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Best Dog Chews UK

Many dog owners like me, know how difficult manual, oral care for dogs can be, especially if you have stubborn mongrels. Brushing for four dogs was a nightmare (I own a husky, a beagle, a golden retriever, and a pug). When the opportunity arose, I opted for dog chews, and I rest better ever since.

If you have decided the same, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products out there. With so many shapes, sizes and flavours, picking the best for your canine companion may prove difficult. To help, I have compiled this compacted review and product guide. Combining user testimonies with my personal experience, I have listed the best dog chews UK owners should get.

You will also find a buying guide containing the key features to consider. As our dogs vary in breed and personality, so do their preference, needs, and choices. So make use of the guide, and pick from our selection of top dog chews for your furry best friend.

Top 10 Dog Chews UK

1. Whimzee Natural Dental Dog Chews

Whimzee Natural Dental Dog Chews

Whimzee Natural Dental Dog Chews

The quality in production is high-class, and the results are apparent in the healthy state of her gums. They last very long, and offer a triple-care feature- fresh breath, fight tartar and remove plaque. And the best part of this product is the ingredients are strictly natural.

It is quite surprising that they love these chewy treats because they contain no sugar. It comes in varying shapes and sizes, so there is one that fits each of them. The design of the pieces is impressive and gets into the corners and grooves of their teeth and mouths.


  • Triple Care feature
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Vegetarian dog treat
  • Made for medium dogs
  • Comes in different fun shapes
  • Very useful on the rear teeth
  • Great for sensitive dogs
  • The hedgehog and crocodile shapes are small

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2. Pedigree DentaStix Fresh Daily Dental Chews

Pedigree DentaStix Fresh Daily Dental Chews

Pedigree DentaStix Fresh Daily Dental Chews

For as long as I had my dogs, Pedigree has always been a brand I trust. So when I came across this product of theirs, I had to get it. I already have my Golden Retriever on their foods, and hoped the product taste would also appeal to her. I also needed to find another way to wash her teeth easily.

The shape works quite well at keeping her teeth clean. I think she also finds it a challenge, which is why she spends lots of time on it. And the taste must be great because she shows more enthusiasm for these sticks than her dinner sometimes!


  • Unique X shape
  • Blend of green tea extract and eucalyptus oil
  • Gentle abrasive texture
  • Low in fat
  • Sugar-free
  • Works for all dog sizes
  • Clears tartar quite effectively
  • Freshens the breath every day
  • They finish quite quickly as the dogs chew

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3. HiLife Special Care Daily Dental Chews

HiLife Special Care Daily Dental Chews

HiLife Special Care Daily Dental Chews

It may not be the best dog chew, but I dare say the most prolific natural hide type. The shape is palatable and relatively easy for my husky to manipulate. I also love how it comes with just the perfect balance of toughness and chewiness. One thing it surely does is keep pets very busy.

This rawhide dental chew is great for big dogs with a perchance for munching a lot. And it is made entirely from natural ingredients, so my dog gets nourished at the same time. It also comes in two flavours. She prefers the spearmint.


  • Rawhide dog chew
  • Contains rice flour
  • 100% natural
  • Pack of 60 chews
  • Two flavours
  • Very effective teeth cleaning
  • Great flexibility
  • Lasts a long time
  • Too hard for smaller dogs

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4. HOWLERS Natural Raw Hide Twists

HOWLERS Natural Raw Hide Twists

HOWLERS Natural Raw Hide Twists

I noticed how hard it was for my small dogs to chew on flat rawhides. And, I know how beneficial it is for cleaning their teeth, so I decided to try the twisted type. And my pug just cannot get enough of it.

It is perfect for a dog his size. He was finally glad to have something to do, just like the husky. Now, he sits satisfied with his particular batch.


  • High-quality natural rawhide
  • High in protein
  • Low-fat content
  • Contains crude ash
  • Pack of 100 twists
  • Good thickness and quality
  • Comes in a value pack
  • Perfect for smaller dogs
  • If your dog has a flavour preference, they might not like this

5. PURINA DENTALIFE Mini Dog Dental Care Snacks

PURINA DENTALIFE Mini Dog Dental Care Snacks

PURINA DENTALIFE Mini Dog Dental Care Snacks

Many people shy away from dog chew products with massive price tags, and such is to be expected. But when it comes to a superior quality premium product, I go with this one always. It is rich, consistent, and cleans tartar effectively.

The density and size of this product make it most ideal for my beagle, but the husky likes them as well. The texture is quite flexible, allowing it to be easily munched on regardless of dogs eating habits.


  • Innovative, flexible texture
  • Scientifically-proven dental care
  • Daily oral sticks
  • For small dogs weighing 7-12 kg
  • 21 sticks pack
  • Great teeth cleaning
  • Freshens breath
  • Highly sought after by dogs
  • Heavy chewers go through it in minutes

6. Antos Antler Dog Chew

Antos Antler Dog Chew

Antos Antler Dog Chew

I started my dogs on this product when I first noticed their teeth were going bad. For the collie, it was also because it was ‘killing’ all my shoes at every chance he gets. I read about how healthy natural antlers are for dogs, and after seeing so much good commentary, decided to try them.

Not only are these great, but they also come on different sizes. The varying shapes mean there is something for each dog every time. And the antlers are a healthy, wealthy, natural source of minerals.


  • From Red and Fallow deers
  • 100% natural
  • High in calcium
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • No odour
  • Strengthens teeth and gums
  • Great source of calcium
  • Comes in various sizes for every dog
  • Crumbles, and leaves bits around

7. Pet’s Purest 100% Natural Air-Dried Dog Chew Treats

Pet's Purest 100% Natural Air-Dried Dog Chew Treats

Pet's Purest 100% Natural Air-Dried Dog Chew Treats

On rare occasions, you might be forced to look for a dog chew that serves as a treat as well. This is especially when the dog is either getting old or already has some teeth out. Such treat must have the right texture and consistency; chewy enough not to get gobbled up at once, yet soft enough to be relished. This is a perfect example of such.

These raw healthy treats make a great dog chew, as they help maintain sound gums and keep teeth clean. Made purely of pork and beef, and dried to toughen, these delicious treats greatly benefit dogs with sensitive teeth.


  • 75% pork, 25% beef
  • Chemical-free, air-dried sausages
  • Junk-free chews
  • 100% natural
  • Grain and gluten-free
  • Doubles as snack
  • Great for older dogs and sensitive gums
  • Purely natural, food-based ingredients
  • Works more as a treat than a chew for younger dogs

8. Goodboy Assorted Rolls Dog Chews

Goodboy Assorted Rolls Dog Chews

Goodboy Assorted Rolls Dog Chews

This product is another excellent example of chews that double as a treat. The texture and ingredients make it a tasty, yet efficient teeth are cleansing pet product. I also love how it comes in an easy-to-carry pack, so I take it with me whenever we go for a walk.

The overall size makes them more ideal for my small dogs, especially the pug. The retriever gets a bit of it from time to time, but my beagle loves it. When I pull out the package, the dog usually is the first to jump forward.


  • Made from premium rawhide
  • Grain-free
  • Highly palatable
  • Comes in coloured and colourless variants
  • Pack of 100 rolls
  • Great for dogs with sensitive or old gums
  • Triples as a treat and reward
  • Tasty flavour (as far as I can tell)
  • Large dogs eat them up quite easily

9. Yakers Yak Milk Dog Chew Treats

Yakers Yak Milk Dog Chew Treats

Yakers Yak Milk Dog Chew Treats

Quite a lot of reviews talk about how lousy rawhide is for your dog’s health. And many of us, out of worry for our beloved pets, avoid such products altogether. Now, I know rawhide is just as good as any other treatment for my sweethearts. But sometimes, I get them something like this, as a healthier, more fun alternative.

The toughness is consistent and keeps them busy for long. And it is made from yak’s milk, making it a healthy option for all my dogs. The quality of this product is exceptional. And it does wonders for the beagle and collie, especially regarding tartar removal.


  • Rawhide alternative
  • Extra long-lasting texture
  • High in calcium and protein
  • Natural milk-based product
  • Gluten-free
  • Perfect for mild munchers
  • Nice, tough texture
  • Great source of protein
  • Bigger dogs, like my husky, gobble it up, so not for them

10. Dragonfly Products White Fish Skin Jerky Bars for Dogs

Dragonfly Products White Fish Skin Jerky Bars for Dogs

Dragonfly Products White Fish Skin Jerky Bars for Dogs

My pug likes to fish a lot and will chew through a large bowl of filleted salmon while growing up. So, when I needed a dog chew to treat his extreme case of plaque, this was an easy choice. And he never hesitated for one day to munch through it. The funny part, however, occurred when my beagle began to ask for some as well.

Being a fish-based dog chew, I felt most satisfied, knowing my dogs were getting the best of nutrients supplied as they eat it. It was like having a supplementary source of calories for their daily meal routines.


  • 100% white fish
  • Abrasive texture
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Air-dried
  • Recommended for all breeds
  • Perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes
  • Dogs love the flavour
  • A great alternative to rawhide
  • While your dog may like the strong fish smell, you may not

Dog Chews UK Product Guide 

Dog chews come in various shapes, texture and sizes, as well as with varying ingredients. These and more factors determine how appealing it is to your pet. To get the best of the product, and take the best care of your friend, you must understand these features. Plus, it helps you good value for your money as well.


Your dog must be able to get a good bite of the chew, so you must be sure to pick a size that will work best. Compare the product size with theirs before you buy, as this varies from small to larger types. Some products like Whimzee Natural Dental Dog Chews give you a variety of sizes in on pack so you can select the most preferred for your dog.


The texture of the product must work with your pet’s eating habits. Chewy types are great for slow eaters, while heavy munchers require more rigid varieties. And swallowers should be given chews with a softer texture, to avoid choking.


Some products come with innovative shapes and surface designs, for adequate cleaning of the teeth. Dog Chews like Whimzee Natural Dental, have rough, ridged surfaces that get in between the spaces between teeth and gum. Others, like Pedigree DentaStix Fresh Daily Dental, come as a unique X shape rod; a very efficient teeth-cleaning shape.


If your dog is not very selective, any product will work for you. However, if your dog already shows a preference for a particular taste or flavour, then you might need to look out for this feature. Just as there are plain-tasting variants, others maybe fish, meat or veggie-based. My pug, for instance, is most privy to fish-based products like SKIPPER’S Fish Skin Dental Sticks.

Nutrients and Allergens

Some products contain materials like baking soda, to increase the whitening capacity. Others may have chlorophyll; also know to keep the mouth healthy. To provide the best options for your dog, you need to look out for their ingredient materials. Most products featured on this list are completely safe for dogs, being gluten and grain-free.

Some products are meat-free, for dogs with a sensitive stomach. Most of the best options, however, come packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes, further promoting dental health.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How often should I give my dog dental chews?

Dentists recommend a daily dosage of dental chews for your dog. In situations where you can, you may complement with periodic brushing and oral examination.

Are there risks to using dog chews?

The risks are relatively small. However, when the proper analysis is not followed before issuing chews to a dog, severe cases may surface. These include swallowing if the chew is too small and digestive irritation if it contains materials the dog cannot process. Other risks include diarrhoea and choking.

It is best advised to know your dog’s nutritional requirements before buying a dog chew product. Also, check the ingredients, and provide drinking water anytime your dog is on a chew.

Why does my dog eat sticks?

Low levels of blood iron may cause a condition called pica in dogs. This causes them to eat non-food items, such as grass, nylons and of course, sticks.


Our dogs are our pride and joy. They are like our children (are, for some, in fact), and deserve our tender love and care. We must give these to them in all aspects, and that includes premium oral care. And dental dog chews are a great way to do this.

My love for my canine friends drove me to understand the concept of dog chews, and today you have benefited from this knowledge. I have provided a detailed product guide and given you a review list of Best dog chews choices. Here, you have seen not just the best chews around, but also the features that help you make the best of them.

My top selection goes to Whimzee Natural Dental Dog Chews for its attention to sensitivity, its versatility, and balanced price PURINA DENTALIFE Mini Dog Dental Care Snacks is a great option for premium dog chew purchasers. And if you shop on a budget, Goodboy Assorted Rolls Dog Chews is the perfect low-priced option for your canine companion.

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