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Best Folding Workbench UK

I remember the stress of being constrained in my stuffy workshop, surrounded by wood chips, sawdust, and stuffy, solvent-saturated air 🙁 . Every day, I would crave the chance to work outdoors. And when I had odd jobs to carry out for clients, I prayed they had a workshop at their places. If not, I had to bring the materials to my workshop, which was rather tedious. I would ask myself, ‘Why can’t I just do this simple task right here, right now?’

To help clear your worries, I have composed a comprehensive review and product guide, featuring some of the best foldable workbenches on the UK market. By compiling information from users and expert comments, as well as my own experience, I have created an extensive overview of how to pick the best foldable workbench for you.

For speed, mobility, flexibility and versatility, a foldable workbench is the best option. Whether you work as a contractor on multiple sites or just love the smell of woodwork in your workshop, these devices are a great help. They give you the workspace you need for tasks and the added advantage of being easy to set up and store.

Since I came across foldable workbenches, doing what I love has been more than fun. These easy-to-use work surfaces make the most ideal workstation any contractor or DIYer could ever dream of. But some uncertainties come with the desire to use one of these. Table size, the durability of the frames, and storage space are among some of the various issues that have many prospective users sceptical about buying one.

The products listed here are tested and trusted by a wide array of experts, contractors, as well as veteran DIYers. The product guide will also help you understand the features that are common with these products. This way, you can decide which model falls in line with your creative and work vision, and select the best foldable workbench for you.


1. KETER Stand Folding Workbench

KETER Stand Folding Workbench



Sitting at the top is a product that speaks volumes when it comes to innovative design. KETER pulls all the stops with this impressively built folding workbench. Solid, convenient, beautiful, and versatile; everything about this apparatus made me fall in love with it from the start.

The worktable is very spacious; enough to work even place tools I need to reach easily. The folding workbench is also very easy to set-up. I never had to struggle with putting it all together. The construction is made up of durable polypropylene, eliminating the possibility of rusting, peeling and even denting. This material also gives the folding workbench incredible weather resistance.

I so much love how portable it is. Weighing less than 30lbs, I could take it anywhere I wish with much ease. This also made it very easy to store, as it takes very little space once folded up. I was impressed by how the lightweight does not hinder the use of my table saw. And it comes with two 12-inch clamps, for securing working materials on the table surface.


  • Heavy-duty polypropylene material build
  • 1000lbs weight capacity
  • 30lbs overall weight
  • Two 12-inch clamps
  • Non-adjustable design
  • Very solid build and resistant plastic material
  • Easy to set up and dismantle
  • Comes with pressure pliers to anchor whatever you wish to work
  • The yellow guides would have been better if they were metal

2. BLACK+DECKER WM825 Workmate Plus Folding Workbench



A workbench perfectly designed for crafters and DIYers, the WM835 is a great addition to any workspace. An impressive product from the Stanley BLACK+DECKER range, it ticks every box when it comes to looking for an ideal folding workbench. The product offers the highest of flexibility, at an unbelievably great price.

I love the dual height feature as it allowed me to use the workbench on a wide range of DIY projects. It can be adjusted to function as a workbench, sawhorse, bench tool stand or even a vice. The frame is made of steel, guaranteeing sturdiness and durability. And the entire frame folds easily into a convenient, easy-to-carry unit.

Anti-slip rubber fittings at the leg-ends cut off any risk of slippage while working. It also comes with two clamping cranks and adjustable swivel pegs to secure workpiece firmly. The workbench is also very easy to set up and use. And it also features a one-hand clamping system, allowing you to adjust clamps together or separately.


  • Heavyweight steel construction with up to 250kg weight capacity
  • Vertical clamping
  • Three vice positions
  • Vertical clamping
  • One-handed operation
  • Very sturdy, with two different heights
  • Jaw section rotates up to 90 degrees
  • Long-lasting service
  • Instructions may be difficult to interpret

3. Wolfcraft Master 700 Heavy-Duty Foldable Workbench

wolfcraft Master 700 Clamping and Machine Table 6908000 – Height Adjustable | Heavy-Duty Workbench for Assembling Stationary Devices | Ideal for DIY Enthusiasts and Craftsmen, 680 x 390 mm


The Wolfcraft Master Series are amazing workbenches, this one is no exception. Powerful, strong and extremely versatile, the Master 700 is built precisely for heavy-duty tasks. I found myself feeling confident and satisfied as I could carry out an incredible amount of work on this brilliantly crafted apparatus.

The MDF worktop is amazing. It takes a surprising amount of work on it and is very easy to clean. The worktop is so sturdy; I could even shape workpieces on it with a mitre saw. It also comes with very functional clamps that hold the workpiece firmly in place. And it offers tilting features for the work surface, of up to 70 degrees.

I also love that the height can be adjusted so easily, even between works. With this feature, I could sit or stand and still carry out my projects comfortably. This ergonomic design comes in a solid metal frame that ensures long-lasting use. Also featured are 2 protective jaws and 4 rest pins.


  • Solid MDF worktop, tiltable to 70 degrees
  • 150kg weight-bearing capacity
  • Adjustable height between 78-95cm
  • Metal frame
  • Integrated tool rack
  • Offers higher than the normal working height
  • Large bench area
  • Very easy to set up and fold away
  • Middle crossbar obstructs holding materials vertically

4. BLACK+DECKER WM425-A Portable Workbench

BLACK+DECKER Portable Workbench, Project Center and Vise (WM425-A)


I was so astounded by the BLACK+DECKER range; I had to add another one of their folding workbenches. The WM425-A powerfully represents the qualities its brand is well known for. It is so convenient, stable, and user-friendly, and comes with tons of interesting features. This folding workbench is one versatile product that goes a long way, for users of varying tastes.

Not only is the heavy steel construction strong and firm, but also has immense weight-bearing capacity. The foldable workbench also features the standard one-hand clamping system and swivel pegs synonymous with the BLACK+DECKER range. Another interesting thing I noticed is how the table can hold workpieces of the oddest shapes without budging. I also love the flexibility that comes with its dual height adjustment.

The folding workbench is also very easy to carry and store, as it folds into a compact and portable lightweight unit. I was also glad to see it comes with the famous BLACK+DECKER vertical clamping function. And when fully set up, you get a very spacious workbench that can also be transformed into a bench tool stand.


  • Heavy-duty steel frame with 550-lbs weight-bearing capacity
  • Dual height adjustment
  • One hand clamping system
  • Vertical clamping
  • Adjustable jaws
  • Great flexibility
  • Very utilitarian
  • Very stable for cutting wood
  • Does not work for precision cuts

5. WORX WX051 Pegasus Multifunction Worktable and Sawhorse

WORX WX051 Pegasus Multifunction Work Table and Sawhorse with Quick Clamps and Holding Pegs, Black


With astonishing features and a stunning design, the WX051 Pegasus dazzles the minds and hearts of every handyman, contractor and DIY hobbyist. Created by a band with a solid reputation for top quality, this lovely product is multifunctional to extents barely expected of from a folding workbench. As one of the numerous ranges of new-technology-based folding workbenches in the UK market today, I had to test it out.

For a folding workbench made of plastic, this apparatus is extremely sturdy. The solid build can support a workload of up to 300lbs. It can also be converted to doubles as a sawhorse, and in that form, can support a workload of up to 1000lbs. Yet with such powerful and solid capacity, it is unbelievably lightweight and compact, folding up into a flat, easy-to-store form!

The worktop of this folding workbench is also very spacious. But the clamping system is what I love the most about this product. Two bar clamps are fixed into each end of the worktop. These can adjust easily, so you have complete flexibility when it comes to holding down materials. Also, four extra clamp dogs can be fixed into the grooves on the worktop. These, I noticed, were very useful in holding different workpieces with irregular shapes.


  • Dual function as workbench and sawhorse
  • Weight-bearing capacity at 300 lbs for workbench and 1000lbs for sawhorse
  • Two quick-adjusting bar clamps
  • Built-in lower tool shelf
  • Sturdy, durable plastic construction
  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Very handy quick-release clamps
  • Easy to use
  • Not height adjustable

6. Wolfcraft 6177000 Master 200 Folding Workbench


This folding workbench rocks a simple, yet lovely design that combines with high performance to make it a great choice for woodwork projects. I have always been a great believer in the VonHaus brand and had to try out one of their products for my review. And this portable folding workbench further solidifies my conviction in the quality and reputation of its manufacturer.

For a product its size, the Wolfcraft 6177000 possesses an astonishing weight-bearing capacity. Its impressive Master 200 design makes it very easy to set up, use and fold up for storage. It offers great flexibility, thanks to two cranks that allow you to split and therefore, increase the workspace. And I love how it combines sturdy aluminium frame and MDF worktable to give a durable overall design.

The clamping width reaches up to 14.5 cm, and if you wish to increase this, you can simply fit vice jaws to the holes in the table. I also found the tool ledge integrated into the design very useful for storing essential tools. The overall folded size makes it unbelievably easy to carry about. And the folding workbench provides you with a convenient working height of 80cm.


  • Aluminium frame with splitting MDF worktop
  • 80cm working height
  • 180kg weight capacity
  • Spindle adjustment clamping jaws
  • Integrated tool ledge
  • Ideal for moderate use
  • Very rigid and stable
  • Straightforward assemblage
  • No height adjustment

7. BrüderMannesmann Foldable Workbench 40.60

 Mannesmann Foldable Workbench


A colleague suggested I tried out this folding workbench some time ago, giving it nothing but great remarks. After using it for a considerable amount of time, I must admit his opinion counts as a solid recommendation. This folding workbench is an outstanding product, which should not come as a surprise, considering the brand. It is also very versatile, making it perfect for home, DIY and hobby projects.

I like how it folds up when you wish to store it. The total frame flattens to allow it to fit into any corner in your workshop or garage. The metal frame is also very strong and the cross brace locks when the workbench is unfolded, to form a tool tray. Plus, you get to use it comfortably at a height that is very convenient for work.

The worktop is made of quality MDF; solid, very smooth and free of distortion. The folding workbench also features an incredible load-bearing capacity. And it is very lightweight, so you can easily take it to wherever the job calls you.


  • Distortion-free MDF worktop
  • 100kg weight carrying capacity
  • 790mm working height
  • Tool tray in the cross brace
  • Rubberized leg stands
  • Perfect for DIY and doing light cuts
  • Easy to fold, store and transport
  • Good stability
  • MDF worktop cannot afford to get wet

8.Stanley FatMax FMST1 75672 Folding Workbench

 Stanley FatMax Folding Workbench Express Up to 450 kg, 1 Piece, FMST1 75672


Known for their superior quality and design, Stanley serenades woodwork enthusiasts with the FatMax range of folding workbenches. I first came across this product in a review I read, then again at my local hardware store. I found its overall build and design fascinating. My curiosity was peaked, my attention was caught and I decided to test it out.

I love how spacious and spread the size of the worktop is. And the construction material is so comforting to the touch.  This apparatus also has an incredible load-bearing capacity, yet folds into an easy-to-carry, lightweight unit after use. You can carry it from either end, as it comes with two sturdy handles, precisely for this purpose.

It is super versatile and portable; perfect for all sorts of use. I could easily do a lot with it; drilling electric sawing, cutting, glueing and so much more. It is also perfect for precision work, as it is compatible with an extensive range of clamps. The worktop features several holes and grooves so clamps and pegs can easily be fitted for holding workpieces in place.


  • 455kg weight-bearing capacity
  • Solid and sturdy plastic construction
  • 101cm workspace
  • Metal legs and cross braces
  • Carrying handle
  • Good size and weight
  • Works with all sorts of clamps
  • No assemblage needed
  • Clamps cannot be left in place for storage

9.TecTake 400855 Workbench

 TecTake Workbench Frame Flip Table with Vice


If you love woodworking as a hobby, then you will love this fascinating folding table from TecTake. This product offers a simplistic design that combines with versatility and flexibility to make DIY woodworking projects as fun as any hobby can be. Its quality stands out with every amazing feature, making it a great choice for lighter tasks.

The work table is made of compacted MDF board with laminated surfaces. The work table also features four rotatable plastic jaws that can be plugged in. I find these very handy, as they fit the workpieces firmly and in place. As an added advantage, the crossbars under the workbench double as a tool-shed. Altogether, the foldable workbench combines the frame and worktable to offer an impressive carrying capacity.

The TecTake folding workbench is very secure and stable, thanks to the rubberized edges of the leg stands. This combines with the base steel tube frame to give it great stability and firmness during work. It also lets you work at a very convenient height of 75cm, and can also be easily be tucked away once it is folded up. And at 4kg, it is quite easy to carry around.


  • MDF laminated worktop with a base steel tube frame
  • 75cm work height
  • 70kg weight-bearing capacity
  • Rubberized legs
  • Four rotatable and plug-in plastic jaws
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Great for small DIY tasks
  • Wobbles under certain power tools

10.AllRight Portable Folding Workbench

AllRight Portable Folding Work Bench Clamping Workbench


Another great mention, this time, from one of the experts I spoke to, AllRight portable folding workbench is an amazing product. This apparatus is very easy to use, and perfect for the home and personal garage. I had it in my little workshop and I must say, I enjoyed applying it to use at every project.

This is the second folding workbench I used that made me have serious considerations for MDF worktops. I love how smooth and even they usually are. And the thickness is consistent and solid, so the workbench can take a lot of work. Of course, the metal frame adds to this factor, giving it extra stability.

It also comes with four plastic bench hooks to hold workpieces in place. The solid build of this folding workbench allows it to offer an immense carrying capacity, ideal for moderate use. The braces also double as a tool rack, and after use, the apparatus can be folded into a compact, portable form for storage.


  • Sturdy MDF worktop
  • Solid metal frame
  • 100kg weight-bearing capacity
  • 4 plastic bench hooks
  • Toll rack brace
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Perfect for light work
  • Clamps hold well
  • Instructions could be clearer

Folding Workbench UK Product Guide

Foldable workbenches are not created equally and each model comes with specifications and features suited for varying tasks. To ensure you pick the best option for your workshop, you need to become familiar with the features to consider in foldable worktables. These determine so many factors that affect your productivity and convenience, like the amount of doable work, portability, ease of use, type of accessories you can use and temporary storage space, for your tools.


You must consider the size of the folding workbench before you choose. This determines the workspace it has to offer you, as well as the weight and portability. Wider tables offer bigger workspace but at expense of being bulkier. And though workbenches are generally portable, some are more mobile than others, due to the weight of the frame material and size of the table.

If you need a larger table, but worry about the portability, you might have to consider picking materials made with lighter materials. This, of course, limits the load and size of work you can place on it. Larger, sturdier folding workbenches, however, are usually heavier, though not as much as their stationary counterparts.

Build Material

The type of material that makes up the frame and table determines how heavy the folding workbench will be. Folding workbenches can either come with a metal or wooden frame, depending on the model. As for tables, it can either be wood, plastic, laminate or metal. Others come with MDF or plywood surfaces, making them much lighter to carry about.

Folding workbenches with wood tables are usually very sturdy and can take heavy-duty jobs, as they are usually made of oak or maple. The metal counterparts are more resistant as they are built from steel. Plastic worktables are not as sturdy and are most suitable for jobs demanding lesser weight in work materials.

Workbenches with plastic frames are heavier than metal ones, and wooden models are lighter than those with metal frames. Those with metal surfaces also offer a more durable workable than their plastic counterparts. The laminate workable is a great balance between both when it comes to durability. Metal frames tend to last longer, and are stronger than the plastic and plywood options, as these models are more resistance to oil and solvent spills.

Tool Storage Space

Most workbenches offer temporary storage options for your tools during work, therefore offering greater convenience during work. It is best advised to opt for models with temporary storage options so you can assemble your tools during work, for easier reach.


Many folding workbenches also offer compatibility with various accessories to make them more convenient for use. These include vices, pegs, wheels, pegboards, and toolboxes stools and parts storage. Look out for this feature, as it is of great help if you seriously need quick mobility and extra flexibility during work

While some models come with one or most of these features, others allow you to purchase and fit then yourself. Be sure that the accessory you plan to get is compatible with the workbench you choose. Also, check to ensure the workbench allows the addition of such accessories.


What can I do with a folding workbench?

Folding workbenches are great for woodwork projects. You can saw, plane or sand wood on them. You can also use them to hold down any material wish to work with a power tool. This is why many workbenches come with clamps and vices, as well as very sturdy frames and table. You can also paint, gloss, polish, glue, varnish or even oil over a portable workbench. The surfaces are Hardy and very resistant to solvents and oils, making them ideal for such tasks.

Can I work with power tools on a folding workbench?

Yes, you can work with certain power tools on a folding workbench, such as drills, band saws, mitre saws and jigsaws. However, make sure the folding workbench model you purchase allows you do such.

Can I add wheels to my portable workbench?

Yes. Some models come fitted with wheels. Others give them as accessories to fix at your convenience. But if your portable workbench does not come with one, you can purchase a set at the hardware store.

Ensure that your model can be fitted with wheels, to begin with, and check the compatibility of the portable workbench with the wheels before you purchase. Note that you should only fit wheels to your workbench if your tasks require them.

How do I clean my workbench in between projects?

For wood surfaces, brush off solid debris like sawdust and wood chips. Use a dry towel to clean off liquid spills. Also, ensure to treat the wood surface with a water-blocking agent, so the wood does not absorb the water during cleaning.

For metal surfaces, use a metal cleaning spray or fluid with a wet cloth or napkin. And if the surface is laminate, a standard antibacterial, multipurpose cleaner with a clean napkin or towel will do.

Workbench Quote image


Folding workbenches are a mobile contractor’s best friend. They offer the flexibility and mobility that fixed workbenches never can. This makes them a top choice for DIYers and construction workers who prefer to take their work on the road.

In this review, I have compiled a list of some of the top-quality folding workbenches in the UK market. I have stated their pros and cons, as well as their unique individual features. I have also added a product guide to boost the review. Combined, you get top of the line information service to help you make the ideal choice for your preferred folding workbench.

The products listed here are among the most trustworthy of models you will ever come across. Each product has been tested and certified by experts and users from both DIY and professional walks of life. The information has been compiled such that you can trust it completely, and apply it in your search for the best folding workbench money can buy.

For overall best, my pick goes to KETER Stand Folding Workbench, because it is sturdy, moderately large enough for a wide range of jobs and very convenient to use. The AllRight Portable Folding Workbench is my top pick for quality at the cheapest price. And for premium users, the BLACK+DECKER WM425-A offers the fullest of performance that matches its high price.

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