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Best Pillow Speakers UK

Listening to music while falling asleep is one excellent way to enjoy restful, deep & sound sleep. In fact, your awaking every time will induce revitalization & freshness.

Traditional headphones/earphones seem quite uncomfortable for sleeping time. Also, stereo speakers seem somewhat loud to fall asleep and listen to music. That’s where a pillow speaker has its speciality.

Despite having a novelty item tag, it’s highly effective as one sleeping aid. Its soft sound can induce a heavenly feel on the body for a relaxed bedtime and can really give some much-needed sound therapy.

As one inexpensive type, the market is overwhelmed with different models. to let you find the most suitable one, we enlisted the best pillow speakers right here. Just connect them up to your phone or mp3 player and away you go. What these are not, is a sound therapy pillow. These are pillows with speakers built in that have built in sounds to help you sleep.

Best Pillow Speaker 2020

1. Roberts Radio Pillow Talk Speaker

The ultimate mini speaker lets you enjoy a subtle late-night listening. In fact, Roberts Radio brings in all the necessary features in one piece to listen to music. Thanks to its standard 3.5mm headphone jack, the system is compatible with common sockets such as your mp3 player and mobile phone.

With a tiny size, no-hassle regarding its placement, storage or safety. Simply tuck your pillow speakers under your pillow & you’re good to go. Not to mention, the pillow speaker comes in a large earphone size.

Features & Benefits

Compact Framework

The neat little gear features a solid built for durable support. The speaker pillow is compact size allows easy, favourable & friendly use. Although it’s meant for individual use, you’ll have a decent time for sure.

Versatile Connectivity

There comes one 3.5mm socket integration for the speaker. With a standard size, it easily fits into common household equipment. Whether it’s radio, cassette, smartphone or similar others – you’ll have the best time.

Enjoyable Insomniacs

Thanks to its clearer sound quality, you’ll receive the exact audio from the equipment. There comes no volume control, so no obstruction on the way.

  • Elegant appeal for nice outlook.
  • Standard jack measures 3.5mm.
  • Clear audio without disruption.
  • Quite long & durable cable wire.
  • Simple storage, placement size.
  • Only for single person.
  • No volume adjustment.

2. Sangean PS300 Pillow Speaker

It’s undeniably one great choice for sleeping directly on the audio source. Not to mention, PS300 is one of the most preferred speakers in the current time. Sangean integrates some modern features to ensure maximum serviceability.

With a flattened body, the sleek profile packs large volume in a confined area. Thanks to its standard quality, common equipments are perfectly compatible here. Larger diameter with a built-in amplifier lets you hear a crystal clear sound. Great to listen to some nature sounds while you fall asleep and block out background noise.

Features & Benefits

Excellent Service

The best pillow speakers include advanced features to make your time. Its private listening system comes with a powerful amplifier. You can either activate or deactivate to get the preferred audio output.

Standard Socket

With a 3.5mm socket, the speakers definitely fits into standard devices. Literally, you can go for any common sound system without issue. From radio to player & even smartphones are fully compatible here.

Volume Control

Using its in-line control system, you can set the right volume easily. In fact, it takes no time to get the perfect sound. In addition, amplifier deactivation triggers direct boosting.

  • Sleek design with compact shape.
  • Excellent durability for its service.
  • Complete control using amplifier.
  • Versatile compatibility for usage.
  • Comfortable use with a long cord.
  • Quick draining of battery.
  • Burning of built-in amplifier.

3. SoundLAB Pillow Speaker

With a unique built & performing quality, bedtime listening reaches a whole new level. SoundLab proudly introduces its high-end, unrivalled speaker oh high quality. To get the job done well enough, it’s one fantastic choice within cheap price.

Through genuine technology, it promises to impart a sound sleep within minutes. Conveniently slipping under the pillow, it gives no trouble on the bed. Reasonable sound quality will let you go through the audiobook.

Features & Benefits

Robust Quality

For the speaker frame, it features a solid built for longevity. Obviously, the system has minor issues with its top angle. But overall performance is pretty satisfactory, particularly for nighttime bed listening.

Fitting System

As it happens, there comes a standard 3.5mm socket integration so will connect to most audio devices. Using the socket, you can connect it to almost any common equipment. Radio, CD, MP3 players & other devices are fully compatible here.

Good Audibility

Unless you go listening to some heavy songs, you’re ready to go. The system delivers a reasonably clear sound with normal audio. For bedtime songs, it’s quite perfect. However, there is no volume control.

  • Nice built for durable service.
  • Quiet yet clear level of output.
  • Impressive design for appeal.
  • Fully supportive sound quality.
  • Long cable for distant hearing.
  • Poor angle of top surface.
  • No volume control system.

4. Aofan Mini 3.5mm Pillow Speaker

When you want something traditional for bedtime songs, it’s for you. From Aofan, the mini pillow speaker provides excellent reliability & performance. Just put it next to your position & plugin, that’s it for your night and you can get some much needed sound therapy.

The overall built is mostly similar to conventional earphones available. Apart from beautiful tones, it comes with nice aesthetics to represent your style. Through a 3.5mm socket, it enables standard equipment connectivity.

Features & Benefits

Portable, Compact

The white-coloured mini built certainly comes without a large space requirement. With a tiny size & sleek profile, the entire system here is incredibly compact. The compact shape lets you enjoy minimal storage & placement.

Versatile Uses

Likewise, the integration of a standard 3.5mm socket comes along. It enables you to plug in the speaker with common devices. For the best part, you can enjoy tunes from MP3, MP4, CD & even radio.

Elegant Appeal

For its smaller size, it definitely bears an excellent outlook. Thanks to its 4’ long wire, you can even enjoy the tones from a reasonable distance.

  • Reasonably large speaker dia.
  • Standard connector included.
  • Compatible with MP3 & MP4.
  • No disturbed/distorted sound.
  • Superb output for audio level.
  • No facility for sound control.
  • Certain issues with diameter.

5. Aofan 2 in 1 Mini Pillow Speaker

Enjoy the time while getting to sleep with your soulmate right away. Aofan introduces one sound system with two speakers. The 2-in-1 speaker is likely to take your nighttime listening experience to a newer height.

Otherwise, the overall built is almost the same as the previous one. its standard connectivity lets you hear from most household devices. Without disturbance, you’re good to go for a decent bedtime sleep with favourite tones.

Features & Benefits

Two Speaker System

Put aside all the problems with a single/individual speaker system. Using two speakers, lets you enjoy full clarity of the audiobook. Also, you can listen to the favourites along with your partner.

Great Connectivity

It bears considerable similarity with the previous model. Of course, the 3.5mm socket is no different either. Whether it’s MP3, MP4, radio, CD or other players – it allows you to enjoy everything.

Reasonable Output

When it comes to output, only a few competitors can match its class. Unlike anything else, the duo system initiates a clearer & better sound quality.

  • Dual speaker, quiet listening.
  • Great level of audio output.
  • Sufficient speaker diameter.
  • No disturbance or distortion.
  • Easily fits into MP3 & MP4.
  • Dual speaker, quiet listening.
  • Great level of audio output.
  • Sufficient speaker diameter.
  • No disturbance or distortion.
  • Easily fits into MP3 & MP4.

6. Garsent Mini Pillow Speaker

The powerful speaker having a high-quality built provides stereo sound. In fact, the mini speaker by Garsent is ready to give a pleasant bedtime tune. Without disturbing others, you can enjoy a decent relaxation time.

Its soft audio teams up with an impressive HD sound for the betterment of musical experience. The compatibility is standard to fit into all audio devices. Giving out a rather beautiful tone, it lets you sleep well.

Features & Benefits

Simple Function

There comes no hassle to activate your nighttime listening. All it takes is to connect with the intended device & put aside the speaker. No disturbance for others, it’s only you & your favourite music.

Good Usability

With great compatibility, it connects to any audio device without issue. The standard 3.5mm jack lets you enjoy its full usability. MP3, MP4, CD Players or Smartphones – you can use all perfectly.

Superb Quality

With a durable & sturdy ABS plastic, it comes with excellent craftsmanship. Its white exterior induces an exquisite outlook all the way.

  • Great appeal, nice workmanship.
  • Easy portability with sleek design.
  • HD stereo sound with soft audio.
  • Lightweight, compact framework.
  • Quite supportive length of cable.
  • Not exactly for loud output.
  • No maneuverable function.

7. iMusic Pillow

Adapted headphone technology makes it quite different from others. Not to mention, Oliphant brings in a full pillow set to enjoy sleeping tones. No more tangled cable to handle with the functional, advanced system.

Soothing yourself to a relaxing, sound sleep gets to a newer level right here. Despite its limited compatibility, the pillow is sure to make an impression. Maintaining a comfortable level, the audio ensures pleasant listening.

Features & Benefits

Simple Operation

The pillow itself acts as a speaker to deliver your preferred tunes. It simply eliminates the requirement of tangled cables or wires. Just plugin & you’re ready to enjoy a new listening experience.

Convenient Action

It comes with an adapted headphone technique for functionality. The system allows smooth transmission of sound through the frame. Of course, it maintains a comforting, audible level of output.

Soothing Sound

Thanks to its sound quality, you’ll go through a soft tune all along. It soothes yourself to relaxing night sleep. You can enjoy the audiobook or favourite playlist with pleasure.

  • Comfortable level of audio output.
  • No cable/wire connection required.
  • Smooth transmission from sources.
  • Extra cable allows further usability.
  • No disturbance or distortion issues.
  • Poor quality of its interior lead.
  • Some issues with sound clarity.


Apart from relaxing music, it features a higher specification of fillings for the fabric. The music pillow by Homescapes finally introduces a washable system. With the removable speaker, you can enjoy the excellent sound quality.

The premium feathers require simple cleaning & drying for its maintenance. Thanks to its cotton fabric, it retains the original dimension all the way. Using the long wire, you can easily get into any compatible music source.

Features & Benefits

Quality Material

The versatile system comes in a full UK size having 19 x 29 inches. It has a 100% White Duck Feather filling to impart a 900gm weight. For the fabric, there comes 100% cotton with dual stitching edges.

Simple Cleanups

You just have to take off the removable speaker from the system. The washable system lets you clean the whole feathers easily. Using tumble drier on lower heat restores full freshness & loft.

Relaxing Output

The speaker provides excellent sound quality for your listening. All you need is to connect it with any standard music source supporting 3.5mm jack.

  • Compatible with all music players.
  • Fully UK size, comforting platform.
  • Small duck feathers of whole size.
  • Cotton fabric, no dust/mite down.
  • Quite useful in medical conditions.
  • Slightly disturbing smell occurs.
  • Certain issues with sound level.

9. Twin Pillow Speaker

Let’s get to something that will cover both your ears for further clarity. In fact, the twin speaker by Electrovision lets you enjoy the time. Of course, you can even share one speaker with your partner.

The system allows you to listen in privacy without disturbing others. In fact, the standard speaker transmits tunes from any music player. Its unrivaled quality comes with high-end, satisfactory performance.

Features & Benefits

Premium Construction

The twin speaker features a robust plastic body to handle the wears & tears. You’ll get an enduring service on the bed. With a black appeal, the tool bears an artistic value for sure.

Convenient Measures

Regarding the dimensions, it’s pretty compact with a tiny size. Obviously, it results in a lightweight system. The gear remains easy to carriage which implies higher portability.

Reasonable Compatibility

There comes a 2.9m long lead which simply terminates in a jack. The standard 3.5mm jack lets you connect it to the music source. You can listen to the tunes from radio, CD or MP3 players.

  • Lightweight design, easy carriage.
  • Black exterior for elegant appeal.
  • Long cable for distant connection.
  • Excellent sound clarity for output.
  • Higher portability with no issues.
  • No facility for volume control.
  • Slight distortion with sound.

10. DIY 3.5mm Mini Louder Speakers Music Pillow

The mini loudspeaker can definitely make the night for a decent sleep. In fact, Jasnyfall brings in one peculiar stereo speaker for nighttime listening. The framework is quite okay to satisfy all your needs.

The simple but durable framework comes with a simple yet effective action. Just connect it to the source & put is beside the pillow, that’s it. Start falling asleep with your preferred tunes, no disturbance for others.

Features & Benefits

Elegant Frame

With a reasonable diameter, the speaker induces perfect audio output from sources. The white construction surely lets you enjoy a decent appeal all along. Its high-quality plastic serves for long enough without falling apart.

Simple Action

You just require to connect the jack to the intended player. Put it sideways while lying on the pillow to enjoy your favorite bedtime tunes. No battery, no volume control – it’s plugin & goes for listening.

Superb Usability

Without a doubt, standard music players mostly have 3.5mm intake. Thanks to its 3.5mm jack at the termination of cable, it’s compatible with most devices.

  • Decent look with white exterior.
  • Quite long cable for connectivity.
  • Mini speaker, loud sound level.
  • No disturbance/distortion occurs.
  • Smart design, lightweight carry.
  • Suitable for individual use.
  • No maneuverable feature.


Best Pillow Speakers – Buying Guide

Without the right speakers, you can’t expect to get a satisfactory listening experience. For obvious reasons, you need to understand the influential factors regarding pillow speakers. Knowing the key considerations will allow you to make an excellent purchase. These are best suited for side sleepers as you won’t want to keep your partner awake.

Pillow Type

There are different types available even with pillow speakers. Although the functionality is the same, the features seem somewhat variable.

There are pillows with integrated speakers having stereo jack. The whole frame induces a solid speaking platform for your listening. Also, you can go to portable speakers. Its separate usability allows you to place inside or underneath the pillow. For the last type, there come flat speakers to lay beneath the pillow. Covered with a soft exterior, it ensures an unnoticed stay while you sleep.

Material Quality

Since there are various designs of speakers, you’ll find lots of different materials. The most common material for the speaker is hardened plastic. It’s important to check out the quality as it tends to fall apart. For the pillows, it contains outer fabric with leather filling.

Integrated Jack

For wired speakers, you better take a look at the jack. The most common & universally standard jack socket is 3.5mm. without this specification, you can barely connect it to any electronic source. Not to mention, mobile devices & music players are fitted to take in 3.5mm jack for almost all cases.

Audio Output

Unfortunately, the majority of complaints lie with the sound quality. In fact, pillow speakers aren’t exactly the standard device for listening to heavy, clearer tunes.

But most speakers often hold enough for providing sufficiently audible sound. The soft level is good for hearing sleeping tones though. It also largely depends on the source volume & pillow thickness. For a decent output, you should consider keeping the speaker right below your ear.

Overall Design

Almost all the inexpensive speakers have rounded shapes with a diameter of around 60 mm. not to mention, it’s the most common form which is okay for most users. The system mostly features one single speaker for individual use. There are some other models with twin or dual speakers.

Cable Length

There are both wired & Bluetooth speakers in the market. For Bluetooth, you may face several connectivity issues. You’ll need a decent range to ensure maximum transmission.

Coming to the wired ones, cable length varies to a large extent. There comes no hard & fast rule to follow while choosing the righteous length. You can go for a reasonable length which ranges from 3’ – 5’ in general.

Responding Hz

The overall audio stimulation depends on frequency response. It’s not exactly an essential point, but good to look into. The range should lie within somewhere between 20 Hz to 100 Hz for pillow speakers. In no case, you can go anywhere near 20000 Hz.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is it possible to connect the speaker to TV?

Answer: You can connect the pillow speaker to a TV as long as it features an audio jack.

Question: Do the speakers come with integrated radio?

Answer: No, pillow speaker contains no source devices inside.

Question: Can I wash speaker pillows?

Answer: Mostly, you can’t. But there are certain models that allow simple cleanups.

Question: What’s the difference with conventional earphones?

Answer: Basically, the function is the same but it differs in mechanism.

Question: Which one is preferable – single or twin speakers?

Answer: It fully depends on your preference. Twin gives better privacy & insulation.

Question: How long should I prefer for the cable/wire?

Answer: A cable of 3’ – 4’ length seems standard for most users.

Final Verdict

Enjoy a sound sleep on the night while listening to your favourite song in a soft mode. Using the right pillow speaker will help you to treat insomniacs pretty well.

It’s rather difficult to make an ultimate purchase when you have a full list of best ones. Yet, we would like to choose Sangean PS300 Pillow Speaker among others. The high-end performance, supreme quality & reasonable price tag keeps it at the forefront of customer preference.

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