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Haemorrhoid Creams UK

Best Haemorrhoid Creams UK


Certain illnesses require constant attention and for a variety of reasons. For haemorrhoids, it is simply one; excruciating pain. For people with such condition, the discomfort and frustration are overwhelming. This illness is so severe; most people require surgery. But for those who do not, soothing creams can be the next best thing.

For those who do not know, haemorrhoids or piles are collections of inflamed tissue in the anal canal. They contain blood vessels, support tissue, muscle and elastic fibres. Generally, haemorrhoids are caused by increased pressure in the lower rectum; this forces the blood vessels in the anus and rectum to stretch under pressure and leads to swell or bulge, forming piles. The immediate causes include chronic constipation, extreme diarrhoea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, or even straining when passing a stool.

Coming across people suffering from this illness is heavy to ponder over. This is why I took it upon myself to discover the best haemorrhoid creams in the market. And with a lot of work, and research, I eventually did. People with haemorrhoids deserve every bit of attention and care. And for me, that means getting them the best haemorrhoid cream UK can offer.

Top 10 Haemorrhoid Creams in the UK

1. Anusol Haemorrhoids Treatment Cream 43g

Anusol Haemorrhoids Treatment Cream 43g

Anusol Haemorrhoids Treatment Cream 43g

There are three ingredients which make the ANUSOL haemorrhoids cream a must-have haemorrhoid cream, and those are bismuth oxide, zinc oxide and Balsam Peru & Bismuth subgallate. Bismuth oxide has a protective effect on mucous membranes and raw surfaces. Zinc oxide is an astringent and mild antiseptic that helps to absorb skin moisture and decrease friction and discourage the growth of certain bacteria, while Balsam Peru & Bismuth subgallate facilitate the development of epithelial cells.


  • Contains natural ingredients 
  • Suitable for new mothers
  • Can be used post-operative following anorectal surgery
  • Can be used with a suppository
  • Shrinks piles
  • Relieves discomfort
  • Soothes itching and calms irritation
  • Perfect for new mums
  • Not suitable for children

2. Derma Medico Hemosan Fast Relief Haemorrhoids Cream 40g

Derma Medico Hemosan Fast Relief Haemorrhoids Cream 40g

Derma Medico Hemosan Fast Relief Haemorrhoids Cream 40g

This is one of the over-the-counter haemorrhoid treatment in the world. With a combination of paraben-free natural ingredients, this product is the quintessential haemorrhoid cream. The formula not only soothes the fissures but also numbs the aching tissues. Its fast all-natural ingredients make it one of the best options you can ever consider.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Paraben-free
  • Effective relief against fissures
  • Shrinks pile
  • Soothes itching
  • May take hours to work for some people

3. 500Cosmetics Interest Cream 75g

500Cosmetics Interest Cream 75g

500Cosmetics Interest Cream 75g

This product has proven to be the perfect option for intense itching and burning in haemorrhoid patients. The formula is made purely from natural ingredients and is suitable for both men and women. It is also quick-acting and helps in restoring lost skin tissues, as well as proper rectal blood flow.


  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Calming effect formula
  • Rapid, soothing relief from burning, itching and discomfort
  • Shrinks swollen hemorrhoidal tissue
  • Relieves external discomfort
  • The result is short-lived, hence requiring constant use of the product

4. Germoloids Triple Action Ointment 25g x 3

Germoloids Triple Action Ointment 25g x 3

Germoloids Triple Action Ointment 25g x 3

With main ingredients like Lidocaine hydrochloride and Since oxide, this product greatly excels in the area of fast relief from the symptoms of haemorrhoids and pile. Its triple-action formula grants pain relief soothes itching and pile shrinking all in one use. The ointment is specially formulated for average cases of haemorrhoids and is renowned for delivering stellar results.


  • Triple action formula
  • Contains lidocaine hydrochloride and zinc oxide
  • Pack of 3 tubes
  • Quickly relieves haemorrhoid discomfort
  • Comes with an applicator
  • Very effective against itching
  • Not a strictly natural formula

5. Anacare – Fast Acting Haemorrhoid Cream 32g

Anacare - Fast Acting Haemorrhoid Cream 32g

Anacare - Fast Acting Haemorrhoid Cream 32g

Do you know why so many people are recently switching to Anacare Natural Cream? Its natural ingredients mean that it is the surest best to soothe the symptoms of haemorrhoids. The fast-acting formula is well-known for giving complete relief from anal fissures and inflammations. It is also free of steroids and lidocaine.


  • No steroids, lidocaine, parabens or nasty chemicals
  • Suitable for children age 12 and above, and adults too.
  • Natural ingredients like tea tree oil, calendula, emu oil, butcher’s broom, Sweet clover and grape seed extract
  • Hydrates and calms dry, irritated skin in and around the anus.
  • Fast-acting relief
  • Has a pleasant natural fragrance
  • Not suitable for children under 12 years.

6. Anodesyn Ointment 25g

Anodesyn Ointment 25g

Anodesyn Ointment 25g

A powerful and very effective option for tacking symptoms of external haemorrhoids, this product comes with a lot of praises from different users. The quick action formula comprises of allantoin, along with lidocaine, making it ideal for average cases of the external pile. With its white soft paraffin base, the ointment is soothing to the touch, making it a commendable choice for such conditions.


  • Contains lidocaine and allantoin
  • White soft paraffin base
  • External use ointment
  • The shelf life two years
  • Terrific soothing effects
  • Easy to use
  • Good quantity
  • Only suitable for external haemorrhages

7. Ofanyia Natural Haemorrhoids Cream 20g

Ofanyia Natural Haemorrhoids Cream 20g

Ofanyia Natural Haemorrhoids Cream 20g

A very topnotch product from China, the Ofanyia cream made of natural ingredients has many people all over the world laying testimonies of its wonders. The ointment combines a wide array of herbal extracts and ingredients purely derived from the Orient regions. Its effectiveness and potency is proof of the power of its formula, as it not only removes putrid tissues but also promotes the growth of new ones. 


  • 100% high quality Chinese traditional herbal formula 
  • Suitable for anybody suffering from haemorrhoid
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Shrinks swollen hemorrhoidal tissues
  • Heal’s anal fissures fast
  • Reduces redness
  • Stops inflammation
  • For significant results, you need to buy three tubes of the cream

8. Mayinglong Natural Haemorrhoids Cream 20g

Mayinglong Natural Haemorrhoids Cream 20g

Mayinglong Natural Haemorrhoids Cream 20g

This is another effective Chinese product for haemorrhoids, with a proven record of blood circulation promotion. The cream comes highly recommended by experts, as it actively reduces swelling, itching, and bleeding caused by the pile. With the effectiveness of seven powerful traditional Chinese medicines, Mayinglong haemorrhoid cream soothes, relieves and heal inflamed, painful haemorrhoids and anal fissures.


  • External haemorrhoids cream
  • 100% Chinese traditional herbal formula
  • Comes in a tube
  • Stops bleeding and swelling quickly
  • Removes root of haemorrhoid
  • Prevents recurrences
  • Not very good for athletes

9. Fovely Hemorrhoid Cream 20g

Fovely Hemorrhoid Cream 20g

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When it comes to treating the symptoms of extreme cases of haemorrhoids and piles, this is the perfect product for you. The cream comes with high-performance capacity, as it contains anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It also contains softening properties and gives a cooling effect as it soothes itching and burns around the affected area. The formula also enables the ointment to initiate rapid nourishment of damaged tissues, proper blood circulation, and dilation of inflamed veins.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Maximum strength relief
  • Has a cooling and soothing effect
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Reduces bleeding
  • Depending on how severe your haemorrhoid is, it may not have an instantaneous effect

10. Merkts Natural Hemorrhoids Cream 25g

Merkts Natural Hemorrhoids Cream 25g

Merkts Natural Hemorrhoids Cream 25g

This product comes in an easy-to-apply, moisturizer-like packaging, creating a comfort zone for sensitive users. It also combines this with an impressive anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory capacity, as well as commendable astringent properties. The cup container makes it easy to carry around and store with ease. And the carrier texture is soft and smooth to the feel, as it allows the cooling effect of the formula to work its way through the disturbed area.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • A significant pain relief cream
  • Does not contain parabens.
  • Works instantly within hours of application
  • Purely oriental herbal product
  • Promotes proper blood flow
  • No applicator

Haemorrhoid Creams UK Product Guide

Having so many products available for selection sounds like a good thing, but it may prove consequential of you do not know how to make the right choice. So, giving you lots of options to pick from is not enough, as there is also a need to provide you with the important factors for picking a haemorrhoid cream. This is because, although so many products exist on the market, some options may work best for your condition than others. And just as the degree of infection varies with each individual, so does the effectiveness of the products available for sale.

Active Ingredients

Generally, haemorrhoid creams include common ingredients like lidocaine hydrochloride and zinc oxide. These compounds are well known for their numbing properties, making them ideal for analgesic uses. Hydrocortisone is also another popular active ingredient found in haemorrhage creams. This performs well at reducing itching and burning sensations around inflamed areas. 

Other common ingredients used include allantoin, glycerol monostearate, and benzyl alcohol. Many products also include astringent compounds, while others add vasoconstrictors to reduce swelling of blood vessels. It is advised that you check the active ingredients, and confirm if the compound is something your body can work with. This is important since some products can contain compounds you may be allergic to, like phenylephrine, for instance.


You want your product to also you a long time, and in cases where the illness is severe, you need a quantity that would be extensively useful. Therefore, look out for the size of the cream you plan to buy. Most larger sizes come in cup containers, while the tube packages are often best for the medium duration of use. Some products though, come in tube form yet require you to apply the cream in small quantities, thereby allowing long-term use. To get good value for money, and guarantee prolonged availability of the product, consider the quantity.

External or Internal Haemorrhoids

The type of haemorrhoids you need to treat will also determine what product to buy. There are two types of the pile; external and internal. The external type causes the rectum to extend out of the anus. In such cases, the infected tissues are visible and are often characterized by severe redness and periodic bleeding.

Internal haemorrhoids are concealed, yet the symptoms are severely felt. These types are quite difficult to manage, and the application of relief medications can often prove excruciatingly painful. To address this, various products indicate which type they are best at treating, with some brands going as far as pointing out the degree of infection they work best on.

Condition of Patient

Some products specify the age range they are most suited for. While most of the products here are suited for all adults, only a few can be used for children. It is therefore advised to make sure the cream you select is appropriate for the age of the person you plan to use it on. Also, consider the condition of the patient, as many products indicate whether or not they can be used on pregnant women, newly birthed mothers and older people.

Natural or Chemical

Most haemorrhoids creams are made from popular synthetic compounds. However, if you require a much more, nature-inclined solution, some brands are made purely from natural ingredients. These types use extracts and materials from plants like witch hazel, lavender, calendula, melaleuca, and even melilotus. Others still may include derivatives and oils from lemon, goldenrod, tannin, and aloe vera.


Why am I the one who gets haemorrhoids most often in my family?

A lot of factors lead to the cause for haemorrhoids, but you may have a particular issue which triggers inflammation, or you are always battling with diarrhoea or constipation. And possibly, it may be hereditary in your genes. Nevertheless, I suggest you add more fibre to your diet.

Can I use haemorrhoid cream if I have an allergy?

Some haemorrhoid creams may pose problems if you have allergies, but there are still some other products in the market that won’t affect your allergy

A friend recommended something he called a “doughnut” for my haemorrhoid. How does it work, and how will it help me?

A doughnut is a toroidal cushion or an inflatable pillow typically used by haemorrhoid patients that provides relief from the pressure that is caused by sitting normally. A doughnut becomes necessary because a lot of haemorrhoid sufferers experience pain while sitting on a chair.


Understanding the pain people with haemorrhoids go through can be revealing. Seeing them suffer through the pain and discomfort can put one’s mind to perspective. And when such persons are close to you, all you want to do is get them the best medical care. And getting them the best haemorrhoids cream the UK has available is one way to achieve this.

Each product on this list is tested and recommended by experts all around us. A lot of users testify to their effectiveness, and they come from some of the most reputable brands in the field. To help you make the best choice, I advise you to pay heed to the instructions on the product guide. This way, you can get your hands on what will eventually be the ideal product that suits the precise need you sought.

Based on my recommendations, Anusol Haemorrhoids Treatment Cream is the best overall choice to go for. 500Cosmetics Interest Cream is your ideal option if you seek the best premium product. And Ofanyia Natural Haemorrhoids Cream is the best budget option available to low budget shoppers.

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