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Best Outdoor Car Covers To Protect From Harsh Weather in UK

The most basic purpose of an outdoor car cover is to protect your car from wind and weather. However, in the course of my research, I found out that there are other uses for a car cover other than to protect it from wind and weather.

Another advantage of having an outdoor car cover is that it shields your car from vandalism. When car covers are in place, it offers an extra layer of protection.

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In fact, with a car cover, it makes your car look like brand new. And with its tough fabric and strong handles, you may not even need to take it off when the weather is fine. Also, car covers protect the car’s interior and do a lot of work in keeping things safe and secure.

Outdoor car covers come in different fabric colours and designs, depending on the demand. You may need to look for the best car cover for your type of car to have peace of mind.

The car covers I’ve reviewed in this article are of different styles and brands. I’ve reviewed the affordable car covers and the premium outdoor car covers, all of which are of high-quality and offer a great value. Here are the top 10 car covers. If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact me.

Top 10 Outdoor Car Covers UK

1. Dripex UK Weatherproof Car Cover

Dripex Weatherproof Car Cover

Dripex Weatherproof Car Cover

Dripex is a sophisticated brand, and this car cover it offers is a quality one. It uses an elasticized hem and can cover your car completely. This car cover is made from an aluminium film and cotton lining. If you’re looking for a car cover you can trust as a durable option; then you should consider this product.


  • Comes with a four-layer construction
  • Fully waterproof and sunproof
  • Has a driver door zipper
  • It is sunproof and rainproof, making it the best for every weather.
  • Quality construction makes it a durable car cover.
  • Comes in different sizes allowing you to get the size that fits.
  • The aluminium film can cause damages to some cars.

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2. MGF MGTF UK Heavy duty Fully Waterproof Car Cover

MGF MGTF Heavyduty Fully Waterproof Car Cover

MGF MGTF Heavyduty Fully Waterproof Car Cover

Heavy-duty cars require heavy-duty car covers, and that’s why I am introducing you to MGF MGTF heavy-duty car cover. This high-quality product comes in a 5-layer patented construction that you will not find in many products. This construction makes it withstand different conditions. It is waterproof, sunproof, dustproof, and windproof. Though you have to plan a very high budget to get this car cover, the 5-year user guarantee, driver seat accessibility, and military-grade reinforced seam all make it a worthy purchase.


  • It has a 5-layer patented construction
  • Comes with a military-grade reinforced seam
  • A storage bag provided
  • The 5-year guarantee makes it a safe purchase.
  • Came from a quality brand and rated as one of the best in the market.
  • Additional straps help prevent it from flapping in the wind.
  • Many buyers still think a lot can be done to reduce the price.

3. Maypole UK Breathable Full Car Cover

Maypole Breathable Full Car Cover

Maypole Breathable Full Car Cover

Another outdoor car cover that I consider as a great buy is this breathable full car cover offered by Maypole. If you’ve been searching for car covers for a while, then you will know this is a popular option. No doubt one of the best-budget products in the market, this car cover comes in a sleek elastic design, smart construction, and double stitched seam that gives it extra strength.


  • Offers a simple 3-layer construction.
  • Well-tailored with an elasticity hem.
  • Comes with straps and buckles.
  • You have up to four different sizes and design to choose from.
  • It guarantees your car protection against frost.
  • Prevents your car from snow, dust and bird droppings.
  • It starts to fade after a while of use.

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4. VONLUXE UK Heavy Duty Outdoor Car Cover

VONLUXE Heavy Duty Outdoor Car Cover

VONLUXE Heavy Duty Outdoor Car Cover

When I stumbled on this product, my first catch was the brand, and I found out it has been in the market for a while. It is known for its quality car cover products, and this 6-layer product doesn’t in any way fall short. This breathable car cover is made from 600D Oxford fabric guaranteeing you maximum protection for your car.


  • Has an outstanding 6-layer construction
  • The universal design makes it fit for all cars.
  • Soft cotton lining and elastic bang bottom are available.
  • This car cover is waterproof, dustproof, and sunproof.
  • The high standard construction gives you peace of mind.
  • There is a comprehensive one-year guarantee plan provided.
  • Users say they don’t get value for the money spent.

5. Leader Accessories Outdoor Car Cover

Leader Accessories Outdoor Car Cover

Leader Accessories Outdoor Car Coverdall Laptop Bag (Peacock Blue)

Are you looking for a complete outdoor car cover with all the necessary accessories coming in a single package? Then, I will suggest that you give the Leader Accessories Outdoor Car Cover a try. This 5-layer car cover is the best heavy-duty option for you if you are working within a budget. It comes as a 100% waterproof cover and uses a unique ultrasonic seam technology. Save some money while still accessing unique features when you buy this cover.


  • Comes with two antenna patches
  • Users can choose from 6 different sizes.
  • Storage bag and adjustable straps provided.
  • Very affordable and suitable outdoor car cover.
  • The ultrasonic seam technology ensures water doesn’t penetrate the seams.
  • Works well for all-weather type – rain, snow, and sun.
  • There have been complaints about its durability.

6. AmazonBasics Weatherproof Car Cover

AmazonBasics Weatherproof Car Cover

AmazonBasics Weatherproof Car Cover

Another product I came across when putting this research together is the AmazonBasics weatherproof car cover. As the name implies, you can use this cover in the rain, in the sun, and when there is snow. Rated by many users as a product that ticks all the boxes, this is one product, you’d like to buy. It comes in quality construction and offers up to 8 different sizes that you can choose from. While this car cover comes as a universal fit, I’d advise that you have your car measured before buying. This way, you can pick from the eight sizes offered the one that best suits your vehicle.


  • Offers up to 8 different sizes
  • Comes in a 4-layer construction of PE, aluminium foil, EVA, and soft cotton.
  • Has a sewn-in elastic band.
  • It is a durable, lightweight, and soft car cover.
  • Has additional features like fastening straps and adjustable buckles.
  • Mirror pockets, reflective straps, and a storage bag are provided.
  • Breathability is a challenge with this car cover.

7. Navaris Full Exterior Car Cover

Navaris Full Exterior Car Cover

Navaris Full Exterior Car Cover

Are you looking for a car cover that guarantees ultimate weather protection for your car? Then, this car cover system from Navaris has proven to be one that can do just that. Available in 6 different sizes, this product makes use of a constant airflow system that is incorporated into an app. The app notifies you when a storm is about to happen so you can make use of the cover. It is made from durable fabrics and works well across changing weather conditions. This cover comes as a universal fit in a breathable design.


  • Available in different sizes and works for all car types.
  • Comes in a unique inflatable design.
  • Designed with breathable fabric.
  • Easy-fit while guaranteeing maximum protection.
  • The mobile app connection is top-notch, keeping you aware at all times.
  • There is a one-year guarantee provided for this car cover.
  • Installing this car cover can be very tasking.

8. TOPOWN UK Car Cover Waterproof

TOPOWN Car Cover Waterproof

TOPOWN Car Cover Waterproof Laptop Bag (Peacock Blue)

Fabric is one of the essential things to look at when buying as it determines how breathable the car cover will be. If you are searching for a car cover with quality fabric, then I’d suggest that you go for this car cover offered by TOPOWN. It works well for cars up to 200 inches in size. It is a very affordable option that is water repellent and breathable at the same time. The great thing about this car cover is that you can use it for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Amongst other things, your car is guaranteed of maximum protection from scratches, dings, and bird droppings.


  • It is a Water repellent and breathable car cover.
  • Made from quality weatherproof fabric.
  • The elastic hem makes it fit better
  • It guarantees that your car will be free from scratch.
  • There are antenna patch and storage bag provided
  • Buyers will enjoy a one-year guarantee on this car cover.
  • Buyers say it fades when exposed to the sun for a long time.

9. Pujuas UK Car Cover for SUV

Pujuas Car Cover SUV

Pujuas Car Cover SUV

Getting a car cover for every other car type is easy, but what happens if you own an SUV or a van? There’s no cause for alarm as I have placed this product on this list specifically for you. This is a more comprehensive car cover that is weatherproof and the best for outdoor conditions. It has straps at the front and back to ensure a snug fit and keep your SUV or van free from debris or scratch.


  • Comes with in-built straps
  • Available in two different sizes perfect for all SUVs
  • Can be used as an outdoor and indoor car cover.
  • It has a security cable lock to secure the cover
  • The in-built straps of this car cover make it windproof.
  • There is a one-year guarantee on manufacturer defects detected with this car cover.
  • It might not fit well when used for other cars.

10. Sailnovo UK Car Cover Full Car Cover

Sailnovo Car Cover Full Car Cover

Sailnovo Car Cover Full Car Cover

The last but not the least product I’d be providing you with on this review is the Sailnovo Car Cover Full Car Cover. The brand producing this cover ensures that it is designed to meet the highest qualities expected of a car cover. It offers a 5-layer system which includes five waterproof polypropylene layers, a breathable porous film, and a soft fleece. You have no worries about your car getting scratches as this cover makes sure the painting of your vehicle is protected.


  • This car cover is available in two different sizes
  • The fabric uses a 5-layer construction
  • Comes with storage bag, antenna patch, and drawstrings.
  • It doesn’t scratch your car in any way.
  • The antenna patch and storage bag ensures portability.
  • The drawstrings of this product prevent debris and dust from getting into the car.
  • Users have complained about the guarantee plan provided.

Outdoor Car Covers for UK Buying Guide

While I have provided you with a list of the best outdoor car covers in the market, this review will not be complete without this buying guide. There are specific considerations to make when in the market in search of an outdoor car cover, and they include:

The Size of Your Car

No doubt, many of the outdoor car covers in the market today come as a universal fit meaning they can fit any car regardless of its size. It is, however, still essential for you to measure your vehicle before going out to get a car cover. I will advise that you buy a car cover that fits your car precisely and not just one that comes as a universal fit.

Cost of the Car Cover

Another essential factor to consider when trying to buy the best outdoor car covers UK is the cost of the car cover. Always prepare a budget of how much you have to spend on the cover. This is because you don’t always have to equate expensive with quality. It is possible to get a car cover that is expensive and yet still fails to meet the needs of your car. Plan a budget, be reasonable about it, and make sure to stick to it. 

Portability of the Car Cover

If you travel a lot, then one consideration you’d like to make when buying is the portability of the car cover. To avoid going about in a bulky car cover, go for one that is lightweight, soft, and has a storage bag provided.

The Construction of the Car Cover

Car construction of car covers varies from one product and brand to another. While some car covers have three layers of structure, others have 4, 5, and even 6. Depending on your car and the environment, you should consider the construction.

Additional Accessories Available

When buying an outdoor car cover, make sure to pay attention to the additional accessories that are provided with it. This could include storage bags, mirror pockets, reflective straps, and buckles available.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQS]

Can I use an outdoor car cover for cars packed inside the house?

Yes, you can get a car cover that can be used for your cars while parked inside. However, in doing this, you have to make sure you are going for one that is highly breathable.

What does the guarantee plan provided for an outdoor car cover include?

The guarantee-plan provided for any car cover products covers any damage detected with the product at the point of purchase. It is for the buyer to show the damage is due to any action or omission of the manufacturer.

Does our outdoor car cover car specific?

While many outdoor car covers come as universal fits, some are specifically designed for a car type. Many car manufacturers sometimes design outdoor covers for their specific car brands.


Protecting your car while indoor or outdoor is a responsibility that you must take. While you are more at peace when the vehicle is indoor, there are uncertainties when it is parked outside. You can choose from any of the best outdoor car covers that have been reviewed above. Also, it would be best if you consider the buying guide provided when buying. The guide will make sure you are not just buying one of the best outdoor car covers in the market, but the best for you that meets your car needs.

Finally, I’d like to make some recommendations with regards to the most expensive, the best choice, and the best budget outdoor car cover.

Most Expensive: MGF MGTF Heavyduty Fully Waterproof Car Cover

Best Choice: Dripex All Weather Car Cover

Best Budget: Maypole 9871 Breathable Full Car Cover.

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