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Best Mechanical Keyboards UK

Some gamers and developers may find mechanical keyboards too noisy but others might prefer the feel of mechanical keyboards. Because they’re faster and more durable than membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards are popular choices for people who game, write, design, or edit.

Many web developers and engineers use mechanical keyboards for faster typing and greater accuracy.

just “game” it! Just “type” it!

If you need a keyboard that is louder and easier to type, consider a membrane keyboard instead. A good membrane keyboard uses high-quality plastics to create a durable, low-profile, and grippy surface. This makes it a good choice for gamers who want to produce a noisy game atmosphere without disturbing the person next to them.

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I know there are certain hesitations when purchasing your new keyboard, especially when you are heading for a mechanical one: Are they pricey? Are they heavy? Will they truly provide me comfort as opposed to the membrane ones? Do mechanical keyboards indeed have an enormous influence over gaming and typing?

I had these doubts too before buying mine, but they were washed away when I bought mine. It is not necessary to spend £100 or even more to get this luxury in your hands. I will certainly say that the best budget ranges from £20 to £70. It is truly worth spending this once rather than spending £15 thrice. So, let us dive in and see what these keyboards have to offer!

Top 10 Mechanical Keyboards

1. Redragon K552-RGB-UK KUMARA Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K552-RGB-UK KUMARA Mechanical Keyboard RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard 87 Key Compact Computer Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Blue Switches PC Gaming Keyboard (UK-Layout)

Redragon K552-RGB-UK KUMARA Mechanical Keyboard RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard 87 Key Compact Computer Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Blue Switches PC Gaming

Redragon is found within the high brand catalogue. They produce game devices and accessories, delivering it globally. With an experience of 20 years, it gifts the user with great services and high-class products. International packaging levels and solved enquiries in various languages, Redragon aims to provide comfort and superiority in life. You can visualise this in the K552 Keyboard. 


  • It weighs 1,08kg and is connected through wiring. 
  • The keyboard’s base is made with aluminium.
  • Composed of 87 keys and a total of 18 RGB lighting, nine various colours and five luminosity levels of the backlights.
  • The keycaps are of double-shot injection, which means that you will perceive clear lights and the letters won’t fade.
  • Cleverly designed with plate-mounted keys and switches to resist violent games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty and others.
  • Non-conflictive keys, providing N-Key Rollover gifting the user a supreme gaming session. Enhanced with 12 multimedia keys which are not slippery and coated with a protective layer to fight against splash.
  • It comes with a gold-coated USB connector hence avoiding corrosion.
  • It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and condensed to MAC OS Keyboard Support.
  • It is compact and light-weighted.
  • The switches’ design makes the keyboard long-lasting, enabling them to give a quick response.
  • You can play with the intensity of the brightness and change the colour of lights.
  • It is a TKL keyboard which means it has no numeric pad saving space for those who work in small areas.
  • Lack of speed so for a real gamer is not just the right one.
  • It is fairly noisy, so you might end up disturbing your neighbours.
  • Switches are designed to meet the level of Cherry blue. However, as they are not a cherry keyboard, the output feels the switches offer don’t reach the same standard.
  • Being a TKL keyboard can result in uneasiness for those who are habituated with a numeric pad. Of course, there are numbers placed at the top of the keyboard, so in the end, it is a matter of getting used to it.
  • Lights are appreciated most in dark rooms. So if your room is bright, you might not experience that disco-like feeling.

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2. TECKNET 78986 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

TECKNET Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 88 Keys Full Anti-ghosting Mechanical Keyboard,Customizable LED Backlit Ideal for Gamers and Typists, UK Layout

TECKNET Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 88 Keys Full Anti-ghosting Mechanical Keyboard,Customizable LED Backlit Ideal for Gamers and Typists, UK Layout

TECKNET works with PC peripherals, homely products, audio-focused as well as powered devices and products that serve as protection. An electronic ruler based in the UK, offering advanced products that improve your digital experience and an upgrade in your lives. It is known for its passion for excellence and strong loyalty towards its customers. The 78986 mechanical keyboard reflects this.


  • It weighs 779 grams and is connected through wire. 
  • The keyboard’s tactility response is of superior quality, and the keys towards gaming are of a high-grade such that they respond to commands quickly.
  • There is an independent switch for every key, which means that the user will experience quick feedbacks.
  • Complete key rollover and anti-ghosting are allowing each type to be detected and applied in games and typing.
  • Clicky and tactile properties are felt in the switches. High sensitivity and firm keystrokes designed for professional typists and gamers.
  • 6 backlight colours. Each row has its colour light. Nine lighting styles are included too.
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, ME, Vista, 7, 8, 10, MAC, Linux and more.
  • Absence of drivers as they are not required.
  • You can adjust the lighting speed and brightness.
  • Keys are non-conflict so you can engage deeply in games.
  • The keys are very responsive and solid. The feel is very spongy due to their switches, and the noise emitted is pleasant.
  • The cable has a proper length.
  • It has a device which pulls out the keys avoiding the fact that the keys can break.
  • Wider compatibility with various software.
  • As the keyboard is void of software, you cannot fully customise the lightings as per your wishes. Only you can use the preset colours on the keyboard.
  • The lights are of a rainbow mode. This means you cannot have one coloured light if you wish too.
  • Although the keyboards don’t clatter yet they are noisy hence causing a disturbance.
  • No numerical pad.

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3. Havit HV-KB389L Wired RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set

havit Wired RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set UK Layout, Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard with Detachable Ergonomic Wrist Rest 4800Dots Per Inch Programmable Wired Mouse,Black

havit Wired RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set UK Layout, Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard with Detachable Ergonomic Wrist Rest 4800Dots Per

HAVIT goes to make a difference and gift what users don’t have till now. It was founded in 1998 by Ms Lee, who has technology alive within her. HAVIT brings out fashionable and ranged products, always taking into account that quality should not be missed. Such is so with these two following keyboards. Both are tremendous but have a major difference. Watch out! 


  • It weighs 1,26kg and is connected through wire.
  • You can feel the click and tactility of the keys thanks to the implementation of the blue switches.
  • Key Rollover with anti-ghosting.
  • Well designed with a detachable wrist rest. Metallic board and keycap inactivity enhance the keyboard’s life growth.
  • It comes with a mouse which is a bonus. It has seven gaming keys which are programmed and six levels of Dots per Inch (DPI).
  • Drivers included allowing for moderating the RGB backlight and its button. The light button can switch off the mouse light.
  • There are various modes of RGB lights. Fourteen various lights for the keyboard and 7 for the mouse.
  • 12 keys of multimedia are found. The FN + WIN keys avoid the user from exiting the game in an undesired manner.
  • Compatible with systems such as Windows, Linux and MAC OS.
  • The use of blue switches allows the keyboard to deliver feedbacks with accuracy, whether for commands while gaming or typing.
  • You can customise the RGB lights as the driver is available in HAVIT’s official website.
  • You can adjust the light speed, colours and luminosity to your convenience.
  • The wrist rest is detachable, so it becomes easier to transport around if needed.
  • The DPI of the mouse is of high resolution delivering an ultimate game experience.
  • When combining multimedia keys for short-cuts, these are not available for users who operate with systems such as MAC OS and Linux. Such combining is limited to Window users.
  • Each key click is fairly loud. However, it is a matter of personal choice.

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4. HAVIT HV-KB558CM-UK Rainbow LED

Gaming Keyboard {UK Layout}, HAVIT Rainbow LED Backlit Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set, Black

Gaming Keyboard {UK Layout}, HAVIT Rainbow LED Backlit Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set, Black

Rainbow Backlit Keyboard with Adjustable Brightness Levels.LED lights make the keys visible. 3 lighting modes are adjustable: breathing, solid rainbow colour, light-off mode.7 Keys Programmable Gaming 6 Dots Per Inch levels: 800-1600-2400-3200-4000-4800 Dots Per Inch. With programmable 7 keys, you can easily define any properties. The RGB backlit and button function is customizable via the driver.


  • It weighs 732 grams and is wired connected. 
  • LED lights allow the visibility of the keys. The backlights are of rainbow mode and three brightness levels to play with. Three-speed levels are also existent.
  • It is anti-ghosting, and 19 keys can be synced together without any conflict. 
  • Three multimedia keys and 11 multimedia keys to combine at the top. 
  • It comes with a mouse which is a plus point.
  • The DPI of the mouse is appreciated at six different levels and has seven keys regarding programming. It has seven colours too.
  • You can customise the RGB and button feature through the driver.
  • Win Lock and direction exchange combinations are available. 
  • It is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Linux. Take into account that this is not compatible with PS4 or XBOX. You need to purchase an adapter and then it will only work for chatting, not gaming.
  • The mouse’s design provides a firm grip and comfort.
  • Top-quality ABS material used increases the lifespan of the product.
  • Some have managed to use them in PS4s and XBOXs without any problem even though specifications state the contrary!
  • The LED feature allows visualising the keys easily in the dark.
  • Beautiful packaging.
  • The multimedia keys work with Windows only. Not Linux.
  • An important fact is that this is a membrane keyboard which gives way to that mechanical feeling. So it has no switches under the keys.
  • Lack of speed and absence of Key Rollover.
  • It has the numeric pad which takes up more space so not suited for those who have a limited working area.

5. DIERYA UK Wired Mechancal Keyboard Backlit DK61E

DIERYA DK61E 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit Wired PBT Keycap Waterproof Type-C Hot Swappable Compact 61 Keys Computer Keyboard with Full Keys Programmable (Gateron Optical Red Switch)

DIERYA DK61E 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit Wired PBT Keycap Waterproof Type-C Hot Swappable Compact 61 Keys Computer Keyboard with Full Keys.

DIERYA has grown up in less than ten years, primarily meeting customer needs. Its products indeed please the eyes and possess great functionalities. Users bear great benefits and will consider it worthwhile to spend on its products for DIERYA provides appealing designs, versatile aspects and high satisfaction. The DK61E is a true bang-up!


  • It weighs 800 grams and has a detachable USB Type-C cable. The connector is made out of alloy aluminium, and the cable is quality braided.
  • The USB-C is the connection port.
  • 1 Lithium-ion battery is called for.
  • The circuit board, not the interface, is coated with IPX4 and certifies the keyboard as waterproof.
  • PBT is the short-cut to “polybutylene terephthalate”, the material used to create the keycaps. Keycaps are even moulded through Doubleshot injection.
  • Optical switches used instead of the conventional mechanical switches.
  • RGB lighting mode displaying 16 colours concurrently.
  • The keyboard has eight-degree rubber feet providing long-lasting comfort. The unique padding speaks of the keyboard’s firmness.
  • Keycap and switch pullers included.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows.
  • Long-lasting product due to the PBT material providing high resistance to temperatures, friction and dissolving agents. It makes it oil-proof too!
  • The USB-C makes it compatible with many devices, easy to charge and transmit data. The cable is flexed and resistant too.
  • The RBG lighting is full-on and strong.
  • Top-notched Gateron switches make the keyboard speedy, durable and enabling to extend the functional aspect of switches.
  • Switches can be exchanged.
  • The keys are slightly unstable. You might need to place paper to make it stable.
  • Dire software. It works improperly.
  • The most expensive compared to others.
  • The keys, such as print screen and delete, along with the FN button, are opaque, making it difficult to see them in the dark.
  • The keyboard lacks an appropriate angle; hence you cannot elevate to the level you want.
  • The LED lighting is not so powerful. It lightens up the middle of the screen and not the entire thing.
  • The keyboard has a US layout, although you get habituated.

6. Ajazz Geek UK Wired Mechanical Keyboard AK33

UrChoiceLtd® Ajazz Geek AK33 Backlit Usb Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Blue Black Switches for Office, Typists and Play Games (Blue Switch, White)

Bob Martin Clear K0242 Clear Home Flea Bomb Killer Fumigation Pack, 4.5g, One Size

Ajazz is a brand that hails from China. Ajazz is on the lead, and its focal point is operating the brand and designing. They have earned success and popularity, especially when it comes to gaming. They have a continuous thought of further expansion and are in the quest of business partners, globally speaking. AK33 speaks about superior quality worked in Ajazz.


  • It weighs 620 grams and has a detachable USB cable.
  • The wire is five-cored and strongly shield.
  • It has 82 keys with an independent switch on each. It has blue switches making it clicky and enhancing the tactility.
  • The keyboard is made with metal and ABS which stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. The former makes it vigorous. The latter is inexpensive and quick to shine. 
  • The design is compact. The slight arching-like and gradient appearance helps fight off the fatigue existence in the user’s hands.
  • Keycap puller included.
  • Supports 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 USB versions.
  • The USB is gold-coated.
  • Compatible with Window 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, MAC OS System.
  • It is light-weighted and handy to port around.
  • The anti-ghosting enables the keys to work in sync at great speed.
  • The tact feeling is sensitive and responds efficiently.
  • Media keys inserted which serve as short-cuts to accessing other computer features such as Internet browser, calculator and more.
  • Longevity due to the keys being forged with a laser.
  • Each game has to be set up in its way, but this is pulled off as the keyboard memorises such setting once inserted.
  • Only one light colour as this version is not RGB. In such a case, you can only play with luminosity.
  • The switches are not cherry.
  • Keycaps are not injected with Doubleshot, so with heavy use, they will lose texture with time.

7. BAKTH K1-SET-UK Multiple Rainbow LED Mechanical Feeling

BAKTH Multiple Color Rainbow LED Backlit Mechanical Feeling USB Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Working or Games

BAKTH Multiple Color Rainbow LED Backlit Mechanical Feeling USB Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Working or Games

BAKTH’s foundation is quality. One of the largest manufacturers of batteries, it has expanded its brand offering PC peripherals with quick delivery and ongoing service for customers. The K1-SET reveals BAKTH way of working but, while taking your time to read its points, you will notice a major thing in this keyboard.


  • It weighs 630 grams and is connected through wire. 
  • It consists of 104 keys. Rainbow mode applied for the backlighting.
  • A mouse comes along in the pack. It has 4 DPI levels, and seven colours lit at the back.
  • No driver required.
  • It is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, Linux, IBM products, Mac OS and Chrome OS
  • Comfortable and simple to operate.
  • Vibrant lights and allowance to control brightness levels.
  • Keycaps can be removed, allowing the user to access the keyboard for better cleaning, thus increasing the lifespan of the product.
  • It is splashproof.
  • It is reasonably economical.
  • No option to switch off mouse light while utilised.
  • It just transmits the feeling of having a mechanical keyboard even though it is one. The plastic material applied is weak, and so there are high chances for the keyboard to break rapidly if used for dense typing. So we can consider it being a non-real mechanical keyboard.
  • Colour pattern cannot be altered, and RGB cannot be customised.

8. HK GK61 UK Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - 61 Keys Multi Color RGB Illuminated LED Backlit Wired Programmable for PC/Mac Gamer Tactile (Gateron Optical Brown)

GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - 61 Keys Multi Color RGB Illuminated LED Backlit Wired Programmable for PC/Mac Gamer Tactile (Gateron Optical Brown)

HK Gaming is a brand which provides enriching products and is based in Hong Kong. It allows the user to take its gaming sessions and to type to a whole next level. It sceptically chooses its components and implements them. Though it is a fairly expensive brand, it justifies the purchase. The GK61 sets a high mark. 


  • It weighs 538 grams and connected through wire.
  • Composed of 61 keys with 16.8 million colour blends.
  • Various backlit modes as well as RGB. 
  • Optical Gateron switches applied which can be exchanged and substituted. The keycaps are moulded with ABS Doubleshot, which can always be altered due to the availability of the key puller. 
  • Anti-ghosting at its fullest and via software you can personalise key functions, tailor enhanced features and trace macros. 
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS.
  • It has a USB Type C to Type-A cable.
  • Multiple FN functions and the keyboard’s circuit is coated with IP64, which ensures high resistance to splash and dust.
  • Complete packaging. Apart from the keyboard, there is the USB cable, the switch and keycap puller.
  • The responsiveness is super fast due to the optical switches being a plus point for significant moments in the gaming. They even last longer than traditional mechanical switches.
  • It works nicely even with a PS4.
  • It is compact hence covers less space.
  • The RGB is amazing, and the LED is found in the motherboard, not on the surface.
  • If you exchange switches, only optical ones will work.
  • Software is friendly and simple to use if you know Chinese.
  • The keys slightly shake and are soft so you might probably get an unregistered type at some point while gaming or typing.

9. Hcman MK02-UK Mechanical Keyboard

Hcman Mechanical Keyboard 87 Key Compact Gaming Keyboard,21 LED Backlit Modes, Blue Switches USB Wired Keyboard - Black

Hcman Mechanical Keyboard 87 Key Compact Gaming Keyboard,21 LED Backlit Modes, Blue Switches USB Wired Keyboard - Black

Hcman delivers decent types of equipment and has commerced electronic devices that can be utilised anywhere and at anytime. They believe in practicality and are expanding themselves to bring the latest technology and enhance customers’ digital lifestyle. MK02 unfolds Hcman’s dedication to their work.


  • It weighs 733 grams and comes with an attached USB cable to connect. 
  • Blue switches are used hence strong audibility as well as giving way to an enhanced tactility and clicky feel of the keys. 
  • 87 keys that are anti-ghosting, enabling the keyboard to be highly responsive. 
  • It has 21 light modes and ten which are sided light modes. Intensity can be modified. 
  • The physical layout of the keyboard is slightly arched and has a minor gradient. This enables the hands not to suffer from tiredness. 
  • Application of alloy aluminium and high-quality ABS metal, making the keyboard strong and splashproof. Keycaps are injected with a special bicolour moulding to increase durability. 
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, VISTA, Macintosh Mac OS X and more.
  • Compact design so it is useful to port around.
  • Excellent keyboard feedback and you experience no delay whatsoever.
  • It offers far more than the price it holds.
  • Powerful lights that enable you to type in complete darkness.
  • The cord is of decent quality.
  • Well built, and you can tailor the lights according to your preferences.
  • The keys are very noisy as they use so suitable if you have your bedroom not otherwise.
  • It has LED lights and not RGB. Therefore, the colour which comes up while pressing the keys remains unchanged. 

10. PICTEK 244 US Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, PICTEK Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard Wired with 87 Keys Full Anti-ghosting, Customizable LED Backlit Ideal for Gamer, Typist etc. - US Layout

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, PICTEK Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard Wired with 87 Keys Full Anti-ghosting, Customizable LED Backlit Ideal for Gamer, Typist

PICTEK is a manufacturer which produces gaming devices. It is very precise in its product design and development, delivering top-notch quality products at a very reasonable price. It aims in having the customers experiencing long-lasting and vivid moments with their products. Such is achieved with this 244 US Blue Switch. 


  • It weighs 575 grams and comes with USB cabling, which is of 1.5 metres in length.
  • Blue switches applied to enhance the tactility of the keyboard and the enjoyable clicky sound. These switches produce great responsiveness in both gaming ad typing.
  • Amazing lightings with 27 colour modes. Changing the speed and luminosity is available too. The keyboard can memorise 3 light patterns tailored by the user. 
  • All keys are anti-ghosting so that they will produce no conflict.
  • The keyboard is backed up with two folding supports at the back, enabling to adjust the angle of the keyboard.
  • Resistant to splashes and keycaps can be removed. 

  • Very compact and handy to port around due to its 2-zoned design.
  • It relieves the strains in hands efficiently after a long period of gaming or typing due to the possible slant of the keyboard.
  • Greater durability of the keycaps as they don’t fade.
  • Intense luminosity and excellent styles of lighting.
  • The combination of multimedia keys is not available for MAC nor Linux.
  • It is a keyboard with a US layout, but, it is a matter of getting used to it.
  • It is a smaller keyboard compared to the rest, which might feel odd at first, but, you get habituated at the end.

Having mentioned the different types of keyboards, I want to highlight that two of them, HAVIT HV-KB558CM-UK and BAKTH K1-SET-UK are not mechanical keyboards even though they possess similar qualities regarding the lighting and other features as the mechanical ones. I purposely stated them so that you become crystal clear with the differences and not fall under the wrong influence. THEY ARE ABSENT OF SWITCHES! This is the key identity of a mechanical switch.

keybords quotes image

Regarding the brands, Redragon and HK Gaming focuses on what is inside of a product providing products which are rich in their speciality area. HAVIT and Human deal with cutting-edge technologies enhancing the user’s digital experience, making them feel that they can deal with such tech-advances too! PICTEK, Ajazz and DIERYA concentrate on the output layout of its products, making them eye-catching without putting the quality aspect behind. TECKNET and BAKTH concentrate on giving their customers excellent products and fast services, proving their fidelity.

Best Mechanical Keyboards UK Product guide

Keyboards are the pens to our mobiles and computer devices. An important tool, be it virtual or physical, which makes our lives easier to type almost everything and engage in games. The one that comes in mind is the mechanical one. Mechanical keyboards are a bomb! They are a clear win over the membrane keyboards.

There are unpunctual doubts which can halt you in the end from buying a mechanical keyboard. Fortunately, there are solved queries that cut your doubts and guarantee you a rewarding purchase. 

Membrane keyboards are composed of 3 different layers and displayed with two distinct designs: keyboards with flat keys and the other ones are rubber domed. I still remember how much problems I faced with these standard keyboards. At some point after regular use, some of the keys were simply not working. Others were not making enough contact giving me a troublesome time with my daily typing. These keyboards used to get damaged quickly, and I had to purchase new ones every certain period. They were uncomfortable too. It required harder pressing on the keys because the keys wouldn’t go down all the way, and the type would just be unregistered.

Mechanical keyboards work at a different level. You might think, what exactly is a mechanical keyboard? Well, the mentioned, are keyboards with switches implemented beneath the keys. Each switch is made up of a tough stem, a spring, housing and sometimes include a click leaf. Switches are classified in three groups: tactile, linear and clicky revealing the resistance, sound output and tactility of the keyboards. So you can imagine, not only with typing but, as far as games are concerned, the keys’ response and speed work at an optimum level.

Do the type of switches matter on a mechanical keyboard?

There are various types of switches which are used while producing a mechanical keyboard. There are blue, brown, red switches, and each delivers a distinct sound and loudness while tapping them. Brown switches are considered to be the quietest of all. Blue switches enhance the clicky feel, which for many users, is very pleasant. Red switches are very juicy. They are soft and light. Your fingers will end up thanking you. So ‘matter’ would not be the term, preferences are what makes you decide which ones to go for. 

Are mechanical keyboards very noisy?

Not necessarily. The components used to develop the keyboard are important factors to take into account. You can always use O-rings made of silicone or foam pads to reduce the noise of your mechanical keyboard.

Can we say which is the best mechanical keyboard?

No. Not only the switches but, the size of your fingers and the density of your muscles are important factors too. They have an important influence on how hard or soft the keypress will be.

Are keystrokes higher in mechanical keyboards?

Yes. This is one of the top features a mechanical keyboard offers. Membrane keystrokes are much less. This is what makes a mechanical keyboard last way longer. While a membrane keyboard offers 5 million strokes as an average, mechanical keyboards can offer ten times or even more keystrokes which is a vast difference. 

Advantages of mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keys provide a smoother and more accurate feel than membrane keys.

  • Mechanical keyboards are more durable and can last a long time with proper maintenance. They are also the most responsive to minor bumps and scratches.
  • Mechanical keyboards are more durable and can last a long time with proper maintenance. They are also the most responsive to minor bumps and scratches. Mechanical keys allow for multiple brightness levels and customization, which means that you can alter the key feel from one setting to another without ruining any keys’ function.
  • Mechanical keys can be less prone to hot-spots and finger smudges than membrane keys.
  • Mechanical keys allow you to modify the key characteristics, such as the keypress distance, key travel distance, and key travel force.
  • Mechanical keys are much more ergonomic and comfortable to use.
  • Some gamers like the combination of mechanical keys and dedicated macro keys, which allow you to quickly program commands.

Disadvantages of mechanical keyboards

  • Compared to membrane keyboards, mechanical keys are typically heavier.
  • Some people dislike the tactile feel of mechanical keys.
  • The key mechanism can break and shatter, which is not very pleasant.
  • Mechanical keyboards require you to supply your own key caps.

Should I buy a mechanical keyboard?

Generally speaking, most gamers prefer mechanical keys for gaming due to the physical experience of a mechanical keyboard. However, a small subset of gamers prefer using mechanical keyboards with their fingertips instead of with mechanical keys.

Mechanical keyboards tend to be more expensive than membrane keyboards, but the mechanical advantages can be worth the price. The type of key caps you need to purchase also differs. You may want to purchase a few to get the best of both worlds.

Those who want to be more cautious or prefer the flexibility of a membrane keyboard can look into hybrid keyboards. If you are a professional gamer, you’ll want to stick with a mechanical keyboard. Otherwise, choose your keyboard carefully.

My top 3 mechanical keyboards

We can see that mechanical keyboards tackle the problems stated and furnish the user’s experience while typing and playing games. A clever tool which makes your digital life exotic. 

The Cheapest

Hcman is the cheapest. It is not necessary to purchase a high-end and expensive product to be able to play with such delicacy. A keyboard with clicky sounds enabling me to make sure I don’t miss out any key while typing or gaming. It certainly exceeds your expectations.

The Best Choice 

The HAVEIT HV-KB389L mechanical comes with a mouse which is a great combo. It feels trendy with intense and colourful lights making my night more appealing! That eagle print gives it a mysterious touch and makes it way cool.

The Premium Choice

Redragon K552 without a doubt. It is very classy, and the switches are just fascinating! Even the RGB is very versatile, and the keyboard is extremely comfortable to work with. 

So as you can see, mechanical keyboards are well-built devices. Positive notes certainly pave the way and the flaws are a minor against them. Purchase your mechanical keyboard without further delay. Be an M&M’s – marvellous, mechanical – and stay switched!

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