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Best Dishwasher Tablets For Hard Water UK

Getting the best dishwasher tablets can mean a world of difference when it comes to your dishes and glasses. Do you have to go over them once again in the sink just after you take them out? Have you noticed the stains that were left on your glass plates and glasses? The dishes are still slightly greasy? It’s time to change your dishwasher tablets! Investing in knowledge is the best investment you can make – and it will affect your decisions greatly, saving you money, energy, and time. Learning about the dishwasher tablets and the way your dishwasher functions isn’t hard and complicated, and it’s practical knowledge that will serve you for your whole life. To dive further into the features of the dishwasher tablets, read the reviews and buyer’s guide to find the best dishwasher tablets.

Best Dishwasher Tablets UK

1) Finish Quantum Ultimate Dishwasher Tablets

Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets are made out of three parts. The two parts consist of the gel and powder, while the inside holds a liquid ball. All of those parts act on three different fronts. They de-grease, scrub, and shine and provide excellent cleaning power. The liquid Powerball is in charge of delivering shine, and it’s, tactically, the part of the tablet that dissolves the latest. They are very easy to use. The dishwasher tablets are biodegradable and they don’t contain wrappers. They will scrub the stubborn food that’s been left out for a long time. Degreasing is effective even if you use the eco option on your dishwasher, and they can also be used with cold water and deliver good results. They offer great value for money. Also, after the use, your dishes won’t emit a strong smell. It contains non-ionic surfactants, bleaching agents that are based on oxygen, phosphonates, perfumes, enzymes, and polycarboxylates.

  • They don’t leave a smell
  • Biodegradeable
  • Can be used on Eco mode
  • May cloud the glass


2) Finish All in 1 Max 150 Dishwasher Tablets Lemon

Next in the list of best dishwasher tablets is the Finish Powerball. The Powerball is in charge of shine and glass protection. If you want to use the cold water – you can, they will deliver regardless of the temperature. Furthermore, they can be used both for short and long washes, leaving the lemon scent after you open the dishwasher. But don’t worry, the scent doesn’t stay on the dishes. If you use the 30-minute wash, the tablet may not dissolve fully, but setting it on 45minutes should solve the problem.

  • Good value for money
  • Can be used in cold water
  • Lemon scent
  • Recent purchasers say that they leave white gritty residue

3) Astonish All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets Lemon

Astonish All-in-1 pack comes with 42 dishwasher tablets. It deals effectively with tea and coffee stains, as well as the dried residue that’s known to be very stubborn. The glass won’t have the white spots, and it has a built-in salt and rinse aid, so if the water at your house is hard, the consequences won’t be seen on your dishes. We love the eco-friendliness and that they don’t contain phosphate which can be harmful to the environment. The dishwasher tablet come in the resealable pack which ensures that they stay fresh. Furthermore, they release a pleasant lemon smell after the washing, but the smell doesn’t stick to the dishes. Overall, they are a pretty rounded product.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Doesn’t leave a white residue
  • Good value for money

    4) Finish Classic Dishwasher Tablets

    Finish dishwasher tablets are back again on our list. These come with 110 dishwasher tablets in one package. They can effectively clean tea stains and coffee stains. The tablets are wrapped individually to keep them as fresh as possible. A small percentage of customers have argued that the dishwasher tablets leave the white residue on the dishes because of the powder part of the dishwasher tablets. The powder can also affect the dishwasher if it’s not totally soluble as it leaves the residue on the inside of the machine. Others have a positive outlook and think that the value for the price is good – and we agree.


    • Individually wrapped tablets
    • Good value for the price
    • Resealable packaging
    • Leaves white residue
    • Lemon scent

    5) Fairy Original All-in-One Dishwasher Tablets Regular

    Fairy is a well-known brand when it comes to dish cleaning. Their dishwasher tablets for dishwashers are well known and not without a reason. These dishwasher tablets will take care of your dishwasher and of your dishes. The dishwasher will be left smelling nice and refreshing after the wash. The dishwasher tablets also provide the salt and rinse aid action that will help you maintain your dishwasher easily. When it comes to your dishes, the tabs have glass and silver protection, they will successfully deal with tough stains and greasy or dried sauces. The dishwasher tablets are easy to use and don’t require to be unwrapped. The only thing that may concern you is the taste residue that a very small percentage of users have complained about.


    • Glass and silver protection
    • Rinse aid action
    • Deals with grease successfully
    • May leave chemical taste residue


    6) Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets Lemon

    Fairy platinum dishwasher tablets are made to tackle the worst of the worst. They deal with limescale, grease, and dry residues. They are good for the health of your dishwasher as they clean grease from the filters, they have salt and rinse aid action. Your glass and silver dishes will be safe – the dishwasher tablets contain glass and silver protection. When used, they don’t require to be unwrapped and they will release fresh, lemon smell which doesn’t stay on the dishes. The tabs also prevent grease buildup on different parts of the dishwasher. They contain non-ionic surfactants, bleaching agents, phosphonates, enzymes, citronellol, limonene, and some more additional substances. They will be productive even in the short-cycle cleaning.


    • Good for dishwasher health
    • Silver and glass protection
    • No need for unwrapping
    • Can be used for short-cycle washes


      7) CLARO All-in-1 – Phosphate Free Eco Dishwasher Tablets

      The tablets are wrapped in biodegradable and water-soluble wrapping, and they don’t have to be taken out of the wrapping before using. There are 70 tabs in the package. When using these dishwasher tablets, you don’t need to pre-rinse the dishes. The tabs are phosphate, chlorine, and palm-oil free, chlorine-free and they are vegan. The tabs have three layers. The first one works against the coffee and tea stain removal and fight limescale. The second layer has active oxygen and keeps the dishwasher itself clean. The third layer has citric acid and a low-temperature activator. Even the packaging is eco-friendly.


      • Eco-friendly
      • Removes limescale
      • Instructions aren’t in English

      8) Ecozone Ultra Dishwasher Tablets

      These dishwasher tablets are made to fight the stubborn residue dried and baked food residue that we all know needs a lot of time to soak first and foremost. That’s not the case with those tabs. They deal well with the grease, don’t leave the spots and there isn’t any smell on the dishes or glasses after the wash. They are manufactured without any animal testing – they are cruelty-free certified and plant-based. Keep in mind that directions for short-cycle and normal-cycle usage differ. In the first case, you should place the tab on the floor of the dishwasher, and in the second you should put it at the typical place.


      • No smell afterward
      • Cruelty-free certified
      • May not dissolve well

      9) Amazon Brand – Presto! Automatic Dishwashing tablets All in One

      Amazon Presto! Tablets are efficient and they will effectively dissolve the grease on your dishes. You won’t need the pre-washing or additional touch-ups. The dishwasher tablet does not need to be taken out of their wrapping since it will dissolve in water. The tabs also remove the odour and add a fresh smell. If you’re worried about your glass dishes – don’t be, the Presto! Tabs feature glass protection. Presto! is a popular brand of dishwashing tabs, and many customers feel like they offer a great price-for-money product and can compete with bigger brands.


      • Good value for money
      • Glass protection
      • Odor-removing
      • Individually wrapped
      • Hard-to-read Instructions
      • Work better with longer cycles

      10) Svelto Dishwasher Tablets

      Svelto dishwasher tablets offer a quick-drying action thanks to the drying agents. Those same agents also prevent the water spots from appearing on the dish surface. If you use this dishwasher tablet, you don’t need to pre-rinse or add salt or shine, the tablets cover all the fronts. The only exception is if you live in the area with the hard water, and in that case, you should add salt. Anti-smear is another feature that contributes to the good looks of the dishes after the use of these tablets. One box contains tablets for 117 washes.


      • Quick-drying
      • No need for pre-rinse
      • Anti-smear action
      • Adding salt is required if you use hard water


      Buyer’s guide


      If you are concerned about an environment when using dishwashers tablets, you’d want to get the products that reflect your beliefs and from which the environment can benefit. There are dishwasher tablets that don’t use plastic, that are biodegradable and whose wrappings are soluble in water. When purchasing tablets it’s wise to take a look at the ingredients content, since it’s the one that can tell you the most about the eco-friendliness. Soluble wrappings also make the process easier since you don’t have to remember to take them off, and if you put them in the application tray, you won’t have to do the washing all over again.


      Apart from being good for the environment, a dishwashing tablet can also have a certificate which shows that no animal-cruelty was part of the process. As many makeup and pharmacological products are being tested on them, more and more brands choose not to follow that path lately, and people look up to them and search for an example. If this is of importance for you, know that you can find tablets that are animal-cruelty free.

      Cold water efficiency

      Some tablets won’t fully dissolve in cold water or live up to the task. If some of your dishes require washing in cold water, or you prefer it like that to avoid heating the water and reduce the cost. Most of the dishwasher heats the water themselves if you don’t bring it hot water. It gets it to 120-140 degrees because larger temperatures kill the germs.

      Short and normal cycle efficiency

      Sometimes the tabs won’t dissolve if you put your dishwasher on short-cycle mode. Some of the manufacturers advise that you put the tablet on the bottom of the dishwasher when you are using that mode because it helps the tab dissolve and reaches the Powerball in the middle. Some of the manufacturers simply state that they don’t work in the short-cycle mode, and if you use it often, then move on. The tabs won’t dissolve totally and not all chemicals will have enough time to do the necessary work.

      White spots residue

      Most of the time, problems that we encounter with tablets are that they leave the white spots on our silverware and glassware. That’s mostly due to the hard water which leaves the mineral buildup. It won’t threaten your health, but it does look dirty and requires us to do extra work after the dishes have already been washed in the machine. If this troubles you, make sure that you read the reviews, especially from the part of the country where you live since the whole area may have a problem with the hard water. They will tell you whether the tabs deal effectively with the white spots.

      Number of tabs per package

      It’s easy to forget that you are buying the tabs for everyday use. Make sure that the package you are getting has enough tabs for a month, and estimate whether the cost of that package is something you are willing to pay every month.

      Tips to maximize your washing effect

      Don’t overload the dishwasher

      Overloading the dishwasher can prevent the water from reaching all the places that it normally would. This can cause improper cleaning, and you will keep asking yourself why doesn’t the machine work, and why you use the dishwasher after all if you need to do the touch-ups. The reality is, you’re not using it properly or you need a better or new dishwasher.

      Arrange dishes properly

      To get the most out of your cleaning experience, make sure that you arrange the dishes right. There are places that are designed to hold the dishes still, preventing them from moving, and thus scratching, breaking, and further damage. By arranging dishes as they’re meant to be arranged you’re also preventing overloading. When it comes to the bigger dishes, make sure that you place them at the spot where the water is hitting the strongest. Locate the spraying hose and plan accordingly.

      Wash when the dishwasher is fully loaded

      Washing only when the dishwasher is fully loaded will help you save the water and pay smaller bills. It reduces the overall waste of the household.

      Place the tab at the right place, follow instructions

      Tabs manufacturers know how they behave and you should follow the instructions when it comes to placing them. Many people put the tabs in the dishwasher, and that’s fine. It works for some tabs and some dishwashers. But to achieve the maximum results, follow the instructions. The tabs are designed to dissolve in a certain order to achieve the effective rinsing and cleaning, and for the end, to add shine.

      Be careful about which dishes you wash in the dishwasher

      Not all dishes will benefit from the dishwasher treatment. Moreover, some will become damaged. China and hand-painted dishes are some of them. Usually, they are very valuable and treasured dishes, sometimes being part of generation-long traditions. Damaging them can be heartbreaking. Apart from artistic dishes, don’t forget about nonstick pans and generally dishes that have some sort of coating. Chemicals and temperature can cause those layers to dissolve and strip the pan of its special feature. Sharp knives can go blunt. Milk glass can take on a yellow color. Some plastic and acrylic objects shouldn’t be washed in a dishwasher as well. Wood should always be washed by hand.

      Frequently asked questions

      Q) How to stop white residue from forming on my dishes? 

      A) Clean the dishwasher from the current mineral buildup This problem is most common in the areas where the water is hard. To get rid of the minerals on your dishes, you first have to get rid of the buildups in your washing machine. This can be done with some cleaning products, but it can just as easily be done with the vinegar.

      To do that, you want to run the empty dishwasher, but just before the dishwasher is to let the water inside, and the basin is full, pour the vinegar inside and continue with the same cycle. This will cause the vinegar to mix with water and reach all the nooks and crannies of the dishwasher that come in contact with the dishes. The acid will react with the minerals and the buildups will dissolve.

      Q) What is Rinse aid? 

      A) Rinse aid is a chemical mixture that will help you lessen the surface tension of the water. Surface tension is a tendency of the liquid to shrink, and the surface becomes stronger which makes it possible to hold up a certain weight. This property affects many liquids’ behaviours. This causes water to form into droplets, and the rinse aid prevents the water from forming into droplets and leaving the white spots.

       Q) How can I reduce the cost caused by the dishwasher?

      A) Firstly, you can try to use cold water to pre-rinse the dishes. It will lessen the need for the full cycle which uses the hot water. Try to use short-cycle mode more and pay attention to whether your dishwasher has a “power saver” option. If so, turn it on.

      Don’t load half of the dishwasher and let it do the work. This doubles your cost, as the same amount of water is going to be used, regardless of how many dishes you put in. Wait for the washing machine to become full and then turn it on. If this leaves some of the dishes to wait for the next round, so be it. It’s worth noting that in cases like this, it’s all about developing a strategy. Try to put the harder-to wash dishes first, since letting them wait will only make them even harder to rinse.


      Dishwasher tabs can affect many things. They may seem small, but in reality, each of us contributes to a greater picture. I like the eco-friendly and cruelty-free tabs. They can be a personal contribution, like switching from plastic to non-plastic household, to the environment. It’s a contribution that’s easily incorporable and doesn’t require any effort apart from finding a quality brand for your dishwasher. Secondly, the appropriate tabs can make a great difference in how your dishes look. The keyword here is appropriate. If you are using the cold water, you might benefit more from a different brand than someone who’s using the hot water.

      And finally, having the appropriate tools for a job is not only desirable, but it’s also necessary. Right tablets will lessen the work that you need to do after the dishwasher has already finished, saving you time and energy that you can invest elsewhere.

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