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Best Electric Lawnmower with Roller UK

If you want to stay in control of how you use the yard over the long-term then it makes sense to buy an electric lawn mower rather than a petrol one. Electric mowers are generally easier to maintain than petrol mowers. No oil leaks, no noise or no pollution to deal with.

Get a lawnmower that won’t make your arm or shoulder sore. When looking at lawn mower models, remember that lower the mower when standing on its rear legs. This will cause more weight on the centre pin to keep it in place. Get the model with the strongest engine to prevent drive belts from breaking. 

*Here are some best sellers to look before you read the complete review.

Electric lawn mowers come in a variety of sizes. There are basic models that you can run with an extension cord. Many of these models are also battery powered. 

Electric mowers are becoming more popular. Some communities have banned oil based powered lawn mowers. Others are banning oil powered lawn mowers due to the pollution they cause. If you are interested in getting an electric mower, the good news is that you can buy one from Amazon. 

The price of an electric mower will depend on several factors, such as the lawn’s size, the number of times you will need to replace the lawn mower’s battery, and the battery life of the mower. Electric mowers are also much easier to transport than oil-powered lawnmowers. They do not have the problem of having gas or oil leaking onto the ground. Electric lawnmowers are easier to use when your driveway is slippery.

Top 10 Electric Lawnmower with Roller UK

1. FlymoEasiStore 340R UK Electric Lawn Mower

Flymo EasiStore 340R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower - 34 cm Cutting Width, 35 Litre Grass Box, Close Edge Cutting, Rear Roller, Central Height Adjust , Space Saving Storage Features

Flymo EasiStore 340R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower - 34 cm Cutting Width, 35 Litre Grass Box, Close Edge Cutting, Rear Roller, Central Height Adjust , Space

The FlymoreEasiStore 340R is a 34cm electric wheeled rotary lawnmower with a 1400W motor. It has a cord so it can be plugged directly while mowing. It is designed to allow cutting close along the edges and flowerbeds which means “less trimming”, it can be easily transported due to its light travel position, it has a lever to change the length of the grass to be cut to your desired length0. It can be easily assembled and has an easy 3 step storage to safe space. Also, it has a rear roller to create a neatly striped finish for your lawn. It is a robust good quality mower.

It is one of the lawnmowers with excellent ratings and more positive reviews on Amazon because it is of good quality and very affordable. Its handle is designed for ambidextrous use. The lawnmower doesn’t just mow the lawn it also has a grass box which is easy to empty, the package also has an indicator which allows you to see when the container is full and needs emptying. It makes the mowing Job a whole lot easier.


  • 34cm cutting width
  • Designed with a central cutting height adjust of 20-60mm cutting height with five spacers
  • 10m Cable length
  • 35L Grass box capacity
  • It has a rear roller to create a striped finishing.
  • it has a powerful 1400W motor
  • it is equipped with dual lever handles
  • You do not have to break the bank to buy this lawnmower.
  • The dual lever handles allow you to operate with either hand.
  • The lightweight makes it easier to carry to and from the lawn.
  • Grass box indicator makes it easy to see when to empty the grass box.
  • It can only cut a small lawn square area because of the cord.

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2. Bosch Rotak 36R UK Electric Rotary Lawnmower with Roller

Bosch Rotak 36 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower, Cutting Width 36 cm

Bosch Rotak 36 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower, Cutting Width 36 cm

If you’re searching for a lightweight, then this will be your lawnmower weighing just 6.8kg it’s easy to transport and to manoeuvre around obstacles. The Bosch Rotak 36R Lawnmower is a compact lawnmower with a 36cm cutting width, with its grass comb it can cut along the lawn edges and flowerbeds. It is an ideal lawnmower for medium to small-sized lawns. It has a 1400W power drive motor which makes it easy to cut even long and wet grass. It has a 40-litre gearbox which makes emptying it more comfortable and efficient.

This lawnmower is easy to handle with its Ergoflex handles which makes control effortless, improves posture and reduces muscle strain whilst working. The integrated rear roller also gives you that pristine lawn with stripes, and it also prevents scalping. This product comes with a two-year guarantee and if you want to extend the warrant from 2 to 3years, register your new tool with the manufacturer’s site MyBosch-Tools within 28days of purchase using ‘MyBosch’. Though expensive, it is packed full of incredible features and highly recommended.


  • It has a rear roller
  • It has an ergonomic fold-down handle.
  • Designed with a large 40-litre grass box
  • 1400W electric motor
  • Can cut even long and wet grass with ease.
  • Very easy to control and manoeuvre
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry and handle
  • Easy to assemble once you follow the instructions.
  • It is not efficient for a large lawn due to cord length.

3. Hyundai HYM3300E UK Electric Lawnmower with Roller

Hyundai Electric, Rear Roller, Mulching, Rotary Lawnmower, 1200W 33cm Cut 30L Bag 10M Cable HYM3300E

 Hyundai Electric, Rear Roller, Mulching, Rotary Lawnmower, 1200W 33cm Cut 30L Bag 10M Cable HYM3300E

The need to get a land mower that is reliable and durable cannot be overemphasised. If this is what you are searching for, then the Hyundai HYM3300E is what offers this to you—established as a reputable brand when it comes to providing high-quality products ranging from cars to lawnmowers. This lawnmower isn’t any different.

The HYM3300E is a powerful 1200W motor that is ideal for small to medium lawns, the 30L grass collector bag with grass level indicator makes it easy to know when to empty the pockets and do it efficiently. The soft handles fold down, making it easy to use and easy to store. It gives that stripped lawn look and while cutting it has a lever with user-friendly adjustment. One more reason why this product is a must get the fact that it mulches your lawn as you cut. It is very affordable and has a three-year warranty which gives complete peace of mind.


  • Easy to remove 30L grass collector bag with grass indicator
  • Designed with foldable soft-grip handles
  • Rear roller and mulching plug available
  • Powerful 1200W Hyundai motor with 330mm cutting width available
  • This lawnmower is very reliable and durable.
  • It minimises users’ emptying time and maximises the cutting time.
  • It is lightweight. Comfortable to use and easy to store.
  • Feeds your lawn as it moves and gives that striped finishing look.
  • It isn’t safe to use for wet grass.

4. Cobra GTRM34 UK Electric Lawnmower with Roller

Cobra GTRM34 34cm (13in) Electric Lawnmower with Rear Roller - Powerful 1300w motor

 Cobra GTRM34 34cm (13in) Electric Lawnmower with Rear Roller - Powerful 1300w motor

The Cobra GTRzm34 electric lawnmower is a 34cm length mower, four wheels and roller equipment. If you’re out looking for a simple, powerful electric 1300W motor, then this lawnmower is undoubtedly it. It is very lightweight and easy to use. It’s 7 stage height of cut adjustment, and single lever makes it outstanding. It can cut as low as 20mm and as high as 70mm with this easy height adjuster. With this lawnmower, you’re also getting a striped finish, but only this time it’ll be perfect.


  • It has a metal cutting blade.
  • Designed with a 
  • powerful electric 1300W motor
  • There is a central height adjuster with a single lever.
  • An integrated rear roller available.
  • The roller gives the lawn a striped finish.
  • The height adjuster makes it easy to mow for the user.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry around from the garage to lawn.
  • It can only cover a small to medium lawn.

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5. Yard Force LM G37/25 UK Cordless Lawnmower with Roller (Including 40V Samsung Lithium-ion 2.5Ah battery)

Yard Force 40V 37cm Cordless Lawnmower with 2.5AH Lithium-ion Battery and Quick Charger (with rear roller) LM G37/25

 Yard Force 40V 37cm Cordless Lawnmower with 2.5AH Lithium-ion Battery and Quick Charger (with rear roller) LM G37/25

If you’re looking for a lawnmower that is easy to manoeuvre and reliable, then this Yard Force cordless rotary Lawnmower is what you should opt for. Your mowing will be done with ease as there are no wires to untangle, no petrol to fill and no cord length to restrict distance. It has a 40V Samsung Lithium-ion 2.5Ah battery and quick charger to charge your battery within 75min, giving you up to 35 minutes of free mowing time. A classic striped lawn can be achieved with the rear roller of this lawnmower and an ergonomic handle that makes storage easier. It is perfect for medium properties, and can also tackle some minor slopes and elaborate gardens.


  • It has a 40V Samsung Lithium-ion, 2.5Ah Battery.
  • 37cm cutting width and cutting blade
  •  Ergonomic soft-grip handle
  • Single lever height adjustment with seven cutting heights range of 25mm – 75mmm
  •  Hybrid glass collector and a rear roller
  • Gives optimum power and efficiency
  • It is reliable, manoeuvrable, comfort and stress-free
  • Quick charging in just 75min giving up to 35 minutes of unrestricted mowing time
  • It is quite expensive.

6. WORX WG927E UK Cordless Lawnmower with Intellicut Technology

WORX WG927E Dual 20V Battery 34cm Cordless Lawn Mower & 18V (20V MAX) Cordless Grass Trimmer

WORX WG927E Dual 20V Battery 34cm Cordless Lawn Mower & 18V (20V MAX) Cordless Grass Trimmer

This Electric Lawnmower with a roller has very outstanding features that you can’t get in any other lawnmower. It has a Mower – Intellicut – Technology keeps constant cutting power even in dense grass. The auto-feed allows uninterrupted feed of spool. It can cut to the edge of lawns, it has a 20V dual battery and the WORX power share platform will enable you to interchange your battery with other 20V WORX tools making battery management easier. It has a 30L collection box. It comes with a grass trimmer which has a 20V battery which is a hassle-free and quick conversion between trimming and wheeled edging. It is worth the cost and is highly durable.


  • 20V battery and dual-port charger
  • 30-litre grass collection box
  • Grass trimmer and rear roller
  • Single lever, with five height cut settings 2 -6cm
  • Mower adjusts speed and power to grass conditions, providing constant cutting power.
  • Reduces uncut grass around edges
  • Comes with a grass trimmer which enables cutting around the edge.
  • Battery voltage may not be enough to cover the lawn at once without changing it.

7. Spear & Jackson UK Electric Rotary Lawnmower with Height Adjustment

Spear & Jackson - 40cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower - 1700W

Spear & Jackson - 40cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower - 1700W

This electric lawnmower with a roller is ideal for large and extra-large lawns even though it’s corded. So if you need a less expensive option for your large yard, this is it. With its 1700W electric motor and 40cm steel blade, this is the excellent grass cutting technology. It delivers a good cutting and collection performance with the comb on the side of the mower which allows cutting right to the edge and the hybrid 50L grass collection box which has a full grass indicator. The central cut height adjustment makes it easy to change cutting height to suit your preference. The extra-long 12m power cable makes movement suitable and increases manoeuvrability and the beauty of it all in the striped lawn effect of football fields given by the rollers.


  • Ergonomic soft grip power handle
  • It has a 50L grass collection box with a full grass indicator.
  • There is a seven cut height on this mower ranging from 2.5cm to 7cm and a 40cm steel blade.
  • Designed with a 1700 watt electric rotary motor and a 12m power cable
  • It has a safety switch and a rear roller.
  • It has excellent cutting and collection performance.
  • Ideal for large and extra-large lawns
  • Extra-long cord reduces the need for an extension cable.
  • It is not lightweight because it weighs 18.6kg.

8. McGregor MER1434 UK Electric Lawnmower With Roller Carbon Steel Blade

McGregor 34cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower - 1400W

McGregor 34cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower - 1400W

This is a compact rotary lawnmower perfect for small to medium-sized lawns. The McGregor is designed with a 34cm blade width and a built-in rear roller to achieve that pristine, professional striped lawn finish. The most outstanding feature of this Electric Lawnmower which makes it fit to be on this review is the carbon steel blade that is powered by Torque Drive, to give you more power to cut tough, dense grass effortlessly.


  • 34cm blade width and carbon steel blade.
  • 6 cutting heights and cutting heights ranging from 2cm- 7cm
  • 1400 Watt electric rotary motor and 10m power cable
  • 10m power cable and Rear roller
  • Helps achieve a precise, professional striped finish on your lawn
  • Gives more power to cut through dense grass effortlessly.
  • It cannot be used on a large lawn.

9. Black & Decker BEMW471BH-GB UK Electric Lawnmower

BLACK + DECKER BEMW471BH-GB Lawn Mower with Bike Handle, 1600 W, 240 V, 38 cm

BLACK + DECKER BEMW471BH-GB Lawn Mower with Bike Handle, 1600 W, 240 V, 38 cm

This lightweight, compact rotary lawnmower with bike handle gives you optimum control and manoeuvrability to make mowing easy. The bike handles also provide even weight distribution and improved comfort during application. This mower has everything ideal for mowing a medium to large-sized lawn. It’s high-performance blade increases cutting and an 80% more grass collection. It has a large collection bag that is enough for you to mow without the need for emptying. It has a 1800W power electric motor. Its roller feature gives the striped lawn finish. These lawnmowers are professional for an immaculate garden.


  • Ergonomic bike handle
  • Front and back axle height adjust lever 20- 70cm.
  • 45L collection box 38cm blade
  • 1800W electric motor and a rear roller
  • Improved comfort during application
  • 80% improved cutting and collection
  • Striped lawn finish
  • It is expensive

10. Mountfield Princess UK Electric Rotary Lawnmower

Mountfield Princess 34 1400 Watt Four-Wheeled Electric Rotary Mower (New Model 2020) 34cm

Mountfield Princess 34 1400 Watt Four-Wheeled Electric Rotary Mower (New Model 2020) 34cm

The princess 34 is a four-wheeled substantial mower ideal for a small to medium-sized garden, and it comes with a 2- year warranty. A 1400 Watt electric motor powers this durable mower, it comes with a 34cm cutting width and a 35L grass collection bag which enables effortless cutting without having to dispose of the grass cutting, therefore, reducing mowing time. It also improves lawn maintenance by mulching while cutting. It comes with a 15m long power cord and with a fold-down handle that makes storage easy.


  • 35L Grass Box Capacity with a window
  • 13kg weight
  • 25- 75L cutting heights and 34cm cutting width
  • Rear roller, mulching plug and 15cm power cord
  • 1400W electric rotary motor
  • It makes cutting more comfortable and offers lawn maintenance choice.
  • It is easy to store
  • It doesn’t have a grass collection bag indicator.

Electric Lawnmower with Roller UK Buying guide

My father was always disturbed every time our lawn was overgrown with grasses because it looked unkempt, but every time he uses the lawnmower, he was not happy with the finishing look. Some of the grasses will be pulled off the ground, the lawn will look bumpy and irregular, and it always took much time to get it done.

When my father got older, mowing the lawn fell to me. It was at the point that I started the search for a lawnmower that could take all the worries away.

In my search I discovered the Electric Lawnmower with Roller which is less expensive, doesn’t need so much maintenance like changing the oil, it’s lightweight and helps to achieve a traditional British striped lawn. I stumbled on so many options which inspired me to write this review, hoping someone can benefit significantly from it.

Examined 10 of the Best Electric Lawnmowers with rollers in the market, we are ready to look at the primary considerations to note when buying one. As a buyer, you need to know all the things you must look out for past the presentation. So when in the market to buy here are the items, you must be concerned about to ensure you get the electric lawnmower that fits your needs;

Which Do You Want – Corded or Cordless Electric lawnmower?

There are two types of electric lawnmowers with a roller which we have stated in the review; The corded and the Cordless electric lawnmower. This is very important because if you’re mowing a large lawn an Electric mower with a cord will not fit your purpose. After all, the length of the cable limits the range of lawn ground you can cover, and this cord must be plugged to an electrical outlet when mowing, so it’s ideal for a small to medium lawn. Meanwhile, the cordless electric lawn mowers use a battery which can be charged then used without having to pull a cord along so it can mow as far as you want it to, convenient right? But you only have to bother about that if you have a large lawn. However, this battery can lose its charge when mowing and you have to either stop and recharge if you don’t have a spare battery that is already charged, unlike the cords which have a constant power supply.

How easy is it to transport and store?

When choosing a lawnmower to look out for lightweight one, especially for transport and store, it has been noted that corded electric lawn mowers are more lightweight than cordless electric lawnmowers and they are easier to keep away. Notwithstanding whichever of the two you decided to buy, always look out for the weight of the lawnmower by just comparing the value of different models and choosing the lightest, if heavyweight is an R7 to you.

Battery Life and Power rating

A rechargeable battery powers cordless electric mowers. If you want to get, enough work done while mowing you have to consider that your batteries should last the length of the time needed because if there is no current in the shower you have to stop the work and start recharging. The battery voltage usually ranges from 18 volts to 36 volts depending on the brand, so the higher the voltage, the more influential the lawnmower will be. The higher the Ampere hours, the longer the battery will run. Also, when choosing a battery, the Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are the most efficient to use, they offer fast charging, no memory effect and longer service life. The corded electric lawn mower strength is determined by how powerful enough it is to cover the lawn; it will be mowing. 

Additional Accessories and services

Most lawn mowers come with additional features and services that can make choosing one over the other easier. So it is essential to look out for these additional services such as; A grass box with a level indicator or a stackable grass box for easy storage. A grass comb that allows you to cut along the edges, Cutting height adjustments that are easier to use. Ergonomic foldable soft-grip handles more comfortable to use and store or dual lever handle designed for ambidextrous use. And a mulcher that is a good alternative for traditional mulching.

The type of roller attached to the electric lawnmower

Rollers are essential when mowing as they smoothen the topsoil and flatten out bumpy or irregular lawns. They’re also responsible for that pristine striped finish of the property. It is essential to look out for the type of roller attached to your electric Lawnmower; Steel or polyurethane lawn rollers are good, but steel is typically more massive and more durable while polyurethane is lightweight, do not rust and cost less.

Warranty and Customer reviews 

When buying your Electric Lawnmower with rollers don’t forget to check the warranty given by the manufacturers because the most efficient and more reliable brands always offer a more extended warranty period than others. It is also essential to opt for well-known brands as you can find spare parts easier, and it can be delivered faster, unlike lesser-known brands. The need to look at the customer’s review can never be overemphasised because if you want direct uncoated honesty, that’s what customers give.

lawnmowers quote image

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need a roller on my lawnmower?

If you want that pristine striped lawn finish, then you need a lawnmower with a roller. These rear rollers also allow you to mow up to the edge of the lawn. Roller puts the largest wheel on the centre of the front-facing roller, which minimizes the friction between the mower blade and grass and reduces the amount of friction on other parts of the mower. The roller was invented to help mower blades cut grass easily. If you have a steep slope, roller blades are one of the best options for driving a mower. Not only do they help cut the grass more efficiently, but they also make the whole operation a lot easier for you.

How long will an electric lawnmower last?

An electric lawnmower can last up to 10 years, and its battery has a lifetime of about five years.

Is it safe to mow wet grass with an electric mower?

Cutting your when wet isn’t good when using an electric lawnmower because it cuts the grass while also vacuuming it off the ground and this is very difficult when the grass is wet because it’s heavier.

Advantages of electric lawn mower


Efficiency is what is important in choosing an electric lawn mower. If you don’t own a lawn, this might be a wise choice for you. You can’t cut the grass in the winter, so the electric lawn mower will be a great choice.


The electric lawn mower can come in a folding model. You can easily store it inside your home.


The electric lawn mower is a safer choice for you than gas powered lawn mowers. Gas powered mowers are loud, overheat and can leak. The lithium battery in an electric lawn mower is sealed to ensure safety.

Garage portability

Garage portability is what makes the electric lawn mower such a great choice for you. You can easily take it inside the garage and store it.


Although electric mowers are small it’s important that they are powerful enough to cope with a large area. A good lawn mower can give you 4 hours of mowing in a day. If the area of the lawn is around 100 meters square (just under 150 sq ft) then an electric mower will usually last around 4 hours. By way of comparison an electric lawn mower of 10″ maximum cutting width can usually do 400 meters of cutting in around 4 hours and the same size electric lawn mower can usually do 500 meters of cutting in around 6 hours. But these figures are for full width grasses, so a lawn mower of 11″ can manage 400 meters of cutting in around 8 hours (10″ maximum cutting width). To do a yard of 100 meters square (150 sq ft) and let grass extend from the edge of the lawn to the centre will require a 10″ electric mower. But you can get an electric mower that is as long as you need it to be in 150 meters. That would give you 20 minutes of mowing time so it would not be too expensive to buy but it may have a weight limit of over a tonne and then the yard can become a major heavy object in transit.


In conclusion, Electric lawnmowers with rollers are perfect because they are relatively cheap, efficient, cheap to maintain, nature-friendly, easy to clean, fix and operate. Critical is the striped lawn finish it gives. For a more specific buying recommendation, use the buying guide as it points out valuable information to consider. For offers, I’ll buy the Bosch Rotak 36R Electric lawn mower because it is the lightest and it is a known brand. I’ll pick the Hyundai HYM330E because of the mulcher feature attached to all the other useful features. It also has a three-year warranty which means it’s reliable. If you have a large lawn, then the spear & Jackson lawnmower is for you.

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