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Best Kitchen Cupboard Paint

The cost of having new kitchen cupboards is often high and it is no wonder that most homeowners have turned to use paint as the cost-effective alternative. Moreover, paint allows the freedom to experiment with your creative potential and there’s nothing more satisfying than freshly painted kitchen cupboards.

The market is filled with many kitchen paint brands and it might be confusing to most people on which is the best for your kitchen cupboards. To help you choose from the many types of colour options and cupboard paints available, we have reviewed some of the best kitchen cupboard paints. We will also offer you a guide on choosing the best kitchen cupboard paint.

Top 10 Kitchen Cupboard Paint

1. Johnstones Revive Cupboard Paint

Second, on our list of best kitchen cupboard paint is the Johnstones Revive paint. It is designed specifically for kitchen cupboards and is suitable for melamine and MDF surfaces. While this kitchen cupboard paint doesn’t offer the best range of colour options, it comes with five of the most popular colour choices among many users. These are pale grey, black antique cream, and fresh apple.

Achieve a “like new” look on your cupboards with the Johnstones Revive kitchen cupboard paint. This is an odourless paint meaning that you can apply it in your home with minimal disruptions, It also doesn’t require an undercoat. It covers an area of about 12m² per litre.

The kitchen cupboard paint dries within 1 hour which is relatively a short period. You can apply a second coat after 5 hours for a fresh finish.

  • It doesn’t require an undercoat.

  • Suitable for use on MDF, wood, and melamine.

  • It is less odorless.
  • Scratches easily.


2. Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Paint For Wood And Metal

Second, on our list of best kitchen cupboard paint is a satin finish from Dulux. If you want to avoid a gloss finish, then Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Paint will prove a nice change. It has an advanced water-based formula that offers a smooth finish with a tough coating that can withstand a busy kitchen.

It is quick to dry which means that you can get back to your life as soon as possible after you have painted the kitchen cabinets. It also has low odour making it convenient to use around your home.

You will also likely like the fact that it doesn’t require an undercoat. You just get your wood or metal clean and then start painting. This product is wipeable and can be used on both metal and wood. It is non-drip which allowing you to achieve uniform results.

  • It is water-based thus non-toxic.
  • It is odorless allowing to stay in the room even when not dry.
  • It dries quickly.
  • Requires two coats for best results.

3. Johnstones Revive Cupboard Paint 750ml Deep Blue Gulf

You can change the appearance of your kitchen with Johnstones Revive paint. This kitchen cupboard paint is specially formulated to cover almost all surfaces without a need for preparation. It dries up quickly leaving a smooth satin finish.

It comes in shades that integrate stylishly with both traditional and contemporary interiors. It has a tough and durable finish that is stain and scratch-resistant. The finish can be protected further with finishing waxes available in the same product range.

It is easy to apply and covers a great area of about 12m² per litre. It is a water-based formulation which means that you can easily thin the kitchen cupboard paint if necessary.

  • Easy to apply formulation.
  • A quick-dry time that allows for quick completion of the project.
  • Covers a relatively large area.
  • Comes in a choice of five colors.
  • The color can sometimes dry to different color


4. Rust-Oleum AMZ0041 A Classic, Smooth Touch Flat matt Paint Finish

If you want to renovate your kitchen cabinets, Rust-Oleum Classic. It is effective on wooden surfaces and is suitable for interior use. It is a water-based kitchen cupboard paint that dries quickly, has a smooth matt finish.

The chalky finish formulation is ideal for use in the busiest of kitchens as it is resistant to scratches and each of the colour options blends well with interior décor. It covers up to 14m² per litre and can be applied on most surfaces without sanding or priming.

It is easy to apply and leaves consistent results whether painting using a brush or roller. Before you can start painting, stir the kitchen cupboard paint thoroughly. If you will be using a brush, apply evenly following the grain of the wood. If it’s a roller, use a short nap mohair roller.

One coat is always enough unless you are making a substantial colour change. One coat of the matt finish paint dries in two hours and the second coat can be applied after four hours.

  • It has good viscosity and is easy to work with.
  • It is ideal for multiple surfaces including brick, splatter, wood, and stone among others.
  • It leaves a smooth, flawless finish with just one coat.
  • It is scratch resistant.
  • It dries fast and is hard to control on surfaces.


5. V33 110804 Easy Furniture Paint, Stone Grey Satin

For those looking for an effective and affordable way of upcycling their kitchen cabinets, the V33 Easy Furniture Paint offers the solution. This kitchen cupboard paint is resistant to impact and scratch meaning that it can be applied on high-traffic kitchens.

It is ideal for your DIY projects and allows you to brighten your furniture with your personal style. It is available in 25 colour options in gloss and satin finishes which allows you to choose one that matches your interior décor.

This paint for kitchen cupboard is easy to apply and no stripping is required before you can apply it. You can apply it on multiple surfaces including wood, metal, and stone among others. It also dries quickly so you don’t have to worry about it being tampered with before it is fully dried. Sometimes it may need more than one coat but that all depends on your needs. We recommend giving it two coats.

  • Quick-drying paint.
  • It is ideal for application on multiple surfaces.
  • It comes in 21 color choices allowing you to choose those that blend with your décor.
  • It is scratch and impact resistant which makes it ideal for use in busy kitchens.
  • The color comes out lighter than expected.

6. Rust-Oleum 400ml Mode Ultra High Gloss Spray Paint

Give your old kitchen cabinets an enamel finish with the Rust-Oleum Mode High Gloss Spray Paint. This spray kitchen cupboard paint offers an ultra-high gloss finish and can be used on all surfaces like wood, metal, plastic, melamine and MDF.

Depending on the surface that you will be painting, the 400ml spray can cover up to 2m². When applying, you must ensure that the can is at room temperature. Ensure that the surface you are painting is warm, dry, and free of dust. Before spraying, shake the can thoroughly for about two minutes to allow the paint to mix and continue shaking as you apply. Hold the can 25 cm from the surface and spray in fixed side to side motions. Ensure that you maintain the same distance from the surface for the best results.

Apply two coats of cupboard paint and allow at least 15 minutes between coats. It dries within 15 minutes and 60 minutes for hard dry.

  • Suitable for several surfaces.
  • It is quick to dry paint.
  • It is easy to use and covers all areas well.
  • It has a nice shiny color.
  • It is irritating to the eyes.

7. 750ml Johnstones Revive Cupboard Paint Cocoa Cream

You are likely to like the fact that Johnstones Revive Paint is a quality paint that is incredibly priced. It comes in five contemporary yet classic colours and is ideal for use on kitchen cupboards and effortlessly matches with any décor. It is ideal for use on melamine and MDF surfaces.

It has a tough and durable finish that ensures that all painted surfaces are resistant to scratch. You can further protect the finish by applying a coat of wax finish from the same line of product.

This paint is easy to apply and doesn’t require any undercoat when applying. You are guaranteed professional results even if it is your first time painting anything.

It has a low odour ensuring that you can apply it and expect no inconveniences around your home. It dries quickly meaning that you will be back to your routine within no time.

  • It doesn’t require an undercoat when painting.
  • It is a low odor paint.
  • It can be applied to MDF and melamine surfaces.
  • It covers 12m² per liter.
  • Sometimes the color gives a lighter shade than expected once dry.


8. Johnstone’s 386497 Revive Chalky Furniture Paint, Antique Sage

For those who are interested in DIY projects, the Johnstone’s 386497 Revive Chalky Finish Furniture Paint is your most ideal partner. This paint allows you to add your own character to a room and offers you a shabby-chic look.

It is an easy to apply paint that allows you to transform the look of any surface around your home. You can use it on wood, MDF, stone, and metal among others You can apply using either a brush or a roller. If you will be using a brush, it is important that you follow the grain of the wood to achieve a consistent look and also to avoid brush spikes being left on the newly painted surface.

When it comes to durability, Johnstones ensures that all is in line. This paint provides a strong and durable finish that ensures that the painted areas are protected from scratch. Even in the busiest kitchens, this paint will ensure that the cupboards maintain their look.

Covering 12m² per litre, this is an easy to apply paint with a quick dry time and will give your cupboards the chalky finish that you wanted.

  • It is a scratch and impact resistant paint.
  • It offers a shabby-chic appearance.
  • It is quick to dry.
  • It is easy to apply.
  • It can be applied to a variety of surfaces.
  • The chalky formulation is hard to apply.


9. Nuvo FG-NU DRIFT KIT Cabinet and Cupboard Paint Kit

For a complete kitchen makeover, look no further than the Nuvo FG-NU DRIFT KIT Cabinet and Cupboard Paint Kit. The Nuvo cabinet paint is a modified acrylic formula that sticks well to laminates, woods, and metal.

This product offers you a quick and easy way to renovate your kitchen cupboards. Application is easy as it doesn’t require priming, sanding, or a topcoat. With just a roller or a brush, even a first-time user can get professional results.

Maintain your kitchen cupboards will no longer be a hard thing. This paint allows you to clean the surface with water and soap without discolouring it. The paint will retain a fresh look with each cleaning.

The kit comes with two quarts of Nuvo paint, one paintbrush, one roller arm, two roller covers, and user instructions. Each kit covers up to 100 square feet of the kitchen cupboard.

  • It comes with easy to read and follow illustrated instructions.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The kit includes painting accessories.
  • It is a durable paint.
  • Live chat support from the manufacturer.
  • It takes up 8 hours to have the project fully completed.


10. Ronseal 36984 Magnolia OC Cupboard Paint Satin 750ML

Last in our list of best kitchen cupboard paint is one that’s for melamine and MDF. They are the most popular kitchen materials. The two are aesthetically appealing yet inexpensive thus the reason for their popularity among many homeowners. However, these materials are weaker than other kitchen cupboard materials and thus require more maintenance.

Ronseal One Coat Satin Paint is a great kitchen cupboard paint that offers you a quick and durable satin finish solution to maintaining your melamine and MDF cupboards. It is easy to apply paint and dries in about 2 hours.

The only preparation that is required when applying this paint is sanding. It sticks well on MDF and melamine without the need for priming.

Usually, you can achieve great results with just one coat of this satin paint to give a lovely satin finish. It can be applied in high-traffic areas as it is tough and durable and resists scratching and staining. Maintenance is easy as the surfaces can be washed without removing the paint.

  • It is well suited for use on MDF and melamine surfaces.
  • It is tough and durable with one coat being sufficient to cover the regularly used surfaces.
  • It can be used on a variety of items including doors and furniture made from melamine or MDF.
  • It is a solvent-based paint that is toxic and flammable.


Kitchen Cupboard Paint Buyers Guide

You have already heard it before: paint can transform a space. When it comes to the kitchen, the colour of your cupboards determines how a space will look like and how it makes you feel. Since they take up a large area of visual space, it is important that the colour of the cupboards blends well with the rest of the décor. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best colours for your kitchen cupboards.

The style of the Cupboards

The design of your cupboards helps you to quickly make a decision on what colour to choose. If you have a traditional kitchen, classic colours like white and cream will always look appealing. This is also the case with the Arts and Crafts style.

If yours is a modern kitchen, your choice can expand significantly as bright colours and contrasting tones work well with modern designs. You can try colours like red, yellow, or green in a modern kitchen cupboard.


Different paint formulas have different effects on certain materials and create a different appearance of paint coats after they dry. There are others that are toxic and will release irritating fumes and can have certain allergens in them that can trigger allergic reactions in some people as well as pets. If this happens, you might have to leave the room until it settles, then cleans it well before you can do any more decoration work. Therefore, always check to ensure that the formulation of paint that you are interested in is non-toxic.


The more paint you have, the more area that you can cover, but it is easy to overestimate the amount that you need. Underestimating is also easy if you underestimate the space you have—you are going to buy little paint that will not cover all the areas completely. If you will be painting cupboards that are a part of a set, and want them to look identical, ensure that you buy enough paint to give them all the amount of coat that is needed.

Choose Colors that Will Remain Trendy

Some colours and stains go out of style just like any other thing in the market. Your best bet is to pick a colour that pleases you but make sure that it is easily customizable if you know you will want a change later. You don’t want to paint with colours that will become untrendy within a few years. This might cost you extra money having to change and may even mean getting new cupboards. Market research is important and especially if you consult with interior design experts.

If you are in the market for new kitchen cupboards¸ it is likely that you have noticed how today’s cupboards are smoother and sleeker. Most homeowners want cupboards that are frameless and painted in soft shades of white and grey. So, forget about oaks and anything dark that will end up making your kitchen looking odd.

Consider Lighting

Normally, kitchen lighting is directed toward the work area. This could mean focusing the lighting on the counters or hanging island lights that shine towards the centre of the kitchen. When selecting a countertop colour, consider the shade of your cupboards—think about where you want the eye drawn. The eye is naturally drawn toward the light, but by contrasting your cupboard colour with your countertop colour, you can divert the focus upward. What matters is what effect you like most.

Multiple Colors

If you like to play around with colours, having two kitchen cupboard colours can be fun and impactful. If you want to play safe, choose one bold colour, and blend it with a neutral colour. When bold colours are used sparingly, this will bring out a good and attractive look. You can paint the kitchen island cupboards in a different shade from the rest of the kitchen for a fun, but not an overwhelming punch of colour.

Multiple Shades of One Color

If you find mild colours to be uninteresting, and bold colours are too much for your eyes, you can strike a compromise by using two shades of one colour. You can use dark shades of tan or grey on your upper cupboards, while lighter shades of the same colour can be used in the lower cupboards. This is a great technique that adds an extra element of visual interest.

The Size of the Kitchen

You must ask yourself whether you have a small or big kitchen. This is an important question as the colour of your cupboards can either oppress or enhance your kitchen. A small kitchen is more likely to benefit from lighter cupboards, while darker cabinets will work well for bigger, well-lit kitchens.

Consider Staining

Some people don’t like the idea of painting over the beauty of wood in their kitchen cupboards. If you want to reserve that exquisiteness but still want to add some colour in your kitchen, staining the wood with your favourite colour would so some magic.


Whether you are painting existing cabinets or choosing new ones, it is important that you choose high-quality so that your cabinets remain attractive for years to come. It is important that you take into consideration a few important things when deciding on what paint you want to use on your cupboards. For instance, the formula used in the paint will determine how safe it is for your family and pets. Also, consider the look that you want and choose to go with bold colour or neutral colours. Whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen, you can make it look beautiful with colours. If you have decided on repainting your kitchen cupboards, and are not sure about the colour choices, you can get some inspiration from this article. Don’t forget your masking tape and dust sheets.

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