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Best Dog Tracking Collar To Find Your Dog Easily UK

In UK every day one in 10 dogs go missing – either stolen, run away or missing without explanation.  There are over 100,000 homeless stray dogs in the UK.

Most dog lovers believe that their dog would never leave home, without them knowing about it. They have a strong attachment and are extremely protective of their dog. But they are not completely true to themselves.

The majority of dogs that are lost are never found. Sometimes it takes years for the owners to accept the reality that their dog is missing. This is why most owners outsource the job of finding their dog to a professional or service. It is a painstaking and stressful job that needs to be done. However, they do not want to take that responsibility on themselves and they want the job done correctly.

I believe the owners of these dogs, would go over and beyond to look for them. Having lost a dog in the past, I know how hard it is to accept and let go having created sweet memories with our dogs. Looking for a lost dog is not a task one would want to experience twice- time, money and energy are spent, and the probability of finding the dog is low, leaving one devastated and overwhelmed with a feeling of loss.

Therefore a good dog tracker is a life saver. When used properly, owners find that a dog tracking collar provides them with peace of mind knowing their dog is safe. Users are able to track their dog’s location and find out the distance between each other.

Dog tracker was then invented to help dog owners keep track of their dogs. It was accepted as a life-saving invention that should be owned by all dog owners but what I have come to realise is that some of these dog trackers add to the problem of dog owners, causing more frustration than good.

Some come with an exuberant subscription fee while some adopt a technology that leaves one frustrated with its complicated and archaic features. With that in mind, I have researched the best dog trackers UK dog owners can trust, highlighted their components, the pros and cons as well as a comprehensive guide in choosing the right tracker for your dog.

Top 10 Dog Trackers UK

1. Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs, Unlimited Range, Activity Monitor, and Waterproof Tracking Collar

Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs, unlimited Range, Activity Monitor, Waterproof (newest model)

Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs, unlimited Range, Activity Monitor, Waterproof (newest model)

This dog tracker comes with a live tracking and location history. It pinpoints the real-time location of your dog when it matters most and sees the history of places your dog has visited. It uses the  GPS pet collar attachment in over 150 countries, and you can manage all features via the free GPS app for iOS and Android or in any browser. It has a rechargeable and exchangeable battery with 2-5 days of battery life. There is also a spare battery available. Subscription plan starts at an affordable rate with sim card already integrated into the GPS tracking device.


  • Life tracking and location history
  • Tractive GPS pet collar available in 150 countries
  • Free tractive GPS app for iOS and Android
  • Exchangeable battery with an extra one
  • Sim card chip integrated into a tracking device.
  • Affordable subscription plan when 2-years plan is paid upfront
  • Comes with an extra battery
  • Keeps location history with GPS available in many countries.
  • May have light connections

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2. Pet GPS Tracker for Dogs Pets, No Monthly Fee, Real-Time Tracking Device Anti-lost Monitor

Pet GPS tracker for dogs pets No monthly fee real-time tracking device Anti-lost monitor(Only for Dog)

Pet GPS tracker for dogs pets No monthly fee real-time tracking device Anti-lost monitor(Only for Dog)

This real-time tracking monitor works anywhere and even without cellular coverage in places such as in the wild and mountain terrain. Thus no monthly network fee is charged. The Pet Tracker combines GPS, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and long-distance transmission technology to bring the best tracking for your dogs. It is easy to use, smart and durable. This dog GPS tracker mobile app is easy to install and use. It has multiple features which include geofence, multi-colour alarm and custom voice. You can also activate the colourful lights on the GPS tracker to locate your pet more easily in dim light or at night time. Voice commands can be recorded and stored on the tracker for remote communication with your pet.


  • No monthly subscription
  • Combines GPS, wi-fi and Bluetooth for maximum efficiency
  • Long-lasting distance transmission technology
  • Custom voice command
  • Comes with an alarm
  • Has amazing features that can keep the dog in check
  • Colourful lights on GPS to enable usage at night time
  • Works anywhere, even without cellular coverage
  • Available for dogs only

3. KIPPY EVO UK GPS Tracker Collar and Activity Monitor for Dogs

KIPPY EVO The new GPS Tracker

KIPPY EVO The new GPS Tracker

This is a multi-purpose tracker, it can connect with mobile phone Bluetooth, two-way search capacity and can connect eight sets of anti-lost devices. When connected and the anti-lost device surpasses the set Bluetooth range, the phone and the anti-lost device will concurrently sound an alarm.

When disconnected, its inbuilt satellite tracking device can check the map location. It is also one of the few trackers that come with non-interference function- it can be muted for a specific period to prevent interruption during a critical time such as work hour. The phone recording function can be controlled through the anti-lost device. The sound is 80-95 decibels, enough to detect noises upstairs, behind pillows, coat pockets etc.


  • Bluetooth uses new 4.0 technology,
  • Button battery CR2032 power supply, standby.
  • Support IOS system and ANDROID system 4.3 or higher.
  • Low power consumption.
  • It comes with 2 * 1PC anti-lost device.
  • It comes with a key-chain that can locate other things like a wallet.
  • Due to different monitor settings, the color deviation may vary

4. ASPORS UK Dog Collar Pet Location Tracker

ASPORS Dog collar pet location tracker

ASPORS Dog collar pet location tracker

ASPOR’S lightweight makes it an easy to use tracker; it looks like an adjustable sandal buckle that can be easily fixed to any dog’s collar within seconds. Its small size might make you doubt its functionality, but this universal nano tracker works in three different functional modes- rapid positioning, standard positioning and save electricity positioning.

It as well has time zone and language settings for global usage. It tracks and views location data at any time in real-time. For convenience, its query period can be customized. The itinerary can be searched arbitrarily.


  • Wireless Distance: 10m and above.
  • Collar length: 20mm
  • Collar Width: 600mm
  • Product Weight: 0.18kg
  • Charging time: 2hours
  • It is waterproof.
  • No monthly fee is required.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is suitable for small and big dogs.
  • It does not support 3G frequency but 2G.

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5. Lumpur UK Animal ID Reader

Lumpur Animal ID Reader

Lumpur Animal ID Reader

Lumpur has an inbuilt buzzer whose data are displayed on the screen in real-time. It identifies the animal ID that meets the ISO11784/85 standard with its advanced RF transmit circuit and embedded microcontroller. Once this algorithm is received, it decodes, verifies and checks for the compatible electronic IS011784/85 identification.

This cost-effective Microchip Scanner with Stable OLED display is equipped with high receiving sensitivity and small working current, which makes it safe to use.


  • It is rechargeable.
  • Reading standard: ISO11784 / 5 FDX-B, ID64
  • USB charging method
  • Item weight: 10gram.
  • Working frequency: 134.2Khz
  • Free shipping.
  • It is portable.
  • It can be used on other pets and bigger animals.
  • Might not be able to read microchips in some animals.

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6. Pet Tracker GPS & Activity Monitoring Tracker for Cats and Dogs

Pet Tracker GPS & activity monitoring tracker for cats and dogs

Pet Tracker GPS & activity monitoring tracker for cats and dogs

If you are looking for something to monitor your dog’s daily activities, think Pet. This nano monitor tracks your dog’s daily activities and logs them appropriately. It is not a location tracking device, but rather a dog’s health tracking device.

Data on activities such as walking, running, playing, rest and sleep time, distance travelled, calories used, time on exercise can be gotten and analyzed to make an informed decision about the dog. From these data, veterinarian recommendations about the activity level of the dog can be easily monitored and adjusted base on the data logged.


  • Weight: 16gram.
  • It comes with a replaceable CR2032 battery.
  • Built with a super-strong parachute Velcro.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is waterproof.
  • There is no subscription fee.
  • The battery lasts up to a year with no charging.
  • It works with multiple dogs.
  • It doesn’t use a GPS

7. QNMM UK V43 Pet 4G Mini GPS Tracker

QNMM V43 Pet 4G Mini Gps Tracker

QNMM V43 Pet 4G Mini Gps Tracker

This real-time tracking device displays the last location of GPS tracker, the historical route of any day in recent 90 days. You can select whether to filter out LBS (location data indoors) check or cancel GPS-fence area when the device gets inside or outside of the GPS-fence as well as setting two WIFI safe zones. When a dog is out of secure WIFI zones, the app will give a notification.

A notification we can all agree would be a lifesaver if gotten at the right time. Dogs can become so precious that we sometimes cannot bear to stay so long without them.


  • LED rolling lights based on light sensor automatically
  • GPS positioning, with an accuracy of 5m outdoor
  • WIFI positioning, with an accuracy of 30m indoors.
  • 4GE LTE +3G WCDMA GSM networks
  • Web platform/ Phone App/ SMS for positions check
  • It has a voice monitor.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It comes with a step-counting feature.
  • It may be heavy for smaller dogs.

8. Merourii GPS Tracking Device for Pets



This waterproof tracker is compatible with IOS 5.0 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher and supports Bluetooth Version 4.0. Should your phone and the tracker exceed the default-effective distance, it’s two- way automatic alarm will save the day. They will automatically send an alarm at the same time. The owner can as well control the phone to take pictures remotely under 10 metres radius.


  • It weighs 20g.
  • CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery required.
  • Compatible with IOS 5.0 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher.
  • It can detect the last stay position after disconnecting.
  • It comes with one mini tracker.
  • It consumes low power.
  • It doesn’t come with a battery.
  • Its working distance is limited to 5 -15 m/16 – 49 feet.

9. Kecheer GPS Tracking Collar for Pets

Kecheer GPS Tracker

Kecheer GPS Tracker

Kecheer GPS Tracker has a high-definition tiny microphone, which can automatically clean noise, making it easy for pet finding. The lead usefulness of the HD microphone is that when the specific location of the pet cannot be determined, the surrounding noise can be used to ascertain its location.

It has four working modes: timing positioning mode, real-time positioning mode, super power-saving mode and timed upload mode. These modes can be customized to fit your need. A multi-platform search can be performed, and it also supports multiple people logging in into the app at the same time. The track is clear at a flash, and you can know where your pet is going at any given point in time.


  • GPS positioning accuracy: 5m
  • Standby time: 20 days
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to 60°C
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 45°C
  • Item weight: 38g / 1.3ounce
  • It has twenty-four-hour real-time monitoring.
  • Four working modes can be switched.
  • It may be heavy for smaller dogs.

10. Weenect Cats and Dogs Tracking Collar 

Weenect Dogs 2 

Weenect Dogs 2 

Weenect is a GPS tracker for pet attached to owners’ smartphones by a mobile application accessible on Android and iPhone. It comes with a SIM card that supports its unlimited tracking range features, unlike Bluetooth trackers. The SIM card is multi-network for maximum region coverage. If an operator is out of range, it automatically switches to another available network.

Your pet can be followed wherever they are in more than 100 countries. The GPS tracker posts its position continuously: a position every minute while moving, every 5 minutes while standing still. You can prepare ahead against losing your dog by ringing the dog’s tracker every meal. When lost, a ring will make them come home as they’ll interpret the ring for a mealtime.


  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery: 550 mA / H; 2 to 4 days of battery.
  • Connectivity: GPRS 900 / 1800 MHz.
  • GPS tracker, protective case adapted to collars and harnesses.
  • USB cable, user manual.
  • The GPS tracker operates without a distance limit.
  • The battery lasts between 2 to 4 days in daily use.
  • It is equipped with three geo-location modes.
  • The battery is fully charged in 2 hours.
  • It uses 2G coverage.

Dog Trackers UK Buying Guides

When making a purchase, we can be easily carried away by designs and other eye-catching features that may not be useful to us and at the end of the day, we buy what might seem useless to our needs. This goes for dog trackers too. There are countless brands of dog trackers out there that make buying one a difficult task. It is widespread for dog owners to buy a tracker that is not suitable for their dog, location and mobile device. Here are guides that can aid your buying decision.

Identify Your Need

It is no news judging from the listed reputable trackers that certain features might not work well for specific reasons. For example, some trackers only support 2G coverage, living in a country or region that uses 3G means this tracker will not work effectively well. Knowing is the first step to making the right choice. A confused buyer is liable to buy the wrong item. Crossing your Is and Ts come first, do you have a smart device that can support certain dog tracker features? A dog that likes swimming might need a waterproof tracker. Understanding your needs and capabilities will help you detect the right parts and avoid unnecessary ones. These will help you to and eventually buy what is best for you and your dog.

When Your Dog Runs Out Of Range, What Then?

This is one of the reasons the GPS tracker stands out. It gives you the opportunity of seeing the exact point the dog was before the signal drops off as well as the last spot you were able to get a sign. This is not the same with a Bluetooth tracking collar; once the signal is lost, you no longer have access to any information. You have to do the searching manually by dog hunting until you’re close enough to get a signal. This is a significant challenge as you might not know where exactly to start looking.

With a GPS dog tracking system, this is not so. The given last location ease the burden of searching the wrong place as you are shown where to start from.

Weight and design of the tracker

Some trackers are too heavy for smaller dogs. When buying a tracker for puppies or smaller dogs, the first thing to check is the weight. A heavy tracker weighs smaller dogs down, making daily activities like running, eating, walking difficult. Some designs too are not viable. Some trackers have a power button where it can be easily turned off accidentally while a dog is going about its daily activities. Getting a tracker like that might prove to be useless at a critical point when the dog has already turned it off either while moving or resting.


Most trackers come with a monthly subscription charge. I have read countless product reviews and comments of agitated customers claiming they had no idea a monthly subscription is required. I was one of those customers when I got my first tracker. I didn’t know too! It is paramount you become clear on this before making your purchase. Your tracker will become just another space taking device if you don’t subscribe. Buying a tracker, you are capable of paying the subscription fee is as essential as getting the tracker itself. If that is your best brand, confirm from people who have been using the particular tracker for a long if there has been an added up subscription fee overtime. Ask them how much they paid for their first subscription and how much they are paying now. You could achieve this by reading online reviews as well as confirming from friends and family.

Global Usage

Not many trackers can be used globally, but there are a few ones that work in over 100 countries or less. If your purpose of using is beyond a particular region or country, you need to be sure the tracker supports global usage.

Battery Life

The capacity, charging time and how long a tracker battery lasts must be known. Some tracker batteries require frequent charging, while others last for many months without charging. A tracker that is often out of power is as great as not having one. If you are the type that often forgets to charge your gadget, you might want to go for a tracker that has more robust battery life. Also, some trackers require battery replacement from time to time. You might have to consider if you’re cut for that or go for one that has an in-built battery.

Disadvantages of Dog Tracker

A tracker can be a great tool for anyone who has a pet in his life. However, there are downsides to the usage of a tracker. A tracker can only provide you with the location of your pet; they cannot keep you informed on the time the dog is near the area, so when and how long will it take for the pet to return. The tracker will not show you any important information such as when and where is the dog eating or when is he sleeping. It will not show you the exact distance from each other. It will not tell you if the dog is scared or agitated because there is no way to show fear through sound. For these reasons, the tracker has its place but it is only a tool. It is not perfect. With the usage of a tracker, owners find that their relationship with their pet is going through an emotional roller coaster. They feel extreme pressure because the dog is lost.

It is almost as if the owner is in denial and is still hoping that their dog would come back to them. They don’t know that it’s time to let go. The guilt and the sadness are unavoidable. But a tracker can also be a great tool to help find your lost pet. It can be a huge relief to the owner because they know their dog is not lost. The tracker can show the location of the pet to the owners and they can use it to help find their dog.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What are geofences, and how do they work?

The geofence entry and exit alerts automatically notify you when the tracker enters or exits a defined zone. This is practical and complex because they are subjected to the limits of GPS technology.

 Does GPS tracking require a data plan?

No. Your phone’s GPS tracking permits you to use them in offline mode, acquiring no data penalty so long as you preload maps and information while connected to wi-fi.

What is the maximum range of a Bluetooth tracker?

The connection range on a Bluetooth tracker varies but can reach up to 80 meters. The Bluetooth signal strength on your smart devices determines the signal strength.


The listed dog trackers were selected for their effectiveness in locating lost pets, battery life, in-built features, price, weight and technology. It is advisable to buy your dog tracker online as this offers you the luxury of choice, you can interact with manufacturers to make an informed purchase. It is also prudent because if things go south, you can easily reach out to the manufacturer to lay your complaints. Recommending my top three dog trackers among these ten reputable trackers is a hard nut to crack, but my unbiased choices will be relayed.

The most pocket-friendly choice for me is

KIPPY EVO The new GPS Tracker Collar and Activity Monitor for Dogs. It is relatively cheap for its features. This tracker even has features you might not find in some expensive trackers. It can be connected with eight sets of anti-lost devices, it can be muted for a specific period, and it comes with a key chain that can help find other things.

A between the line choice for me is Kecheer GPS Tracker. It has a high definition real-time microphone, 24-hour real-time monitoring which is superb and four working modes that can be switched for a relatively moderate price.

Pet Tracker GPS & activity monitoring tracker for cats and dogs might be the most expensive on the list, but its features could speak for that. PETFON doesn’t only show you where your four-legged friend is; it directs you to the place via its real-time satellite image. It can work correctly in an area without coverage, and that is unbelievable for the subscription-free tracker. It adopts GPS, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and long-distance transmission technology. It is water-resistant and has a colourful light GPS that makes dog searching at night possible. Voice command can be recorded. The battery lasts up to 8-16 hours. These features make it the most expensive but definitely worth it in our opinion.

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