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Best Pill Cutter UK

Whether you have recently been prescribed pills that you are finding hard to swallow whole or always need to cut down pills to size, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of using a knife on your medication and just as you press the blade against the tablet or vitamin, it slips off the countertop and on to the floor.

However, it doesn’t need to be that way, as there are helpful options out there in the way of pill splitters or pill cutters. These practical devices can chop down your medication into manageable pieces, whether it’s just because you find it hard swallowing them or because you have a precise dosage. To help you make the right choice, we’ve highlighted 10 of the best pill cutters available.

Best Pill Cutter UK 2020

1.   PuTwo Pill Cutter

First up in our guide is this high quality but affordable option from a company called PuTwo. This pillbox comes with a splitter that utilizes a special V slot that secures the pills. Therefore, no more accidental slips and inaccurate cuts.

The blade housed within the PuTwo pill-splitter is a JIS-standard stainless-steel double grinder that is both robust and durable. Even if you are dealing with the smallest pills known to man, this will make light work of chopping them down into handy dose sizes with no effort at all. Which makes it especially good if you are infirm, elderly or simply lack dexterity and strength in your fingers.

We especially like this pillbox splitter because it has been designed to go where you go. It can fit into your pocket and be used as your normal pill cutter or a travel companion. What’s more, because it comes with removable lids, it is very easy to keep clean, requiring a simple wash between uses. Particularly if you are keen to avoid mixing different medications.

Although it doesn’t exactly matter what it looks like, we love its transparent blue colour as it always allows you to see what’s inside it.

2.   RZJZGZ 4 Pack Pill Cutter

Next from the company RZJZGZ, we have this 4-pack of pill cutters/splitters that use a double grinding blade. These are an updated version of a previous model available for the company. The manufacturers have added a sturdy and reliable pill holder that keeps the medication in place while you get to work on closing that sharp and effective double grinding blade to slice them up.

Say no more to cutting pills directly with a knife and watching as they slide across the countertop and onto the floor, rendering them useless and destined for the bin. With this handy little box, you can put them in a sanitary place and cut them up safely and easily.

We are pleased to say if you are looking for eco-friendly and non-toxic products, then this is a great option as it does not contain any BPA and is made from an environmentally friendly PP material. While the blade itself is stainless steel.

Simple to use, requiring little effort, this is also ideal if you need to chop down pills to make them more manageable. Its travel-friendly dimensions mean you can take it just about anywhere.

Throw it into your travel bag or keep it in your day-to-day bag and you are never far away from the pills you need to take.

3.   Safe and Sound Pill and Tablet Cutter

Budget-friendly but efficient and effective at the job it was designed to do. That’s how we would describe the Safe & Sound Pill & Tablet Cutter. If you’ve never heard of Safe & Sound as a brand before, it may help you to know that they operate as part of Murrays Health & Beauty.

The simple design of this pill cutter and slicer belies just how effective it is with guides that the pills can sit between to ensure you cut them safely and accurately. Although it is designed to be suitable for cutting a large variety of pills, as it is only small, you can only use it with pills measuring 1.75cm or less.

Simply insert the pills into place and press down the lid to cut them. There is nothing really to it. It has even been made to be easy to clean and will not take up too much space wherever you choose to keep it, whether it’s in your luggage, day-to-day bag or medicine cupboard. While you obviously need to exercise caution using any pill cutter or pill slicer, this takes a lot of worry and stress out of the process.

4.   AUVON Scissors-Shaped Pill Cutter

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