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Best Moto G5 Case UK

Your Motorola Moto G5 deserves its own accessories for the same reasons as other phones. There are many reasons people get cases for their phones. For some, they do it for aesthetics. Certain phone cases are designed to be attractive. When people use such cases with their phones, they love how attractive it makes their phones look. For some people, they do it for preservation. Using a phone case can preserve the smoothness of the body of your phone. For other people, they use phone cases to protect their phones from impact.

Here, in this guide, we have 10 Moto G5 cases to suit your requirements.

Top 10 Motor G5 Cases

1. COODIO Motorola Moto G5 Case

First on our list of Motor G5 phone cases is this one from Coodio.The outer portion of the protective case is made of synthetic leather. The premium synthetic leather is cut with precision. It has a classic look and is soft to touch. The case is a flip case and the outer portion is held together using a magnetic clasp. The magnetic clasp precludes the use of other types of locks that are obstructive. When you close the flip, it attaches securely; when you open the flip all the way to the back, it also attaches securely.

The case also has a provision on the internal part of the synthetic leather for keeping certain items. There are 2 slots for keeping ATM cards, business cards, and items with similar dimensions. Asides the card compartment, there is also a compartment that can be used as a wallet. You can keep cash here alongside other items you can keep in a normal wallet.

You can use this phone case for more when you want some entertainment. The case folds to a stand for the phone. When it is folded like this, you can watch videos on your phone hands-free. You can also adjust the case to give you different viewing angles. It makes watching movies on your phone more enjoyable.


2. LiuShan Moto G5 Case

This Moto G5 phone case case is available in 4 colours: purple, orange, black, and green. This case is also stylish and has a unique pattern. The outer case is crafted with patterns like tyre tracks. These patterns give the case a rough texture, increased tactility, and enhanced grip.

The texture of the TPU case makes it shock-proof. Even if your phone were to fall while inside the case, it will receive little or no damage. This inner case comes with all the necessary holes. There is a space for the camera lens, the volume buttons, the power button, the charging port, and the headset jack. So, using the case will not affect the function of your phone.

Using the phone for multimedia like videos is also easy with this case. The case comes with a kickstand. You can pull the kickstand out when you need it and clasp it back into position when not using it. This feature allows you to watch movies hands-free. In the pack, you have other items asides the phone case. These items are gift items and they include a stylus pen, a micro USB anti-dust plug, a fish headset wrap, and a headphone jack plug.

3. AICEK Lenovo Moto G5 Case

It offers total security, precision, and style. With strong edges and effective back padding, this phone case ensures that your phone is protected all around. It is resistant to dust and fingerprints. Every part of the case is made to be shock-absorbent. Apart from being shock-absorbent, the carbon fibre material used in making this case is resistant to impact and has a cushion-like effect. So, if your phone falls out of your hands, you can trust that it is still in safe hands.

The back of the case has a rough carbon-fibre pattern at the top and at the bottom. The other part of the back of the case has a brushed aluminium texture. These 2 patterns together give the case a unique outlook. The case itself then transfers this style to your phone when you use it.

The case was made to fit well. Asides the fitting of the phone, access to ports and buttons is not impeded. There is a hole at the back for your camera lens and flash. There is also access to your charging port and headphone jack. On the right side, there are buttons for controlling the power button and the volume buttons. The case is shaped in such a way as to reduce the rate at which your phone heats up.

4. MAXFE.CO Motorola MOTO G5 Case

This case is a flip case kind of phone case. It uses a magnetic closure to secure the phone when the flap is closed. The flap, which is made of bonded PU leather and acts as a screen protector. The interior case is made of TPU, which holds your phone in place. The interior case is designed with precision. Asides fitting the dimensions of your phone well, the cut-outs are quite precise. There is access to the camera, the flashlight, the microphone, the power buttons, the volume buttons, and the speaker. The functions of the phone are not affected by the case.

On the inner part of the flip case, there is space for keeping your cards and your cash. The case can also be folded to allow your phone to stand in landscape mode. In this mode, you can watch movies, read, and surf the web hands-free. This makes doing these activities more enjoyable for you. The package comes with a stylus pen, a hand strap, and a dust plug. The hand strap provides extra safety to your phone as it reduces the chances of your phone falling from your hands.


5. BEZ  Shockproof Case for Moto G5 Case

The design of the BEZ protective case is eye-catching. Your phone becomes unrecognizable in it. It comes with 2 cases: an inner case and an outer case. The outer case is hard and it offers durability to the structure of the case. The inner case, on the other hand, is made from TPU. This part of the case offers resistance and shock absorbance. The combination of these 2 parts of the case gives the case considerable solidity.

Apart from being tough and solid, the case is stylish. It has a sleek design. This makes it comfortable in the hands. It almost adds no extra weight or width to the phone. The edges of the phone have an elevation of 1.5 mm. This serves as a cushion that offers extra protection to your screen. It also helps prevent scratches on the phone. The case fits very well and has a cut-out in all the necessary places to ensure that you can use the phone with the case on.


6. 32nd Floral Series – Design PU Leather Book Wallet Case Cover for Motorola Moto G5

The outer PU leather uses a magnetic closure. This helps to hold the phone securely inside the inner part of the case. The outer covering protects the screen from impact and dust. It also has a compartment for keeping your cards and your cash.

The cut-outs are precise. There is one for the charging port, the speakers, the headphone jack, and the camera. The case has buttons that match the volume and power buttons on the phone. The inner part of the case was designed so that the buttons on the case reach the corresponding buttons on the phone.


7. DN-Technology Moto G5 Case Moto G5 Leather Case

DN-Technology Moto G5 Case is available in 6 colours: red, black, green, white, pink, and blue. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to colour. While this case might not have any pattern on the outer case, the simple plain design is still pleasing to the eye. This product is a flip-type case. The flap uses a magnetic closure to secure the phone in place. The magnetic closure is non-obstructive and is quite strong.

The case is made of high-quality leather. This flap of the case protects the phone from scratches, dust, and different types of impacts. Of course, you will find the necessary cut-outs in place. The cut-outs for the camera and the flashlight are in place and they are precise too. On the inner side of the flap, you will find a compartment for storing different types of cards. This compartment can also be used to store cash and similar items. One drawback of this case is that you cannot fold it to hold the phone horizontally in a way that allows you to watch movies with ease.

8. J&D Case Compatible for Moto G5 Case

You can either get this as blue, black or with the pizza pattern. The case is a non-flip case made of only TPU. This case protects the edges of your phone and the back. It is shock-absorbent, easy to grip, and comfortable to hold. The case has a sleek design that wraps around your phone like a second skin.

It fits the Moto G5 very well but is not suitable for G5 plus, G5S and G5S plus. It also has holes/cut-outs for ports and buttons. At the top, there is a cut-out for a headphone jack; at the bottom, there is a cut-out for a micro USB cable. On the right side, there are cut-outs for the power button and the volume buttons. On the back, there is a cut-out for the camera and the flash.


9. J&D Case Compatible for Moto G5 Case

The second J & D Case on the list. It has a unique heavy-duty design. It adds to the bulkiness of the phone but not too much. The extra cushion edges add to the total protection the case offers. The case is double-layered for extra protection too. It uses a TPU layer and a polycarbonate layer. So, you are more assured of having no scratches or dents when your phone falls out of your hands.

This case fits the Moto G5 very well but is unsuitable for the G5 plus. It has cut-outs for easy to the camera, headphone jack, and the charging port. On the right side, the case has buttons that align with the volume and power buttons on the phone. These features are in place to ensure that you can use the phone easily even with the case on. 


10. LiuShan Moto G5 case, [Shockproof]

The final product on our journey through the best Moto G5 case list is the LiuShan Heavy Duty Moto G5 Case. This case is available in 4 colours: black, green, orange, and purple. This case was made particularly for the Motorola Moto G5 and will not suit other variants of the G5.

The case combines an inner soft, shock-resistant TPU material and an outer hard plastic material. The inner portion provides protection against the impact on the edges. The outer portion protects the back from the damage that may occur when the phone drops. The outer portion of the case has a tyre-like pattern that enhances grip and makes handling easier. There is also a locking kickstand that you can use to place the case in movie mode. With this kickstand, you can watch movies, read, and surf the net hands-free. The pack comes with 4 gift items: a micro USB anti-dust plug, a stylus pen, a 3.5 mm headphone jack anti-dust plug, and a fish headset wrap.

Buyers’ Guide

We have put together a small buyers guide for the moto g5 cases.


This is the most important thing to check for when looking at moto g5 phone cases is the dimensions. If the case does not fit your phone, it is useless to you. There is nothing you can do with it. To avoid this, check the length, width, and height of your phone. You can either check the manufacturer’s website or measure the dimensions yourself. Have these values with you and verify them against the size of the case when you are placing an order. If there is a significant difference (greater/less than 3 – 5 mm) in the values of the dimension, do not get such a product.


One of the main reasons for getting a phone case is to protect your phone. But if the case is not strong enough, there is little protection it can offer your phone. You should check to ensure that the case is strong and made of high-quality materials and ones that are even dual layer. These factors are what determine how durable the phone case is. It could also be worth looking at one that comes with screen protectors.

Movie Mode

This feature might be important to some people and it may be unimportant to some. When you can fold the case of your phone or make it stand to hold your phone horizontally, you have what we call ‘Movie Mode’. In this mode, watching movies is made easy because you can do it hands-free. Also, reading and surfing on the web are easier this way. This is also a good mode for playing video games.

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