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Best Mouse Mat with Wrist Support UK


Are you suffering from wrist pain like me while working for long hours on laptop? Wrist pain or Carpal tunnel syndrome is often caused by physical activity that is on your wrists. Your hands are often bent while typing, which damages the nerves and the muscles that they control. Workstations also have limited hand motions. Hands and fingers tend to sit on a desk, which may aggravate wrist pain. You should move your wrists frequently, especially when using a mouse or clicking on the keyboard, to keep the muscles moving and less compressed. Never type with your wrists. To prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from affecting your typing, use your arms instead of your wrists when working on your computer.

To reduce the inflammation use wrist support like mouse pad or wrist roller while you’re using your computer. Wear wrist brace while sitting for long hours.

There has been a new dimension to these mouse mats, that will further help you have a seamless usage of your mouse and support your wrist. In addition of wrist support, a technologies including gel-like material available in the the mouse mats prevent any form of wrist strain that might want to rise from prolonged hour if mouse usage. Check out my complete review top 10 mouse pads below.

Top 10 Mouse Mat with Wrist Support UK

1. TRIXES UK Black Comfort Mouse Mat With Wrist Support

TRIXES Black Comfort Mouse Mat

TRIXES Black Comfort Mouse Mat

The TRIXES Black Comfort Mouse mat is a perfect solution for your desktop; it is a mouse mat that comes in a non-slip rubber base with a gel Wrist support cushion, which is user friendly. 

This wrist support gives you the balance needed to help you remain comfortable while you work on the computer, this product is perfect for anyone suffering from strain injury and has to spend a lot of time in from of a screen.


  • Gel-filled Write support.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Wide mouse tracking surface.
  • Right or Left-hand use.
  • Flexible rubber.
  • Comfortable material.
  • Durable.
  • Small in size.

2. Londo UK Leather Mousepad with Wrist Support

Londo Leather Mousepad

Londo Leather Mousepad

This is a product designed and well crafted with the sole aim of bringing a quality product to mouse users; it is not only made from high-quality PU leather but also made with unique accessory to keep you going. 

The Londo Mouse pad is a stylish accessory for your desktop, which keeps your convenience in mind combined with all modern and essential properties of a mouse pad such as tracking efficiency, non-slip backing, and a gel-like wrist rest for you to avoid any health risk.


  • Smooth surface.
  • Padded wrist rest.
  • Non-slip backing.
  • High-quality leather.
  • Quality leather.
  • Durable.
  • User friendly.
  • Small in size.

3. 3M UK Precise Mouse Pad for Professionals and Gaming

3M Precise Mouse Pad

3M Precise Mouse Pad

The 3M Precise mouse pad comes with a unique design and an ergo support for your wrist, filled with a soothing gel which creates the comfort zone needed by your wrist’s natural movement and curves helping you to reduce any form of strain.

It is well clothed with leatherette cover to ensure swift and fast movement, and also prevent microbial build-up that comes with an excessive touch of the mouse. Another added advantage is this product draws less current from the mouse, compared to the darker models. This means more energy-saving benefits for you, as you enjoy a worry-free operation of your gadget.


  • Perfect for both hands.
  • Precise surface with vertex design.
  • 50% battery-saving design.
  • Leatherette surface cover.
  • Soft material.
  • Good gel depth.
  • Saves mouse battery.
  • Not for gaming.

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4. Fellowes UK Crystal Mouse with Wrist Support for Gaming

Fellowes Crystal Mouse

Fellowes Crystal Mouse

This product comes from one of the best brands in the industry; it is made with you in mind to make sure you get the comfort for you deserve while you work on your computer. Fellowes comes with an innovative design that enables you to wipe the mouse mat clean with a damp clothing material, which makes this particular mat environmental friendly.

To avoid getting frustrated, this mouse mat has a non-skid rubber backing which keeps your wrist at a spot to prevents it from slipping, so with this mouse mat, your productivity is intact.


  • Self-adjusting gel mouse mat.
  • Stain-resistant.
  • Tracking surface.
  • Non-skid rubber backing.
  • Quality texture.
  • Good packaging.
  • Large surface.
  • Not durable.

5. Shidan KE1 UK Mouse Pad with Motivation Quote

Shidan KE1 Mouse Pad

Shidan KE1 Mouse Pad

Shidan KE1 mouse pad adds that touch of flair and style to an exceptionally performing device. It comes with wrist support padded with soft, breathable memory foam for that extra comfort. The foam combines with the cover material to give you an extra smooth surface that recovers its original form after use. The non-slip rubber base also adds to its efficiency by ensuring you enjoy prolonged, comfortable use without the pad moving about under your wrist. And to top it off, Shidan offers this top-of-the-line mouse mat in a stylish, eye-catching design that depicts a very hip and positive motivational quote.


  • Memory foam cushion zone.
  • Lightweight.
  • Stylish and colourful design.
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Durable.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Versatile.
  • The flashy colour design may not blend with office environs.

6. I Choose Limited UK Rubber Mouse Mat

I Choose Limited

I Choose Limited

A fine product from iChoose limited equipped with a grippy rubber base which ensures excellent support for your wrist, it is easy to use with any mouse making it one of the most versatile mouse mats out in stores. 

The anti-skid helps you take charge of your mouse mat, keeping it in a position for you to use the mouse cursor effectively, not forgetting the soft gel provides your wrist with a soft landing and comfortable space to rest on for long hours.


  • Wrist gel support.
  • Neutral colour.
  • Grippy rubber base
  • Applicable to both hands.
  • Excellent wrist support.
  • Smooth surface.
  • Large surface area.
  • Not durable.

7. Fellowes PlushTouch UK Professional Mouse Mat

Fellowes PlushTouch Mouse Mat

Fellowes PlushTouch Mouse Mat

Hours of using your mouse definitely will cause some level of discomfort and pain to your strain, but all of these can be dealt with when you know the right product to buy. This Fellowes PlushTouch has some unique wrist relieving characteristics that take away the pressure and deals with fatigue when you use it.

Formulated with you in mind, this product is perfect for any workspace, and its soft, breathable material also provides your wrist with the needed support to help you keep going, coupled with improving performance when you work with an ergonomic mouse.


  • Built-in Microban protection.
  • Non-skid backing.
  • Tracking surface.
  • Foam fusion technology.
  • Comfortable.
  • Hygienic.
  • Effective coating.
  • Rough edges.

8. Kensington UK Mouse Mat

Kensington Mouse Mat

Kensington Mouse Mat

This is an ergo mouse mat from Kensington, equipped to provide you with more comfort and support while you use your mouse, and giving you a solid grip over the surface. It comes with a gel pillow which confirms naturally to fit the shape of your hand and wrist for maximum usage for long hours.

Kensington is a well-known brand globally and has proved itself with various products and accessories in the computer market, so this mouse mat should not be an exception. 


  • Laser and optical mouse compatible.
  • Gel filling.
  • Non-slip base.
  • Soft fabric cover.
  • Perfect for the office.
  • Quality customer service.
  • Relieves strain.
  • Poor packaging.

9. SANQIANWAN Leather Surface Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

SANQIANWAN Leather Surface Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

SANQIANWAN Leather Surface Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

This product from Sanqianwan speaks volume about the quality of their products. This particular model of mouse mat is well crafted and designed with quality craftsmanship, and also equipped with modern accessories for convenient and comfort you can rely on.

Your well-being was taken into account when manufacturing this particular mouse mat, and its non-slip backing and powerful tracking efficiency can be attributed to its smooth surface. It is trigonometric and gives you support for your wrists.


  • Genuine leather.
  • Padded wrist rest.
  • Stylish and practical.
  • Smooth surface.
  • Pleasant smell.
  • Durable.
  • Treats strain.
  • Poor customer service

10. Innovera UK IVR52450 Wrist Supporting Mouse Mat

Innovera IVR52450

Innovera IVR52450

This is one of the best mouse pad from Innovera currently available in the market right now. The Innovera IVR52450 has wrist support that helps you stay on your computer for long hours.

It is easily cleanable and has a durable material to last you for repeated usage, a combination of support and comfort provided the hand rest will take away any health hazard, and it is massive.


  • Monotone.
  • Rubber material.
  • Thick 
  • Audio output channels.
  • Comfortable.
  • Sturdy.
  • Durable.
  • Hard gel.

Mouse Mat with Wrist Support UK Buying Guide

The term mouse mat is not strange to this current dispensation, but that is not the case for those born in the late ’80s because mouse mats came into existence in late ’70s but did not gain much ground until two decades later when they began to attain importance when the new enhance optical mouse replaced the conventional ball-operated mouse. Still, you should know that mouse mats were also used before the invention of the optical mouse to prevent litter from getting into the ball-operated mouse.

Over the turn of the century, almost every computer had a mouse mat. Several research was carried out into building more effective mouse mats for users to thrive with, and this led to manufacturers developing more user-friendly mouse mats with different material and different pattern. This newly renovated mats helped a lot of computer users like myself, to experience precision, speed and comfortability when working on my computer, and according to some statistics, mouse mats has helped increase the efficiency of mouse usage by 6% which is very good for a computer geek, because I know for sure that my mouse is one of the hardware I use the most.

How to avoid wrist pain from typing

Tips to avoid wrist pain while working on the computer

  1. Use wrist support like a mouse pad or wrist roller while typing.
  2. Avoid repetitive movement such as using the mouse for long hours.
  3. Try to stand with your legs shoulder-width apart for proper shoulder flexion.
  4. Avoid pointing the mouse at an arm or side.
  5. Take breaks every hour for a stretch to stretch the muscles.
  6. Wear wrist brace or support when you’re sitting for long hours.
  7. Stretches help to stretch and loosen up the muscles. Try to stretch your wrists after every 20 minutes of sitting or typing. You can sit with the palms facing upwards.

What is wrist pain and how to treat it?

Wrist pain is generally called as a carpal tunnel syndrome, carpal tunnel ligament strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The wrist is a human hand, which consists of all fingers except the thumb, the hand’s elbow, wrist, hand itself, and wrist bones.

The wrist bones and joints are all articulated, where they contain different ligaments, tendons and muscles. These ligaments connect the wrist bones to the forearm bones.

Multiple nerves run through the wrist and hand, to move fingers, hands, wrists, arms, and legs.

Each type of wrist pain may or may not be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, but these complications can also result from other reasons.

Types of wrist pain

There are different types of wrist pain, which all have different symptoms.

  • Fingers: If the pain is usually in one finger (most common), it is because of the fingers. This type of wrist pain is also called dry pain.
  • Wrist: If the pain is generally in one wrist joint (rarely seen), it is because of the wrist.
  • Thumb: If the pain is in the thumb joint, it is because of tendonitis. The pain caused by this kind of wrist pain may be in one thumb.

Wrist and wrist pain is often seen in patients, who have health problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, or repetitive injury.

It can also occur in patients, who play an active part in certain sports, or people with certain manual occupations. This kind of wrist pain has no known cause. The pain may be a result of inflammation of the wrist.

If the pain is sudden, you may have a fascial release. This may result in forearm flexion, or cramping in the forearm muscle.

Fascial release is a delicate, yet important process that allows you to relieve wrist pain by working the underlying fascia, nerves and tendons.

The process begins with the treatment of the underlying cause of the pain, to treat the pain without interfering with the mechanics of the joints or hands.

How to chose quality mouse pads


The first factor I will suggest you consider when you decide to get a mouse mat is the material because a lot depends on the material used by the manufacturers, basically there four superior materials used, and they are Glass, Aluminium, Cloth, and Plastic, and each one of these materials has their good and bad sides.

While those made from cloths are cheap, comfortable and easy to use compared to other mouse mats made from the different materials, the aluminium and plastic mats are smoother because of their nature and are more durable, but are expensive.

Are they washing machine friendly

Yes, they can be washed in the machine without being completely destroyed. But not all mouse mat can do that, always check to make sure. This is a factor a lot of buyers and users of mouse mats do not take seriously, but it is essential to know that these mouse mats come in various shapes and design which are all to keep you comfortable.

The wrist support feature is part of the design I am talking about, and if due care is not taken you might buy the wrong mouse mat without a gel, and it will not solve the problem of strain and fatigue, so if you are a person who spends long hours in front of your computer, you will have to consider a design with wrist support whenever you want to buy a mouse mat.

Is it helpful and useful?

No one wants to waste his or her money, and every customer wants value for their money, that is why you must put this factor into consideration when buying your mouse mats. Each type of mouse mats has their particularity, meaning you might just but the wrong mats thinking you are purchasing the right one. So always ask or read about the product, because some mouse mats are made for gaming, and they spot a different design entirely, and they have their unique characteristics. Whereas the office mouse mats are more ergonomic, cheap and have good materials equipped with wrist support.


Now, this is where you know how much a mouse mat is worth. Although they come in different price range, the office mouse mats are not expensive as the gaming mats which are predominantly made with aluminium or glass materials. So always have it at the back of your mind, the budget is mostly dependent on what you will be using the mouse mat to do. The low price mat spots a smooth surface and wrist support too.

Customer Reviews 

Always read through what previous users have to say about the product you intend to use, understand their plight and see if the product solve the problems and how effective it was. This will help you know if you should go on with the product or not because they are the first-hand experience for people like you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a mouse mat with wrist support good?

Yes, it is useful only if it provides you with comfortable wrist posture and encourages you to work with no fear of strain. If it restricts the free flow of your hand movement, then it isn’t right for you.

Do mouse mats help carpal tunnel?

Carpal tunnel is a result of reoccurring strain for long hours, and mouse mats with wrist support are efficient in dealing with stress; therefore, they can help you avoid the charcoal tunnel. But none of the ergonomic equipment reduces carpal tunnel pressure.

Is wrist support necessary?

A support system for your wrist is necessary if you spend long hours using the mouse.


Now you can boldly approach any store for your Best Mouse Mat Wrist Support Uk because all of the necessary factors have been listed under the buying guide to help you make the best decision and here goes my recommendations; Londo Genuine Leather, TRIXES Black Support and Fellowes Crystal mouse mat.

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