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Best Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights UK

For the everyday rider, auxiliary lights are a great advantage. Whether you love blazing the highways, going off-road, or enjoy the calm of a night ride, you need that added visibility. Combined with the stock headlight that comes with your motorcycle, you rest assured as you manoeuvre roads and pathways.

Most riders never realize how big an auxiliary help lights are until they get them. In my early days, I owned a Ducatti 1260 S- great engine, comfy grip, really powerful headlights. A new user I was, I believed the original headlight would be enough. That was until I blared around a foggy road and almost hit a kangaroo! I went looking for a pair as soon as I got home- and recovered from the shock, of course.

 Then, I was confronted with a universal truth- one that plagues ever motorcycle owner who realizes they need auxiliary lights. I had zero ideas about what to look out for and hundreds of questions running through my mind. What kinds are the best? Are there different types? What about energy consumption? Are some brands better than others? Should I worry about them breaking easily? Are they even legal?! I was overwhelmed.

With time, I got answers to all these questions and more. Gradually, I learned the different types, how designs matter, their energy requirements, as well as the quality differences in brands. With the addition of research and asking from experts, I gained enough knowledge that helped me become an efficient motorcycle auxiliary light purchaser.

To help you, I prepared this motorcycle auxiliary lights review, combining my experiences with those of other veteran motorcycle owners. I have also made in-depth research on the subject, interviewed motorcycle experts, and tested various brands. And, I recorded user reviews, taking notes of points made regarding certain products. The result is a list of products that offer quality performance at the right price, for you to choose from.

Also, here is a product guide that showcases the highlights to note when choosing auxiliary motorcycle lights. This insight is significant for the sceptical user going for his very first motorcycle auxiliary light. Regular users who also wish to switch between products can also find the product guide handy. Together with the product review, I believe you will gain everything you need to help you purchase the best auxiliary lights for your motorcycle.

Top 10 Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights UK

1. PROZOR LED Auxiliary Front Spotlights

PROZOR Motorcycle Headlights with Switch Motorcycle Front Spotlights 2 Piece 125W 3000LM CREE U5 LED Motorcycle Fog Lights with

Sitting at the top, my list is a spotlight that has users singing praises all over. This LED motorcycle spotlight strikes the perfect balance of function, efficiency, and aesthetics. And it tops all its amazing features to offer with a price that is nothing short of a blessing.

PROZOR Front Spotlights generate beams so bright; the distance covered is almost unbelievable. This is a major advantage for fast riders who need that extra time to react, especially at night. It also comes with a 3-mode feature, to alternate between beam intensities. An easy-to-use switch comes with the product and can be positioned very close to the handles, for easy access. And it offers a durable and convenient design that could withstand the rugged roads I ride on.

The product offers dust, rust, and water resistance, perfect for use in rainy weather. PROZOR Front Spot Lights are also very easy to set-up. I fit the spotlights on my motorcycle myself without any troubles. 


  • 3000LM beam
  • 3 light modes feature
  • Dust, rust, and waterproof design
  • Rugged aluminium alloy body
  • The beams can be adjusted to fit my need
  • Very easy to fit and install
  • Remembers the last mode you set it to when the engine is off
  • It required extra cables during installation

Motorcycle Auxiliary Light Mount Brackets

2. MICTUNING LED Auxiliary Fog Light Bars

MICTUNING Led Light Bar, 2PCS 4Inch 18W Flood Cree Led Pods 1260lm Off Road

A durable, long-lasting quality product, MICTUNUNG LED Fog Lights is a great choice. Users testify the rugged nature of this high-performance auxiliary light, and I confirmed them. The product comes with so many amazing features to offer and a reputation that exceeds it.

It features Cree LEDs with deep reflector cups that combine to project spot beams of 1260 lumens. The premium LED chips are advanced, producing brighter beams that illuminate view. To make sure the life span is expansive, 8-10pcs cooling fins help dissipate heat from the chamber quickly. The pods are also waterproof, protecting the bulbs from rain, dust, and sand.

The auxiliary lights are easy to install and comes with all parts needed for mounting. Because of the size, I worried about it fitting on my bike, but it did just fine. I also like the mounting brackets as they feature 45-50 degree flexibility, for adjustment of beam angles.


  • 1260LM Cree LEDs
  • 8-10pcs cooling fins
  • 40-50 degree-adjustable mounting brackets
  • Die-cast aluminium housing with IP67 waterproof
  • Great compromise between spot and floodlights
  • Perfect brightness for off-road riding
  • Low power consumption
  • Not as bright as would expect from spotlights

3. SafeGo CREE LED Auxiliary Spot Lights

 Safego 12V 24V 10W Cree LED Spot Work Light Lamp for Truck Off Road Lights 4X4 ATV Tractor 30 Degree Round

When I got hold of this product, I was a bit sceptical about its ability to perform. Now, I can fully say that feeling was greatly misplaced. This auxiliary motorcycle light proves the saying that size does not matter. For a product so small, the quality is majorly pleasing.

The Cree LED chips produce intense spot beams of around 600-1000 lumens. These came handy when zooming off a major highway on a foggy night. The circular spotlight pierces through so well. I could see the trees at the sides of curves and off-road. And the operating voltage, at 10-30V, is also a great addition, a testament to the low power consumption of LEDs. 

I like the die-cast aluminium housing material as it offers a unique shake-proof advantage off-road. The auxiliary motorcycle light is also waterproof, so I could splash over puddles and ride in light rain without worrying. 


  • High-intensity Cree LED chip
  • 20-30 degree spot beam
  • 6000k-65000k white light
  • Round, waterproof and shake-proof housing
  • The lights work well in any weather condition
  • Lights can be piggybacked to existing lights due to low consumption
  • No strobe effect or half power setting
  • Extreme rain causes water ingress in the lamp screens

4. Justech LED Motorcycle Additional Lights

 Justech 2PCS Motorcycle Headlights Front Motorbike

Justech made a unique product out of this auxiliary light for motorcycle. This product offers a handful of imposing performance features, which is why it easily slides into my list. I liked everything about it and for a long time, never wanted to replace it.

A very durable aluminium alloy houses the bulbs. There are also separate mounting brackets, making it easy to fit anywhere, from the front bumper to handlebars. I tested the waterproof and was impressed. Found none of those annoying little pools of water, collecting in the lamp glass.

It also offers a 4 lights mode; headlights, quick flashing, slow flashing, and flashing. This makes it so ideal for a wide array of riding conditions, both on and off-road. The spotlight uses Cree U5 LED bulbs, able to generate beams that shine for up to 200m, a 3000LM. The lights are so bright; they gave great visibility, even on a foggy daytime run.


  • 4 built-in light modes
  • CREE U5 LED bulbs
  • 3000LM pencil beam with 200m distance range
  • Aluminium alloy housing with IP65 Waterproof
  • The excellent brightness level
  • Very lightweight
  • Very sturdy housing
  • The switch is not waterproof

 5. Safego LED Daytime Running Lights

Safego LED Daytime Running Lights

This is another product from Safego that makes it to my list. It was especially attracted to this product because of its large size and multiple LED bulb features and to be frank, and I do not regret my choice. As far as auxiliary motorcycle lights are concerned, this one does the job efficiently.

I love how large it is. Almost as if the size guarantees its durability. Regardless, the auxiliary lights are easy to fit, with Plug & Play installation feature. It also comes with three light modes; DRL high beam and low beam options. And waterproof aluminium housing with PC lens.

The output is astonishing, at 3000LM, perfect for seeing through fogs and mists. The beam projection is complemented with a long lifespan, meaning I could use it for a long time, without worrying about getting a replacement. The large size blended perfectly with a heavy bike like Yamaha, giving it a rugged, powerful look.


  • 300W LED chips with 3000LM capacity 
  • 3 lighting modes
  • Durable aluminium sealed housing with IP67 waterproof rating.
  • Plug & Play Installation feature
  • Bright beam pattern, even in broad daylight
  • More range, compared to original headlights
  • Does not need time to warm up
  • Very bulky size

6. SUPAREE LED Auxiliary Lights

This is another auxiliary motorcycle light that gave me superb flexibility in use. I loved how it blended rather well with my BMW G 450 X like it was factory installed. I also enjoyed the powerful illumination I got when riding. I got quality beyond expectation, and it won a place on my list. For a product this good, the price offered is a worthy sacrifice. This auxiliary light generates a spot beam that penetrates far into the distance. This was no surprise, however, considering the bulbs are Cree LED. The illumination is intense, making it suitable as a floodlight, for off-road terrains. And the power consumption is commendably low

The product has a flexible adjustment of up to 360 degrees, making it ideal for all types of rides. The light generation is noiseless, with excellent heat dissipation, and the housing is made with aviation aluminium. As fancy as that sounds, it is also very durable.


  • CREE LED chips
  • 3000LM spot beam
  • 360 degrees universal adjustment bracket
  • IP67 waterproof aviation aluminium housing
  • Great quality, sturdy spotlight
  • Dims fine with no problem
  • Very easy to wire up
  • Does not come with additional wiring loom

7. Givi S310 Trekker Auxiliary Lights

After getting over my pessimism regarding smaller-sized motorcycle auxiliary lights, I decided to try another brand. And the Givi S310 Trekker Lights were worth every penny. When interested people speak about quality in performance and design, I never hesitate to mention this product. And they never hesitate to thank me.

It was surprisingly bright, for a halogen bulb type. When riding in the dark, I got commendable visibility from this product. The lights are also easy to control; through a switch, I could fix on the handlebar. It also did very well in a foggy situation, and the bulbs have a very long-lasting capacity.

The housing is very durable and tough. Combine the study build with the adjustable fitting, and it makes for an ideal off-road auxiliary light for your motorcycle. And the easy installation feature means I never had to spend extra on labour.


  • 55W replaceable halogen bulbs
  • Handlebar-mounted switch
  • Tough, the outer housing
  • Adjustable fitting
  • Powerful light projection
  • Fits a range of different bikes
  • Very easy to fix
  • Wiring instructions could be a bit more helpful

8. VGEBY Universal Motorcycle LED Auxiliary Lights

VGEBY Universal Motorcycle LED Lamp Headlight Fog Light Spotlight

Now, a lot of people say that you have to spend a lot on the best motorcycle auxiliary lights. Other words in my early riding days, I used to believe it as well. Today, through testing and research, I know better and am grateful for it, because products like this one are a huge relief to budget spenders.

VGEBY Universal Motorcycle LED produces incredibly bright beams for its small size. The spotlight is perfect for foggy roads and conditions with inferior visibility, as they can beam for up to 30ft. It also comes with cooling fins an aluminium alloy radiator for cooling. I noticed this works great, as the housing cools off rather faster than I expected when I turn the lights off.

The housing is also fairly waterproof and can withstand a drizzle. I also had no issues with mounting this auxiliary lamp as it comes with all the necessary accessories and fitting structures. 


  • 24W 4 LED spotlight
  • Aluminium alloy radiator
  • Aluminium cooling fins
  • Universal fitment
  • The very brilliant light pattern
  • Easy to fit
  • Long-lasting bulb durability and service
  • Not waterproof in hefty rain

9. LITTOU LED Motorcycle Auxiliary Headlights

LED Motorcycle light auxiliary

A friend of mine recently bought a heavy Kawasaki, and we decided to test out this product. What I love most especially about it is how easily it blends with the structure of the motorbike, as if it were made just for it. And of course, the performance was superb, giving me more than enough reason to write about it.

Its 40W LED chip combo gives off a powerful beam of around 3000LM, lighting great distances. The spot beam pushes through the fog and is perfect for seeing through dark or bad weather conditions at high speed. I especially like the plug-and-play wiring harness, as it meant very little stress during installation.

The auxiliary motorcycle light is also very flexible. I could adjust it to any angle I wanted at a shocking 360-degree capacity. It is also effortless to mount, as it fits into any pre-drilled holes on the head rack. And the die-cast aluminium housing is very sturdy and water-resistant. 


  • 4-10W CREE LED Bulbs with 3000LM beam
  • Die-cast aluminium housing with IP67 Waterproof
  • 360 degrees adjustable feature
  • Corrosion-free, stainless steel mounting brackets and hardware
  • Bright light pattern
  • Excellent low-cost alternative to OEM
  • The solid, sturdy light housing
  • Parts of the brackets are plastic

10. SKUNTUGUANG LED Harley Davidson Auxiliary Lights

SKUNTUGUANG 2pcs 4.5 inch 30W LED fog projector Auxiliary

Unlike many products, this is one auxiliary motorcycle light that blends nicely with the structure of Harleys. Getting LED additional lights for such bikes can be a pain, as they come in uniquely customized designs. But this auxiliary light merges with the overall Harley look, in addition to its quality performance.

This auxiliary motorcycle light uses CREE LED chips to provide high penetration beams. This power is perfect for riding in fogs and misty environs. Heat dissipation is via a fan type design of the housing. The chrome plus copper-nickel housing design blend to give both a sturdy and a classic look that fits the Harley culture. Seeing this auxiliary light on a friend’s bike was a glorious sight to behold.

The housing also boasts an impressive, long-lasting feature. Not only is it weatherproof, but also rustproof, weatherproof, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation. Being motorcycles that are great for showing off in any weather, this auxiliary light is perfect for Harleys. It explains why the light can fit perfectly on a wide range of Harley Davidson models.


  • CREE LED chip with 2400LM
  • Fan type heat dissipation
  • IP65 Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation housing features
  • Excellent light projection
  • Very easy to fit
  • Fits earlier Harley Davidson models
  • Does not come with instructions for light

Motorcycle Auxiliary Lights UK Product Guide

Seeing how necessary auxiliary lights are for your motorcycle, you must also learn how to pick the right choice. Motorcycle auxiliary lights come in different types, each performing best at its function. The type of light, bulb, weight, and power consumption are the major factors to consider when getting one, though others do also come into play. Of course, not everyone needs auxiliary lights for their motorcycles; daylight periodic riders, and city dwellers, for example. But if you ride cross-country, off-road, or at night in country lanes, you have to get yourself one.

Type of Light

Motorcycle auxiliary lights are classified based on what they are used for. Generally, there are three types; driving lights, spotlights, and fog lights. Driving lights work like the normal headlights, but go farther and wider down the road. Spotlights, though shorter, illuminate a wider spread of the road than driving light. And fog lights give off a wide and far-reaching beam, but at a low horizontal angle. Knowing the difference makes it easier to know what you need.

If you ride fast, you need auxiliary lights that see further into the area, especially in the dark or fog. Driving and fog lights, work best in such scenarios, and are usually tagged ‘Daytime Riding Lights (DRLs). Alchemy Parts Universal White Cree DRLs are a good example. For off-road terrains, spotlights, like SafeGo CREE LED and Givi S310 Trekker Lights work perfectly. Fog Lights, like MICTUNING LED Fog Light Bars, are best for improving vision, especially at day.

Type of Bulb

 You also need to put into consideration, the type of bulb an auxiliary motorcycle light uses. The bulbs may either be low energy using LEDs or low-cost halogen bulbs. LED auxiliary lights are kinder to the motorcycle battery, as they use less energy. Halogen bulbs, though require higher energy consumption, are less expensive.

Proofing Features

 Waterproofing is most especially for those who plan on taking frequent rides in harsh weather conditions- rain, snow, etc. There are lots of auxiliary motorcycle lights with proven waterproof, and rust-roof features like SKUNTUGUANG LED Harley Davidson Auxiliary Lights. Those who do a lot of off-road riding, shockproof, shake-proof, weatherproof, and dustproof are what to look out for in an auxiliary light for your motorcycle. SafeGo CREE LED Spot Light is a great example of one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lights

What is OEM?

It stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It normally describes a company whose products can be used as in the products of another, as components which are then sold as finished items to users. OEM products and parts are as reliable as the original products, with the added advantage that you get them at a better value.

Are auxiliary motorcycle lights legal in the UK?

All auxiliary lights in the UK are guided by the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989. The general rule states that to pass as legally acceptable, lights and additional lights on motorcycles must not dazzle other vehicle users. This is why the best-suggested ways to use auxiliary lights on motorcycles are to incline them at a low glaring angle, and at reasonably low dim. The law also states that your lights, be it stock or auxiliary, must not flash, burn or be blue.

Which is better; spotlights or floodlights?

While spotlights spread a beam of about 45 degrees in width, floodlights cast a wider beam up to 120 degrees. Floodlights do give a rider a wider illumination of their closest environs, but for a farther illumination of a wide range, spotlights are better. The only difference is that floodlights are wider, but spotlights have a farther reach.

Which consumes lesser power; LEDs or halogen auxiliary lights?

LEDs consume lesser powers than halogen auxiliary lights. It is why they are most frequently used in creating auxiliary motorcycle lights. The quality in performance, however, varies with the type of LED bulbs used.

What are the best LED auxiliary lights for motorcycles?

In terms of high quality in performance, CREE LED motorcycle auxiliary lights are the best. These are known for their efficient power management and minimal energy requirements. However, they are also the most expensive.


Auxiliary lights are a practical lifesaver when attached to your motorcycle. They give every user that extra visibility needed when zooming through a road. They expand the scope of vision for off-road paths and dirt tracks. And at night, they let you ride around in confidence and safety, as you enjoy the ultra-enhanced sight.

Here in this review, I have compiled a list of quality-tested motorcycle auxiliary lights for you to choose from. I have showcased their unique features, pros, and cons. I also included a product guide to expose you to the lookouts regarding auxiliary motorcycle lights. And answers to popular questions asked by most new and uncertain users.

To help you further in making your choice for the overall best motorcycle auxiliary lights, I recommend PROZOR Front Spotlights. It offers impressive visibility and minimal power usage at a very reasonable price. Givi S310 Trekker Lights is my premium suggestion if spending more is fine with you. And if your spending is on a tight budget, VGEBY Universal Motorcycle LED Auxiliary Lights is the quality choice for you.

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