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Best Fly Tying Vice UK

There is a broad spectrum when it comes to cost and quality, and you may have noticed that some fly tying vices are either greatly overpriced or tremendously underrated.

Are you new to fly fishing and have decided its time to tie your own flies? Our list will help you choose one that is right for you, and you would not have to worry about spending much on an overrated product. It is usually hard to effectively combine quality and price affordability, which is why we are providing you with some of the best fly tying vice you will find in the market. We have also outlined somethings to consider when buying a fly tying vice.

Best Fly Tying Vice 2020

1.   Snowbee Fly-tying Pedestal Vice

This C clamp offers a perfect blend of affordability and quality. This is the best option for everyone, both newcomers and advanced tiers. This amazing tool was engineered from aircraft aluminium and high-quality stainless steel. You would not have to worry about quality because the jaws were made high and hardened alloy tool steel.

This tool makes rotation easy, thanks to the rotational facility, which is on the main shaft. This feature makes rotation easy, thereby making it possible for the shank of the hook to rotate about its axis. This product is available in pedestal models or desk clam styles, and it also features a patented ball joint located on the vice shaft. This feature is optional.

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Fanciful design
  • It comes with a 5-year guarantee.
  • The budget for this product might still be on the high side for some people.

2.   MDI Rotatable Fly Tying Vice

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