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Best Drill Bit Sharpener UK

There are plenty of daily tasks that would need you to make holes and drills in items. Especially industries and factories dealing with manufacturing work need accurate and precise holes on different materials like wood, plastic, metals, and other composite tools.

For efficient performance and successful results, it is vital to maintain your drill bits properly. One of the effective ways to keep your bits functioning and accurate is to do drill sharpening on a regular basis. It helps in extending the lifespan of the drill bits and maintain its edges. Drill bits sharpeners are an essential tool that will help you make your drill brits good and efficient.

When your drill bits are not sharp not enough, your drill bits can become dull when hard metals are rubbed on it. In the long run, the edges will be worn down. Hence, it is essential to use quality drill bits sharpener that can do the work. Irrespective of the versatility of the drill bits, it is necessary to look after its edges and ensure its sharpness.

Extensive use of drill bits can make the angles dull and inefficient. There is plenty of drill bit sharpener tools in the market that you can probably take into consideration. But the myriad of options can further make you confused. If you are also looking for a quality drill brits sharpener that can entirely abide by your sharpening requirements, this article might help you. Read on to discover some quality drill bits sharpener in the UK.

Top 10 Drill Bit Sharpeners in The UK

Drill bits sharpeners are essential tools to sharpen your driller and make them efficient. It is necessary to choose the right drill bits sharpener that will sharpen your drill bits Whether you have a home workshop or are a tradesman, there will be a tool below to suit you. Here are the top 10 picks to help you with your drill bit sharpening in the UK out of which you can make a selection. 

#1 Drill DoctorDA70100

If you are well known with the drilling products, you would know Drill Doctor is a famous brand that has bagged a credible name in the market. It is best known for its robust function and efficient grinding process. This particular model is suitable for 3/32 inch to 3/4 inch drill bits sizes. You can use it with high-speed steel, carbide, masonry, TiN-coated drill bits.

It is essential to sharpen your drill bits every now and then, and this Drill Doctor DA70100 is an excellent product you can choose. It is easy to attach to suitable drill bits and simple to follow the sharpening procedures.

Drill Doctor DA70100 is also lightweight and efficient to use with minimal mess. It comes with rubber feet which means it wont slip when its placed on the bench. You just need to attach the drill into the device and let it do its work. Customers who have used the product are delighted with its performance and quality. If you also want to bring efficiency in your drills, this Drill Doctor is your saviour.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Efficient performance
  • Quite hard to maintain


#2 Miss Good Diamond Drill Bit Sharpener Tool

Next up in the best drill bit sharpener list is a quality sharpening tool that is named under the category of quality and cost-efficient sharpening tools. Miss Good Diamond is a reliable product that you can trust for your sharpening needs. It is generally preferred for sharpening the iron drills. Though Miss Good Showcases an excellent performance in terms of iron drills, you cannot possibly use it for other hardened material.

Carrying a sleek and straightforward structure, Miss Good is made with quality materials that speak for its durability. The sharpening wheel of this sharpening tool is the major highlight that enables efficient and clean sharpening. It is made of high-quality ABS plastic brown corundum sharpening wheel. This drill bit sharpening tool is entirely rustproof.

The lightweight and compact built further make it easy to handle and complete the sharpening work. The manufacturer also provides you with a product warranty that will ensure the complete safety of the product. This is perfect for your home workshop.

  • Made with quality materials
  • Rustproof
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ideal for iron drills
  • Not suitable for high hardened materials


#3 Sealey SMS2008 Drill Bit Sharpener

Another prominent name in the drill bit sharpeners is this product from Sealey. Making quality drilling tools for years, Sealey has been able to create a credible name in the market. This particular product is known for its simple and effective sharpening skills. With a free speed of 4200rpm, Sealey drill brit sharpener ensures that your drill brit gets a clean and mess-free sharpening.

Customers who have used the product earlier have said that with Sealey they have been able to give a perfect angle to their drill bit head which makes the drilling better. When it comes to ascertaining the suitability of this drill bit sharpener, it can efficiently work with High-speed steel, Titanium, Carbon Steel drill bits, and Cobalt.

You can easily fit this sharpener into the drill bits that have a range between 03-13mm. Fast and simple is something that truly defines this drill bit sharpener. It will make your sharpening task a lot easier and quicker, avoiding all sorts of mess.

  • Fast and simple mechanism
  • Ideal for HSS Titanium, Carbon Steel, and Cobalt
  • Free speed – 4200rpm
  • Gives perfectly angled edges
  • Not suitable for drill bits other than HSS Titanium, Carbon Steel, and Cobalt
  • Require heavy maintenance


#4 Silverline 312279 – 95W DIY Drill Bit Sharpener

Blunt drill bits can create a lot of struggles for you. It is essential to keep your drill bits always sharp and efficient. If you are also worried about your drill bits, then you should bring a Silverline drill bit sharpener that works explicitly on the blunt drills and make them new as ever. You can easily fit it into any drill bit with a diameter between 3-10 mm.

The quick mount and easy process make this product an ideal pick for the beginners. You would also get a built-in drill bit sharpeners guide with the product that will help you through the entire process. It is a perfect companion for those who have just begun to drill and sharp.

The 90W efficient motor empowers the device to conduct an efficient sharpening procedure. It is ideal for high-speed steel and carbon steel drill bits. You will also receive a warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Quick and easy usage
  • Efficient for blunt drill bits
  • Ideal for HSS and carbon steel
  • Only suitable for HSS and carbon steel


#5 Multi-Sharp 2001 Universal Drill Bit Sharpener

Fifth, on the list of best drill bit sharpeners, is the Multi-Sharp drill bit sharpener. It precisely aligns with tips of the drill bit and restores the lost sharpness.

It is an efficient product to re-sharpen your drill bits. You can ideally use this sharpener tool for high-speed steel, SDS plus center point, masonry, brad point flat wood, etc. the diameter of the drill bit must be 3-13mm to rightly get fit in it. If you are using it for small tools, it can efficiently re-edge the angles of the screwdrivers, bradawls, cold chisels.

It comes with precision angles that will help in grinding jigs. It has a suitable built-in geometry tip that will ensure all your angles are perfectly sharpened. The quick and precise result is something that sets this product apart from its peers.

  • Quick and precise sharpening
  • Ideal for HSS, SDS plus center point, masonry, brad point flat wood, etc
  • Efficient re-sharpening
  • Heavy maintenance



#6 Sealey SMS01 Drill Bit Sharpener Grinding Attachment

Sealey has yet again made its way to our list for its amazing grinding capabilities. It is a grinding attachment that will work with any standard bench grinder. It is well known for its quick and precise sharpening that you would hardly find anywhere.

It has an angle gauge with pre-sets at 41, 49, 59, 68, and 88 degrees. This Sealey product also has a rotating neck that helps in precise and accurate grinding that works on both sides.

This product is easy to use at any workshop or garage for high-speed steel twist drill bits with a diameter between 3-19mm. Whether you need to grind or sharp, this amazing Sealey product will make things easier for you. Customers have given many positive reviews regarding this product and said that it had brought efficient sharpness to their drill bits.

  • Ideal for standard bench grinder
  • Angle gauge pre-sets
  • Rotating neck
  • Ideal for workshop and garage use
  • Might be challenging to operate initially


#7 Draper 44351 Drill Grinding Attachment

Now that we have started talking about grinding attachment, one of the highly efficient products in the market is Draper Drill Grinding Attachment. It can be used with all standard bench grinders. This particular attachment is favored for its amazingly fast and accurate sharpening.

You can use this grinding attachment for sharpening HSS with a diameter of 3-19mm. The diecast body of the product has pre-set notches at 41, 49, 59, 68, 88 degrees that will efficiently cover most of the tip.

With its fast and accurate sharpening, this grinding attachment has been able to emerge as a top pick in the market without any peers. The lightweight built makes it easier to handle. Whether you want to use it in your garage or any workshop, Draper drill grinding attachment will ensure quality performance.

  • Fast and accurate performance
  • Diecast body
  • Covers the entire tip of the drill
  • Not for standard home grinder


#8 ReaseJoy 70W Drill Sharpener Electric

If you are looking for an electric sharpener that can efficiently address all your sharpening needs, then you should probably get to know ReaseJoy Electric Sharpener. Being an electric sharpener, you can expect a seamless, quick and easy to use sharpening process from ReaseJoy.

The 70W motor ensures that you get an uninterrupted sharpening experience. The product also comes with a built-in drill bit guide that will help you to master the sharpening process. The CE and GS certification further enhance the reliability and durability of the product.

Another significant advantage of ReaseJoy Electric Sharpener is its lightweight built that makes it easily portable. The no-load rotating speed of 16000rp is something that facilitates sharpening. It is suitable for carbon and speeds steel spiral with a diameter between 3-10mm.

  • Quick and easy process
  • Drill bit sharpening guide
  • 70W motor with 1600 rpm
  • Ideal for carbon steel
  • Be careful with the handle


#9 Voche 70W Electric Drill Bit Sharpener

Another promising contender among the drill brit sharpener is the efficient Voche Electric Drill Bit Sharpener. Whether you have worn out or dull drill bits, this Voche product will never disappoint you in terms of quality sharpening.

The motor is powered with 70W (230V), giving it ample power to sharpen the dull and blunt drill bits with utmost efficiency. The product is also ITS, CE and GS-approved that further makes it a credible pick among the customers. Voche brand is a 5-star quality assured brand that you can trust over any of its peers.

Voche Electric Drill Bit Sharpener can handle drill bits with a size between 3-10mm. It can sharpen all carbon and high-speed steel drill bits and require low maintenance as well. It helps in quickly restoring the won’t drill bits and make them efficient than ever. People also say its very easy to use.

  • Quick and easy sharpening
  • Ideal for carbon steel and high-speed drill bits
  • 70W motor
  • No-load speed 1600 rpm
  • Might require supervision


#10 Tooltime 96W Electric Sharpener

Last but not least is the Tooltime electric sharpener will give you a great time sharpening your drill bits. It helps in sharpening all the HSS drill bits with fast sharpening. It is essential to understand that your drill bits must have a diameter between 3-13mm in order to perfectly fit in the sharpener.

It comes with plenty of different mountable that will provide you better and efficient sharpening of versatile materials. For instance, the knife and scissor sharpener will give you a smooth and sharpen knife and scissor edges. Chisel and plane sharpener are meant to grind the plane and chisel blades (6-51mm wide). The standard UK3 pin plug makes it easy to use anywhere.

The holes in the bench allow the device to bench mount quickly whenever required. With a 96W no-load motor, the device works at 1350 rpm which is quite impressive for an electric sharpener.

  • Ideal for sharpening drill bits, knives, scissors, chisels, planes, etc
  • No-load speed of 1350 rpm
  • Fit with UK 3 pin plug
  • Needs proper care


Factors To Consider While Buying Best Drill Brit Sharpener

Drill bit sharpening tools are something every DIY fanatic should have. Your drill bits are potent tools that can create holes in possibly anything. But it takes sheer maintenance to keep it functioning and efficient. If you want to make your drill bits more productive, you need to keep them sharpened. That’s where you would need a drill bit sharpener. Just like buying any other power tools, there are plenty of things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a drill bit sharpener. Here are a few factors that you must consider before making a purchase decision-:


Size plays a vital role in determining whether the sharpener is compatible with your drill bit or not. The easiest way to check the ideal compatibility, ensure whether the diameter of your drill bit fits in the sharpener. So when you are buying a sharpener for your drill bit, make sure to ascertain the right size.


As a smart buyer, you need to ensure the durability of the product you are buying. You cannot trust any product when it comes to drilling bits sharpener. The strength of the sharpener will ensure the quality sharpening of your drill bit. To choose a durable product, go for the sharpeners that are made with durable metals that can withstand extreme pressure.


There are basically two types of sharpeners available on the online sites that you can get hands-on. Drill bit sharpener can either be motor powered or manually processed. It depends on you as a buyer to determine which type of sharpener will best suit your requirement. There are many quality drill bit sharpeners in the market; it is essential to determine the right kind of sharpener that can best do the work.


The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is independent research is always the key to a better and profitable purchase. Today, in the world of eCommerce, no one buys anything without thoroughly researching the product. So, before trusting any brand or product, you must always do your homework. It will give you a better understanding of the product and what to expect from it. Before hitting the store or online websites, take some time out and do your research to make a fruitful purchase.


Everyone wants to buy products that have high brand value in the market. But, it is not always good to go behind the brands. Initially, you need to ascertain the features of the sharpener and determine the credibility of its brand in the market. Once you get an idea regarding its worth, you can trust the brand and its name in the market. But blindly trusting any brand is not a smart move.

Review and Recommendation

You must always support your decision with some reviews and recommendations that will provide you with a clear path of decision making. When you seek recommendations and look for reviews, you are actually making your decision stronger and viable. It is essential to determine what other customers are using at the current time and how it is better from what you are going to purchase. This healthy comparison will help you make a better decision.


One of the important factors that you cannot certainly avoid is the cost of the drill bit sharpener. Once you have decided on the type and brand of the sharpener, it is time to weigh its price in the market. It is not necessary to invest in products that cost you hefty and hardly provide any beneficial features. So, it is always advised to look for features and then ascertain the cost. Also, it is essential to make a budget before you are out shopping for that ideal drill bit sharpener. It will help you in streamlining the options that fall within the range.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are indulged in construction work or need to make a few tweaks in your interior decorations, drills play a key role in your power tools collection. Drill bits help in creating accurate and precise holes in different materials. Hence, it is essential to use quality drill bits that do the work efficiently. When these drill bits are rubbed against different materials, they tend to lose their sharpness and efficiency.

That’s when you need a drill bits sharpener that can fine-tune the edges of your drill bits. It is important for your drill bits to have smooth, and fine edges to do the work properly. Sharpening your drill bits will also prevent any negative consequences from the drilling. Additionally, drill bit sharpener will ensure quality in your work and reduce your cost of maintaining your drill bits every now and then.

It is essential to make a well-informed decision regarding the drill bit sharpener. There are several products in the market that will make you further confused regarding the decision. The above-mentioned top picks of best drill bits sharpeners and the buying guide will certainly help you in making a decision. It is essential to look into each product and compare the features before making a purchase.

If you have any further queries regarding drill bits sharpener or the buying guide, you can always reach out to us. We are here to help you anytime!

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