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Best Garden Multi-Tool

From pruning to cutting and trimming, there is much work that requires to be done in the garden. Most garden owners find themselves with a need to buy all types of tools to complete their garden jobs. While you can have a special tool designed for a specific purpose, you’ll spend a lot of cash on each tool.

You don’t have to spend all that money when buying tools for each job. You can but one tool that will take care of all your gardening needs. Such tools offer you a cost-effective alternative and often last long.

Are you wondering what tool you could possibly use for your next gardening project? If so, then read on to find the best garden multi tool.

Best Garden Multi Tool

1. Hyundai Petrol Garden 5 in 1

The Hyundai Petrol multi tool is a heavy-duty and powerful garden tool that allows you to take care of all your maintenance tasks with ease. It saves you both money and space while enjoying the same impressive power and versatility offered by similar dedicated tools.

This tool will offer you the best service for many years to come. In fact, Hyundai is so confident in the quality and durability of this tool that they have offered a 3-year manufacturer warranty with each purchase.

The tool is powered by a high-quality Hyundai petrol engine ensuring performance that is second to none. Each attachment has all the power it needs to easily cut through plants without clogging. The engine features a soft start recoil system and a digital rev limiter that protects it from over speed damage.

The tool has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable and easy to use regardless of which attachment you are using. It features a full double shoulder harness that provides you additional support and weight distribution. The harness has a quick-release clip system that makes it easy to adjust it to the most comfortable setting that best suits your height.

These tools are easy to set up and use and take little space. The unit comes with a hedge trimmer brush cutter, trimmer chainsaw, extension shaft, and a grass trimmer.

  • Lightweight design
  • High-quality Hyundai 52cc 2-stroke engine.
  • Quick change attachments.
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty.
  • The throttle cable comes off sometimes.

2. Stanley STR-4IN1A 4 in 1 Multitool

The Stanley STR-4IN1A 4 in 1 Multitool offers you with great versatility around your garden. It features a pole hedge trimmer, a brush cutter, chain saw, and a lawn trimmer.

The unit runs on the powerful Jet Force 3 petrol engine which makes it less fuel consuming. It also reduces exhaust emission levels.

It also features a soft two-component ergonomic soft handle with cockpit operation to make handling comfortable. Using this tool is easy and your hands are well-protected from any harm. It is also easy to start even in the cold conditions thanks to its Ice Starter 3. The engine runs within two to three pulls.

Moving and storing this device is easy. It has a dividable shaft in the middle which is easy to disconnect making it easy to carry and store the unit.

  • Easily starts even in cold conditions.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Fast disconnection foe easy storage.
  • Fewer emissions.
  • The cutting head can be adjusted at 90-degrees.
  • It is not very powerful.

3. Einhell 3436555 Petrol Multi-Tool

Third, on our list of best garden multi tools is the Einhell 3436555 Petrol Multi-Tool. This tool is well designed to meet these areas of your garden leaving it good condition.

It is a cordless unit that makes handling easy and also offers you flexible applications. It is the most practical alternative to separate acquisition of individual tools. It features a 3-tooth blade and double threaded coil with automatic forward mechanism, and a high-quality sword and Oregon chain and steel pruners and cutters.

You can work all day long without getting tired thanks to its aluminium tune handlebar that ensures fatigue-free work. The handle also features all the control elements which makes operating easy. It has a cutting edge that is easy to tilt with a split shaft that makes transport easy and saves space when storing.

  • Automatic chain lubrication.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Cordless unit that makes operation easy.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Produces a lot of vibration.

4. Mitox 28MT-a Select 5-in-1 Petrol Garden Multi-Tool

Fourth on our list of best garden multi tools is the Mitox 28MT. It is a versatile 5-in-1 multi-tool that uses a 25.4cc two-stroke engine. It is sold as a complete kit with multiple attachments that you need to complete your garden maintenance tasks. The kit includes a grass trimmer, a hedge trimmer, a pruner, a brush cutter and a 1-meter extension.

This unit is easy to operate as all the tools supplied with it can be easily attached to the power unit using the quick release aluminum coupling. It also comes with a shoulder strap that ensures comfortable usage. All the controls are ergonomically designed also to offer you with great comfort during operation.

It also features split shaft system which makes storage easy and an ergonomic soft rubber grip that makes handling it easy.

Overall, the Mitox 28MT is a relatively affordable garden tool packed with intuitive features. While it is more expensive compare to other alternatives, this model comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Smart pull recoil assist.
  • It comes with a 1-meter extension.
  • Easy switch attachments.
  • Soft rubber grip.
  • It doesn’t include a user manual.


5. ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer

Another powerful and versatile gardening tool, the ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer offers a huge selection of attachments and powerful engine to make those garden jobs and garden maintenance easy. This unit is suitable for professional use but is an ideal tool for larger gardens with lots of thick and heavy growth.

Like many petrol-powered garden multi-tools, this unit is ran by a 52cc 2-stroke engine. This provides each attachment with enough power to cut almost any shrub. Starting the engine is quite easy with just as few pulls on the cord and you get it running.

ParkerBrand thought of user comfort when they designed this model as it is lightweight and compact, ideal for anyone who wants to maintain their garden effectively. If you are concerned that the machine weighs too much and is tiring, then you can use the harness and shoulder strap to ease the load.

It also has a fuel mixing bottle that allows for safe, hassle-free engine refueling. In addition to all these features, the product comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty which is great for a budget model.

  • It comes with a fuel mixing bottle.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has a harness for comfortable use.
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Not ideal for professional use.

6. t4tools Timberpro 52cc Petrol Engine, Multi-Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool Set, Long Distance Set

Next on our list of the best garden multi tool is this is a 52cc petro Multi-Function 5 in 1 Garden tool featuring an extension pole. The power supplied by this engine is strong enough to run all the unit’s attachments for effective operation. It is easy to get it started and running.

Talking of the attachments, the unit consists of a hedge trimmer, brush cutter, trimmer chainsaw blade, edging tool, and an extension arm. The hedge trimmer blades can be adjusted to any desired angle, either vertical or horizontal. This makes trimming easy as you can reach even the hard to reach areas.

T4tools has ensured that you enjoy using their tools by making sure that all their tools offer you maximum comfort. Their unit comes with a fuel measuring jug that allows you to safely and easily measure refuel the engine. The kit also includes a chain saw blade for safekeeping of the saw. Other accessories included in the kit include gloves, ear defenders, safety glasses, and an extension pole.

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Runs smoothly.
  • Includes a fuel measuring jug.
  • It comes with an extension pole.
  • It is a heavy unit.

7. BU-KO 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi-Functional Garden Tool

What distinguishes the BU-KO 52cc from other gardening tools is its long reach—the extension pole extends to 3.4m.

This is a high performing 52cc engine power multi-tool that combines a grass strimmer brush, a pruner, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, and a pruner chainsaw. All the attachments offer you quick and easy garden maintenance, the chainsaw, for instance, offers the most cutting power and is ideal for use on shrubs and trees with branches of varying thickness. The hedge trimmer is also quite impressive, offering plenty of reaches and can be rotated to 90-degree angles and will make short work of hedges.

The trimmer is not long enough but you can extend its length using the extension pole attachment. The extension pole is used to increase the length of all the attachments in the unit making it useful when reaching those hard to reach parts.

The unit also includes several other accessories. These include the shoulder harness for balancing out the weight and avoid fatigue when using the unit for extended periods. Other accessories include a mixing bottle, ear defenders, gloves, safety glasses, and a free tool kit.

  • It comes with five different attachments.
  • Free tool kit and safety accessories included.
  • Robust 52cc 2-stroke engine.
  • Impressive pole reaches up to 3.4m.
  • Requires self-assembly.

8. Wolf Creek 58G Multi-tool 58cc 2 stroke Petrol 5 in1 Multi-tool

The petrol garden multi tool from Wolf Creek offers you with great performance and reliability for all your trimming, pruning, and strimming needs in your garden. It combines five tools in one: the hedge trimmer, pruner, strimmer, brush cutter, and an extension pole.

The hedge trimmer is fully adjustable and can rotate in 10 different positions from 120-270 degrees. This allows you to reach all the areas of the hedge that you are trying to reach with ease. The strimmer has a nylon line strimmer head which makes it strong and durable.

Use the brush cutter to cut down thick shrubs, brambles, brush, and thick overgrowth with ease. The chainsaw is ideal for cutting small to medium branches from shrubs and trees.

You can extend the length of the attachments with the extension pole. The pole extends up to 33 inches.

The unit comes with accessories that include a tools kit, shoulder strap with an adjustable stainless steel clip, and a fuel mixing jug.

  • Easy to use.

  • It comes with a fuel mixing jar.

  • Includes a tool kit.
  • Easy to adjust the attachment head.
  • Has an extension pole.
  • It is a bit heavy.

9. eSkde BP52-S8KIT 5 in 1 Back Pack 52cc Petrol Garden Multi-Tool System

Another powerful petrol multi function garden tool, the eSkde BP52-S8KIT offers you all the power and effectiveness of an old-fashioned hand-held range with a power unit that is mounted in a backpack. The system combines a brush cutter, hedge trimmer, strimmer a pruner, and an extension pole.

The unit runs on the powerful 52cc 2-stroke petrol engine supplying all the attachments with sufficient power to operate on any type of plant. The engine features a large 1.2-liter fuel tank that allows for longer use between fill-ups. and is easy to start. You can, therefore carry on with your gardening tasks without worrying about running out of fuel.

When it comes to a matter of comfort when using this unit, the manufacturer was mindful. The engine features a backpack that is fully dampened to take away all the vibration caused by the unit when in use.

  • It includes an extension pole
  • It comes with a tool kit.
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a poor strap design.

10. Mountfield Multi-Tool 5 in 1

This best garden multi tool is the Mountfield Multi-Tool/5 in 1 is a versatile system that combines a tap N’go nylon head hedge trimmer, metal blade, and a pole pruner and extension shaft.

This unit is lightweight and easy to use. You can carry it around to any place that you want to complete your gardening tasks. The brush cutter and the trimmer have a Tap N’go nylon line head. This feature allows the user to replace the line when it wears off by gently patting the line head on the ground when the unit is still running. The unit also comes with a metal blade that is useful for trimming rougher areas including weeds and grass.

This unit is ideal for use for all types of work in the garden. It is a cost-effective alternative to buying dedicated gardening tools.

  • It is a lightweight unit.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The engine starts up easily even in cold weather.
  • Not ideal for big hedge trimming.

Garden Multi Tool Buyers Guide

If you are interested in buying the best garden multi-tool, there are some things that you need to consider. The cost of the unit may be an important factor for you to consider but it is not the only thing that matters. In this section, we will take you through other important factors that you need to consider.

Power Source

Garden multi-tools come in two types—petrol garden multi tools and electric multi-tools. While electric garden multi-tools are quicker and eco-friendly, they are not powerful and affordable as their petrol counterparts. As a result, petrol-powered garden multi-tools are the most popular among many gardeners.

Petrol garden multi-tools offer exceptional power for their various tasks and are cost-effective. Moreover, they are easy to fuel compared to the electricity-powere garden multi-tools which take a lot of time to recharge when the batteries die.

Electric garden multi-tools have a lot to offer, but the petrol-powered models are the most popular among many users.


Multi tools often come with different attachments, so you want to consider the gardening task that you need to ensure that you choose a product with suitable attachments. For example, if you have a lot of maintenance on various shrubs and trees then a 5-in-1 multi-tool is probably the best option as these often come with most attachments.

However, not everyone needs every time of attachment for their garden. For instance, if you need to do some strimming, pruning tree branches, trimming back thick plants, make sure to find a tool with appropriate attachments. You don’t have to buy more tools than you actually need.

Moreover, not all multi-tools have similar attachments. There are some which are common like garden strimmer chainsaws, brush cutters, and hedge trimmers whole others like vacuums and leaf blowers are less common.

Before you can buy any tool, think about the type of gardening job you will be using it for and look for suitable attachments that will effectively complete these tasks.


Similar to any power tool, it is crucial that you consider the weight of a garden multi-tool. It is likely that you will be using it for extended periods, so any tool that is too heavy to run may cause you to get tired. You don’t want to be sore and achy from using a garden multi-tool that is too heavy, thus check for the weight of each model.

Also, make sure that you think about the additional weight of each attachment. If the model that you are eyeing is too heavy to operate, then look for models made from materials like aluminum. Usually, these are lightweight. These are more expensive but are more portable. Therefore if portability matters to you, it is better to spend more dollars on a lighter tool. Basically petrol-powered tools are heavier, so have it mind when buying your garden multi-tool.


The length of the unit matters and in most cases it the most overlooked feature. A great reach is not always a must feature, if you will be pruning old branches or trimming the hedges, you will require a multi-tool with great length.

If you find yourself needing to stretch to reach shrubs and trees, maintenance then becomes more challenging and possibly dangerous. So, ensure that you look for a tool that has enough reach when using them. Fortunately, most tools come with expandable poles to add further length to the unit. This means that you can use them without the need to overreach.

Quality of Tools

The best tools are made using quality materials. These often cost more, but it will pay off quickly. High-quality tools often last longer and require less maintenance making it easy for you to work with them.


Safety should be your main concern when it comes to garden tools. It is advisable that you make sure that your multi-tool has the right fit for the assorted tools. The embedded locking mechanism prevents these tools from being propelled, saving you from injuries.

When it comes to the issue of safety, it is worth mentioning the need to wear protective gear like face masks and gloves when landscaping and gardening. A good garden multi-tool should have these additional accessories included in their box. When buying your tools check to ensure that these are included in it. Always, it is better to prevent than cure.


When it comes to shopping, rating and reviews have become the new scoring board. Before you can buy any product, it is important that you take the time to read through the reviews written by those who have experience handling that product. There are many popular and trusted brands that offer their customers with guarantees and warranties. The majority of petrol-powered multi-tools come with a 1-year warranty but other brands offer 3 years warranty.


Besides the models that we have listed here, the number of best garden multi-tools available in the market is endless. You can easily get confused if you lose your needs from focus. Therefore, it is important that you always remember that a multi-tool need to have functionalities that match your garden’s need. This saves you both money and time. It is our hope that this review of the best garden multi-tool will serve as a start point when you will be out shopping for your garden tools.

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