminium frame, with galvanized steel base
  • Sliding door
  • Very spacious planting size
  • Very high light transmission
  • Impressive thermal insulation
  • Instructions were difficult to follow

8. SUNY ROAD Polycarbonate Outdoor Greenhouse

SUNY ROAD Polycarbonate Outdoor Greenhouse

SUNY ROAD Polycarbonate Outdoor Greenhouse

I have always noticed two common issues in most polycarbonate greenhouses with fragile frames. Either the instructions are difficult to follow, or the set-up seems easy until you finish, and it falls apart. Both issues, I discovered, are caused by a plain error; comprehension of the set-up procedures. The instructions seem aimed at those familiar with PC greenhouses for the former, while the latter fails due to misinterpretation.

With this structure, however, came support unlike most of the others I used. I already know the benefits of PC greenhouses with such complete and large panels, so choosing this was easy. And of course, its spacious planting area is enough to warm the heart of any green thumb out there. But what drew me to this structure was that it comes with video assistance for assemblage.

All I had to do was go to the manufacturer’s website and access the instructional video. Then, I followed the procedures step by step, and I was done in a short time!


  • 3.24m2 Planting space
  • Polycarbonate panel body, with up to 80% light transmission
  • Patina-surrounded aluminium frame with galvanized base
  • Sliding door with open roof
  • Gutter system
  • Large planting space
  • Excellent insulation in winter
  • Comes with an instructional video link
  • Needs up to two people to set it up

9. TecTake Lean-To Greenhouse

TecTake Lean-To Greenhouse

TecTake Lean-To Greenhouse

The structure is perfectly designed for the full permission of light and insulation of heat. Even you will feel the warmth if you sit under it during winter. But I was more grateful for the fact that it rests on the side of my wall, working quite well with such a small space. And though it was half the size of my previous polycarbonate greenhouse, I could still run my carrot gardening well.

The small size was a worthy compromise, in my opinion considering its 4mm PC material thickness. Its robust frame combines with the wall it leans to improve the sturdiness of the PC greenhouse.


  • Twin-walled 2mm thick polycarbonate panels
  • Anodized aluminium frame
  • 15kg total weight
  • Sliding door
  • Skylight
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • Perfect height and space
  • Great light transmission
  • Takes a while and extra help to assemble

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10. FIDOOVIVIA Polycarbonate Garden Greenhouse

FIDOOVIVIA Polycarbonate Garden Greenhouse

FIDOOVIVIA Polycarbonate Garden Greenhouse

Erecting a greenhouse is sweeter when you have tons of space on your property. You experience a satisfactory level of flexibility regarding the planting space and never compromise on design choices. Some people have such luck yet still struggle to find the right polycarbonate greenhouse for their gardening needs. Well, I dare say your search is over because this one here is a stellar product.

It comes with enough space within the structure of planting, mobility and even relaxation during the cold seasons. And the PC panel glasses are clear and very permissive to light. At 29kg, it is very sturdy and robust and sits on its site firmly, resisting heavy winds. Of course, the concrete foundation base was also elemental to this function.

The rooftop vent is excellent for ventilation, so regulating the internal heat was relatively easy. And the large sliding door makes walking in and out convenient for anyone.


  • 4 mm thick polycarbonate panels
  • High quality 10mm aluminium frame
  • Slide door
  • Rooftop vent
  • 29kg weight
  • Solid structure
  • Huge planting space
  • The height is perfect for tall shrubs
  • The PC sheets need extra sealing

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Polycarbonate Greenhouse UK Product Guide 

Polycarbonate greenhouses are taking the gardening world by storm. They offer a level of flexibility, mobility, space-saving and cost-efficiency their stationary counterparts never could. Their overall design and functionality are futuristic, making them appealing in a world where space and time are scarce resources.

I remember the time before I discover these innovative designs. Using traditional, glass greenhouses came with a lot of challenges. It required severe and regular maintenance and cleaning. You cannot move it at any time you changed your mind, because that would rather expensive. And you must make provisions for the chances of breaking the glass windows.

Today, with PC greenhouses, all of that is behind me. Now, I can decide what sizes to alternate at any time, so expanding my garden is cheaper and more accessible—no worries about breaking glass because the PC material is quite durable. If I wish to use the space my greenhouse is sited at any time, I disassemble, move to a new spot, and reassemble!

A lot of gardeners are starting to discover the gold mine that is a PC greenhouse. However, deciding the best pick for you might seem like a bit of a challenge. You may worry about whether the size affects its productivity or the potential lifespan of the build material. And others wonder about its efficiency in UV-filtration, heat resistance, and insulation.

Well, this review and product guide is here to clarify those issues. I compiled a list of top quality PC greenhouses for you to choose from. I stated their features and also added a product guide for more information. The guide contains the crucial elements I learned to look out for that helped me become very skilled at choosing PC greenhouses. And I assure you that the information is reliable, considering I got them from experts myself.

Taking an interest in a polycarbonate greenhouse is one thing. Knowing how to select the right one for you, however, may be tricky. This happens mostly when you barely know the right factors to look out for. That is why I have created a detailed product guide to eliminate such a problem.

Types of greenhouses

The purpose of most greenhouses is to protect growing plants from extremes of temperature and light during their earliest years. The earliest greenhouses were often simple square-based structures, with glassed-in shelves to enable plants to be grown in raised beds.

More recent developments have created structures which can be attractive and easily adapted to different environments, particularly if outdoor greenhouses have been damaged. These include the use of windows to allow some natural light into the greenhouses, along with space to grow plants and to provide protection from the elements, including strong winds and frost.

Greenhouses for agriculture

A greenhouse can help to extend the growing season, as crops can be grown without the need for too much frost and extreme temperatures. Plants that normally need warm conditions and a long growing season, including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and chillies, can be grown inside greenhouses in the cooler seasons. It is also possible to grow plants during the winter months, on farms that have an extensive area of land to cover.

Greenhouses for growing flowers

Focusing on a small area of the kitchen garden can be enough for most flower-lovers. Still, it is possible to grow plants in greenhouses designed specifically to grow flowering plants. Smaller, various flower plants can be grown in pots or troughs, or in elongated troughs which can be placed in the top of a greenhouse. You can also grow perennials in the ground, so greenhouse space isn’t used for cutting flowers.

Gardeners who want to grow flowering plants in greenhouses can purchase or make their own. A range of window boxes are available to choose from and are relatively simple to make. Some types of window box are designed to hold a single flower, such as the mini window box. In contrast, others can hold several, including the snowball window box, which is designed to be particularly colourful.

These horticultural solutions are available in the local greengrocers, so there’s no need to spend a fortune on buying a new shed or making a structure in your back garden.

Greens house for balcony

A greenhouse for your balcony or patio is an ideal solution for growing vegetables. A greenhouse can be used in warmer weather months, but there is also a growing trend for using them for growing flowers in colder, wetter months.

Gardeners who want to grow their plants on balconies can use the deck or balcony for growing space and protect plants from the elements. Plants such as peas, onions and potatoes can be grown in pots or troughs set in the ground. When these plants are ready to harvest, they can be moved indoors.

Gardeners who want to grow flowers in greenhouses can use a large tub, trough or trough with a plastic lid, or an elongated trough designed to hold water.

If you’re unsure whether your balcony is suitable, then a handy tool that’s designed to help gardeners check their balcony is suitable is the Garden Scope. The Garden Scope is a measuring device designed to measure the heights of plant stems or shrubs and to check that they are at the correct height to enable them to be grown successfully in a greenhouse.

Gardeners who want to grow their plants in greenhouses can use a selection of containers, ranging from tiny hanging pots to large troughs with tubs.

Greenhouse for beginners

Gardening is very much an evolving process. As you start to understand more about your plants, how to care for them and how to grow them, you’ll find that you can grow plants in the greenhouse that you can grow in the garden. However, if you’re beginning your gardening journey, you might find that a small greenhouse would be just right for beginners.

A small greenhouse can be made from cardboard or wood or can be made by glueing together planks of wood. This kind of greenhouse is called a ‘cold frame’, and will ensure that your plants get plenty of light when the temperature drops. A cold frame provides a different way of growing plants than a greenhouse, as it provides different temperatures inside. It will be more sensitive to frost than a greenhouse, so it is best for plant types that don’t thrive when they are below freezing.

Make your garden work for you

A small greenhouse is a low maintenance way of growing plants, which can help to cut down on waste and reduce the number of pesticides and fertilisers you have to buy.

Gardeners who want to make their garden work for them can buy pre-made greenhouse units, or they can create one themselves. If you want to build a structure in the garden, consider the materials that will be required and make sure you have the right tools to do it.


Plant Type

You need to remember that polycarbonate greenhouses come in different technical structures, and each type is ideal for certain types of plants. Look out for the internal network, as well as the thermal insulation and light transmission. Then, decide if the levels available in the selected PC greenhouse are precisely what your plants need.


The framework of most people greenhouses is aluminium, but there are others made with wood. While wood is sturdy and robust, aluminium is more resistant to weather and climate. If you opt for a PC greenhouse with a wooden frame, you must bear in mind that excessive exposure to rain can cause it to rot.

So, designs of such materials are best placed for locations with a shade or short term use. And they are also heavier than their aluminium counterparts.

Wall Thickness

The thickness of the polycarbonate sheet significantly affects the insulation properties and light transmission of the greenhouse. Most PC greenhouses are built with a 2-wall PC because it balances thermal insulation and light transmission. However, the thickness also affects these factors, as a 2mm thick 2-wall PC will allow more insulation and light transmission than its 8mm thick counterpart. This does not mean PC greenhouses with thicker PC are not efficient, as they might just be perfect for certain types of plants.

Light Transmission

Plants in the greenhouse need sunlight for better growth, and different plants require an additional amount of the sun. Therefore, you must lookout for the light transmission properties of your selected polycarbonate greenhouse.

As a rule, thinner-walled PCs allow more light into the greenhouse than the thicker ones, even when they both are 2 or 3 walled. I plant mostly half-sun plants, and 2-walled, 4mm dense PC greenhouses work best for me.


The U-Value of a polycarbonate greenhouse simply refers to its thermal insulating property. Most times, it is indicated by a number, e.g., .68. The higher the number shown on the polycarbonate greenhouse, the lesser the U-Value. As such, thicker materials tend to have lower U-Value, therefore better thermal insulation than thinner materials. For instance, a PC greenhouse with a U-Value of .78


Most people pick polycarbonate greenhouses with fancy colours for aesthetic purposes, but this is not always advised for everyone. You need to know that colour also affects the light transmission of the PC material. While transparent PC material allows maximum light into the greenhouse, colours like opal and bronze significantly reduce this. So, before you pick a colourful PC greenhouse, remember that the darker the colour, the lower its light transmission. 


How long do polycarbonate greenhouses last?

Polycarbonate greenhouses can be created for long-term service to last for up to 3 years. But generally, you should check the warranty as it is a good indication of how long the product is expected to last

How thick should polycarbonate be for a greenhouse?

For the best rigidity, it is advised to purchase a polycarbonate greenhouse with a minimum thickness of 3mm. Anything less than this usually means the greenhouse is privy to bending, especially if it is large.

Why does polycarbonate yellow in the sun?

The primary reason is the exposure to UV rays. The constant bombardment of UV rays on the outer sheet gradually damages it over time, causing it to turn yellow. Oxidation of the material can also lead to this.


Gardeners and green thumbs all over have begun to harness the benefits of polycarbonate greenhouses. We enjoy its flexibility, durability, and convenience. These structures are also relatively easy to manage and surprisingly affordable.

I have created this comprehensive review list and product guide for those who have decided to join the polycarbonate greenhouse club. I have featured some of the best on the market and highlighted the key factors to consider when looking for a suitable PC greenhouse. I also stated the various pros and cons of each product, so making the right selection will be easier for you.

But if you still find it hard to pick, go for TecTake 800416 Greenhouse. It is the best polycarbonate I have ever tried out, and a lot of other people agree with me. If you can spare the extra cash, pick BillyOh 4000 Lincoln Wooden Polycarbonate Greenhouse. And if your budget requires you to cut back cost, you need not worry. TecTake Lean-To Greenhouse is your best bet for affordable top-quality.

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