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Best Golf Umbrellas UK

Gold umbrellas are engineered to keep golfers dry while playing the game in rainy or windy weather. The regular umbrellas may feel considerable heavier than golf umbrellas, but that doesn’t take anything from the quality of materials that most of the latter is made of. Golf umbrellas are typically built to have ergonomic handles for stress-free handling and push-button auto-opening for easy manoeuvrability.

After many years in the gulf turf, during unfavourable (windy or rainy) weather, I have had to use different golf umbrellas. If I were ever going to purchase another one, it would be from an informed standpoint. I don’t want a newbie to go through the rigours of learning the hard way, which has inspired me to write this review on best golf umbrellas the UK.

Top 10 Golf Umbrellas UK

1. Sun Mountain Golf Umbrella 

Sun Mountain Golf Umbrella

Sun Mountain Golf Umbrella

The Sun Mountain golf umbrella was built to protect golfers against UV rays and a windy day. To protect against the effects of strong wind, it has a double-canopy structure, which ensures there is no parachute effect and the umbrella allows the inflow and outflow of air to keep the golfer cool on a sunny day.

The nylon material of the canopy keeps the umbrella silky and smooth while the durable shaft and handle ensures for a better grip and long-lasting experience.


  • 50″ UV coating against harsh sun rays
  • Double canopy design
  • Auto open mechanism
  • Nylon cover
  • Ergonomic rubber handle for comfort
  • Large umbrella for efficient and sufficient coverage from the rain and can shield more than one person
  • Automatic opening for easy operation
  • Double canopy design ensures there’s no event of turnouts
  • Specifically engineered to protect against UV rays
  • Slatted panels or air vents provide that there is no pressure at the handle during windy weather
  • Shaft and handle made from durable materials
  • Nylon material may not stand harsh weather and may shrink

2. SMATI Clear Auto Stick Dome Umbrella 

SMATI Clear Auto Stick Dome Umbrella 


SMATI Mini Foldable Clear Dome See Through Transparent Umbrella 

Talk about a foldable umbrella that can be stashed away without being awkwardly noticed, talk about the SMATI Clear Auto Stick Dome Umbrella. It is designed with a durable fibreglass frame with about six ribs which means it handles strong winds well. When fully opened, the umbrella has a diameter of 38″ and can adequately shield from rain. It has a clear canopy, which makes seeing beyond the umbrella easier and not impede one’s game. The handle is made with rubber which makes for a better grip, and the strap at the handle gives options for storage.


  • The frame of metal and fibreglass
  • 38 inches diameter
  • Rubber handle with strap
  • Manual opening 
  • Clear canopy so seeing further won’t be awkward
  • 9.25 inches when folded and hence can be stored away easily and almost anywhere
  • Fibreglass is the best material for an umbrella undercarriage
  • Opening this umbrella is easy. Closing it is more difficult
  • The manual opening may sometimes be awkward in emergency conditions like sudden rain
  • Single canopy design means it might not withstand strong winds

3. Callaway Dual Canopy 60″ Golf Umbrella 

Callaway Dual Canopy 60" Golf Umbrella 

Callaway Dual Canopy 60" Golf Umbrella 

A product from manufacturers that think, this big and double canopy golf umbrella was explicitly built for windy days. For its size, it can shield more than one person at a time; however, it may not have the be made from the best of materials as many would have thought. It allows management of air inflow and outflow to keep the user cool and discourage any parachute effects or turnouts.


  • Dual canopy structure
  • 60″ circumference
  • Plastic handle
  • Well designed umbrella
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Can be stored away in minimal space
  • Comes in a fantastic range of colours to pick from
  • Problems of durability – may not withstand strong winds
  • The plastic handle isn’t the best for grips and may break with time
  • Manual opening and closing might be a bit cumbersome

4. Fulton’s StormShield

Fulton's StormShield

Fulton's StormShield

What I liked most about this golf umbrella is the fact that it has a robust and durable fibreglass frame construction, and it is economical in space when not in use. Plus it has a small pouch to store it when not in use and out of the way. Additionally, it has a double canopy structure which makes it adequate for healthy windy days. It has a rubber handle for better grip and airflow management slats, so there is less vibration during strong winds and in the rain. With this umbrella, there is zero chance of experiencing a turnout!


  • Supersized diameter
  • Rubber handle grip
  • Fibreglass frame construction
  • Extra storage pouch
  • Non-conductive frame
  • High-quality design and frame structure for durability
  • Optimum protection against winds and rain
  • Large enough to cover two people
  • Air vents discourage umbrella from turning inside out
  • The handle is made with hard plastic and may shatter if dropped
  • The handle is too large for a standard umbrella holder
  • Manual operation  

5. Odyssey 68″ Golf Umbrella 

Odyssey 68" Golf UmbrellaOdyssey 68" Golf Umbrella 

Despite having a super large size of 68″, this quality umbrella which has pure fibreglass shaft is also equipped with a rubber handle for better grip. It has air vents for in and outflow of air, so there is reduced vibration in the carrier’s hands. Another plus is the company’s customer service and delivery rates. So acquiring this umbrella after ordering is always fast and reliable. The push-button open function means one can whip out the umbrella even in an emergency without troubles.


  • Rubber handle
  • Large 68″ circumference
  • Fibreglass shaft
  • Air vents for airflow management
  • Push-button operation
  • Fibreglass shaft ensures the umbrella is strong and durable
  • Large enough to keep one dry or away from the sun rays
  • Air slats help reduce vibrations and keep user cool even on a hot day
  • Automatically opens at the push of a button means so much convenience
  • Single canopy design may not be best for healthy windy days on the turf
  • The handle is made of cheap rubber/plastic and may not be durable

6. Under Armour Golf Umbrella 

Under Armour Golf Umbrella 

Under Armour Golf Umbrella

The Under Armour golf umbrella is equipped with a dual-action opening function and with a clear panel for uninhibited view. It features a UA Storm1 design and is relatively long for a standard golf umbrella. The umbrella has a single canopy structure, and all I can say is that this product is sturdy and gives value for money.


  • Single 62” canopy structure
  • Dual-action opening
  • UA Storm1 design
  • Excellent shade from sun and wind
  • Air vents for reduction of pressure on the handle and keeping the user cool
  • Clear view panel for watching fellow golfers without getting drenched
  • Umbrella is recommended or very tall golfers because of the extra length
  • The push-button function makes it easy to use
  • It would perform better if it were double canopy

7. Peter Storm

Peter Storm

Peter Storm

Everyone needs to stay dry while navigating the wet golf courses, and that is precisely the function of this beauty of an umbrella from Peter Storm. The waterproof material which the canopy is made of ensures that water is beaded and kept out. It’s lightweight, and compact size ensures that it can be carried about easily without any form of awkwardness. The material it is made of is also hardwearing and can stand extreme weather conditions.


  • Compact sized 
  • Single canopy build 
  • Lightweight 
  • Comes for an affordable price
  • Help keep the rains out
  • Large enough to contain more than one person
  • Materials used for the structure and undercarriage are lightweight, and umbrella might break in intense downpour or wind
  • The plastic handle may cause callused palms when held for too long

8. Propelled Award-Winning Golf Umbrella

Propelled Award-Winning Golf Umbrella


Propelled Award-Winning Golf Umbrella

Every desirable quality in a windshield and windproof umbrella is incorporated in this super-sized beauty from procella. Built with strong and sturdy materials, the undercarriage of this umbrella can withstand snow, rain, sunlight and even wind as fast as 75km/h. its high-grade canopy fabric reduces the effects of harsh sun rays, causing the inside of the umbrella to be cool. Just like everything else, the handle of this umbrella is anti-slide, and it has a mechanism for automatic opening and closing of the unit without putting yourself or the umbrella at risk. It is built to fit onto a golf cart umbrella holder, and I hugely found this product helpful and would purchase it over again.


  • 62″ circumference
  • High-grade canopy fabric (Nylon)
  • Dual canopy structure
  • Air vents
  • Fibreglass shaft
  • Push-button open system
  • Award-winning golf umbrella endorsed by skydivers and other sports bodies
  • Handle fits into most umbrella holders
  • Automatic operation via a button
  • Dual canopy design withstands all kinds of weather and strong wind
  • Air vents keep the air inside cool and umbrella is large enough to provide shad for up to 3 people
  • If not appropriately held in a strong wind, some of the ribs might snap
  • Nylon is not the best canopy fabric

9. TaylorMade Single Canopy Umbrella 

TaylorMade Double Canopy Umbrella

TaylorMade Double Canopy Umbrella

This extra-large golf umbrella stands at 64″, and has an auto-open mechanism. It is constructed with a fibreglass shaft and windproof technology, making it useful in areas of the UK with heavy winds.  


  • Fibreglass shaft
  • Dual canopy build
  • Canopy made with canvas
  • High grip rubber handle with standard size
  • Handle fits just fine in many golf umbrella holders and clicgear umbrella holder
  • Built to last
  • Double canopy design resists winds and reduces the occurrence of turnouts
  • Large enough for 2- 3 people at a time
  • The tracking and delivery process might be awkward sometimes

10. Econo by Amazon Golf Umbrella 

Econo by Amazon Golf Umbrella 

Econo by Amazon Golf Umbrella 

This double canopy and vented golf umbrella are covered with a canopy of 190T pongee micro-weave fabric and with fibreglass used in making the undercarriage and ribs. It also has an automatic open design, ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip and resistance to water and moulds up to SPF 50+. You also get a lifetime product replacement from the manufacturers! There is nothing that can beat this product in my books!


  • Dual canopy design
  • Fibreglass material for undercarriage
  • 190T pongee canopy
  • Rubberized handle
  • SPF 50+ UV protection
  • Sturdy and robust umbrella both in design and structure
  • Pongee fabric is the best fabric for golf umbrellas
  • Dual canopy design prevents umbrella from inverting in strong wind
  • Air vents for airflow management
  • The handle has a strap for better grip and options of storage
  • The handle may not fit into golf umbrella holders

Golf Umbrellas UK Product Guide

Selecting the best of golf umbrellas isn’t just about having extra bucks to throw around, it involves determining one’s standpoint (wants and needs and of course, buying power) and grabbing one that ticks most or all of the boxes. I know some people wouldn’t know the difference between a regular umbrella and a golf umbrella. Some living in windy regions may not understand what kind to buy that will be windproof. Some people just need one that wouldn’t pose discomfort because of their size. I have all the experience, and I am here to educate everyone.  

These are the things I look out for every time I hit the market in search of a golf umbrella:

Its Portability

There are enough things crammed into a golf bag already – clubs, tee-shirts, and headcovers. There are golf umbrellas that can fit into the new golf bags equipped with several holder pockets. Some golf umbrellas are small enough to slide into the same pocket where the club is held in the bag. There is the issue of how easily golfers can toss an umbrella either out or into a golf bag. A portable golf umbrella should be able to take up small space and not even be noticeable when in the golf bag.

Its Construction Frame 

Every golf umbrella, just like every other umbrella, has three parts – the handle, the undercarriage (consisting of the joints and ribs that support the canopy) and the shaft. The most touched part of the umbrella is the shaft, and hence finding one with a shaft made from high-quality materials would be my priority. From experience, I know that shafts made with fibreglass or some lightweight, bendable material often outlast those made with steel or wood. This is because while fibreglass supports grip function for long, a bendable material will not snap(it may bend and return to its original shape) when faced with strong gusts of wind in unfavourable weather.

Also, when the wind moves the canopy, fibreglass can bend to support the undercarriage, however, when in this situation (especially in severe winds), it becomes brittle and can break. Mine got caught between the bag and car door, as I was scrambling to get out the car – that’s my negligence.  

I Check For Value

I won’t even lie – golf is an expensive sport on its own. It was splashing a huge wad of cash on a golf umbrella maybe just unnecessary (not forbidden). Before I purchase any golf umbrella, I weight its value – one that ticks most boxes and is available at a lower price. A golf umbrella that is built with quality materials has a durable structure and frame as well as not more expensive than the golf club itself (LOL).

There are several quality golf umbrellas out there in the market that offer several attributes for a low price, but I must add here that a lower cost doesn’t always mean higher value as some cheap buys can result in a waste of money in the long run.

The Canopy Size and Thickness

All other parts of the golf umbrella are for support. The primary role of the golf umbrella is carried out by the canopy and hence is a crucial decision in buying one. The kind of material, canopy design and thickness are huge considerable factors. I always research to know If the canopy is made of pongee fabric. Frankly, pongee fabric can resist long-term exposure to water and sun. However, canopy fabrics made of plastic fabrics or nylon often degrade after a while of exposure to moisture and constant sunlight. It translates that a much thicker material for golf umbrella canopy should be top of the guide to purchase a quality product.

The Canopy Design 

There are two types of canopy design – single and double canopy design. A double canopy design is better because it includes air vents that create an allowance for incoming and outgoing air while blocking out water or rain. On the other hand, a single canopy design often traps air, and the umbrella might turn out and forcefully fly off, causing one’s hand and ruin the structure in the process.


During my research for a reliable golf umbrella, I came across several questions that prospective buyers like me often asked and I realized that these questions mirrored their needs in a golf umbrella. Here are some of the questions and the answers to them.

Which feature or features are most important in a golf umbrella?

The features of the golf umbrella, I would settle for boils down to how and when I want to use it. If I wish to regular usage even in harsh weather conditions, I will pick one with features that can withstand such usage. If the rain pours too much for example and I want to go out still to play my beloved game, I would likely buy a golf umbrella with durable fibreglass structure and a Teflon pongee canopy. This material can bead and roll away raindrops, and it is tear and abrasion-resistant. So basically, in areas where there is prevalent rainfall, a heavy-duty golf umbrella (especially one made with pongee canopy, fibreglass shaft and robust undercarriage) is paramount.

Why do I need to buy a golf umbrella?

The weather often becomes unpredictable in winter or summer, and for golfers, a golf umbrella should be nearby in these periods because the rain might drench the player, the golf bag and the clubs, ruining the whole experience in the process. Golf clubs are built with metals and moisture can erode the structure.

Water can also affect grip sensitivity and cause hands to slide off the club while in play.Also, some folks are sensitive to the sun, and a golf umbrella is needed to protect against UV rays while keeping the player cool.

What are the differences between pongee fabric, polyester and nylon?

Pongee, polyester and nylon fabrics are quite similar. The difference between them is their different abilities to withstand unfavourable outdoor conditions and of course, their cost. Nylon is quite the most expensive among them because of its smooth feel and almost zero friction. However, when exposed to harsh conditions, it shrinks in no time, and that is a significant loss of points.

Polyester is the lowest quality and hence cheapest. Although it doesn’t shrink like nylon, the creases sustained by the material when closing or opening the umbrella can lead to stiffness and ruin the whole make up on time.

Pongee fabric is a mix of the best qualities of both polyester and nylon without the negatives. Pongee doesn’t crease as polyester and doesn’t shrink quickly like nylon material. Plus, it is only more expensive than polyester. So if we combine its price, almost zero demerits and material quality, we can all agree that pongee material is the best for a golf umbrella.

What are the characteristics of a quality golf umbrella?

A quality golf umbrella should have robust construction and great design. The underside needs to have a robust structure with multiple joints (the more the joints, the better). The system is essential – the double canopy is preferable for any use because while it doesn’t allow the umbrella to turn inside out, it can manage airflow and eliminate a possible parachute effect. Also, an umbrella shaft built with fibreglass with polyurethane grip material is necessary. This is because it can bend without breaking and a polyurethane grip resists wear and tear better than a foam grip.

The umbrella length should be longer than 48 inches when closed so that it can be stored safely with the golf clubs.


Finding and purchasing the best golf umbrellas the UK doesn’t feel as easy as it sounds. I had to go through the rigours of doing research, calling my friends, buying some wrong products that meant a waste of my money before eventually discovering what I must look out for and finally purchase one that suited my needs. Ever since then, I have purchased several ones for my use and for my friends who needed to buy too but didn’t know-how. Amongst the reviewed products up there, I think I can recommend Econo by Amazon Golf Umbrella because it gives so much value for its price.


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