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Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones UK

For high-intensity workouts and concert and sporting events, noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have. Noise-cancelling headphones are very helpful in keeping unwanted distractions away. And what better way to shut out all the unwanted noise than by listening to music, or the radio? Of course, you can also use the headphones with the bundled earbuds, which offers decent sound and a better experience.

It’s very important to get a headphone with a good signal strength as it will help with the sound quality. The microphones can separate the sound coming from different directions, so that the resulting audio is crisp and clear.

To successfully write this review, I got information from lots of reviews comments and testimonies about the products based on their usability and their different specifications and functions, in addition to my personal experiences and knowledge of headphones. Hence, this makes this review an extraordinarily authoritative, research-based piece that would serve as a reliable source of reference for anybody who wants to buy noise-cancelling headphones.

Top 10 Budget Headphones in UK

 1. August Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 

August Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 

August Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 

When was the last time you fell in love with a pair of headphones? The August EP650 will make you fall in love, thanks to its quality sound. And their handiness means you can use them to play music and still attend to your phone calls seamlessly.

I love them, and I know you will see them you get your hands on them.


  • The structure of the EP650 is very compact and robust
  • Bluetooth V4.2 APTX low latency for audio and video sync
  • Both wireless and wired
  • Lightweight design and thick sponge padding on the ear cushions and headband 
  • On-ear controls and microphone
  • Qualcomm CSR aptX LL
  • Brilliant sound
  • Good for gym use
  • Comfortable to use
  • Extended battery life
  • Integral microphone
  • Comfortable soft faux leather ear cushions
  • The status light is too perky
  • Sound leakage may be a source of concern

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 2. KUCE Sleep Mask Noise Cancelling Sleeping Eye Mask Bluetooth Headphone

KUCE Sleep Mask Noise Cancelling Sleeping Eye Mask Bluetooth Headphone

KUCE Sleep Mask Noise Cancelling Sleeping Eye Mask Bluetooth Headphone

Since everybody sleeps and everybody wants to enjoy their sleep in tranquillity, in such a way they can fall asleep faster and not have your sleep time distracted or get woken up by unfamiliar noises, I recommend you give “phones” a try. If you need a headphone that is ideal for sleeping, the KUCE Sleep Mask Noise Cancelling Sleeping Eye Mask Bluetooth Headphone is for you.


  • Headband goggles style
  • Dynamic vocal principle
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • USB socket, plug and play
  • Music player
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to carry
  • Washable
  • Good for travelling
  • Provides utmost protection and relaxation for your eyes when you sleep, blocking off the light
  • May be too big and loose while sleeping and you may end up taking it off in your sleep

3. Bluedio Bluetooth Stereo Headphones  

Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Stereo Headphones 

Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

With less than £50, the Bluedio T2S offers you the opportunity of a headphone that has that expensive feel due to its impressive qualities. The design is exquisite, and the swivel is stable, the padding is dense and relaxed around the ear cups; comfortable to the core.

Add to all of that its impeccable Bluetooth device, its sturdy build quality, signal range and long-lasting battery, and you’d buy me a drink for introducing you to the headphones of your dream. 


  • Foldable design
  • Bluetooth 4.1 chip
  • Ultra-big speaker
  • Can rotate the ear cup to be easy to carry and save more space
  • Bluetooth
  • Both Wired and wireless
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Built-in microphone
  • Unique Style
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Strongly-built
  • It is not glossy
  • Has cheap aux cable
  • Muddy sound quality

 4. Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Sony WH Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Sony WH Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Manufactured by a putable international electronics and media company based in Tokyo, Japan, the Sony WH-CH510 headphones are more than just impressive!

Imagine spending just a little under £40 for a set of Headphones that offer the “quick-charge” feature that can charge the device for only 10 minutes to get 90 minutes of playback! Ain’t that the steal of the year, huh?

And oh, did I forget to tell you? A simple push of a button connects you to your smartphone’s voice assistant to get directions, play music, and communicate with contacts. With these incredible features at such a low price see no reason why Sony WH-CH510 is not your best bet yet.


  • Comes in various colours
  • Voice-assistant compatible
  • High-quality built-in microphone
  • 10 minutes quick-charge for 90 minutes playback 
  • Microphone for hands-free calling
  • 10 minutes quick charge for 90 minutes playback
  • 35 hours of battery life
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection
  • Sleek, swivel-fold design
  • Connects to a smartphone voice assistant
  • Compact and lightweight at only 299g
  • Not so comfortable

 5. Sennheiser HD 

Sennheiser HD 

Sennheiser HD

Everybody knows about the Sennheiser brand which has an excellent reputation in offering professional audio innovations and solutions.

With its seventy-five-year-old precision-based German engineering, crisp and dynamic sound with impeccable balance and extended bass response are guaranteed. And with Sennheiser HD, you get the age-old Sennheiser quality at such a reduced price.


  • German engineering
  • Noise isolation
  • Folding headband
  • 26-ohm transducers
  • Foldable
  • Wired, tangle-free cable
  • Reduced background noise
  • No charging
  • Lightweight at just 268g
  • Comfortable
  • The headphones don’t block out the sound so well

6. JBL Tune 

JBL Tune

JBL Tune

Coming from a brand that has stood the test of time, excellence is assured. For over 70 years, JBL has engineered some of the most impeccable sound technology the world has ever seen.

And with The JBL Tune which comes at less than £45, you get the JBL’s signature pure bass sound as well as a handy microphone to enable you to enjoy hands-free phone calls.


  • Multi-point connection 
  • Hands-free function 
  • JBL Pure Bass sound 
  • Microphone and hands-free calls
  • Universal one-button volume control
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • On-ear design
  • Rechargeable, extensive battery of up to 16 hours
  • Durability
  • Maximum comfort
  • Lightweight at 113g
  • The headband is very tight
  • Sound quality isn’t as clear and sharp

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 7. Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming Headset

Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming Headset

Corsair Stereo Gaming Headset

I present to you the Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming Headset, the headphones you’ve been looking for that will help you play music and video games comfortably for hours unendingly; thanks to its suave memory foam, adjustable ear cups, lightweight construction and high-quality sound.

It is also discord-certified, which means that crystal-clear communication and outstanding sound is 100% guaranteed.


  • Custom-tuned 50 mm neodymium speaker drivers
  • A fully detachable unidirectional microphone
  • On-ear volume and mute controls
  • Discord-certified 
  • Compatible with multiple platforms like PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile
  • High-quality sound and voice clarity
  • Long-Lasting comfort for hours of gameplay
  • On-ear volume and mute controls for easy-access control
  • Lightweight construction
  • The wire length is only 1.5 meters, which is not long enough for a PC
  • The plastic comes off the earmuffs

8. Boltune Noise Cancelling Headphones

Boltune Noise Cancelling Headphones

Boltune Noise Cancelling Headphones

The offers advanced active noise reduction technology which includes quelling aeroplane cabin noise, city traffic disturbance or busy office noise. It cancels 85% of stable low-frequency background noise and immerses you into the music or movie world.


  • Provides high-resolution audio in silence
  • Features a dual 40 mm HD high-resolution audio driver
  • 360° omnidirectional noise-cancelling ANC technology and high-response diaphragm
  • Voice-assistant support for Siri & Google Assistant
  • Luxurious soft memory protein leather
  • Hands-free calling & microphone work in Bluetooth only
  • Delivers peerless sound with no interruptions
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Folding design for easy carriage and storage
  • Both wired and wireless
  • Complexities with turning it off

9. XIBERIA Xbox One Headset

XIBERIA Xbox one Headset

XIBERIA Xbox one HeadsetAha! Something for the gamers.

The XIBERIA Xbox One Headset is a primary kind of Headset for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, Skype, Webinar, PS VITA, PSP, Playstation 3, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS LL/3DS, Windows PC, Mac OS PC, iOS Device and Android device for phone communication which affords you topnotch sound clarity for various games and office business.

Get ready to encounter absolute immersion in your gaming experience.


  • Superior 50mm audio drivers combined with advanced audio techniques
  • Dazzling LED lights
  • 7.1 surround sound technology
  • 1.2-inch thick ear 
  • Clearer voice quality and reduced background noise for improved overall voice experience
  • Volume control and microphone mute 
  • Extended headband
  • Super comfortable
  • Improved sound clarity
  • Delivers quality simulated surround sound to enhance the immersive gaming experience
  • Light and self-adjusting design makes it suitable for different head circumference
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Multipurpose Headset for video conference, listen to music and play game
  • No extrusion design to ensure perfect soft earmuffs close to the skin, so you don’t feel a sense of squeeze when playing for a long time.
  • Comes with 12 months warranty
  • Low ability to hear directional sound during gaming

10. Sony MDR-V150 Headphones with Reversible Housing for DJ Monitoring

Sony MDR-V150 Headphones with Reversible Housing for DJ Monitoring

Sony MDR-V150 Headphones with Reversible Housing for DJ Monitoring

Finally, I’ll end this review with something for the music enthusiasts and music professionals like disc jockeys, mixers, music producers, etc. The Sony MDR-V150 Headphones will help you to enjoy music and also hear the tiniest bit of the sounds very well so you can mix your tracks adequately.

It’s sizeable 30mm driver gives power, and its reversible earcups provide single-sided monitoring. And since you are most definitely going to take your mixes out, it comes with the much needed lightweight design too.

With accurate sound reproduction and audio separation, every time you put them on is like stepping back into the club. And did I forget to say how dope they look? So get ready to hit the dancefloor whenever you wear with this one!


  • Advanced engineering
  • Impeccably clean and noticeable sound for professional and high fidelity applications 
  • Reversible earcups for easy single-sided DJ monitoring
  • 30 mm driver unit for high-quality sound
  • 16 Hz-22 kHz frequency range
  • Stereo unmatch plug for use with various audio equipment
  • Sensitivities (dB/mW) is 98 decibel by megawatt
  • Bass thumping
  • Perfect for mixing your tracks
  • The earcups can be easily folded
  • Very portable
  • Maximum comfort guaranteed
  • The cables are so long; it’s hard to adjust them for use when you are in a place like a gym

Noise-Cancelling Headphones Buying Guide 

In today’s world, there are a million and one reasons to need a pair of noise-cancelling headphones; from travelling on an aeroplane to read in a public library, from jogging in the streets to going to your place of work, name it. With the high level of noise pollution in the world today, noise-cancelling headphones are becoming more and more mainstream, as people want to concentrate on their various tasks without being distracted by other people’s noise.

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Nevertheless, with an excellent noise-cancelling headphone, one can listen to music properly without having to turn the volume up to a level which is unsafe for one’s ears and still not is distracted by the noise from the environment. My little cousin in the university used to have this same problem of distraction and concentration whenever he tried reading at home because the noise at home wouldn’t let him concentrate on his study. Hence this led to him making low grades in school.

This continued till a friend suggested noise-cancelling headphones for him and things have taken a better shape since then, as he can now read and understand without the noise from other people filtering into his ears. His grades have improved too. When picking the best noise-cancelling headphones under £50 UK, it is wise to note what exactly you are looking for in a noise-cancelling headphone within that price range. This is because noise-cancelling headphones come in different versions with different specifications and functions.

There are noise-cancelling headphones with microphones. There are also noise-cancelling headphones that are ideal for playing video games. Some for sleeping and ultimately there are noise-cancelling headphones that are tailormade for enjoying music. Others for producing and engineering music, the kind of noise-cancelling headphones which music producers, mixers, disc jockeys and music engineers would find handy.

The benefits of noise-cancelling headphones can never be overemphasized. The only problem is that most noise-cancelling headphones are usually on the high side when it comes to prices. As a result, finding quality noise-cancelling headphones that are not so expensive can be a difficult task. But in this article, I gave a full review of the best noise-cancelling headphones money can buy in the UK.

After giving you a wide array of noise-cancelling headphones under £50 UK, I think it is also highly essential to provide you with the buying guide next time you want to make a headphone purchase. This guide will provide you with factors you have to consider whenever you are in the market for a new pair of headphones. I say this because the market is filled with millions of varieties of headphones of different prices and dimensions.

So to avoid confusion when you want to buy a headphone, here are the things you need to look out for so you can get the right value for your money.

Your entire existence is captured on a small transparent earbud. So when you feel the need just to shut the world out, turn on the noise-cancelling headphones, and you are good to go.

Why do you need noise-cancelling headphones?

When you live in a noisy city like London, chances are you can’t get some shut-eye without any disruption. But if you are a frequent air-plane flyer, then you might have experienced the effects of disturbing noise levels for long hours.

With noise-cancelling headphones on, you can rest assured that you won’t hear anything even as the plane is taking off, landing or even while cruising through the sky. Not to forget, these headphones can also be used at the gym without the need for additional accessories.

Enjoy a nice uninterrupted sleep by leaving the headphones on when going to sleep.

With noise-cancelling headphones on, you can leave the headphones on when going to sleep. This way, you will be able to relax and unwind without the need for external influences.

These headphones make a good travel companion as you can easily wear them during a long flight.

How noise-cancelling headphones work?

The technology called the active noise cancellation (ANC) uses microphones to absorb and neutralize low-frequency noise before touching the ear. The headset makes a tone that is flipped to unwanted noise by 180 degrees, which ensures that all sounds cancel each other out.

When the headphones come equipped with a ANC, it starts to act as a passive noise-cancelling headphone. But when the sound comes in, the audio has to travel to the earbuds, and is then encoded by the chip into a signal to make it into sound waves. The signal then has to bounce back from the headphones into your ears, and again to the earbuds. And this process can cause a pause in the music flow, as it requires a good signal and a good amount of signal strength.

If the signal is too weak and too thin, it won’t be able to reach the earbuds. And if the signal is too thick and thin, the headphones won’t be able to block the noise of outside as well. So it is best to use headphones with good signal strength.

And if a similar feature isn’t available on your headphones, or if the headphones aren’t audio quality equipped, buying a pair of noise-cancelling headphones makes a lot of sense.

Should it be wired or wireless?

Sometimes, you may need the freedom to walk around playing music with your headphones while your phone is charging or someone is using it for something, or your phone is not near, that means you will need a wireless headphone. But if you prefer your headphone connected to a unit like your phone, then you would need the wired.

Technically, nothing makes one better than the other, just a matter of convenience and choice.

However, some headphones offer both wired and wireless functions, so it would do you a whole lot of good to check this out whenever you want to make a purchase.

Bass and Treble Balance

Whether you are a music professionals like a DJ, sound engineer, music producer or just a music lover, sound quality is usually necessary to most people.

That means you must have to check whether the headphones you want to buy has the right balance between the bass and treble on earbuds and headphones. 

Some headphones even offer you the luxury of turning the music to suit your taste by giving you the option to balance the sounds yourself.

So you have to check this out before making a purchase.


You are going to be wearing your headphones during so many other activities, right? That means you need them to be very comfortable.

So you have to make sure the headphones you choose provides a house with the comfort you need while playing music, watching movies or playing video games.

It depends on your ears

You know your ears better than anybody else, so the headphones you buy must be suitable to your ears so that you won’t make up part of the statistics of people having ear problems in the world. Also, you know the shape of your head and your ears, hence it is better you buy the headphones that suit them perfectly.

The brand you want

Some people buy things according to the brand that produced it. They just want to show they have a particular taste, or they are loyal to a specific brand due to several reasons. For automobiles, you may have a preference for Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Peugeot, Range Rover, etc.

The same applies to the choice of headphones.

What brands do you have a soft spot for?

Samsung? Sony? Sennheiser? JBL? 

The choice is yours to make.


Some headphones are meant to impress by their style ultimately. Usually, they have stylish elements that make them appealing to the eyes.

So if you want to lean towards fashion or appearance, then you must put this factor into consideration


The most important of them all!

There are different kinds of headphones, but what will determine the one you will buy is mainly how much you have in your pocket. Hence you need to go for a product that is within your budget.

But that doesn’t mean you should go to a cheap product. Sometimes those cheap ones don’t last, but those expensive ones would last the test of time and give you value for your money in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do noise-cancelling headphones damage the eardrums?

Many people ask this particular question because they are scared of buying a product that will bring untold doom to their ears. But no, most noise-cancelling headphones are not bad for the ears; they only make sure you don’t hear the background noise around you. But you have to be careful not to wear them with the highest volume for a long time to avoid long term problems. 

 Does every noise-cancelling headphone come with a Bluetooth device?

 No. Not all noise-cancelling headphones come with a Bluetooth device. However, those that do, specify it, so look out for the specification when next you are in the market.

 Are all noise-cancelling headphones rechargeable?

 Some are rechargeable, and their battery lives vary, while some are not rechargeable but can be connected to the device with a cable manually for it to work optimally.


This is the point where I get to drop the humourous queue from Martin H. Fischer that “a conclusion is a place where you got tired of thinking”.

Have I got tired of thinking? Maybe yes, maybe no. But that’s not the issue.

I’ve done my best in providing you with the best noise-cancelling headphones under £50 UK. I gave the best reviews, in addition to the buying guide and always answered frequently asked questions about noise-cancelling headphones.

And at this point, I believe that I’ve done my own but because too many words can never be enough; a word, they say, is enough for the wise. I’ve done my part of the bargain. The ball is now in your court. Make the best choice and have a great musical experience everywhere you go. At the same time, the KUCE Sleep Mask Noise Cancelling Sleeping Eye Mask Bluetooth Headphone is tailormade for people who want to have a quiet and uninterrupted sleep time.

But if you ask me to make a choice, I’d say the XIBERIA Xbox one Headset is the best noise-cancelling headphone as far as gaming is concerned. The Sony MDR-V150 is perfect for music professionals like DJs, music producers and music engineers because it brings out every bit of the sound. But in general, I’d choose the Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones because of its all-round quality in sound and available features.

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