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Best Hair Rollers

How you ever woke up with your hair rollers in, only to find that some have fallen out? Your hair gets curly, but some of the end strands fall out and stay straight, so you have to do a touch-up and use a curling wand or straightening iron as part of the curling process even if you swore that you won’t touch them again?

Whether you have wavy, straight or curly hair, you can create different hairstyles with the differently sized rollers. Even very heavy, straight hair can benefit from using them. Since straight hair is known to be very stubborn and that loose curls fall off after just a few hours, that’s when the quality comes into play.

Not all rollers will work effectively with straight hair. The curly and wavy hair has different textures and they are rather easily shaped, and the curls last much longer. They can get little different results even if they use the same rollers and technique as people with straight hairdo, but they don’t have to worry about having straight-ish hair if they go to a party and jump a little.

Those are just some of the reasons why you should spend a little time researching and find the best hair rollers for different hair types and whether you want hot rollers, loose curls or tighter curls. We have prepared the best hair rollers for you to read about, as well as the buying guide that can help you decide which ones you should get.

Best Hair Rollers

1) Kamay’s Value Suite New Arrival Anti-Dust Set

Kamay’s hair rollers are non-toxic and they are made out of plastic. They come in five different sizes which allow you to create both bigger and smaller curls. They are stored in a specialized acrylic box which can also be used to store other items such as makeup products or perfumes. Its most important feature is that it protects your hair rollers from dust. The spikes are made out of plastic, so if you plan on sleeping with those rollers it may be a little uncomfortable, but the plastic is material that can last for a long period and won’t get easily deformed.

  • Variety of sizes
  • Easy to use
  • They could be slightly wider

2)Nicky Clarke NHS005 Compact Heated Rollers

Nicky Clarke rollers are 3.5 cm in diameter and can get heated. This may be repulsing for some people who want to heal their hair and resort to rollers as tools which don’t include heat – but just because they can doesn’t mean that they have to be used with heat. The package includes 12 rollers and clips that are easy to place. They are packed in the travel bag which keeps them neatly in place. The bag has the ability to heat up to 6 rollers and that requires 10 minutes. When the rollers are heated the lamp will turn white to signal that they can be used.

  • Clips are included
  • ”Heated” indicator
  • It can heat six rollers at the time

3) Xnicx Twist-Flex Hair Curlers Rods set

Those colourful curlers come in a great variety of colours and seven sizes. Some have velcro, some don’t. There are 47 pieces in the package which should be enough even if you have very long and thick hair. They are flexible and easy to use – just wrap the strand of hair around the curlers, bend the ends so they close and, optionally, fix it in place with bobby pins or hair clips. The variety of sizes will allow you to create different sizes of curls. The curlers are used without heat and the surface is smooth so you don’t have to worry about damaging the hair. They are easy to pack and store. Together with their flexibility, those traits make them a great travel item that won’t get damaged.

  • Come in 7 sizes
  • Suitable for travel
  • Easy to use
  • The ones that have velcro can damage hair

4) Elcoho Self Grip Hair Rollers Set of 45 Rollers

Those extensive packages include self grip rollers, twenty duckbill clips, two combs, and a storage bag. Forty-five rollers come in three different colours and sizes. Rollers have a 44mm, 36mm, and 25mm diameter. They are self-grip rollers. Furthermore, there are twenty duckbill clips that come in various colours and are 77mm which are good curlers for long hair. All of those tools are very easy to use and can be very helpful especially if you have long hair. After putting the rollers up and fixing them with a clip, you can sleep overnight or you can dry your hair with a hairdryer. Those hair rolls are a great tool to have at home, and this package can be perfect as a gift.

  • Clips and combs included
  • Differently sized
  • Self-grip
  • Velcro might damage your hair


5) BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers – Black

Those elegant black hot rollers are ceramic infused. Ceramics is a material that takes heat very well. It’s also got a dot which will tell you when the rollers are warmed up and ready for use. The package has 20 hot rollers that are specifically designed to give rich curls. In addition, you also get 15 super clips and 20 metal pins. They come in a black travel case where hair rollers can also be charged. The cord length is 1.85 meters. You can choose between two temperatures when heating the hot rollers and if you need help with anything, you can check out their instruction booklet.

  • Durable
  • ”Ready” indicator
  • Clips and pins
  • Don’t work well on thin hair


6) Remington H9100 Proluxe Heated Rollers

Remington Proluxe Hot Rollers come in various sizes. There are eight medium and twelve large ones. The clip design is significantly developed and it keeps roller and the clip together. Rollers heat up very fast, in only 90 seconds! Those rollers will give you curls in five minutes, and the best thing is that they can all be heated at the same time. They have a dual heating option. We love the design which allows you to wrap 1.8meter cord around the roller heater. Rollers are easy to use and to store, they also feature cool-touch ends, but be careful as they aren’t cold – they are just much less hot.

  • Heats up quickly
  • Rollers and clips designed effectively
  • No off switch


7) Tresemme Salon Self Grip Velcro Rollers

If you require the classical, easy-to-use rollers, these might be the one for you. Those rollers are generally used for helping the heat reach hair evenly and to add volume to the hair. As they come in different sizes, small, medium, and large, you can create a natural-looking hairstyle within minutes if you use the hairdryer, or, with a couple of hours, you can get the same result without using heat at all. You can use them regardless of the type of hair or its length. Sleeping with those rollers might be less comfortable than with sponge ones, but it will still work and many people get used to them very quickly.

  • Easy to use
  • Variety of sizes
  • Velcro may damage hair


8) Zhehao Flexible Foam Sponge Hair Rollers

If you are looking for easy-to-use hair foam rollers that can provide small to medium curls – take a closer look. There are thirty-six rollers in the package which is enough to cover very dense and long hair. The diameter of the rollers is 2cm, while the length is 7cm. They can be used on straight and curly hair alike, as well as the long hair. The sponge material allows you to wrap the hair while it’s wet and not worry about whether the rollers or your hair will get damaged. The sponge is made to last and it’s durable when exposed to moisture. The sponges are also soft which makes them a perfect choice if you plan on sleeping with rollers on your head. They are easy to transport and make for a great travel item.

  • Suitable for wet and dry hair
  • Suitable for travel
  • Easy to sleep with
  • Breaks/comes apart easily

9) Locisne 20pcs Flexible Foam Sponge Hair Curlers

Locisne is very thoughtful when it comes to hair protection. Those foam rollers are made to be used without the aid of heat or electricity. The soft silicone won’t damage your hair like some other rollers. It won’t pull it our or break it. They are also very easy to use – take the strand of the hair and wrap it around the curler. Press one part of the curler into the other and just sleep overnight. They don’t require clips, bobby pins nor any other additional hair styling item. The curlers are reusable and silicone is known to last for a long time. It’s also heat-resistant. If you use them on wet hair, it’s possible that the hair won’t dry as quickly because of the material that curlers are wrapped in. The air won’t circulate as easily. It’s advised that you use foam rollers with dry hair, but it’s not an imperative. The set includes twenty curlers.

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Heat resistant
  • They don’t hold a lot of hair

10) Hair Tools Jumbo Cling Hair Rollers

Another set of classical rollers that’s great for both dry and wet hair use. What’s even better about them is that they have a 61mm diameter. If you are looking for the gorgeous, grand curls look, these might be the right choice for you. You can sleep with them during the night or blow them with the hair dryer. Whatever your choice, everything works. People with curly hair will want to avoid it since they are made out of velcro. It’s plastic, so they will endure both water and heat numerous amount of times. People who don’t have layered hair will benefit greatly from this type of rollers because they provide a special type of look and volume.

  • Easy to use
  • Don’t tangle
  • Great value for money
  • Not comfortable to sleep with

Buyers Guide

There are many different types of hair curlers. What are the things that you should look for in the best hair roller set?


When getting hair rollers, one of the main characteristics that you want to pay your attention to is durability. Durable hair rollers are usually made out of ceramics or some kind of plastic if they aren’t heated.


Materials directly correlate to the durability of the hair rollers. When setting out to buy them, you should take a look at the material that they are made of.

Velcro is one of the most commonly used materials. There are other, better alternatives, especially for people with curly hair. It can damage your hair and pull it out when taking the rollers off, leaving hair very frizzy and bad looking. It works much better on people with straight hair since they have a very different structure.

Ceramic hair rollers have been used for a long time, and they are very good at withstanding constant heating and cooling, mechanical stresses and they are very hard to scratch. Water doesn’t affect them a lot, too. All of those features make them a great choice.

Sponge hair rollers can be durable, but that depends on the quality. Some of them will be affected by water, some won’t, and the best way to find out whether they will is to read the reviews and find out about the other users’ experiences. Having a sponge roller is a good choice for your hair since they are soft and won’t break it, allowing you to minimize damage. Sponges aren’t usually used on the heatable rollers. If you are trying to deprive yourself of the sources that damage hair – they are a good choice.

Plastic hair rollers have been used for a long time and they are normally the first type of rollers that come to your mind. They are made in a wide variety of sizes and colors. They are durable and have small needle-like formations sticking out of them which ensures that the hair is kept in place without the need for additional aids like clips or pins which make the whole experience less comfortable. If you get fewer quality rollers of this material, you may find the spikes breaking, bending, or not holding your hair well. They may also cause your hair to get tangled in them too much. Those are all signs that you should find another set.

Fabric – Fabric hair rollers aren’t a threat to your hair if applied properly, but they can be hard to use on the wet hair. When you use plastic ones, the plastic doesn’t soak up the water. The fabric ones may if they aren’t made out of microfiber or some synthetic material. That’s why your hair won’t be totally dry in the morning which may result in the frizz later in the day, especially if there is even a slight hint of moisture in the air. Using them in combination with a very short blowdry session is the perfect combination.


Many hair rollers that get heated can offer some kind of protection for the users like the cool touch ends. They lower the temperature on the ends of rollers so that you wouldn’t burn yourself. If you are clumsy and you burned yourself with straightening iron, then it’s very probable that heated rollers might give you trouble. Make sure that the rollers you buy have at least some kind of protection because we all know how easy it is to get burnt while you are in a hurry.

Furthermore, Surfaces that are less textured are much less likely to break your hair. Heated rollers will cause at least small heat damage, so make sure that you are aware of that and that your hair is in a condition where regular use won’t damage it too much. If you don’t plan on using it regularly, then this shouldn’t be concerning.

”Ready” indication

If you are searching for the heated hair rollers, it’s a good idea to get the ones which will have a light or any kind of indication that they have finished with heating. That’s when you know that rollers are heated to the optimal temperature and they won’t burn your hair or underdeliver.


Do you need rollers to sleep in? If you are opting for the rollers which don’t involve using any kind of heat, then it’s very probable that you will have to sleep with them or spend a few of your waking hours with them on your head. Doing other work or falling asleep with the uncomfortable rollers can be a nightmare – you just spent a great deal of time washing and styling your hair type, putting the rollers in, just to want to take them out 30 minutes after, wondering how you’re going to save your hair the next morning or evening. If you aren’t sure whether you’d be able to sleep with plastic rollers, it’s a good idea to get the cheaper ones or borrow them from some family members and test it. You can always get the ones that are made out of fabric or sponge. Sponge ones are known to be bulky, but they are quite soft and most people don’t complain about them at all.


Clips can be essential for people with straight hair since it doesn’t tend to stick around the roller, it just falls out. If you recognized your hair while reading this, it will save you a great amount of stress if you got the rollers with clips. They will help you keep the hair in the place. If you are getting sponge or fabric curlers, I wouldn’t say that clips are necessary, but you will probably still require a few bobby pins to keep certain strands from falling out.


The diameter of the hair rollers is one of their most important features. Differently sized rollers will help you achieve differently sized curls – from many small tight curls to rich, big, glamorous curls. They come in a lot of variety and if you struggle deciding which diameters are right for you, take a look at our size guide.

Size Guide

Whichever diameter of the rollers you choose, your curls will be of that or a few millimeters wider diameter. You can use rollers however you want – you can use only one-sized rollers on the whole hair, or you can mix sizes up so you get different shaped hairstyles.

Small (smaller than half an inch)

Small hair rollers will create small curls. This gives you much less volume than the other curlers. If you have hair that’s shoulder-length, or shorter, then you can achieve a hairstyle that’s more similar to afro. If you have longer hair, then it’s probably best that you stick to larger rollers since, firstly, your curls will fall to the sides of your face and get wider at the bottom, while the place where your hair parts will have no volume at all, and secondly, you will need a great number of small rollers to be able to do whole hair.

Medium (half an inch)

Medium rollers can work well with both short and long hair, but people with shorter hair usually tend to opt for very small or large rollers. Very small rollers will give you afro-ish look, while big rollers give you glamorous big waves. Medium ones work well with layered haircuts.

Large (one inch)

If you want more volume near the roots, opt for large or jumbo rollers. Large rollers will create large, rich curls. They are a great choice both for straight and curly hair. They also work well with hair that’s not layered as well as the one that is, but if you have waves that go up to the middle of your hair length, you might achieve a weird hair shape. If that happens, put slightly smaller hair rollers to try and get them up a little more.

Jumbo (Larger than one inch)

Jumbo rollers are used to achieve big volume and glamorous waves. If you have heavy, thick, long hair it may be harder to get the curls with any rollers to stay, but those are hardest to keep from falling down over a long period of time. The look that you get will definitely be worth the effort, but you will probably have to put a lot of hairsprays to keep them in place. If you want to have less volume at the roots and more near the ends, you can apply more hairspray at the ends and less as you go upward, this will cause the rest of the hair to relax while the bottom section stays curled.


Hair rollers are a great tool that can help you nurture your hair back to health but also give you the alternative hairstyle as you do so. Having to deal with the stress of meeting society’s expectations isn’t something that should contribute to already stressful days. Hair rollers can be an easy and simple solution that will save you money, energy, and time that you can invest in other areas of your life.

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