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Best Menopause Supplements UK

Supplements are the easiest option to go for when dealing with menopause. These drugs are a great addition to your daily routine. They provide the necessary dosage of nutrients, the body needs and help you cope with the changes that come with middle age in women.

Truth is, nothing prepares you for menopause. When it came, it hit me big. I could barely recognize my own body or mind. My moods were erratic and confusing; a big deal for someone who always had a lid on her feelings. 🙁  The heat flashes, the growing threat of hair loss, and gradual belly fat accumulation; everything took me by surprise.

Best Selling Menopause Supplements Online

My husband was of great help though and went with me to every doctor’s appointment. He was present when hormonal replacement treatment (HRT) was offered to me as an option. But the risk of cancer scared us to death, so we refused. This left us with the second, most opted-for suggestion; menopause supplements. And six years down the line now, I can boldly say that I have adjusted to middle age.

Managing the changes and symptoms has become easier for me, and menopause supplements have been of great help. Throughout my trying periods, I came across tons of products from various brands. I also got recommendations from health professionals and met up with lots of women walking in the same shoes as I am. It is from the compilation of information, suggestions and comments, as well as my personal experience that I created this review.

Here, I listed a bunch of products that have been proven very effective in easing menopause symptoms. I also added a product guide to help you select the right product for yourself. I know how difficult it is to decide the best remedy to go for. This is why I highlighted key areas to look at when picking menopause supplements. I also included a FAQs section, to address some common inquiries regarding the subject.

With so many changes hitting the body all at once, figuring out how to deal with them may seem overwhelming. Even after you discover the benefits of supplements, you get confused, with so many brands on the market. This is why this review and product guide will be of immense help in selecting the best menopause supplement for you.

Top 10 Menopause Supplements UK

1. Fermarelle UK Recharge Menopause Relief 23.52

Femarelle Recharge Menopause Relief for Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Mood Swings & More. Clinically Shown to Relieve Menopausal Symptoms -1 Month Supply

Fermarelle Recharge Menopause Relief 23.52

This is by far one of the few menopause supplement products that completely impressed me. At first, I wondered that perhaps, it was just my personal preference, so I asked others about it. Turns out they shared my comments on the product.

I got quick and lasting relief on most of the symptoms I experienced. One thing I loved most about this menopause supplement is that it is not selective. It worked on most of my symptoms, including those I barely paid attention to. I felt more active and at ease. I slept better, and the hot flushes were greatly reduced. And I was most especially glad the mood swings were finally under check.

Also, I prefer capsules to tablets, so that was a big plus for me. And there was none of that bothersome aftertaste that comes with most capsule medications.


  • Non-hormonal, natural formula
  • Gluten-free, Kosher and Halal
  • Nom-GMO
  • Capsule form
  • With or without food administration
  • Great at reviving sex drive
  • Amazing for dealing with mood swings
  • Also very effective at curbing hot flushes and night sweats
  • Gemstone coating may make you feel nauseous

2. Life Extension UK Pregnenolone 18.20

Life Extension Pregnenolone 100 mg, 100 Capsules

Life Extension Pregnenolone 18.20

At a time during my trying days, I needed to confirm the best product for achieving hormonal balance. I tried a lot of them, with instructions from health experts and my doctor, of course. In the end, I finally had to settle with the product. I got so much value from it; I just had to suggest it to you.

The results from taking this supplement are powerful. For someone who cringes at the thought of HRT, getting a product as effective as this one was a major win. The effects almost make it seem like I was actually on HRT! I especially love how I could finally recognize myself again, mentally. My mood swings dropped to the barest minimum and I could socialize more again.

I also noticed a massive improvement in alertness and energy. I felt more active and my body regained some of its old stamina again. I felt revived. I finally understood why it comes highly recommended by lots of health professionals.


  • Pregnenolone composition
  • Rice flour base
  • Capsule form
  • Non-GMO LE certified
  • Contains gelatine
  • Perfect for peri-menopause symptoms
  • Significantly improves strength and stamina
  • Very effective at relieving joint aches and pains
  • You have to find a dosage that fits you

3. Vogel UK All Stages Menopause Support 15.59

A. Vogel Menopause support Tablets (60)

Vogel Menopause Support 15.59

When I first started my search for the best menopause supplements, I ran into tons of medications made by A. Vogel. I figured they must be good if they have so many products popping here and there, so I tried this one out. And I understood eventually, why the brand is so popular.

One thing I easily take away from this one is how it purely sticks to natural extracts. Most menopause supplements would usually feature perhaps, one or two inorganic components but not this one. It had no synthetic ingredients of any sort, just pure herbal derivatives. Usually, I would be sceptical towards such products but I was quite impressed with this one. And that was not even the best part.

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The best part is that it works for all stages of menopause. It was of great help during my pre-menopause times. And when I decided to try it out in later years, I still recorded significant improvements in my health.


  • Made from soya beans
  • 60% Soy Isoflavones
  • Contains magnesium, beetroot juice powder and cottonseed oil
  • Supports all stages of menopause
  • Tablet form
  • Very effective at curbing sleepless, sweaty nights
  • Greatly reduced irritability
  • Noticed effects in under a week
  • Tablets break easily in the container, so the dosage was hard to decide

4. Health4All UK with Salvia Extract –  Sage Strong Purest 7.99

Sage Strong 2500mg 60 Capsules (V) Purest- no additives Capsules (not Tablets). Works for Hot Flushes, Night Sweats and Menopause Symptoms. Vegan. Made by Health4All

Health4All Sage Strong Purest 7.99

Knowing how most of the supplements I have come across contain animal ingredients, I wondered how vegetarians in menopause coped. So, I made enquiries from some people I know- one of them being an older relative- and a few products were mentioned. This one, in particular, stood out more, so I asked why. And because of how much positive feedback I got, I decided to try it out on myself.

First thing I noticed was the boost in stamina. I felt stronger, agile and more sensitive to my surroundings. In the mornings, I woke up to a dry pillow; no night sweating, no restlessness. The hot flushes became less frequent, my appetite improved and constipation dropped significantly. I also noticed I had lesser headaches, which I discovered were tied to the bouts of anxiety.

It felt good knowing a product made completely out of herbal ingredients alone could offer such value. My scepticism was instantly eliminated. And I was glad to know you could combine the product with other supplements for more results.


  • Sage extract composition
  • 100% vegan
  • GMO-free
  • Allergen-free
  • Capsule form
  • Drastically reduced sweating
  • Great for flushes
  • A simple dosage that gives great results
  • Results may take longer than expected to appear prevalent

5. Spatone UK –  Liquid Iron With Vitamin C 7.95

Spatone Liquid Iron Supplement Apple Flavour, 28x25ml (Packaging May Vary)

Spatone Liquid Iron 7.95

At certain stages of menopause, your body will exhibit a lack of essential mineral salts, notably magnesium, calcium and iron. The latter is most especially if you fall under the category of women who experience heavy bleeding during the pre-menopause stage. I found that period of my change to be one of the most frustrating, as I suffered serious blood loss and weakness. I was very close to anaemic.

Then, a health professional recommended this product to supplement the depleting iron levels in my blood. At first, I was bothered by the package. It comes in liquid form, packed in a simple sachet. And when I drank it, the dominating metallic taste was overwhelming. It felt like I licked a bicycle handle! But none of that mattered anymore when the effects began to take hold.

Gradually, and at a rate faster than I anticipated, I could feel life flowing back into my veins. I quickly adjusted to the effects and eventually recovered. I was so astounded by the supplement; I had to check out what it was made of. Imagine my surprise, when I found out it was naturally occurring ferrous water from Wales. And that it was the top iron supplement recommendation in the UK!


  • Natural-occurring, liquid iron
  • An easy to carry and use package
  • Additional ascorbic acid
  • 40% absorption rate
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • Super improvement on blood iron levels
  • Easy on the stomach, unlike pills
  • Very easy to use
  • The metallic taste can be discomforting sometimes

6. Lindens UK Rapid Release Sage Essential Oil 6.39

Lindens Sage Essential Oil 50mg Capsules | 100 Pack | Popular Food Supplement for Women During Menopause in A Rapid Release Softgel Capsule

Lindens Sage Essential Oil 6.39

Research confirms that the majority of women going through menopause will experience hot flushes and night sweating. Though some suffer it more than others, the sensation is all together annoying and uncomfortable. I hated jolting up at night, worried a faucet had burst over my head, only to realize it was just my sweat. And in the morning, I would suffer bouts of temperature fluctuations that made my skin tingle.

Thank the heavens, therefore, for this menopause supplement. Of all the various comforts it gives to middle-aged women, relief from hot flushes and night sweating are two of the most prevalent. The product is super effective, taking a very short time to show results. I think this is owed to the gel capsule form, as these forms are known to release content faster than conventional designs.

I have made extensive findings on the benefits of sage oil and am very privy to using products that contain the extract from time to time. This is one reason why I like this menopause supplement so much. You have to make sure you stick to the dosage though, as higher doses tend to crawl up your throat when you burp. A bit unpleasant, but the advantages outweigh this.


  • 50mg Spanish sage essential oil extract
  • Also contains sunflower oil
  • Thujone free
  • Dairy, soya, sugar and gluten-free
  • Rapid release softgel capsule
  • Perfect for tackling night sweats
  • Great at relieving hot flushes
  • Reduced tiredness and fatigue
  • Made me burp more

7. Regaine UK for Women Hair Loss & Regrowth Scalp Solution

Regaine for Women Hair Loss & Regrowth Scalp Solution with Minoxidil, 60 ml, 1 Month Supply

Regaine for Women Hair Loss & Regrowth Scalp Solution

Most symptoms that come with menopause are usually easy to manage. This is usually because most of them are internal, so you alone know about them. But certain symptoms are glaring to those around you, and hair loss is one of the most embarrassing ones.

In my younger days, I would rock a killer look with my all-natural blonde hair. Long, full and healthy, I would style them any way I wish. With my social lifestyle, keeping healthy long hair is a big part of my personality. But with menopause crawling in, I noticed my once golden crown of glory was slowly losing strength and sheen.

Rejuvenating my hair was one of the first missions I set out for, in my quest to live a comfortable menopause life. And this product was a major help to me. Not only was I able to recover lost hair volume, but also strength and vigour. With it, I could finally keep my hair in admirable condition, regardless of passing deeper and deeper into middle age.


  • 2% active Minoxidil
  • 60ml, one month supply
  • Contains ethanol
  • Contains propylene glycol
  • Massage application
  • Hair grows faster than the average rate
  • Very easy to use
  • I got results in less than a month
  • Not suitable for dyed hair.

8. HERB-OLOGY Lactobacillus Gasseri Athletes Probiotics

Lactobacillus Gasseri Athletes Probiotics for Adults - 180 Capsules | Vegetarian Supplements for Bloating Relief and Weight Loss | Aids Digestive Health, Restores Gut Microbiome | 3 Billion CFU (180)

HERB-OLOGY Lactobacillus Gasseri Athletes Probiotics

My physical figure is a huge deal for me, and when I hit menopause, it was heavily affected. This, of course, is expected in most women, as the body fat accumulates around the gut more than the sides and thighs. And though it was a normal change for women that hit middle age, I refused to have any of it.

Among the many supplements certified by my physician for weight loss, this was the most effective. It was also great for digestion, and I felt less constipation after eating. The fat reduction, however, was my biggest takeaway. My gut size was significantly trimmed and though I never recovered my previous vixen form- that is long gone now- I still stand out, looking stunning wherever I go.

I like to believe combining the use of this menopause supplement with regular exercise sped up my body improvement. Still, I do not doubt that on its own the product is still super effective. After all, I was working out before I began taking it and the changes are glaring.


  • Active 3 billion probiotic Lactobacillus gasseri
  • Contains maltodextrin
  • Digestion relief
  • Leptin influencing properties
  • Vegetarian suited
  • Perfect for suppressing cravings
  • Rapid fat burn
  • Improved digestion
  • Noted more cases of farts during use

9. PatchMD UK Menopause Night Relief Topical Patch 16.95

PatchMD Menopause Night Relief™ 30 Daily Topical Patches. 100% Natural & Vegan. Allergy & Filler Free. High Absorption and More bioavailable. Suitable for Sensitive stomachs & bariatric.

PatchMD Menopause Night Relief Topical Patch 16.95

Not everyone likes to swallow medications. Tons of women cannot stand the taste of pills, or even liquid forms of medications, perhaps from having a sensitive stomach. Some may unknowingly skip medication time. Perhaps, a busy lifestyle or too many tasks may cause such a slack. And then, some are extremely time-conscious, and cannot spare a few minutes to pop pills.

For such people, patches are very convenient, as they eliminate the inconvenience of having to swallow supplements. I decided to see how this matches with my rigorous active lifestyle. See how well it works with my office time, workout routines and general social life. And it was outstanding. It provided fast, long-lasting relief for most of my menopause symptoms. I could hardly believe how quickly it works.

I have read that transdermal options usually produce quicker results but the experience greatly surpassed my expectations. And it was so convenient; just slap it on a part of your body (I prefer at the lower side of my abdomen, just above the beltline), and continue with your daily routine. And the effects were prevalent for up to 8 hours! And if you require higher dosages, you could wear multiple patches at once.


  • 3-layer, topical patch technology
  • Exclusive, all-natural adhesive
  • Multi-nutrient layer
  • Day or Night application
  • 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free
  • Provides very fast relief for hot flushes and sweating
  • Very easy and convenient to use
  • Effective for insomnia
  • The thin, small size of the patches may be discouraging

10. Bodygenix Black Cohosh 6.99

Bodygenix Black Cohosh supplement | tablets for pre-menstruation and menopause | support mood and steady nerves | 6.5mg 30 Tablets

Bodygenix Black Cohosh 6.99

One of the most popular components found in menopause supplements is black cohosh. This ingredient is renowned for its soothing and comforting properties, which explains why so many brands add it to their products. In my pre-menopause days, I had to try out products containing black cohosh. Especially since most people around me speak so highly about its functions. This one stood out among the pack.

I noted a major improvement on my mood swings while on this product. My mind felt lighter and less irritable- the latter, which I previously could not bear. It was also of huge help in hot flushes and night sweats, but the mood soothing was the most observable. Though, I must admit that I also noticed a significant decrease in vaginal dryness.

I still hold high in the aspect libido, so I never bothered to observe if this product helps in that aspect. But if it could ease vaginal dryness as effectively as it did, then I have no doubt it may hold such properties.


  • Active Black Cohosh ingredient
  • All-organic, natural composition
  • Contains tree nuts
  • Tablet form
  • Natural and very effective
  • Noted very fast relief for night sweating
  • Works for hot flashes
  • Most people do not like the taste

Menopause Supplements UK Product Guide

Menopause supplements can be a middle-aged woman’s best friend, provided she knows precisely how to use them. Like every other medication, of course, they require proper administration from health professionals, before you can use them. It is also imperative to check if a product selected is safe for your particular physiology. In my case, I consulted with my physician before trying any menopause supplements. I suggest you do the same.

There are other areas to consider before you pick up any menopause supplement product for use. This is because all products are not manufactured equally, and some may appeal more to you than others. These differences also determine whether a product fits or suits your lifestyle and natural physiology.

How is it administered?

Most menopause supplements come in orally administered forms. Others come in patches and sprays for skin applications. The oral forms may be as tablets, capsules, or liquids. And then, there are the rare forms that can be inserted directly into the vagina, for treatment of dryness.

One of the first steps to getting the best out of a menopause supplement is to decide how you want to administer it. Most women prefer oral products but there are some, like myself, who do not. I rather go for liquids and drops, than tablets, which I find very uncomfortable to my throat. I also prefer using patches and for heat flushes, as I have noticed they work fastest.

What it is made up of?

Menopause supplements are generally composed of the same basic nutrients also found in food, so to many people, this may not be an issue. The real problem comes from the carriers of these nutrients, or should I say, what was combined to provide these basic nutrients.  In this case, your consideration would be based on two factors; allergy, and vegetarianism.

Some people have certain side effects from using many menopause supplement drugs, which lead to a general belief that they are bad. The reality is, these people never bothered to check if they could cope with some of the ingredients used to make these supplements. I, for one, have a bad reaction towards anything that has eggs in it, so I tend to avoid consumables with any.

You need to check the products for any allergens you may be susceptible to. This factor is also very important for those who are vegetarians, as many of these supplements may have ingredients derived from animal sources. Fortunately, there are natural and all-vegan supplements available on the market for such people to choose from.

What is its speciality?

Some menopause supplements tackle certain symptoms better than others. And though, every symptom feels like a big issue, some, you must admit, pose bigger problems for each individual than others. For me, it was three things; headaches, mood swings and bone weakness. As a very physically and socially active person, these posed a major problem for me. So, I considered products that addressed these issues more.

When you look closely, you will notice that most products offer one or two areas of speciality, with the other functions coming up secondary. To make the menopause supplement work best for you, first, observe the symptoms you find most troublesome. Then, opt for products that would address these symptoms directly. That way, you get satisfaction from fixing those you were most bothered about.


Can I replace a normal diet with menopause supplements?

Though menopause supplements are guarantee to supply you the right amounts of essential nutrients, they are not a complete alternative to food diet. The best way to use them is with a combination of a balanced diet.

Can I reduce menopause belly with supplements alone?

Not effectively. Menopause supplements will result in an observable reduction in accumulated belly fat, but it will take a long time. My best method is combining menopause supplements with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle.

Are there side effects from using menopause supplements?

Yes, but these are very rare. Some users have recorded side effects like headache, nausea and vomiting, stomach upset, vaginal spotting or bleeding and weight gain. While these side effects are very unlikely, I advise you to consult your doctor if you notice any of them.

Can I increase my oestrogen naturally?

Yes, certain foods supply natural oestrogens, like soybeans, garlic, flax seeds, dry fruits, and sesame seeds. These provide significant amounts of phytoestrogen, which mimic the body’s natural oestrogen by binding to its receptors.Menopause Supplements quote


Managing menopause symptoms are not as difficult as you may fear.  I experienced major discomfort during my early menopause days and without the right information, had to endure them for a long time. Today, I enjoy the better life as I have mastered the numerous benefits menopause supplements have to offer me. You can do the same by using this review.

No products found.

Before taking any of the products listed here, I advise that you consult your doctor. Their expertise will assist you in picking medications that work best with your physiology. They will also help administer the right dosage you need to follow. And they will advise you on how to deal with side effects of using the drug if any comes up.

Also, make sure you keep to the product guide I have compiled along with the review. It holds key information on the ideal products you can use, as well as the types that offer the best comfort in use.

From my experience, I have found the Fermarelle Recharge Menopause Relief to be the best overall menopause supplement you can use. It comes with very few side effects and more effective treatment of most general symptoms. For big-spending, Life Extension Pregnenolone is perfect for you. But if you worry about spending too much but want the best quality in a menopause supplement, Bodygenix Black Cohosh is my most preferred choice.

Additionally, people should also try yoga for overall wellbeing. It helps a lot in coping with the menopause stress.

Written by Katie John

Katie is a dietetics and have spent quite a lot of time thinking about the subject.


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