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Best High Sleeper Bed UK

I have two small room spaces, and I have been a little confused about how to manage them without ending up with a stuffy, airtight area. These high sleeper beds have been a lifesaver. Instead of vertically occupying too much space, they extend lengthwise, to give a variety of storage options for shelves, bookcases, wardrobes and even chairs. 

They come in a variety of incredible designs and structures, in different assortments of colours and extreme functionality, seeing as they can be crammed into such a compact space. After assembling, I was excited to see my room turn out neater and way tidier than before, because, with all the other stuff stored underneath the bed, the entire room becomes decluttered. 

I can’t be the only one searching for a lifesaver like this, I know. But like in my case, we all need a guide to put us through some times. So in this guide, I would be compiling a list of some of the best high sleeper beds in the UK. 

After the product list, I would also put down a product guide that would help in choosing the exact product that would be suitable for you and your family. 

TOP 10 High Sleeper Beds UK

1. Mrsflatpack UK High Sleeper Calder White High Bed With Desk 

Mrsflatpack High Sleeper Calder White High Bed M227W. 

Mrsflatpack High Sleeper Calder White High Bed M227W

This brand of high sleeper bed is a piece of stylish furniture for kids made in the UK to British and European standards. It was designed especially for older kids and not recommended for kids below the age of six. It is like a whole room in one bed, complete with a wardrobe and bookcase, guaranteed to make your kid happy for the duration of time spent in bed. 


  • It is made from melamine coated, scratch-resistant board. 
  • A double door wardrobe with hanging rails. 
  • A desk with three drawers. 
  • It comes with a shipping weight of 150 kg. 
  • The length, height and width are 203 cm, 179 cm and 94 cm. 
  • It also has a bookcase included. 
  • It doesn’t come with a mattress supplied. 

  • It has a very stylish and lovely structure.
  • It is scratch resistant.
  • It is made from melamine board and not power like most beds.
  • It is very sturdy and safe.
  • It has plenty of storage spaces.
  • The ladder is too narrow.
  • Delivery time is vague and might take a while.

2. Scallywags Kids Exclusive High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Sofa


Scallywags Kids Exclusive High Sleeper Bed. 

Scallywags Kids Exclusive High Sleeper Bed

Scallywags are leading, long-established manufacturers of children beds. With this high sleeper bed, they can offer outstanding value for money. It is vital to note that this is not a low value, imported product. No. It is a product manufactured with love, care and attention, guaranteed to make your kid safe and happy. 


  • This product comes in a variety of colours and has a shipping weight of 100 kg. 
  • The length, width and height are 196.5 cm x 98 cm x 177 cm respectively. 
  • The ladder can be fitted to either the left or the right-hand side. 
  • The mattress is not included. 
  • It is made of wood. 
  • It is to be used with a UK standard mattress of dimensions 90 cm x 190 cm. 

  • It is very sturdy.
  • It has enough storage facilities.
  • It comes with a study desk.
  • It has a chair bed for relaxation.
  • It has varying colour options that your kid can choose.
  • It is not as big as the conventional bed, but it contains everything necessary for comfort.
  • It has a very excellent quality.
  • It is heavy.

3. High Sleeper Bed “MOBI” UK with Desk and StairsHigh Sleeper Bed "MOBI".

High Sleeper Bed "MOBI".

Manufactured by Meblar, with a FurnitureByJDM brand, this UK High sleeper bed is quality furniture with a combination of shelves and drawers that are guaranteed to give your kid a beautiful sleep.

It comes in a flat-packed that can be assembled in no time. It doesn’t include a mattress, but the recommended size and thickness is available for purchase, so that is not a problem. 

Delivery is quick and friendly, with a standby customer care system that is always on call to offer assistance. 


  • It comes at a net weight of 172 kg. 
  • It doesn’t come with a mattress, but it requires a recommended mattress of size 90 cm x 200 cm. 
  • It comes in two different colours. 
  • It is made from glossy, natural wood. 
  • It has a rail on the left side and shelves on the right side. 
  • The back panel is made from acrylic fibreboard. 

  • It has a magnificent structure when finished.
  • It is made of quality material.
  • Delivery is speedy.
  • It is friendly and stable, with guaranteed safety.
  • The ladder is very sturdy.
  • It has a wardrobe and a bookcase for neater arrangements and optimisation of space.
  • It is complicated to mount and assemble.
  • The ladder might be too narrow for an adult to climb on.

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4. ROS Furniture UK High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Wardrobe 

ROS Furniture High Sleeper Bed. 

ROS Furniture High Sleeper Bed. 

This High sleeper UK bed is one of the best there is out there. With a magnificent, classic structure, your kid would feel like a King and Queen. With its removal cabinets, thick panel boards and adjustable scales, you are assured enough quality and value for your money’s worth. 


  • Mattress not included, but only a mattress of required size 190 cm x 90 cm is suitable. 
  • The bed panels are made of melamine; the ladder is made of iron, and the handles are plastic. 
  • It comes in a kit that would need to be assembled. 
  • The boards for the frames, doors, drawers, interior shelves and cubes are 19 mm thick. 
  • The panels for the wall shelves, display shelves, bases, and headboards are 35 mm thick.
  • It comes with a classy mini-office and a wardrobe. 

  • It has a fixed sturdy desk underneath the bed.
  • It has a removable cabinet for storage and space optimisation.
  • It is comfortable and safe.
  • It is a dazzling, high bed structure.
  • Comfortable scaling, you can choose where to fix the ladders and cabinets.
  • Metal hinges in the drawers and wardrobe that makes for soundless opening and closing.
  • It might be quite heavy.

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5. Verona Design Maximus  UK L Shape Wooden High Sleeper Bed with Wardrobe

Verona Design Maximus L Shape Wooden High Sleeper Bed

Verona Design Maximus L Shape Wooden High Sleeper Bed. 

This UK high sleeper bed brandished with the Verona Design is made in solid pine and carved in an L shape. The smooth design of the wood is very elite and feels soft and relaxing to the touch. The beautiful, finished structure is guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face. 


  • It doesn’t come with a mattress. 
  • It has a standard length of 190 cm. 
  • It is made of wood and comes in the colour white. 
  • It comes with a wardrobe, and available spaces for drawers, shelves, mirrors, lightings. 
  • The rails of the ladder are made from wood. 

  • The pinewood material of the bed is sturdy and safe.
  • It has enough storage facilities to ensure the room is arranged and organised.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Adjustable scaling, the bed can be assembled in any manner convenient for you.
  • The paint might come off.

6. Casart High UK Bed With Safety Guardrails And Twin Ladders with Wardrobe

Casart High Bed With Safety Guardrails And Twin Ladders.

Casart High Bed With Safety Guardrails And Twin Ladders.

This Casart High bunk bed made of metal and steel, is the perfect furniture to purchase if you are looking for durability and sturdiness. The steel rails sprayed with black powder finishing also gives off a laid back stylish vibe that is perfect for almost all home decors. 

And with the heavy-duty steel construction, you should no longer be scared of climbing into bed with your kid again to say goodnight. 


  • Does not come included with a mattress, but requires the suitable mattress size of L190 cm x W90 cm. 
  • The sturdy bed frame made of steel tubes. 
  • It comes with a net weight of 27 kg, and its weight capacity is 150 kg. 
  • The length, width and height is 200 cm x 97 cm and 181 cm respectively. 
  • Very durable because of the sturdy metal construction and can support the weight of up to 150 kg.
  • Detailed attention to safety as the guardrails are heightened and widened for added security.
  • Extreme space optimisation with all the storage facilities.
  • Two sturdy, integrated ladders for convenience.
  • Stylish finishing.
  • Very stable and safe.
  • Only delivers to specific locations in the UK, so be sure to check before purchase.
  • The overall finish is sturdy but looks a little plain for kids.
  • The paint is sprayed on, and so it might quickly come off.
  • Very hard to put together, because of inadequate instructions.

7. Mrsflatpack UK Bourne Highsleeper Bed M1610W with Wardrobe and Desk

Mrsflatpack Bourne Highsleeper BedMrsflatpack Bourne Highsleeper Bed M1610W. 

Manufactured in Rutland UK, this Mrsflatpack High Sleeper bed is entirely made to British and European standards. 

For safety purpose, the maximum thickness of the mattress to be used is 15 cm. It is stylish, but it is important to note that it is not recommended for kids under the age of six


  • This bed has an overall dimension of L 203 cm x W 94 cm x H 151 cm. 
  • Comes with a shipping weight of 130 kg. 
  • Equipped with melamine faced wipe-clean, scratch resistant board. 
  • It has a bed base with breathing holes. 
  • This bed is suitable for teenagers and adults. 
  • The desk is 20 inches deep and 33 inches wide. 
  • The boards and panels are sturdy and scratch-resistant.
  • It has an office area.
  • Allows for pull optimisation of space.
  • It has a lot of storage facilities.
  • All the pieces come in four boxes which is very convenient.
  • The scaling cannot be adjusted as there are already drilled from the manufacturers.
  • The desk is stationary and cannot be pulled out or adjusted for comfort.
  • It is a little heavy.

8. Triple Bunk Bed HIPPO UK Modern Trundle High Sleeper 

Triple Bunk Bed HIPPO Modern Trundle High Sleeper. 

Triple Bunk Bed HIPPO Modern Trundle High Sleeper. 

This triple bunk bed branded by Alter GM is the perfect choice if you’re looking to have all your kids together in one bed. It is triple bunked and has many colour variations to put a happy smile on their faces. 

As a parent, you can be assured of the safety, the comfort of your kid with the sturdiness, flawless finish of the material. Also, there is enough space for them to store their toys and beddings. 


  • It is a triple children bunk bed. 
  • It has two big drawers to store toys, beddings. 
  • It comes with mattresses as included in the price. 
  • The bed is made of pinewood and comes in varying colours that your kids can choose. 
  • It comes in a dimension of 200 cm x 97 cm x 195 cm. 
  • It specially features a trundle bed. 

  • Very sturdy and comfortable.
  • The spayed on paint is suitable for children.
  • Enough storage facilities for space optimisation.
  • The trundle mattress cannot be upgraded.
  • Maximum weight for the bed is 80 kg.

9. High Sleeper Bed Composition With Desk KOMI System UK and Storage 

High Sleeper Bed Composition With Desk KOMI System

High Sleeper Bed Composition With Desk KOMI System

This quality modern sleeper set is a branded, quality product that will optimise space in your kid’s room, giving them enough room for other kinds of productivity. 

Asides space optimisation, this beautiful structure is something that would give your kid something to boast of. With the classic blend of colours and minimalist settings, your kid would never want to leave the room. 


  • The recommended mattress size is 90 cm x 200 cm. 
  • The maximum thickness of the mattress should be 20 cm for safety purposes. 
  • Product arrives in flat packs and requires two people for assembly. 
  • The top, side and front panels are made from a quality, laminated chipboards. 
  • It comes with a desk, combinations of shelves and drawers. 

  • Quick delivery time.
  • Copper plated, high-quality finish.
  • Contains enough storage facilities.
  • Allows for maximum space optimisation.
  • Very hard to setup.
  • It can be quite heavy.

10. Parisot Higher Kids High Sleeper Bed with Desk   

Parisot Higher Kids High Sleeper Bed   

Parisot Higher Kids High Sleeper Bed   

This Parisot Higher kids High Sleeper bed came as a solution to almost every parents’ prayers. It is ideal for cramped bedrooms as it takes up very little space. It also has a wardrobe, drawers and desks that all acts a storage niche for keeping all their toys, books, beddings, clothes and all, to keep their room looking spotless and airy


  • The mattress is sold separately, and it requires one with a standard size of 90 cm x 200 cm. 
  • Features a higher raised bed of 206 cm x 138 cm x 189 cm. 
  • Also arrives with a desk of 133 cm x 66 cm, a bed base of 90 cm x 200 cm, a ladder, some storage niches and a wardrobe of length 43cm. 
  • Made of particleboard. 
  • It is delivered in flat packs with assembly instructions. 
  • Comes in colour beige. 
  • Comes with a comfortable desk for studying.
  • The cabinet is a little small.
  • Each panel and board has a lot of weight.
  • Extra help is required during assembly. 

Best High Sleeper Bed UK Product Guide

Reading the product guide is as important as knowing which products to buy that would bring you much value. The product might be great and super valuable, but if it doesn’t meet your requirement, it might as well be a complete waste. 

This guide contains the list of factors you should consider when going for one of the product in the above list. Read through it before making a final decision on a particular product purchase. 

With that, let’s breeze through it:

Bed Size

Before you decide to purchase any of the above products, this is the most vital factor to put into consideration. You don’t want to buy a bed that would be too small for your kid or even yourself. Go through the company’s page and check for the product dimensions as relating to the future occupant of the bed. If the mattress is too small, you should know not to purchase it. 

Space Optimisation

This is another critical factor to consider before purchasing any of the above product. Space optimisation is an essential requirement of room arrangement. You don’t want your kid’s room to be looking stuffy and unkempt, so there should always be a room for all their stuff. 

These beds come with all the necessary storage facilities. They come with wardrobes, drawers, shelves, bookcases, all-in-one. Before you opt for one, check the dimensions of all these unique furniture attached to know if it would be quite fitting for your purposes. 


Some of these kid’s sleeper beds have a maximum weight capacity. It’s something you should know before you choose any of the above. Most of the time, we want to climb onto our kid’s bed to kiss them goodnight, or we want to change their mattresses. It is imperative to know if their beds can take our weight before venturing into any purchase. The ladder rails should also be wide enough so accommodate any inconsistencies. 

Colour variations

We know our kids can be challenging to please some times. What we think is an ideal colour sometimes might not be their preference. Before you purchase a product, make sure it’s one that has a broad spectrum of colour they can pick. Asides from colour, be sure of the design. 

Even for you, your home is already decorated to a particular taste; you want your bed design and colour to be one that would blend in with the decor and not stand out like a sore thumb. 

Easy Assembly 

I mentioned this last, but it is by no means the least important. These beds have massive, technical structures that might be a little too hard to live. So imagine, having to lift them around with no proper idea of how you want them to turn out, it’s going to be a real hassle. 

Go through product reviews; check if they have Instruction manuals. It is not enough to check for manuals, be sure the manuals are correctly written and understandable. Because in assembling any of this furniture, one step missed can result in you starting all over again. 

Why high sleeper bed?

You might think this is a pricey choice, but trust me, it is worth it. The beds can be found on the backstreets or at online shopping sites, at any price range.

They look a bit plain, and the most expensive ones are nowhere near as comfortable as the cheapest ones. But that is the only thing that matters. High sleepers are more comfortable than a normal bed and are like in a comfy, airy space because the thickness of the mattress is more than an average height.

How do they help?

You can bring them home very easily, by simply slotting them into your car, and then taking them to your room. I have tested my sleepers myself, by putting them in different spaces, and they fit in each and every one of them, without any trouble.

Most of them come with a guide built into the construction to give you the configuration and proportions of the bed. This means you can put them together at a time, without worrying about the work.

The beds are available with support and without, and most are comfortable, and very ergonomic. I have tested the high sleeper beds in some of the best stores in London, and they were available at reasonable prices.

With most, I found the original colour to be a lot more attractive than the new, as it gives them a more classic look. But one major drawback is that you can’t change the colour of the frame if you want to get some different colour for them.

Five Advantages of Using Bunk Beds

1. Offers Safe Sleep

Children love bunk beds, and they show off to their friends. Bunk beds allow your child to sleep safely, thanks to the ability to put your child at the bottom. This enables them to rest soundly without being wedged in between the two bunks or placed with one on top of another. They can also easily reach the top bunk by climbing up with a ladder or ladder rungs. This means that your child does not have to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or to get a drink of water.

2. Allows Children to Stretch their Legs

Ladder and ladder rungs allow your child to move their legs and grow. This allows them to play, sit, and sleep comfortably. So they don’t have to suffer from tired legs due to being confined to a bed.

3. Raises the Risk of Bed-Wetting

Bunk beds are the safest way to stop bed-wetting. Children do not want to ruin their new beds and practice going to the toilet before going to bed. They do not want to climb down in the night, but if they do, then your child will be able to easily remove their bed cover to use the bathroom or drink a drink. This will help them getting independent and prevent them from wetting the bed and getting injuries.

4. A Bed for Small Children

If you have a small child then you will be worried about the safety of their bed. But bunk beds provide an even higher safety level becase these have side guards to prevent falling. You can install the ladder and ladder rungs with a child safety pin or lock. This way, the kids can’t get out of the beds and play around when they are tired or unwell. They can easily use the ladder and ladder rungs to reach the top.

5. Provides More Space

Many children today are growing taller than the beds they are provided with. Bunk beds can offer you extra space. You can get a medium to large bunk bed for your child. This means they can stretch their legs and have a proper sleep. You can also install a ladder or ladder rungs to create additional space in the room.

The best part of having bunk beds for your child is that they can have the best night sleep.


What safety issues should I consider? 

High sleeper beds are generally safe when appropriately assembled, so it shouldn’t be a problem. But as minor precautions, do not place the mattress directly under the ceiling fan. Ensure all the rails are correctly tightened and the ladder adequately fixed. 

It doesn’t come with a mattress, so what mattress should I use?

Use a mattress as recommended by the manufacturers. When you go through their page, they always put a mattress requirement as part of their instructions. 

A standard UK bed takes a mattress of 90 cm width by 190 cm length. 

What age is appropriate for a High sleeper bed? 

Age six and above. This is the regulation according to safety standards. From age six, a child has become very aware of any type of danger around him and would be able to take forms of precautions. 

Any child less than six is exceptionally liable to fall from the bed and get hurt. 


Now that we have breezed through the product list, product guide and answered some questions, it’s finally time to purchase your best high sleeper bed products. I know that at this point, you already have something in mind that you can’t wait to get your hands on.

But before I leave, I’d like to drop some recommendations. Firstly, let’s look at the Triple Bunk Bed Hippo High Sleeper Bed UK. 

It is easily the best high sleeper bed in this list. It a triple bunk bed, with two big drawers for extreme space optimisation. It comes with a mattress, which saves you the stress of having to find one that would match the high sleeper bed you bought. The entire structure is easy to assemble, and the pinewood is smooth and relaxing to the touch. Plus, delivery is free in the UK. 

Another lofty recommendation would be the Mrsflatpack Calder White High Sleeper Bed UK. It is made of a scratch-resistant board with a double door wardrobe with hanging rails. It has a bookcase included for proper storage, and the overall structure is a classy, stylish finish that your kids will love. 

The last recommendation would be the Scallywags Kids Exclusive High Sleeper Bed UK. It comes in a variety of colours, sturdy wood and a study desk with a chair bed for relaxation. It is incredibly comfortable, and the only thing that could be wrong should be how heavy it is. Otherwise, it is a significant investment that would give you excellent value for your money. With that said, we have come to the end of this guide. With all the information given, you should be able to pick the perfect product that would be desirable for you and your family. 

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