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Best Mandalorian Toys UK 

As kids, whenever we become obsessed with a particular TV show or a certain TV character, the least we can do is think about them every second of the day, the best we can do is get a paper or cardboard and make a poor copy of it. But now, it’s better.  Times have changed, and I bring you good news. If you are a lover of Mandalorian, then this is for you. 

The Mandalorian merchandise has been expanded and now, whether you are young, old or in between, there is a Mandalorian toy just suitable for you. Below is a list of some of the best Mandalorian toys in the UK you can get as a present or just something special for yourself or other Star Wars fans. 

Top 10 Mandalorian Toys in UK

1. Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition

Star Wars The Child Animatronic Editio

Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition

You can’t be a true fan of the Mandalorian if you don’t like Baby Yoda. This Child Animatronic Edition is a robotic version of the Baby Yoda, and it is the perfect toy for anyone, Child or adult, as long as the person is a fan. 

It comes with 25 different sounds that can be activated just by patting the toy’s head. It can move its ears, roll its eyes and nod its head. It can also perform motorized movements and is controlled by a battery that is inserted through the back of the toy. 


  • Comes with twenty-five different sounds.
  • Motorised movements. 
  • A very realistic replica of the Baby Yoda. 
  • Has a removable Mandalorian necklace. 
  • Extremely animated.
  • It is like the perfect robotic companion.
  • Highly poseable.
  • Not suitable for kids.

Electronic Light Sabre

Electronic Light Sabre

You already know what this is. This is the great dark sabre that has been wielded by the greatest Mandalore warriors for generations. 

Now, you can have your dark sabre and pretend to be a powerful Jedi warrior. This toy features some amazing electronic light effects and the classic dark sabre effect. It also makes great battle sounds when you swing it. It features a connector to enable a customizable lightsaber experience. It is designed with electronic lights that can be turned on and off by a switch. It is made of plastic. 


  • Designed just like the lightsaber in the TV series. 
  • Has very realistic sound effects. 
  • Equipped with electronic lights that make it glow. 
  • It is operated via a battery. 
  • Great for cosplay or role-plays. 
  • The design is well detailed and looks realistic. 
  • Amazing sound effects and lighting that makes you feel like a proper Mandalore. 
  • Not suitable for kids below five years.

3. Star Wars The Black Series Carbonized Collection Boba Fett Toy Figure

Star Wars The Black Series Carbonized Collection Boba Fett Toy Figure

Star Wars The Black Series Carbonized Collection Boba Fett Toy Figure

If you have a Star Wars/ Mandalorian toy collection, then this is for you. If you do not have a collection, then getting this action figure is a cool way to start one. This toy is an action figure of Boba Fett, one of the most feared bounty hunters in the series. 

The toy comes with Boba Fett’s customary Mandalorian armour and deadly weaponry. It is poseable, with four fully articulated limbs and possesses a good premium metallic finishIt would be very hard to miss in your desktop or where you choose to display it. 


  • Comes with the customary Mandalorian armour. 
  • Complete Boba Fett armoury. 
  • It is a tiny figure. 
  • Carbonized design. 
  • Professional finishing that makes it extremely suitable for display.
  • Great for starting or adding to a toy collection. 
  • It is not highly poseable.

4. Star Wars Bounty Hunter Collection

Star Wars Bounty Hunter Collection

Star Wars Bounty Hunter Collection

This is another perfect Mandalorian toy for collectors, but unlike the collection above where we have action figures, this is a collection for Baby Yoda. 

This is a set containing two Baby Yoda figurines called “Froggy snack” and “Force movement”. They are very cute and authentic; a very great addition to your collection of Mandalorian toys. 


  • Comes in a pack containing two figurines. 
  • Each figurine has its separate window box 
  • Each figurine stands at 2.2 inches. 
  • They are perfectly sculpted figurines.
  • Great for display, as they come with a window box. 
  • They have memorable poses. 
  • They are non-poseable.

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5. Lego Bobba Fett Helmet

Lego Bobba Fett Helmet

Lego Bobba Fett Helmet

This is a buildable Lego set of our favourite Mandalorian hero. It is a suitable gift for a teen or adult Mandalorian fan. It contains 625 Lego pieces for building a 21 cm high Bobba Fett’s helmet. The 625 pieces are guaranteed to have you immersed in creativity, and it has enough authentic details to keep you focused for a long time. It is extremely suitable for display because the figure has a base with a nameplate on it. 


  • Contains 635 Lego pieces. 
  • The Lego pieces are majorly green and red. 
  • The helmet rests on a base plate with an eye-catching display. 
  • Comes with a clear and easy instruction manual. 
  • The helmet looks lovely after assembly.

  • The overall quality of the Lego pieces is world-class.

  • The assembly is easy and straightforward

  • The authentic details of the original helmet are well represented in this set.

  • It has a lot of tiny accessories.

6. Star Wars Yoda Construction Set

Star Wars Yoda Construction Set

Star Wars Yoda Construction Set

This Lego set has to be one of the most fantastic Mandalorian merchandise to be made. 

Containing a whopping 1771 pieces, this Lego set has a very intricate and technical design that should be put together to form a 16 inches tall Yoda Figure holding a lightsaber. The Yoda figure has a poseable head and expressive eyes. 


  • Contains 1771 pieces. 
  • After assembling, the Yoda figure will stand at 16 inches. 
  • The figure has the poseable head and moveable fingers and toes. 
  • Intricate detailing.
  • When the assembly is finished, the Yoda figure is extremely identical to the original. 
  • It is suitable for display. 
  • Has small accessories, not suitable for kids. 

7. Baby Yoda Plush Figure Toy

Baby Yoda Plush Figure Toy

Baby Yoda Plush Figure Toy

We all love a good cuddle, who better to do this than our favourite character of all time? Baby Yoda! Imagine having a cute, plush, teddy version of the cute creature. 

This toy is made from plush, cotton fabric that makes it very soft and comfortable to cuddle.  It has two big round ears, expressive eyes and a bright smile. 


  • It is a very adorable teddy. 
  • It is made with the softest cotton material.
  • The robe is removable. 
  • Great for cuddles and snuggles. 
  • Made with non-allergic material. 
  • Easy to clean.
  • It is not poseable.  

8. Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian Toy 6 Inch Scale Collectible Action Figure

Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian Toy 6 Inch Scale Collectible Action Figure

Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian Toy 6 Inch Scale Collectible Action FigureVishine Upgraded Nail Kit

This is another great toy for kids. It is an adorable 11-inch plush toy of the Baby Yoda that is made to capture your heart and even the heart of your kids. It has the Yoda’s green skin, big ears and large eyes. 

The insides of this toy are filled with beans which makes it compressible, therefore perfect for cuddling. It is also a very great companion as it is very comfortable and light to hold. 


  • It is extremely life-like. 
  • It is a replica of the Baby Yoda in the TV series. 
  • The toy comes with the robe as seen in the TV series. 
  • It is lightweight. 
  • It is super safe for your kids to use. 
  • It is extremely soft and compressible. 
  • It is non-poseable. 

9. Star Wars Mission Fleet Toys

Star Wars Mission Fleet Toys

Star Wars Mission Fleet Toys

This Star Wars Mission Fleet toy pack contains tiny action figures and vehicles that allow children to imagine being in the scene of an epic Mandalorian Star Wars battle. 

In this pack, we have an action figure of the Mandalorian and the Child, with which your kid can easily play pretend to be the bounty hunter protecting the Child from the dark side. The pack also contains the Mandalorian blaster and rifle, the complete Mando set. The Child is also seated in a pod which is part of the toy vehicle. Overall, it is a great toy pack that will be great for any Mandolarian fan. 


  • Comes in a colourful and fascinating pack. 
  • Features the Mandolarian and the Child. 
  • Complete Mandolarian ammunition and cloak.
  • Very detailed toy. 
  • The vehicle and figures are well built. 
  • The Mandalorian figure is well articulated. 
  • The figures are tiny.

10. Mandolarian Funko POP

Mandolarian Funko POP

Mandolarian Funko POP

We all love our Funko Pop vinyl figures. Of all the pop culture collectables, the Mandolarian/Star wars collection seems to be the most sought after. 

These Mandolarian Funko Pop figures feature a multicoloured figurine of the Mando himself, wearing his all-time favourite costume of a helmet and the complete battle armour. Another plus is, the Mando is holding the adorable baby Yoda. 


  • Comes with a window box that is suitable for display. 
  • Complete Mandolarian costume. 
  • Features a tiny baby Yoda. 
  • It is perfectly sculptured. 
  • The window box serves as a container. 
  • It is a great addition to your Star Wars collection. 
  • Small sized.

Mandalorian Toys UK Product Guide

Now that we’ve listed some of the best Mandalorian Toys UK, it’s time we examine the buying guide which are factors you need to consider before making a choice. 

Mandalorian Toys For Kids

Mandalorian Toys for kids are extremely safe for kids to use. They are usually colourful, extremely soft toys and are made this way to avoid any home hazards. It would help if you were very careful to ensure whatever Mandalorian toy you are getting is suitable for your kids because these toys can contain tiny accessories that could easily be swallowed. 

Mandalorian Toys For Teens

The Mandalorian toys for teens are extremely adventurous and daring. Ranging from Baby Yoda robots to action figures to talking Yodas, your teens are in for a treat. With the amazing opportunity of seeing their most admired TV series characters like the Mandalorian, the Jedi or even The Child coming alive before them, they will forever be grateful to you. 

Adult Mandalorian Toys

Thankfully, Disney has expanded its Mandalorian merchandise to the adults too. Now, you can gift your friend’s amazing Mandalorian toys that will suit their ages and preferences. The Mando action figure collectables are a great example of Mando toys you can gift an adult.

Innovative Mandalorian Toys

We have technical Lego sets that Mandalorian fans can get their hands on. These sets have over a thousand Lego pieces and require the utmost focus and creative thinking to get it right. These toys are for fans who love to play mind exercising games. 

Mandalorian Toys For Collectors

If you are someone who likes collecting tiny figurines to make collections like me, then this is for you. The Mandalorian merchandise is not joking about this. From pop vinyl figures to action figures of the Jedi, Baby Yoda and even the Mandalorian himself, there are a lot of collectables to choose from. You can go for the Black series or the bounty collections. It is all up to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

My daughter is two years, can I get her a Baby Yoda plush toy?

No. Although the Baby Yoda Plush Toy is suitable for kids, it is not for kids under the age of 2. Every Mandalorian kiddies toy is for age three and above. 

Is the electronic Darksaber sword as sharp as a real one?

No. The electronic dark sabre toy is not as sharp as a real sword, but it is a sword nevertheless and should not be played with. 

That is why it is not suitable for kids and should be used under adult supervision. 

The instructions on the pack say it is non-poseable. What does it mean? 

The toy is Non-poseable means the limbs or joints are not articulated. Therefore you cannot change the original pose the toy comes in. 

How do I clean the plush toys?

Using a damp cloth. Even though the material is cotton, you don’t want to soak the whole toy in water. Just dampen a cloth and wipe it along the body, then leave it to dry. 


We have come to the end of this article, and it is now time to wrap it up. We have listed some of the best Mandalorian toys in the UK and explained the product guide. 

I would now make some recommendations. The most expensive product on the list is the Star Wars Yoda Construction Set. It is a Jedi Yoda Lego set containing 1771 pieces. It is one of the Mandalorian best selling merchandise because of the intricate designing and how closely the figure resembles the real Jedi after building. The least expensive product on the list today is the Mandalorian bounty collection. 

This collection of six is sold in packs of two. The pack above contains Baby Yoda in two different memorable poses. They are a great Mando toy and are very authentic figurines. The most versatile product on the list today is the Child Yoda Plush toy. It can be used by kids, adults, teens and even collectors. It is suitable for almost everyone, and the soft material of the teddy makes it very comfortable to the touch. It is still up to you to choose the best Mandalorian toys in the UK for you. Please go through the buying guide to be very sure you are picking the right product and then go for it. 

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