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Best Oscillating Multi-tool UK

The oscillating Multi-tool is a saw, grinder, sander, cutter and more, and all rolled into one. It is one tool that after buying, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

A multi-tool also works well in difficult and confined spaces where using a standard power-tool would not just cut it. However, as a person who loves fixing things by myself, I’ve slowly come to terms with the fact that some oscillating multi-tools are just more efficient than others. Efficient in terms of doing what they are supposed to do; fixing my home, saving my time, not breaking after the second use and proving the price tag on them was well worth it. But then, deciding on an oscillating multi-tool that is particularly well suited to your need might be challenging, particularly especially if you are a new user.

Below you’ll find my extensive and exhaustive review of ten of the most popular oscillating multi-tools available:

Top 10 Oscillating Multi-tool UK

1. WORX Watt UK Sonicrafter Multi-tool

WORX WX680 F30 350 Watt sonic rafter

WORX WX680 F30 350 Watt sonic rafter

This rugged multi-tool is durable, fast and easy to use. While using oscillating technology, the sonic rafter is more than capable of sawing, scraping, cutting and grinding through metal, wood and even metal. Its adjustable speed can reach 2000 revolution per minute with a powerful hyper lock clamping system that enables you to quickly switch to optional accessories without having to bring a new power tool to the stage. With the clamp providing more than a ton of restraining force, you can be assured your accessories are not going to fall off in the middle of a project.

Its oscillating technology allows it to employ variable speeds for each accessory fitted and thanks to its uniquely designed Universal-Fit system, the WORX WX680 F30 350 Watt sonic rafter can handle any accessory you need to use, brand notwithstanding.

Sonic rafter’s exclusive high oscillating frequency technology makes the blades move up to 3 times the speed of ordinary oscillating tools. With this increased speed comes reduced vibration increasing your control and allowing you to work with more accuracy and speed and efficiency.


  •  High-frequency oscillating technology.
  •  Hyper lock clamping system.
  •  L.E.D. Headlights.
  •  11,000 – 20,000/min oscillating speed.
  •  Universal-Ultrafit system 

  • A tight grip locking mechanism
  • Highly durable and versatile
  • High powered
  • Great value for the price
  • Comes with only two blades

2. DEWALT UK Li-Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool

DEWALT DCS355N-XJ 18V Li-Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool

DEWALT DCS355N-XJ 18V Li-Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool

This is one tool that I probably recommend to everyone.

With a quick-fit dust extraction kit that is very much compatible with the DEWALT Airlock system, this brushless and cordless oscillating multi-tool helps you to efficiently manage dust that may arise when working and delivers up to 57% more operation time over brushed motors.

The Compact 300w motor can deliver a speed up to 22,000 oscillations per minute, and this speed can also be controlled to adjust to each accessory used. And very much like the WORX WX680 F30 350, it also comes with bright L.E.D. lights for use in dark light conditions alongside with depth control straight cut guide to increasing cutting precision

The Quick-change accessory system allows accessories and attachments to be changed quickly without requiring technical knowledge or tools.

The provided battery packs can be used interchangeably with over 30 tools in the X.R. system, while the Dual-grip variable speed trigger gives you the ultimate speed and control.

The multi-tool also comes with a Universal Accessory Adaptor which can be used with most of the oscillating tool accessory brands.


  •  Brushless motor
  •  Quick-fit dust extraction
  •  Dual-grip variable speed trigger
  •  Quick-change accessories applications
  •  29 pc Accessory Set to allow for a wide range of cutting and sanding applications
  • Highly compact and easy to carry about
  • Easy to use
  • Highly versatile
  • Most of the accessories that come with are only for sanding.

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3. Wolf Oscillating Multi-Tool 

Wolf Oscillating Multi-Tool 260w

Wolf Oscillating Multi-Tool 260wThis easy to use combat tool from WOLF is ideal for solving household and professional challenges quite efficiently, making activities such as carrying out detailed sanding jobs, removing thermoplastic floor tiles, fitting door locks and hinges, sinking electrical boxes into plasterboards very easy and intuitive. The multi-tool is also fitted with a speed control dial that allows you to adjust the machines speed to suit various materials and work surfaces while the soft grip body is double insulated. It can be used to trim the bottom of a door without the need to remove the doors hinges. The Wolf Combat tool is also well supplied with a comprehensive range of blades and cutters.


  • Sub-sonic oscillating blade speed
  • No-Load Speed: 11,000 – 22,000 OPM
  • IP20 degree of Protection
  • Soft grip body
  • Excellent value for the price
  • 6 Variable Speeds,
  • Poor sanding pads
  • Deafening noise 

4. Silverline Tools DIY Multi-Tool

Silverline Tools 430787 DIY Multi-Tool

Silverline Tools 430787 DIY Multi-Tool

Produced by silver tools, a brand that has been consistent in delivering high-quality power tool for over 35 years, the Silverline Tools 430787DIY Multi-Tool is built build to meet industry standards via a thorough testing procedure.

Coming with a multi-angle oscillating action, six-stage variable speed adjustment and a soft grip handles that reduces vibration during handling, it is a tool suited to various uses including cutting, sanding and grinding. However, unlike the cordless DEWALT, the 430787 uses a corded electric source of power. The accessories it comes with includes a hoop and loop backing pad, two sanding sheets, a hex key, scraper and a blade.

Powerful and well balanced with excellent quality mouldings, strain relief and a 13A plug. It also has a switch and speed control action which performs optimally. Designed to handle D.I.Y. operations correctly, it can cut easily into wood and plasterboard with no kickback with a straight line accuracy. An excellent tool for working in confined spaces, the 430787 DIY Multi-Tool is worth buying.


  •  Plastic and TPE soft grip
  •  Corded electric power source
  •  Product Dimensions: 28.5 x 6 x 9 cm; 1.45 Kilograms
  •  300Watts power
  •  Multi-coloured
  • An excellent speed control action
  • Great value for the price
  • Works better in confined spaces than the small radial
  • High cutting precision
  • High-performance speed
  • The supplied blades are not of high quality; you’ll need a replacement

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5. BLACK+DECKER Oscillating Multi-Tool

BLACK+DECKER 300 W Oscillating Multi-Tool

BLACK+DECKER 300 W Oscillating Multi-Tool

This high-performance oscillating tool can be used to cut, sand and scrape a variety of materials which include wood, plastic, and drywall.

Featuring a slim body and a soft grip design, the MT300 is built for ease of use. The sliding lock-on switch makes a one-handed operation possible when required. The variable speed dial is also conveniently sited at the back of the machine allowing for easy and safe access.

Thanks to it’s professionally designed jam pot housing and metal gearbox. It is built specifically to withstand the most demanding of tasks. It also has a SuperLok-tool-free accessory change that makes switching accessories a very easy to do, with a standard accessory clamp that allows others branded accessories to be tightly attached whilst the slim body and soft grip allows for increased user comfort. The Black+Decker multi-tool also comes equipped with a complete range of accessories to get you up and running, and these include scrapers for removing sealant, tiles and grout. The cutting blades are designed to be used for materials such as wood, metal, plastic and laminated flooring. It is also equipped with an integrated dust extraction system, a powerful 300W motor and an easily adjustable speed for optimum control.

 Product features:

  •  SuperLok tool-free accessory change system
  •  Integrated dust extraction
  •  Robust design for durability
  •  10,000-22,000 variable speed for optimum control
  • A universal Adapter that fits Bosch, Einhell and Worx accessories
  • Attachments are held very tight thanks to a powerful spring.
  • SuperLok tool-free accessory works perfectly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • The sandpaper fittings are low.

6. DEWALT Oscillating Multi-Tool

DEWALT DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool

DEWALT DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool

Engineered for heavy-duty uses, The DEWALT Oscillating Multi-Tool has a 300 W motor that delivers 0-22000 oscillations per minute, making it possible for demanding projects to be completed faster.

It also offers a tool-free quick-change accessory feature that allows the accessories to be changed quickly and easily—the bright L.E.D. Light helps to illuminates dark work surfaces making efficient operation possible while the dual position rocker switch has a lock-on for continuous operation. The accompanying Dust Extraction Adaptor is compatible with the Air-Lock dust extraction system while the Universal Adaptor is compatible with many attachments regardless of brand. Unlike the Silverline however, the DWE315KT has a quick accessory change & adjustment system that requires no hex Key and is fully equipped with a Variable Speed Trigger for ultimate control alongside a Depth Stop / Straight Cut Guide.

The kit comes with a 37 Piece accessory set and T-Stak kit box.

Product features:

  •  1.6-degree oscillating angle.
  •  Powerful 300w motor.
  • 0-22,000 OPM Variable Speed Trigger for ultimate control.
  •  37pc Accessory Set.
  •  Dust Extraction Adaptor
  •  Excellent Variable speed and highly controllable trigger.
  • Powerful led-lights to illuminate your work
  • Excellent build quality
  • Well balanced and comfortable to use for extended periods
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • The adapter and plug are not compatible.

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 7.  Bosch CE Multi-Tool

Bosch PMF 220 CE Multi-Tool

 Bosch PMF 220 CE Multi-Tool

The Bosch PMF 220 CE multifunction tool is designed to handle various kinds of renovation and repair jobs activities. Powered by a 220 Watt motor with Bosch constant electronic for a faster work rate, it also boasts of a magnetic tool holder that allows for convenient changing of the accessories with a universal screw. 

With an oscillating system and a no-load speed of 15.000 – 20.000 rpm, you can get more precise handling and minimal vibration due to the continuously variable preselection of its oscillation rate which enables you to work quickly and to gear the tool correctly towards your work surface. The Bosch multi-tool can also maintain a precise cutting depth using the 4-stage depth stop while the rounded cutting edges of the saw blades with curved Tech allows for accurate and steady plunge cutting.

The Bosch Constant electronic allows the Multi-Tool to be able to deliver premium performance consistently, and there is always the option of an auxiliary handle just in case you want more control. The PMF 220 multi-tool can complete a variety of household jobs and is perfect for multiple applications thanks to the Star lock interface which includes a variety of accessories.

Product features:

  • 1.4° oscillation angle on left/right
  •  Magnetic tool holder
  •  220W motor-powered oscillating system
  •  Depth stop
  • Plunge cut saw blades with Curved-Tec.
  • Quick tool change mechanism
  • There is minimal power lost to vibration
  • Easy manoeuvrability
  • Excellent speed variation for precision
  • Great value for the price
  • You can only use the official Bosch blades

8. MYLEK Multi-Tool Oscillating Electric Multifunction Tools

MYLEK Multi-Tool 300W Oscillating Electric Multifunction Tools

MYLEK Multi-Tool 300W Oscillating Electric Multifunction Tools

Compete with a 48-piece accessory kit, and the MYLEK oscillating multifunction toolbox provides you with all you to need to perform different D.I.Y. activities around the home. It has a tool-free lever-type lock system which easily allows you to quickly change to the suitable accessory you need for your task without requiring a hex key. It also has a 300W motor which provides for adjustable speed control from 15000 up to 22000 Oscillations per minute, thus making jobs liking grinding, sanding and sawing time-effective.

The tool is also Fitted with a Robust Metal Gear Head designed to improve its durability and use lifecycle. The soft-grip body is compact with an additional side handle and to improve ease of handling and manoeuvrability, allowing you to work around hard to reach areas.

The MYLEK oscillating multi-tool also has six variable speeds to choose from depending on the application, well capable of working with wood, ceramic tiles, plastic pipes, copper pipes etc.

Coming with an all-inclusive accessory kit and sturdy storage, this Multi-Tool should make your list. 

 Product features:

  •  Quick-release blade function
  •  Suitable for Left and Right-Handed Users
  •  Plastic handle material
  •  Variable and adjustable speed
  •  Robust metal gear head
  • High quality and performance
  • Excellent and handy storage case
  • Easy to use
  • Good value for accessories
  • Poor quality of accessories

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    9. Makita Multi-Tool

    Makita DTM51Z Multi-Tool, 18 VMakita DTM51Z Multi-Tool, 18 V

     Built with an ideal circumference, size and shape that fits the hand for comfortable handling, the DTM51Z Multi-Tool can reach speeds as high as 6,000-20,000rpm oscillations per minute. The lever lock mechanism makes it possible for easy installation and replacement of accessories which can be installed at 30-degree increments, across 360 degrees. It also comes with a variable speed control dial, a soft start and an anti-restart function that prevents accident start-up. It also comes with a Battery capacity warning lamp to indicate how much battery power is available. O.I.S.- Makita, Bosch & Fein accessories can be conveniently used with the DTM51Z Multi-Tool.

    Product features:

    •  Ergonomic best possible barrel grip
    •  High operating efficiency
    •  Anti-restart function.
    •  Tool-less accessory clamp
    •  Lever style lock system
    • The small size allows access to restricted work areas.
    • High-level performance
    • High quality
    • Powerful and precise
    • very minimal vibration
    • Poor battery life

    10. MILWAUKEE Cordless Multi-Tool

    MILWAUKEE C12MT-0 12V Cordless Multi-Tool

    MILWAUKEE C12MT-0 12V Cordless Multi-Tool

    The M12 Cordless oscillating tool is ideal for professionals such as flooring contractors, maintenance repair technicians, and also for electricians that tackle awkward applications on job sites. It runs at a speed of 5,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute. It allows the user to be able to match the speed to the job at hand, with the new M12 RED LITHIUM battery and Milwaukee’s M12 XC LITHIUM-ION battery providing additional run time for the user. The M12 is also supplied with a universal adaptor compatible with most of the competitive accessories on the market.

    It has an all-metal gear case, an onboard fuel gauge that displays the remaining run time and allows the user to reach the speed of the job at hand through a variable speed trigger.

     Product features:

    •  Compatible with over 25 cordless tools
    •  All-metal gear case for durability
    •  Onboard fuel gauge
    •  The accessory adaptor is compatible with most competitive accessories.

    • It has constant power technology.
    • High powered efficiency
    • Soft grip
    • Top-notch quality
    • Vibrates and rattles at speeds above 3

    Oscillating Multi-tool UK Product guide

    Tips to chose an Oscillating multi-tool:

    1. Size Matters

    You may have seen oscillating multi-tools with the top pointing in the opposite direction to the handle, making the tool an asymmetrical design. When it comes to choosing a single oscillating multi-tool, this arrangement can be confusing and confusing, for best results buy a set with an equal-sized oscillating multi-tool for both axes. In other words, choose a rectangular tool, not an elliptical shape.

    2. The Right Tools

    Make sure you choose a true oscillating multi-tool – a design with one fixed blade. As most oscillating multi-tools have a “U” shaped blade, they are not suitable for grinding and cleaning all kinds of materials such as drywall. Look for something with a single tip that is “fixed”.

    3. A Sturdy Frame

    Although for many years oscillating multi-tools have been made from plastic, this has changed with the increasing demand for higher quality products that are durable and long-lasting. You want to invest in a frame that’s heavy-duty, tough and strong and also designed to support the circular blade, which can be prone to breakage. Some of the best oscillating multi-tools are made from real hardwood and chrome-plated steel.

    4. A Quality Blade

    The right blade will suit your needs. Even the best multi-tools can break if they aren’t used and should be replaced regularly. If possible, the handle needs to be angled slightly so that the rounded tip is toward the user. A blade with a clip attachment to attach it to your belt or tool belt is a good idea if you’re working in muddy, dusty or slippery conditions.

    The most important thing to look for is the quality of the motor and the friction ring, which gives the blade a slight oscillation in the horizontal plane. A high friction ring means a hard steel blade, which is best suited to traditional construction jobs, such as cutting grout from a cement floor. Also, be sure to look for a system with a blade that has a good opening and closing mechanism so that it’s easier to clean the blade.

    Don’t forget that the better a tool is, the easier it will be to service it. Opt for a powered oscillating multi-tool rather than an air-driven model because most air-driven models are unreliable and should be avoided.

    5. Advanced Technology

    Several advanced features can be included on a quality oscillating multi-tool. One of the most useful is a built-in digital LED light that shines on the user’s hand when the tool is turned on. The LED light will show the user where they’re holding the tool and where the blade is located. This will allow the user to use the tool more efficiently by keeping the hand relatively stable.

    Some of the more advanced features include a choice of blades, a handy rotating extractor and a built-in sharpening system, which can be engaged from the front of the tool and also include two blades and a grinding bit.

    6. A Safety Net

    Most people are uncomfortable working with a circular blade, and a couple of those are out-of-shape. Before purchasing a single oscillating multi-tool, take the time to take a plunge and buy a double oscillating multi-tool, which will give the most user-friendly and versatile tool. Not only will this type of tool last for years, but you can also take the blades out of the frame and replace them with other blades when the need arises.

    This double oscillating multi-tool can also be used as a manual weed cutter, a task that many people find tedious and monotonous. If you work as a carpenter, installing interior trim or installing Sheetrock, you need a tool that will aid you in your job without hurting your hand. A multi-tool will not only assist you, but it will do the job of a table saw without causing stress.

    How to buy Oscillating multi-tool?

    Types of Oscillating multi-tools

    Different tool types differ in the way they operate and some are better suited to specific tasks. Multicutors are currently the most popular choice. Oscillating multi-tools are also known as power sanders or rotary sanders. They are the tools to have in the toolbox and here’s why…

    • Sanding – Fractured surfaces and hard-to-reach areas are easy to clean with a quality oscillating multi-tool. Power tools in the form of a tungsten carbide or diamond tip, allow you to easily remove paint and polish with ease, leaving behind a flawless finish. Power sanding can also be used to remove glue.
    • Grinding – A useful multi-tool for carpenters and builders, oscillating multi-tools are ideal for both smooth and detail grinding. An oscillating multi-tool is the perfect tool for the hand, as it has a large enough blade that can be operated using one hand and the compact size means that you can carry it wherever you go. It can also cut through any obstacle you have to overcome.
    • Sanding metal – If you find it hard to carve metal or to smooth out any rough surfaces, a power oscillating multi-tool is an ideal choice for you.
    • Cutting – Skilled carpenters and construction workers can easily sand through materials or fix joints with a good quality oscillating multi-tool. You can even use it to make delicate repairs to delicate materials such as wood, glass, stone and brick.
    • Overlap – As with the cuts it can make, a multi-tool can operate over both the fine and coarse side of the grit setting with ease, which is particularly useful when doing work on delicate materials such as glass, wood and stone.
    • Glide – Most oscillating multi-tools are powered by compressed air, but you may also have a folding multi-tool or an electric one. It is possible to have a single oscillating multi-tool that works with both compressed air and a single electric motor.
    • Wirecutter – Cutting materials with a plastic grinder is fast and efficient, but it can be quite hard to remove stubborn, adhesive grime. A rotary tool is better suited to hard surfaces and grinding small hard edges.
    • Power drill – For long distance drilling and pneumatic drills, there’s no substitute for a power oscillating multi-tool.

    All oscillating multi-tools essentially function to perform the same goal, and that provides you with a variable-speed oscillating head that enables you to serve multiple D.I.Y. (Do-it-yourself) activities with just one tool. These activities do include but are not limited to cutting, sawing, sanding and grinding. But how do you then choose the best oscillating multi-tool if all multi-tools are designed to solve the same problems? These are some features you should take into consideration:

    Oscillation rate 

    This is measured in oscillations per minute (O.P.M.), the higher the oscillation rate a multi-tool has, the higher the speed and power it has. A high O.P.M. also means you’ll get your work done faster and the vibrations in the tool will be minimized, thus giving you more control and accuracy with your work.

    Oscillation angle

     This parameter tells you how far the accessory moves from side to side per oscillation, the range of this depends on the oscillating tool. But generally, the higher the oscillating angle, the faster and aggressive the tool is, thus a lower oscillating angle will give you more precision and control over your device as compared to a higher angle. Your decision on this should depend on the project at hand.

     Comfort and usability

     Features like L.E.D. lights, a soft body grip and variable speed trigger, will help you to maximize the potential of your multi-tool better, giving you more control and enabling you to achieve higher levels of precision in your work

    Battery or A.C. power

    In choosing an oscillating multi-tool, you have to decide whether to go for a wired multi-tool or one with batteries; An A.C. powered oscillating tool allows for the continuous supply of power, but has its limitation in the limited reach afforded by the cord and also because you can only use them within reach of a power outlet. In contrast, a battery-powered oscillating multi-tool will afford you free freedom of movement, but you will need to charge the batteries or even replace them when they run out.

    Switching attachments

    As you might have observed in the products reviews above, some oscillating multi-tools like the BLACK+DECKER 300 W Oscillating Multi-Tool comes with a tool-less accessory change. This tool accessory change allows you to switch attachments with the press of a button or a lever. However, if you are more mechanically inclined, you can go for an accessory change with a tool, this will come with a ‘hex’; a type of wrench that allows you to manually screw and unscrew the attachments on and off by yourself.

    Blade Mount Style

     A multi-tool that allows you to use more potential blades allows you for more versatility. Some oscillating multi-tools manufacturers design their oscillating multi-tools to be used only with their brand blades, this may be very limiting.

    These brand blades may be costly, but you would be left with no other choice than to buy.

    Going for a tool that allows you to use different types of blades is a plus.

    Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

    Does all the multi-tools come with batteries?

     No, some are AC-main powered.

    Do all accessories work on any oscillating multi-tool?

    Not always. Some brands make parts designed only to fit their specific models.

    Are oscillating tools generally worth it?

    Yes, they are.


    In this review, we’ve gone over the best oscillating multi-tools to choose from when buying your next oscillation multi-tool. We have also looked at the different features and considerations to take into account before making up your mind as to a suitable multi-tool. Now as to our recommendations:

    For the best value at a very affordable price, we’ll recommend the Silverline Tools 430787 DIY Multi-Tool, while for the best value option, the BLACK+DECKER 300 W Oscillating Multi-Tool will be the best option to go for. Finally, for our premium choice at a premium price with glowing recommendations from thousands of satisfied users and a brand record of excellence, we’ll recommend the DEWALT DWE315KT Oscillating Multi Quick Change Tool.

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