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Best Paint Stripper for Wood UK

There are many strippers that you can buy at your local hardware store, which claim to strip paint, but these are usually a little too harsh for everyday use. Many of them are either petroleum-based or solvent based. These are two of the worst types of chemicals to use for stripping paint, as they can cause damage to the surface of the wood itself. The preferred method to strip paint is to use a non-petroleum based stripper like Goo Gone or Loctite, which removes paint without damaging the surface of the wood.

But sometime Goo Gone also does not work.

I had this piece of furniture that was painted pink, and I so much wanted to get the paint off. Not like I hate pink or anything, but the paint was old and peeling, it was no longer attractive. The table in itself was strong and sturdy, with the wood still intact and nice, I couldn’t throw it away. The issue was getting the pink paint off, so I could lay in a new one. It sounds so easy. Wrong. 

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I tried everything. I tried using a knife to peel off the layer of paint. I tried using a flat piece of metal, I tried some paint removers in this quest, but it still didn’t work. The most annoying part was how everything I tried was affecting the wood underneath it. 

I’m not alone, I know. You must have been in such a situation before, maybe even right now. Well, worry no more. In my quest to revamp my beautiful table, I found the light. And that is the point of this article I’m about to get into. In this article, I will be sharing with you ten of the best paint strippers in the market. These products are guaranteed to work and are so safe that they would not harm your wood. They get the job done, and they do with absolutely no worry. 

Along with the list is a product guide and a few recommendations, with that said, let’s get into it. 

Top 10 Paint Stripper for Wood UK

1. Barretine Panther Paint and Varnish Remover

Paint Panther STPP2.5 2.5 L, Milky White

Paint Panther STPP2.5 2.5 L, Milky White

Barretine Paint Panther is a solvent paint stripper. It makes the top of this list because based on the chemicals that makes it up, it is the most versatile and effective type of paint stripper. Barretine Paint Panther relies on chemicals to loosen the bond between the paint and the surface. 

It will effectively strip water and oil-based paint, as well as epoxy and polyurethane from wood, masonry and another type of surfaces without discolouration, which is exactly what we are looking for. 

It is also highly potent and super fast, effective on a wide range of new and old paint and varnish coverings. Its non-drip formula also makes it very suitable for all kinds of surface, either vertical or horizontal. It is gel-like, and it won’t drip to mess up the floors or the wallsBarretine Paint Panther is surely a good investment and would give you total value for your money. 


  • Methylene chloride free. 
  • Suitable for a wide range of paints. 
  • Non-drip formula. 
  • Requires only 15 minutes drying time. 
  • Very quick and easy to use.
  • Extremely versatile.
  • Gel consistency for easy application.
  • It might cause serious irritation to the eyes and skin.
  • High VOC.

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2. PeelAway 1 UK Paint Remover

PeelAway 1 Paint Remover 5Kg

PeelAway 1 Paint Remover 5Kg

This only came second on the list because we can not have two products on the number one spot. This PeelAway 1 Paint Remover is also a Barretine product, and it will remove layers upon layers of old paints without any hassle. 

It is super versatile, as it can remove paints from many other surfaces asides wood. Bricks, ceilings, masonry, steel, cast iron. 

It is ideal for heavy-duty work and would strip off thirty-two layers of paint in a go. It is also great at removing lead-based paints, and it will trap the lead and prevent it from escaping into the surrounding air. It will require about 12 hours drying time, and use of a sealer or primer before another fresh layer of paint can be spread on. 

This is another excellent investment, and it does exactly what it says on the can. 


  • Can take off thirty-two layers of paints. 
  • Extremely versatile. 
  • Has a protective blanket to keep the paint from running out. 
  • It would remove older, lead-based paints. 
  • Easier and safer to use.
  • Cheap and convenient.
  • Comes with a kit for ease.
  • High VOC
  • It might cause respiratory issues if there is no proper ventilation. 

3. Rustin STNF250 Strypit’s UK Paint and Varnish Stripper

Rustins STNF250 250ml Strypit

Rustins STNF250 250ml Strypit

If you are talking about taking off light paint covering, then this is perfect for you. It is a non-caustic, dichloromethane-free product with a gel consistency that strips off paint with no hassle. It works best when applied liberally and would require about two applications for really great results. 

Because it is gel-like, it is ideal for use ok vertical surface as it would not drop to the floors or across the wall to cause a mess. It is non-flammable and has minimal evaporation which means you can apply and leave for a while without fear of it drying out, like most regular paint strippers. Overall, it is a great investment for simple DIY projects and would cause no hassle. 


  • Very quick, as it has a drying time of 20 minutes. 
  • It works perfectly for light paint covering. 
  • Just a few coat of liberal application. 
  • Effective and great work.
  • Twenty minutes of drying time.
  • Non-caustic and dichloromethane-free.
  • No strong smell of fume or chemicals.
  • It doesn’t work for more robust coverings. 

4. Polycell UK Maximum Strength Paint Stripper

Polycell Maximum Strength Paint Stripper

Polycell Maximum Strength Paint Stripper 1L [Misc.]

If you are looking for a paint stripper for an outdoor project, then this is for you. It has a strong smell and composition that requires lots of ventilation for comfortable use, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this Polycell Maximum Strength Paint stripper has earned the spot on this list. 

It strips off almost every type of paint and varnish from almost every type of surface, without harming the surface underneath. It is effortless to apply and works by forming a thin film over the paint. This thin, soft film is straightforward to peel off and leaves you with a smooth surface, that is ready for a fresher application. 

It is made in a non-drip, gel formula that makes it extremely easy to apply on the vertical surface because it will not drip to form a mess. It is water washable and strips up to twelve coats of paint in one go! 


  • Ideal for outdoor professional or DIY projects. 
  • No scraping necessary after use. 
  • Quick action, it dries after twenty minutes. 
  • Size is fairly great and would last a long time. 
  • Quick action.
  • Non-drip, gel formula so it’s immaculate to use.
  • It takes just twenty minutes to dry off.
  • Very easy to apply and remove.
  • The fumes are bad and could cause problems.

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5. Biostrip20 UK All Purpose Water Based Paint, Stripper.

Biostrip 20 Paint Stripper 500ml, Paint Remover. Water Based Solution to effortlessly Remove Paint and Varnish from Wood, Brick, Concrete, Metal, uPVC, Glass and More

Biostrip 20 Paint Stripper 500ml, Paint Remover. Water Based Solution to effortlessly Remove Paint and Varnish from Wood, Brick, Concrete, Metal, uPVC,.

This Biostrip water-based paint is another affordable, yet effective choice of paint stripper for you to purchase. The formula has recently been improved by thickening, such that the paint stripper no longer drips at much as it used to. It clings harder to a surface now and doesn’t cause a mess, thereby also reducing wastage. 

A 500 ml can of this stripper remove about 2 to 3 square metres of paint. It is available in a tub or sprays on formula and asides wood. It can be used on a variety of other surfaces too. 

It can effectively remove varnish, primer, water or oil-based paints. It is not an aggressive stripper like other ones in the market, and this extensively narrows down how much work it can do, so if you’re looking for a paint stripper for a more robust body of work, this is not the greatest option. 


  • For medium levels of DIY or professional projects. 
  • It works effectively and efficiently. 
  • Non-toxic. 
  • Economical, each 500 ml bottle would strip 2 to 3 square metres. 
  • It can be bought in a spray-on bottle for convenience. 
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Low odour.
  • Highly economical.
  • Might need more than one application to work.

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6. Kling-Strip UK Original Paint Stripper

Kling-Strip - The Original Peel-It-Off Paint Stripper 10kg (5L)

Kling-Strip - The Original Peel-It-Off Paint Stripper 10kg (5L)

This is another effective and versatile paint stripper that was manufactured by a brand that has been making their formulas since 1974. They know what they are doing. This particular stripper is the new and improved version and is otherwise called, the “no scrape” version, which means after applying this formula, you do not need to scrape the formula off. 

A jare of this paint stripper will remove 3 to 6 square metres of paint. It is highly effective and would wow you with how thoroughly efficient you will find it and how utterly clean your surface would look after use. It is versatile too and can be used for some varieties of substrates asides wood. 

Do not use this stripper if you are in a hurry, as it requires to be left for 48 hours to react with the paint. 


  • Extremely versatile. 
  • Suitable for professional and DIY projects. 
  • Requires 48 hours drying time. 
  • Doesn’t require any scraping.
  • Very effective.
  • Requires only one application.
  • It liquifies after a while and becomes messy.
  • Can not be used on Oakwood.

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Using Hot Air Gun To Remove Paint

Paint stripping using a hot air gun could be an ideal way to remove more paint from a section than is typically possible with a power-driven tool. One advantage is that the gun is self-regulating and works to remove paint, but there are drawbacks. The gun also removes the paint beneath the surface that the stripper actually is trying to remove, whereas a stripper should be used at the same time as paint is being removed from the surface.

7. Seekone Hot Air Gun To Remove Paint

2000W Heat Gun, SEEKONE Hot Air Gun Kit Variable Temperature 60℃- 600℃ with 2 Speed Setting 4 Nozzles with Scraper, for Removing Paint, Varnish, Shrinking PVC, Crafts and More DIY Home Improvement

2000W Heat Gun, SEEKONE Hot Air Gun Kit Variable Temperature 60℃- 600℃ with 2 Speed Setting 4 Nozzles with Scraper, for Removing Paint, Varnish, Shrinking

Over the years, so many controversies have arisen over the chemical components used in making chemical paint strippers. These chemicals have been tested to cause respiratory, heart and other vital problems with continued use. 

That is why, when it comes to paints stripping some people prefer to use hot air guns. These guns strip off the paint using heat, as opposed to the chemical reactions of the chemical paint strippers.

This particular product is a paint stripper shaped like a gun. It works with an electric power of 2000 W and has two airflow speeds and six temperature dial ranges. It has four different types of nozzles used for varieties of application and can dispense heat up to 600 degree Celsius. It is a great kit, very effective and quick. Just direct the heat on to the targeted spot, and it comes off like magic. No hassle. 


  • No harsh chemicals to deal with. 
  • Extremely versatile and would do more than strip paint. 
  • Different temperatures for different needs. 
  • Easy to manoeuvre, since it’s a handheld tool.
  • Very easy and stress-free to use.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Ergonomic design for convenience.
  • The cable is short. 

8. Wagner Heat Gun To Remove Paint

Wagner Heat Gun Furno 750 , 50°C - 630°C, 2000 W, memory function, airflow capacity 820 l/min, Digital LCD display, incl. concentrator, reflector, glass protection, wide nozzle, scraper, carry case

Wagner Heat Gun Furno 750 , 50°C - 630°C, 2000 W, memory function, airflow capacity 820 l/min, Digital LCD display, incl. concentrator, reflector

This Wagner Heat Gun is easily the best electric paint stripper in the market right now. It has an adjustable temperature ranging from 500c to 6300c for a vast range of applications, that’s some serious power. 

It has an LCD that gives you total control over the temperature settings, and it also has memory function the displays the last setting of the heat gun. 

It arrives with several accessories which contain nozzles you can change and use for many other activities like thawing pipes, softening putty. The gun has six airflow settings and a cool-down mode to prolong its life

It is an extremely reliable kit and a very great investment. It would remove paint without any hassle, and you would be glad you purchased. 


  • Adjustable temperature range of 500c to 6300c. 
  • It has a nozzle cover for protecting the gun. 
  • Adjustable temperature for different use. 
  • Sophisticated LCD. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Convenient to use.
  • Very easy to operate and master.
  • Completely easy to handle and manoeuvre.
  • No bad fumes or chemicals
  • Risk of scalding skin with heat.

9. VonHaus Heat Paint Remover Gun

VonHaus 2000W Heat Gun – Remove Paint, Varnish, Dissolve Adhesives, Shape Plastic Tubing & More – 2 Heat Settings: 350°C & 550°C – for DIY, Home Improvement & Restoration

 VonHaus 2000W Heat Gun – Remove Paint, Varnish, Dissolve Adhesives, Shape Plastic Tubing & More – 2 Heat Settings: 350°C & 550°C

What I love most about this particular heat gun is the PP composite housing for extra durability and resistance against harsh temperature. I also love how there is a glass protection nozzle to protect the surrounding environs from heat when directing the controlled heat on the targeted areas. 

It works on a power of 2000 W and adjustable temperatures of 350•C minimum to 550•C maximum, which makes it very versatile for several activities asides stripping paints. It can be used for bending pipes, loosening adhesives, loosening rusted nuts. It also comes with different nozzles for these various applications. 

This heat gun is extremely convenient to use and hardly requires any hard labour. It strips paint like magic, and you would find that it was a great investment after purchase. Like other heat guns, you have to take care to find the right temperature for your project. 


  • Suitable for DIY and professional projects. 
  • A thermostat to prevent overheating.
  • Glass protection nozzle. 
  • Variable temperature. 
  • High power of 2000 W.
  • Ergonomic design for optimum comfort.
  • Optimal weight
  • No bad fumes or chemicals to inhale.
  • Extremely versatile.
  • Risk of scalding one’s self with heat.

10. Draper 15225 Storm Force Hot Air Gun To Remove Paint

Draper 15225 Storm Force Hot Air Gun (2000W) 2000 W 230 V

Draper 15225 Storm Force Hot Air Gun (2000W) 2000 W 230 V

Manufactured by Draper, this hot air gun strips paint by directing a controlled amount of heat to the required area for the shortest time, or at least, until you think the paint is ready to be peeled off.

It is shaped like a gun, with a very comfortable handle. And in the pack comes the gun itself, with concentrator nozzles, hooked nozzle and an edge protector. The hot air is blown from these nozzles, and you can use any of the nozzles, depending on the heat concentration or the application at the moment. The edge protector is for shielding the area around the wood from heat, which I think is highly thoughtful.


  • Comes with different nozzles for different applications. 
  • Three temperature settings (500c, 4500c and 6000c ), which you can vary to your discretion depending on the thickness or texture of the wood you want to strip.
  • It is light to handle and very convenient to use.
  • It has a balanced grip so you can set the gun down and let it spray upwards, leaving your hands free to do other things.
  • Risk of scalding. 

Paint Stripper for Wood UK Product Guide

Knowing the best paint strippers in the market is one thing, knowing which one of these products to buy is the real point of this article. Are you a professional or a DIYer? Do you need the job done quickly or you have time? Is it an indoor or an outdoor project? Do you have asthma or other respiratory problems, there is a product for everyone. 

Professional or DIYer 

I feel like this is one of the most important factors to consider. There are different types of paint strippers for everyone. If you are a DIYer, you have ample time to dally around and explore since you are working for yourself. If you are a professional, you have to make sure you pick out the right products that would not affect the client’s wood or drip to the floors to cause a mess. You want to make sure that at the end of everything, your job is duly done and neat. Go for paint strippers with gel formulas that do not drip, or paints strippers that don’t require more than two coat applications before they work. 

Indoors or Outdoors

Before you splurge on any of these products, ask yourself this question. If you are working indoors, then you need to choose one of the paint strippers with non-violent chemicals and less fume. They tend to work slower and not as effective as the ones with high VOC, but that’s the right decision to make. Even at that, no matter the stripper you opt for, if you are working indoors, always keep all the windows open so ventilation can be cross and even. If possible, you can take the furniture outdoors to be sure you are doing the right thing. 


Health is essential. Do you have asthma? Or any other related issues? If you do, then you should not even be considering the chemical paint strippers in the first place. The heat guns are best for you. They practically leave almost no fume and do not contain any harsh chemicals. 

If you have any issues with your eyes, this is also for you. The chemicals in the solvent paint strippers can cause serious damage to your eyes; you have to be super careful. 

To be on the safer side, if you have any health-related issues, the heat guns are for you. Stay away from the chemical paint strippers. 

Wood type

What type of wood is beneath the surface of your paint? If you don’t want to end up peeling both the paint and the wood, then this step is for you. Know the type of wood you are working with before you choose any of this product. Read through their manuals or ask questions, if there is any close, it’s always written in bold. Some paint strippers are not suitable for oakwood, some are not suitable for maple wood, some paint strippers require just a single coat, or they would burn right through the wood. Be sure of any of these before deciding on one. 


Some paint strippers dry under 15 minutes, some dries under 20 minutes, some dries in 48 hours, 72 hours, the list goes on. Before you choose any of the above, be sure about the required time for drying. If it suits your purpose, then, by all means, go ahead. 


How do you use the solvent paint strippers?

The instructions are always clearly written on the can. You might need to apply some with a painting brush. Some come in a spray can so you can spray it on without any stress. Either way, after applying on a surface, you wait for some time before stripping. The time duration varies according to the products used. 

What safety precautions do I have to take when using the chemical paint strippers?

Firstly, try not to use the paint stripper indoors. And if you must, make sure there is proper ventilation to keep the fumes away and out. Also, make sure to use PPEs like thick gloves, safety goggles. 

Make sure you read the instructions on the can before using, don’t just assume you know what you’re doing. 

Asides stripping paint off wood, what else can the heat gun be used for?

The heat guns are probably the most versatile of the above products. It can be used to bend plastics and to remove paint off tiles. 

Paint Stripper quote image


I hope this article has helped you choose the right paint stripper for you. Read the product guide carefully before picking, and it would be an added advantage. 

Before I wrap it up, I’m here with some recommendations. For me, the overall best product in the above list is the Seekone Hot Air Gun. It strips paint efficiently without the hassle of dealing with harsh chemicals. 

The second best is Paint Panther. It is for heavy-duty or professional work and would strip up to fifteen layers of paint. It dries under fifteen minutes too. Lastly, the Rustin Strypit is for DIYers or extremely light work. If you’re looking to get paint off one or two furniture, nothing serious, then this is for you. It dries up under twenty minutes with no hassle. 

With that said, we have come to an end. I hope whatever you end up with does the best work for you. Have a nice week.

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