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Best Driveway Alarm System

Driveway alarm systems are referred to as wireless electronic devices that function to alert you when there is any movement on the driveway. These alarms can be used to detect people, animals, vehicles, or all three. The primary advantage of using such a driveway alarm system is the security provided by it. These devices will notify you instantly when someone unexpected pulls on the driveway or if someone is trying to trespass on the property. When it comes to investing in a driveway alarm system, you need to ensure that you choose the right product. Below we have reviewed some products that will help you choose the best driveway alarm UK.

Best Driveways Alarms 

1.     PHYSEN Outdoor Weatherproof Motion Sensor Detector Driveway Alarm

If you wished to keep track of anyone coming to your house even before they can ring the doorbell, this is a great device for you with a wide working range. In an open area, it can reach up to 500ft from the detector to the receiver with a 60°detection angle and 16ft detecting range. It is an ideal device for walking paths and driveways. It is a waterproof and weather-resistant design that allows the PIR motion detector to perform flawlessly both indoor and outdoor.

It has 58 unique chimes that enable you to change ringtone as per your preference, and its 5 level volume from 0db to 11db is enough to meet your needs. To avoid disturbance, you can also choose a mute mode for the receiver. The best part of this device is that it performs visual alerts by LED light indicator flashes, which makes it useful device for people with hearing impairments.

Its expandable features allow you to build your own security alert system by combining it with more receivers and motion sensors. It is expandable up to a limitless receiver and 20 sensors.  It is extremely easy to install just plug the receiver into a socket, simply pair the receiver with the motion detector, then with attached screws mount the detector anywhere you want. Its easy installation feature makes it a very promising device.

  • Weather-resistant
  • Expandable
  • Easy installation
  • Motion detection
  • Variety in ringtone
  • Expensive
  • Replacing the battery can be fiddly

2.     4VWIN Home Security Wireless Driveway

This home security device by 4vwin provides an economical and convenient way to notify in the exact moment when somebody is coming towards the home even before you spot them. Once the moment is identified, the PIR sensor transmits a signal to the receiver unit from around 100 meters away. One of the advantages is that you can avoid false alarms as they offer many combinations of sender and receiver; you can simply select the one that suits you.

It has the ability to secure large areas as the receiver can be accompanied by around 50 sensors, and one receiver can connect with the 50 receivers at most. They offer different ranges of alarm rings. You can simply choose a low volume or high volume as per your convenience. In the receiver, it may range up to 90 dB to 115db.

It contains 1.5V C Battery x 3 or 6 V DC adaptor. For flawless performance, it is good to use fresh and high-quality alkaline batteries. To ensure there is no false alarm, don’t mount PIR in the place where there is direct sunlight or in a place where it may get impacted by wind. To get optimal performance, keep the detective on a clear path to the receiver.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Long-distance range
  • Adjustable ring volume
  • The battery does not last very long
  • It may give false alarm in direct sunlight or wind

3. KERUI DW9 Driveway Alarm System

This is one of the best-rated driveway alarm systems for your property. Its long-range feature makes it more worthy. PIR sensor is capable of picking up any movement 20ft in front of it and sends back signals up to 500ft. It detects heat movement as the sensor is a passive infrared motion sensor. Its weatherproof feature makes it suitable for observing proximity outdoor areas like a porch, shed, driveway, front door, etc.

The infrared driveway alarm comes with volume control feature allows you to choose your favorite melody among 16 alert sounds and each melody has a different duration, some are as simple doorbell rings while some repeated and sound off for 20sec, Duration can be set as per your desire. It’s 5 level volume up to 100 dB is enough to fulfill your needs. And an LED light indicator will flash if someone is coming up to your perimeter.

It has a unique feature where you can pair up to four zones with different lights. It can hold up to 8 sensors with two assigned to 4 zones, and every time a sensor that’s triggered activates the zone, it’s paired with the light up. You can choose different ringtones and LED lights for the different zones so that you can easily judge where motion has taken place by different ringtones or LED lights. It is one of the best driveway alarm UK that offer high value for money.

  • Long-range
  • Unique lighting feature
  • Weatherproof
  • Wireless
  • The receiver is not waterproof
  • The device goes off randomly


4. DA-600, 600 Meter Range Driveway Alarm System

If you are looking for the best driveway alarm for the money, you can probably go for this one. The DA- 600 driveway alert alarm is equipped with a simple plugin receiver and with the solar power PIR. The wireless operating range between receiver and PIR is 600 meters (Line of sight), which equates to 200-400 meters in most applications sufficient for domestic driveway and gardens.

Outdoor PIR(Sensor) is fully weatherproof and is the built-in powered rechargeable battery. The battery gets charged with the help of top-mounted built-in solar panels, even during cloudy or rainy days. And it has a 15-meter detection range, and to avoid small ground animals, it has designed with an elongated lens. Almost up to 32 Additional PIR can be added to any single system. Each PIR has the ability to trigger different chimes to the receiver. 1.5 to 2.0 meters from the ground is the ideal position for installing the PIR.

The wireless receiver can be simply plugged into a 3 -pin wall socket, and whenever PIR detects the moment, it will chime. You can control volume up to 4 levels, and it has 35 chimes so you can pick a different chime for different PIR as per your liking. It’s quick and easy installation makes this device a desirable alarm for the driveway, You can simply attach wireless PIR’s to a wall or fencing using the screw and just simply plug the receiver into a socket.

  • Weather-resistant
  • Solar-powered
  • Variety in chimes
  • Easy installations
  • Long-range
  • Inefficient speakers
  • Sensitive sensors


5. Guardline Wireless Driveway Security Alert System

If you want to become dependable on your alarm system, a guideline wireless driveaway alarm can be one of the best options for you and also one of the best-rated driveway alarm systems. You can install this on your property easily. It will dependably alert you whenever there is any motion around your property. Because of a swivel mount to focus the detection angle of the sensor and adjustable detection width option for the sensor “eye,” the frequency of false alarm is reduced. This enhances its efficiency.

This alarm set includes; one receiver and one sensor. This is expandable up to unlimited receivers and up to 16 sensors that can provide complete coverage to your property. Once it covers your whole property, you don’t any other device. To detect where motion has taken place, you can pair up the different sensors with different chimes. It can get operated in minutes because of easy installation. Whenever the sensor is tripped, the compact receiver utilizes an LED flashlight and a loud chime to alert you.

This driveway alert alarm has a realistic range of 500ft. Guardline driveway alarm model can work for longer range and heavy interface installation. You can easily place it anywhere at your home, and it can run on AC adaptor as well as on batteries. Loud chimes and LED flash enables you to easily differentiate between the detection zone.

  • Weather-resistant
  • Over 30 high- quality chimes
  • The receiver can work on battery as well as on AC adaptor
  • Expandable
  • Easy installation

    6.     Hosmart 1/2 Mile Rechargeable Solar Driveway Alarm Sensor System

    This rechargeable driveway alarm sensor is a solar device that automatically gets charged with Solar energy, and no explicit charging is required. The set includes a receiver and a sensor device. The sensor device alerts the user through the receiver with light and sound whenever some object comes in its radius of about 30 feet.

    It is not only easy to use but also easy to set up in your location. Along with the product, there will be a guide to set up the device, which helps the users in a calm and easy installation. As the company claims that it has been tested in adverse conditions to ensure the product’s durability it can be used in any weather condition, and it will work perfectly fine.

    Along with the valuable pros, there are some cons as well which is regarding the object coming into the particular range, but it could be overcome if installed at the correct location like it should be installed at about 1.2miles from the base unit to have it working ideally, or it should be installed about 3-4 feet above the ground to ensure the best movement detection. 

    The best-rated driveway alarm system supports multiple receivers along with the multiple ring tone facility, which helps in identifying the direction of the movement. It has the super long receiving range, which is ideally ½ mile and has the best technology sensors which work absolutely fine in the long run.

    • Works on Solar Energy
    • Easy to Install
    • ½ Mile Range Detection
    • Weather Proof
    • Complex installation for some spaces.
    • Sensors are not compatible with older base units.

    7.     Ring Floodlight HD Driveway Security System

    Ring Floodlight Cam is an innovative AI-based camera that comes with most of the advanced features. It considers your inputs using Alexa to ensure a better user experience. The user can sync it with his Alexa to use the camera in the direction he wishes to look in. It not only lets you look at the visitor without letting him know but also can help you in connecting to him and talk to the person at your doorstep.

    The user doesn’t need to keep looking into the screen, The best-rated driveway alarm itself notifies the owner if there is some activity in the installed place. Although it requires a connection to the main electricity. It ensures high-quality recording and 1080p HD video with Infrared night vision and lives view as well. It also has an inbuilt ultra-bright floodlight and a siren. It protects your space and itself from the thieves as it includes theft protection.

    It is very easy to fit. Perhaps the user experience will be better if the person has good broadband connectivity else the user might not be able to use a lot of features. This camera has a not so good plastic mounting bracket which might break in the adverse conditions. It sometimes misses motion events, which could prove dangerous in certain cases. For the Ring Floodlight Cam, the minimum required height is 9 ft. This will not work to its full potential if you install it lower.

    • 1080p HD quality Video and photos
    • Motion-Activated Alerts
    • Two way Talk
    • Remotely Activated Siren
    • Needs good internet connectivity
    • Misses motion events


    8.     Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Security Camera System

    The Ring Spotlight Cam is an Artificial Intelligent based device to protect one’s workspace or home from thieves and also to keep a watch on the visitors. It works along with the Alexa device to control the real-time view of the Protected area. It helps the owner in turning the camera in real-time to the preferred view in the installed area. It not only helps you in viewing the visitors but also has a feature through which the owner can speak to the visitor, and it will be a two-way conversation, which means the owner can also listen to the replies of the visitor.

    The best-rated driveway alarm has a power notification system that helps the owner in relaxing while the device will notify about any movement in the protected area. It can easily be plugged into the socket for continuous power supply. It comes with the inbuilt LED strips and siren. It also has inbuilt theft protection, which will be useful in cases of theft.

    It does have a lot of features that could be used to ease the life of the owner and makes the product reliable as well, but it does also have a few cons. To use the high definition recording and all the other features, it requires a great broadband connection. It might not work up to the owner’s expectation if internet connectivity isn’t enough to support the features.

    • 1080p HD quality Video and photos
    • Motion-Activated Alerts
    • Two way Talk
    • Remotely Activated Siren
    • Needs good Internet Connectivity
    • Misses Motion Events


    9.     BW Dual Beam Intruder Detector & Alarm Double Beam Security System

    The Dual Beam Intruder Detector covers a large distance indoors and outdoors, ensuring the protection of the user in a larger space. The feature of having a fast response helps the device in identifying the intruder even if a small movement is detected. Even a small intruder will be considered while capturing. The best-rated driveway alarm has been built in a way that it can withhold its operations even in adverse conditions, including extremely high or low-temperature conditions or on extremely humid and rainy days. The ability to cover the larger distance ensures that intruders aren’t present in, the larger space.

    The transmitter and receiver can work up to 60 meters apart outdoors, whereas 180 meters distance apart indoors. As claimed by the manufacturer, it uses photoelectric beams to identify the intruder. The beam is continuously projected, and if it is stopped, then it will consider that as an intruder and the user will be notified.

    The product is easy to install, and a user guide is provided with the product to help the buyer in the installation. Along with the valuable pros, there are some cons as well, which is regarding the connectivity problem. It demands a stable connection which, when interrupted, it creates issues with the functioning of the same. The feature of optical adjustment also helps the user in bringing more insight into the space to be protected.

    • Large Outdoor and Indoor Coverage
    • Fast Response speed
    • Weather Flexibility
    • Needs Stable Connection

    10.  OWSOO ABO-20 Waterproof Burglar Alarm System

    This product is a smart alarm system that automatically senses the burglar and notifies the owner about the same. This is an upgraded version of the Single beam sensor and better-LED lights, making it more useful and worth buying. It also makes the system more reliable and trustworthy as the owner would love to relax completely, relying on this system only.

    It has the capability of working fine even in adverse weather conditions. It normally works in the rainy season or in the hailstorm. It has a sealed protective layer to protect it from rain and dust. As claimed by the manufacturer, it uses a High power InfraRed receiver tube to identify the intruder. The protective layer also protects the device from the worms, which might affect the camera or the sensors.

    It has also been tested even in the worst conditions to ensure that users don’t face any issues while using it. The best-rated driveway alarm has been developed using the latest technologies that use minimum power and help in sustainable power usage. It has a connection alarm system that helps the user in getting an alarm when an intruder or thief comes in the protected space. The pack contains a Beam sensor, a set of mounting screws, and a user manual that helps the user in initial installations and use.

    • Rain and fog Protected
    • Anti-Dust and Worm Layer
    • Low Power Process
    • Weak and Extremely Light weighted
    • Can easily Break

    Guide to Buying the Best Driveway Alarm System

    Among the gamuts of pros and cons, the above-mentioned are the spoonful of those which are fruitful for you to know before the product. If you are still in the perplexing situation or frustrated with the overwhelming process of choosing the right driveway alarm, here is a compiled buyer’s guide to help you and make the things crystal clear for you.

    Effective Range

    Before you buy a driveway alarm, you should keep in mind that buying a new unit for the existing system will cost you less than buying a whole system. So, the range between the sensor and the receiver should be effective. You can buy a driveway alarm with a little longer range than your intended use. Usually, the range must be around 1000 feet in order to give you the optimum results.

    Sensor Quality

    One of the most crucial parts of the driveway alarms is the sensor. The most preferred sensor for driveway alarms is the PIP sensor or passive infrared sensor. These sensors provide:

    • Better accuracy
    • Better and broader field view
    • Pick vehicles, large animals, and humans with accuracy.
    • Cost-effective (especially when multiple sensors are required)


    The location of the sensor needs to be optimum in order to leverage the driveway alarm. The slight difference in the location may change things a lot. This may make you compromise with accuracy.


    With the advent of technology, you can get a driveway alarm with wireless connectivity. There is a lot of wireless technology; you can choose the best one among them like Z-wave, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and WiFi, etc. The type of connectivity will also help the device to avoid the hindrance.


    You will have to install your sensor or transmitter outside the house. So the device must be capable of handling the extreme weather condition. No matter what the weather is. Your driveway alarm should be capable of tolerating the temperature and giving better productivity as well. You can choose this feature as per the climate of your place.

    Misc Features

    The driveway alarm can be shortlisted based on the above-mentioned features, but there is a long list of features that you can keep in mind before buying the driveway alarm. You may buy the driveway alarm with a PA system or security feature. You also need to check the voltage of the relay output in order to make it a little more cost-efficient.

    There are a number of manufacturers available in the market those who manufacture a wide range of driveway alarm. The driveway alarm comes with a lot of features. So when you invest in this device there are some factors that you need to consider. Water-resistance, the size, the sensor type, the technology for connection, the range, etc. are a few parameters you need to keep in mind before buying the driveway alarm device for you. There is a wide price range available in the market, but you need to choose the one suitable for as per your budget with all the required features installed in the device. Above we have provided you with an informative guide that will help you choose the best driveway alarm UK.

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