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Best Men’s Winter Gloves UK

Best Men’s Winter Gloves UK


Gloves are an essential part of your cold-weather gear. There are many different types of winter gloves available, with a range of specific features, such as touchscreen friendly tips, waterproofing, and materials. It is hard to know what will keep you dry and warm without being overkill with so many options on the market. 

Below we have reviewed some of the best winter gloves on the market. Virtually all of the glove options we have included are made for men. Just scroll down to our buying guide if you want to know what you should be looking for in your next pair of winter gloves.

Top 10 Men’s Winter Gloves UK 

1. Freetoo Outdoor Full Finger Tactical Gloves

Freetoo Outdoor Full Finger Tactical Gloves

Freetoo Outdoor Full Finger Tactical Gloves

Incredibly durable by nature and rugged in design, the FREE TOO Tactical Gloves are an impressive piece of kit. These gloves are best On our list in terms of versatility. You can easily transition from hiking to airsoft, mountain or downhill biking, climbing, and everything in between. These heavy-duty gloves can be counted on to protect your hands from both the knocks or abrasion or cold whilst out and about and were therefore built with the military in mind. These gloves will last you a good few years with a reinforced knuckle, palm padding, and double stitching. Their snug design and breathable materials mean that they offer a great range of movement and are comfortable – ideal for the several tasks you may come across whilst out hiking. Your hands are protected from cuts and scrapes, but enough dexterity remains to get out and in of your pack with ease. This adjustable wrist Velcro keeps them in position, and the functional vent design means they are used in mild winter seasons and warm weather. Their only downside is that they aren’t touchscreen compatible, but we can’t complain at this price point. 


  • Adjustable wrist straps
  • PVC composite knuckle protectors
  • Skidproof leather palms
  • For air circulation, it has a PVC functional vent design. 
  • Heavy-duty polyester design
  • Cheap 
  • Excellent dexterity 
  • Durable design
  • Not as warm as other expensive options & Not waterproof

2. Outdoor Research Versaliner

Outdoor Research Versaliner

Outdoor Research Versaliner

The Outdoor Research Versaliner is a lightweight winter glove that is both moisture-wicking and water-resistant. The customer also gets water-resistant gloves that cover these gloves as the Versaliners come with Pertex outer shell gloves (virtually rain covers). However, you won’t be able to see off a torrential downpour without feeling moisture inside the glove. The rain covers the back of your hand fit inside a zip pocket that can otherwise be used for a small item such as jewelry, coins, or keys. It is the perfect place to put little hand warmers. When wet, the loop at the bottom of the gloves is useful for pulling the gloves on. On top of this, and the close fit and slight stretch makes them a comfortable glove and the anti-slip silicone palm padding guarantees consistent grip. The Versaliners are surprisingly warm, comfortable, and well-made for the thickness. These are a perfect option if your focus is insulation rather than weatherproofing. 


  • Hundred-weight radiant fleece insulating liner
  • Waterproof Pertex shell
  • Flexible and close-fitting
  • Front zip for hand warmers, cards or keys
  • Pull tabs increase ease of use
  • Flexible and lightweight 
  • Wallet-friendly 
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking 
  • Not as warm as their competitors
  • Not waterproof 

3. Carhartt Insulated Mittens

Carhartt Insulated Mittens

Carhartt Insulated Mittens

Carhartt is best-known for their trendy outerwear and coats, and now they’ve got insulated mittens in the line-up. They come in men’s and women’s and various color options falling in the middle of our price range. Trapping extra warmth, mittens are better in cold conditions as they share heat across your palm and fingers. The top of the gloves can wipe sweat from your face without having to take your mittens off whilst on the move as they feature a brow wipe. The stretch fleece cuffs will keep wind and rain/snow out whilst trapping heat inside, and the reinforced polyurethane palm is waterproof. They also make it easy to fit the second glove with one already on, and they feature pull on closure. Built from 100% polyurethane in the palm, and 100% polyester in the lining and shell, they are warm and durable but not very breathable. These would be fine if your hands don’t sweat a great deal, but if they do, then these gloves could be a non-starter. They don’t seem to wick moisture nearly as well as claimed by the manufacturer, requiring drying out after every use and making the lining feel damp. Your hands will be kept toasty with a snug fit whilst looking cool, but it could be a clammy experience.


  • It has an adjustable wrist strap closure with a fleece cuff. 
  • Highly durable, all-purpose shell.
  • Waterproof insert
  • FastDry technology lining
  • Polytex shell and a Polyester liner
  • Affordable
  • Cozy lining and comfortable 
  • Warm 
  • Not fully waterproof 
  • Poor moisture-wicking and breathability 

4. Black Diamond Soloist Finger Gloves 

Black Diamond Soloist Finger Gloves 

Black Diamond Soloist Finger Gloves 

The Black Diamond Soloist Finger gloves provide so much warmth that they’re as suited to winter hiking as they are for alpine climbing. The split-finger design offers additional dexterity in freezing weather, whether you need to use a map, open a water bottle, or unzip a backpack. For improving warmth, the other fingers are in a mitten style compartment for additional comfort and heat-retention that is supported by the fleece lining. These gloves combine a removable, Primaloft-insulated liner with a dry waterproof insert. The Prim Gold Insulation in the liner insulates even when wet and dries quickly. Its waterproof shell can be used as a standalone, making them a versatile pair of gloves in warmer weather. The company has constructed these gloves with an abrasion-resistant, lightweight Pertex stretch shell. The Kevlar stitching and goat leather palm are strong enough to withstand rocky terrain or rappelling should you find yourself climbing. The one addition that could have taken these gloves over the line would have been the forefinger’s touchscreen tip. Black Diamond also manufactures a standard Soloist glove model with five separate fingers if you don’t like the solo finger and mitten combination. These are also made with Pertex shell and Kevlar-reinforced goat leather palms with removable PrimaLoft liners. Whichever model you opt for, the Soloists are a great pair of winter gloves that will provide serious protection from the elements.


  • For climbing, there is a Kevlar-reinforced goat leather palm.
  • Comfortable high-loft fleece lining
  • Waterproof shell with Prim aloft-insulated liner
  • Split-finger design for dexterity in freezing weather
  • Versatile 
  • Extremely warm 
  • Durable 
  • Specialised design is not for everyone
  • Expensive 

5. Sealskinz Extreme Cold Weather Waterproof Down Mitten

SealSkinz Unisex Waterproof Glove

SealSkinz Unisex Waterproof Glove

‘For most people, the best cold-weather glove.’ These Sealskinz Down Mittens tick an imposing number of boxes for a very reasonable price. They’re fully waterproof and have an internal, fleece-lined baffle at the wrist to keep cold air from getting in. The Downtek down stuffing inside is waterproof, but so is the polyester outing – because it doesn’t clump together, it resists water which means it insulates even when there’s moisture present. For extra warmth, the interior of the glove is lined with fleece. The palm of each glove offers plenty of grips and feels tough – overall, these feel hard-wearing and are useful for gross motor skills such as controlling a snowmobile. There is the only thing to watch is sizing – whatever your average glove size, go bigger here, even Sealskinz’s XXL size was just a touch on the snug side. First and foremost, they might be designed as cycling gloves, but these are warm enough for winter and are excellent all-rounders; yet breathable enough for use all year round. The sumptuous goat leather and the comfy liner outer feel reassuringly good quality, and you won’t even notice wind or rain trying to cut through them. The price is reasonable, and they are touchscreen compatible too.


  • Sizes Available: XXL, L, S, XL, M 
  • Waterproof 
  • Material: Polyester, leather 
  • Colors available: Olive green and black 
  • Adjustable fit 
  • Backed up by a two-year guarantee 
  • Keenly priced 
  • Outstandingly comfortable 
  • Superbly warm 
  • Not for those with big hands 
  • Mid-market means there are cheaper and better options

6. Smartwool Cozy 

Smartwool Cozy 

Smartwool Cozy 

‘The best gloves for cold, dry conditions’ There’s no need for hefty waterproofing on crisp winter days– warm woolen gloves are less bulky and more breathable. This Smartwool specializes in this sort of glove, and these are brilliant for keeping snug on your bike, walking the dog, or country rambles. If the fingers are rather long – they may feel a little lost if you have stubby digits. 


  • Material: Smartwool 
  • Colours available: Grey 
  • Less bulky
  • More breathable 
  • Not waterproof 
  • No adjustable fit 

7. MCTi Ski Gloves Winter Waterproof

MCTi Ski Gloves Winter Waterproof

MCTi Ski Gloves Winter Waterproof

The MCTI Gloves are the best winter gloves for extreme cold. They have all the insulation you need to tough out spending a full day on the mountain, or working in extreme conditions and are lightweight as wellThey offer the dexterity you need for maneuvering or driving equipment. They are relatively thick and flexible and will last with you for years to come.


  • Size Available- Small to extra large
  • Colors available- Grey or Black 
  • Equipped with windproof polyester technology 
  • FAN-TEX waterproof TPU 
  • 3D reinforced PU leather fingers
  • To keep hands dry, FAN-TEX insert wicks away moisture 
  • Adjustable wrist buckles and drawstrings
  • Heat-trapping system: 150 grams G-type 3M “Thinsulate.”
  • 3mm foam palm cushion to relieve hand fatigue and reduce shock-impact
  • 3 layer composite softshell to prevent snow and cold air from getting in
  • Best for participating in winter sports, driving a motorcycle or motorbike, or operating machinery 
  • An expensive option as compared to other gloves in this list for the features it offers 

8. Dakine’s Men Nova Gloves 

Dakine's Men Nova Gloves 

Dakine's Men Nova Gloves 

You are in luck if you hate taking the time to hand wash things. These are machine washable and one of the best cold weather gloves we’ve found. They will keep you warm for a full day of skiing, snowboarding, tubing, snowboarding, skiing, or whatever winter activity you fancy and are comfortable with. If you plan to be in freezing weather for long periods, you may want to purchase a liner as these gloves don’t come with one. Bonus: The company also offers a 2-year limited warranty with their men’s winter gloves.


  • Colors available- Carbon grey, black, and tan, or black 
  • Windproof 
  • DK Dry Waterproof insert
  • Palm durable water repellent leather 
  • High loft synthetic [Glove 110/230 g] 
  • Best for winter expeditions, shovelling, snowboarding and skiing 
  • Adjustable buckle strap 
  • Can be worn up to -20° C 
  • No glove liner

9. Andake Winter Gloves 

Andake Winter Gloves 

Andake Winter Gloves 

We often sacrifice maneuverability for comfort with thermal gloves. Here are the Andake’s pair offering a middle ground, protecting the cold and wind while remaining lightweight. A TPU layer keeps the gloves windproof as well as wind-resistant. Also, the gloves are moderating warmth, down-filled, and keeping the gloves soft. The gloves’ quilted design keeps the 5 fingers in the most relaxed state, allowing for driving, cycling, and outdoor activities while wearing them.


  • Price- £22.99
  • Water-resistant 
  • Windproof 
  • Goes with most outfits 
  • Provide the protection you need 
  • Expensive

10. Vbiger Unisex Winter Gloves 

Vbiger Unisex Winter Gloves 

Vbiger Unisex Winter Gloves 

‘The best men’s touchscreen gloves.’ Touchscreen gloves are your savior when you desperately need to reply to a message in the middle of winter. Here you don’t need to expose your hand to use your phone as the company (Vbiger) uses device reactive conductive PU zones on the index finger and thumb on their unisex glovesThe jacquard gloves have enhanced slip resistance and are lined in thick fleece for carrying and gripping, no matter the weather.


  • Price– £13.99
  • Touch-screen sensitive 
  • These hot winter gloves have a fleece lining
  • Not as warm as compared to their competitors

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Men’s Winter Gloves UK Buying Guide 

As with all winter gear, your primary consideration should be where you will predominantly be your activities. This will determine if you require any specific features or functionality. Otherwise, below are the standard traits or factors to consider before buying. 

Gloves Or Mittens

Both have their benefits, and this is totally down to personal preference. Most people opt for gloves purely because they are a bit more versatile, making it easier to drink/eat, give you extra skill for gripping rocks or branches, and opening/closing bags. Mittens trap heat in a communal area and are much warmer though, and it is possible to get the best of both worlds when paired with separate-finger liners. Removing your mittens won’t be an option in super cold conditions, so stick with gloves.

Insulation And Warmth

You are trying to keep your fingers and hands warm, but to what degree? You may end up unnecessarily overspending or sacrificing mobility if you go straight in for the warmest gloves you can find. Synthetic materials are the best insulators and avoid materials that will get water-logged and cold if they get wet, like cotton. When combined with polyester inners, Outer shells like Gore-Tex will keep your hands dry and warm and are designed to be breathable and water-resistant. Ensure that your gloves have long cuffs that can be tucked under your sleeve and consider buying some thermal liners for your gloves such as these multi-purpose silk ones if you are prone to getting cold. 

Inners And Lining

Most thermal gloves come with a liner and a shell. The inner material will be a comfortable addition made from fleece something similar to fleece, while the outside will have windproof and waterproof properties. Removable inners can often be removed or replaced to conform to the given temperature and are easy to wash and keep dry in between uses. 


Even in the coldest of temperatures, overheating can lead to discomfort and dehydration. If you are prone to getting sweaty, moisture-wicking and breathable gloves will be your best friend. Gloves allow a small degree of airflow but should be warm to ensure that moisture is not trapped around the skin, creating a clammy and warm experience. Wicking and breathability are two different things, and some gloves are one but not the other. When making up for non-breathable shells, moisture-wicking inners can go some way. You’ll be far more comfortable as long as there is an avenue for moisture out and away from your skin. 


Very few winter gloves are waterproof, but most are water-resistant. Waterproof gloves vary from lightweight to incredibly bulky and are made from the same material as hiking jackets. 

Design And Features

The best winter gloves come with useful features such as pull loops, pockets, wrist clips, and palm grips. 


Different gloves from different companies/brands are all sized differently. For example- XXL means other things depending on who makes your gloves. Keep in mind that you will often benefit hugely from having a pair of merino wool glove liners inside your main glove. Therefore, whatever size you think you are you might want to go at least a size bigger to wear gloves inside your gloves. This is because it is one accessory where trying different sizes is crucial. Most online retailers will allow you to return too-large or too-small items for free as they are sympathetic to this. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of gloves should I buy?

The first thing is to decide what you want your gloves for, and where you will be wearing them. A fully waterproof pair is useful if you’re going to go walking or play sports in uncertain weather conditions. The last thing commuters want is to take off their gloves every time they want to use their phone, so warm gloves with touchscreen-compatible fingers are great for them. Wool and fleece gloves may not be waterproof but are wonderfully comforting and cozy on icy, dry days. Needless to say, if you spend a lot of time outside, you are not limited to one pair: you’ll find it useful to own a bit of a glove arsenal, to protect your paws whatever the weather.

How do I ensure a good fit?

It is always worth trying on a new pair before you buy as hands vary a lot – and so do gloves. Different companies/brands have other ideas of what constitutes “medium”, “large” and so forth, even if you think you know your size. Some brands/companies offer different sizes for women and men. Still, there is nothing inherently gendered about the products themselves: indeed, you may find that a design marketed for the opposite sex fits you like, er, a glove. As a rule, gloves should feel roomy and comfortable, but without too much space at the top of each finger. Check if you can make a fist without feeling any tightness and look for a snug but not restrictive cuff. Adjustable cuffs that tighten with toggles or velcro are great for keeping warmth in and rain out.

What features should I look for?

Picked a pair that’s fully waterproof, not just water-resistant if you are looking for gloves to wear in the snow or rain. Ideally, they’ll give a waterproofing rating in millimeters or use a waterproofing technology such as Gore-Tex. Pick a pair with insulation such as PrimaLoft if you are after maximum warmth. Mitten-style gloves are suitable for preserving body heat too as they bunch your fingers together. For more casual use, such as commuting or dry-weather winter walks, you may as well plump for a light fleecy pair for warmer weather or a sumptuously soft pair of knitted gloves to keep you cozy. Touchscreen-compatible fingertips are suitable for walkers and cyclists too, as they let you access your navigational system without having to peel off your gloves. They make it easy to use your phone on the go that accounts for its popularity. 


The best winter gloves act as a wonderful defense against the unpredictable British weather. You will soon find yourself wishing that you had a warm pair of waterproof gloves for protection against the inevitable combination of light sleet, buffeting winds and freezing temperatures as the winter months roll on through – even if you aren’t making the arduous walk to and from the station each morning. In the summer, a stiff wind can leave you with hands shoved firmly in coat pockets (a disaster when climbing) and swiftly whip up while you’re out camping, climbing, cycling, or hiking. Waterproof designs can help you play or work for longer, even in a downpour, and the best gloves will, of course, prevent your hands from freezing. 

No products found.

There’s a vast range of prices, materials, and styles on offer, so picking the right gloves can be tricky. We hope that you liked our guide to the best outdoor gloves on the market, along with tips on how to choose the perfect pair.

Best Value- Sealskinz Extreme Cold Weather Waterproof Down Mitten

Best Choice- MCTi Ski Gloves Winter Waterproof

Premium Choice- Freetoo Outdoor Full Finger Tactical Gloves

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