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Best Cutting Compound UK

Metal surfaces of cars tend to lose their paint over time and develop scratches and scuffs. There are plenty of other painting defects as well that can degrade the quality of your car paint. It is essential to find a permanent and durable solution. To prevent your car paint from turning into severe condition, and restore its prominence and aesthetics by using the right product.

The cutting compound is an essential product that you can use to remove those stubborn marks from your paintwork. It is quite hard to remove the scratches without damaging the surface, and that’s where a rubbing/cutting compound comes at your rescue.

These products are made with the superior quality liquid formulation that rightly works on the affected areas and does the work. It is essential to buy a quality product that can provide you with a series of features. There are many cutting/rubbing compounds in the market that are meant for different uses. It is essential to get hands-on your ideal product by looking into the quality features of each product.

This article will help you make a better decision regarding the ideal cutting compound for your distinctive application. 

Best Cutting Compound in the UK 

Cutting compound products have proven to be beneficial for car owners. There are plenty of products from different brands in the market that can further confuse you to make a well-informed decision. To further ease your hassle, we have reviewed the top 10 cutting compounds that will give a better understanding of the product. Without further ado, let’s dive in-:

#1 Farecla G3 Rubbing Compound Regular Cutting Paste

If you are looking for a professional cutting compound that can provide you with a superior liquid formula for the efficient finish, Farecla G3 is one of the top picks in the market known for its dynamic performance. Every customer is looking for a cutting compound that can provide a clean finish and maximum marks removal. When it comes to cutting capabilities, Farecla G3 has got plenty of features that make it a favoured pick among the customers.

One of the significant highlights of Farecla G3 is removing 1,500 grits or other fine markings on the paintwork. The Farecla G3 is made from a trusted formula that has bagged it a popular name in the market. For years, Farecla G3 has emerged as a professional cutting compound. Whether you are looking for a hand or machine application, Farecla G3 is a great product option. It is suitable for all paints, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right cutting compound. Apart from that, Farecla G3 can also be used to restore the headlights.

When it comes to cutting a compound, people are always worried about the permanent finish. Farecla G3, on the other hand, will provide you with a scratch-free finish and excellent gloss as well. Being a silicone-free formula, Farecla G3 becomes a trusted product.

  • Removes 1500 finer grit marks
  • Ideal for hand and machine application
  • High gloss system
  • Silicone Free
  • You might have to apply more coat


#2 Commandant 1830653 C35 Rubbing Compound

Next up in the line is yet another credible product that has bagged ample acclamation for its quality manufacture. Commandant is a famous brand name for the past 75 years. It is one of the trusted cutting compounds that is used to bring back the lost shine and provide an amazing finishing touch in your paintwork. Generally, people use a rubbing compound to give their car a smooth and finished look, and this particular Commandant’s rubbing compound will help your car paint restore its shine and give a glossy touch.

It is a Dutch premium brand that is known for its high quality, fast delivery and low price. All the products from Commandant abide by the quality norms and regulations. This particular Commandant rubbing compound has a highly abrasive formula that facilitates superior finish and a glossy look. It is essential to use this rubbing compound as a little will go a long way.

It is not particularly ideal for machine application; you would have to apply it with your hands to get the enhanced finish. Commandant 1830653 C35 Rubbing Compound is perfect for all stubborn stains and scratches. It is essential to understand that aggressive application can result in damaging your paintwork. So, it is better to remain gentle with the product.

  • Perfect abrasive compound
  • High quality
  • Value for money
  • Ideal for all paintwork
  • Not for machine application
  • Aggressive usage can result in damage.


#3 3M Perfect-it III Extra Fine Cutting Compound

There are instances where even slightest scratch on your paintwork can ruin its overall look. That’s when you need a fine cutting compound that can adhere to those light scratches and provide a finer finish. If you are looking for such cutting compound that gives an extra fine cutting experience, then you should probably think about 3M Perfect-it III Extra Fine Compound. Just like the name suggests, this particular cutting compound is designed for those light scratches. You would not want to aggressively work on your paint to remove bare minimum scratches. 3M Perfect-it is made just for those light scratches that needed to be treated lightly.

One of the significant advantages of 3M Extra Fine Cutting Compound is its easy application. Unlike other cutting compounds that might require supervision from an expert applier, you can use 3M Perfect-it by yourself. It is ideally designed to remove all the paint rectification work without any hassle or discomfort. From swirl mark, light scratches, to pain defect, 3M Perfect-it can work wonders for all sorts of painting malfunction.

Apart from rectifying the errors, 3M Extra Fine Cutting Compound is also known for its magnificent final polishing that gives a shiny and glossy finish. Compared to other compounds, 3M is less aggressive; that’s the reason customers prefer this product for all types of light scratch removal. You don’t need to visit your mechanic to mend your car paintwork; all you need is to buy 3M Extra Fine Cutting Compound that is way too easy to use even for beginners.

  • Ideal for light scratches
  • Perfect glossy finish
  • Easy application
  • Compounding pad
  • Not good for massive paint defects
  • Excess exposure might result in dizziness


#4 Farecla G3 Rubbing Compound Regular Cutting Paste Tube

You might not always have the time to fill those scratches that might appear suddenly. It is essential to have a pocket solution that will work anywhere. There’s no doubt in asserting that Farecla is a great brand that has been providing customers with reliable cutting compound for years. Their credibility and quality are well known for its products. Next up in the list is a fantastic product from Farecla G3 series that will work wonders over the on-spot application as well. It is primarily created for both fresh and cured paintwork. You will hardly find any cutting compound that can work well on fresh paint.

Farecla G3 Rubbing Compound is made with an advanced liquid solution that comes in paste form and starts working directly on the scratches. It promises a seamless removal of P1500 abrasive marks. This particular product is available in 400g tubes that you can always keep handy for all your scratch removal work. G3 Regular Grade Paste Cutting Compound works best on OEM and refine paint systems. It is one of the versatile cutting compounds that you would find in the market that can be used by machine and hand.

Being silicone-free and providing reliable cut, Farecla G3 has emerged as a promising product that tops the chart of the best cutting compound in the market. You can expect a complete gloss finish after using this paste compound. It has no fillers, ensure your scratches won’t appear again.

  • Removes P1500 abrasive marks
  • Glossy finish
  • Silicone free
  • Ideal for hand and machine use
  • Best for OEM and refinish paint system
  • Not for bulk use


#5 Molyslip MCC Metal Cutting Compound

Everyone’s need from a cutting compound is different from others. Hence, it is essential to find a cutting compound that can work for different situations. So far, we have discussed rubbing/cutting compound which is generally available in paste or liquid form which can be used with hands or machines. Molyslip MCC Metal Cutting Compound brings a brand new soft paste formula that you can use with a brush or dip application. It is ideally designed for heavy-duty metalwork, including drilling, tapping, and reaming.

Molyslip MCC is made with a high-performance lubricant that makes it perfect for the metal works. The soft paste is made with highly concentrated lubricant mixtures that are created under extreme pressure. Molyslip MCC also has anti-wear additives that provide an excellent finish.

If you are looking for a metal cutting compound that can protect your surface from damage and wear, Molyslip MCC is the right pick for you. The correct application of Molyslip will also help in extending the life of your paintwork.

  • Ideal for dip and brush supplication
  • Liquid, paste and aerosol form
  • Anti-wear performance
  • Excellent finish
  • Not meant for everyday wear and tear


#6 Farecla G3 Premium Liquid Compound

Farecla has emerged as a name synonymous to quality cutting compounds. The brand has been known to manufacture reliable and efficient cutting compounds that work for different situations. This premium liquid compound from Farecla is made from an advanced formula that provides it with superior capabilities for removing abrasive marks. It is a long-lasting cutting compound that can help in removing even the stubbornest marks and cuts.

You can use this cutting compound for different types of paints without worrying about its efficiency or durability. Another significant advantage of using Farecla G3 Premium Liquid Compound is that it is super easy to use and wipe off from the surface, reducing your mess. The brand also promises to remove P1500 sanding marks, swirls, etc., from different types of modern paint.

It not only cleans the surface, but it also provides a glossier finish, so that your surface looks new as ever. G3 Premium has a transparent solution; it lets you work easily on the affected areas. With Farecla G3 Premium, you can avail faster and durable results.

  • Easy to use and wipe off
  • Permanent marks removal
  • Long-lasting and powerful application
  • P1500 abrasion removal
  • Handle with proper care to avoid damage


#7 CT-90 Cutting and Tapping Compound

The cutting compound is used to remove the scratches and abrasion on a surface. But what if your cutting compound can do more than just removing the abrasion? CT-90 Cutting and Tapping Compound is a superior quality product which is basically a lubricant fluid that can withstand extreme pressure. It is used for removing the chips of metal and allows swarf on the surface. The easy to use application makes CT-90 a preferred product in the market.

You do not have to put many efforts using CT-90 over the hardest metal. It helps in giving a smooth and fine finish on the surface that you will hardly get with any other product. The fluid is formulated to suit different types of steels and ceramics. So, no matter whatever surface type you have, CT-90 Cutting and Tapping compound will always do its magic.

Customers generally prefer CT-90 for hard metal application and improved cutting efficiency. If you have any abrasion removal work on a harsh surface, CT-90 Cutting and Tapping Compound will make sure that you get the required finish and smooth surface.


  • Suitable for different types of materials
  • Easy application
  • Extreme durability
  • Ideal for high tensile steel
  • Not meant for light use


#8 Mother’s MO Professional Rubbing Compound

Everyone wants to complete their abrasion and scratch removal work as soon as possible. There are plenty of rubbing compounds that need time to blend with the surface perfectly. Mother’s MO Rubbing Compound is best known for instant result and easy application. It is one of those rubbing compounds in the market that works efficiently on stubborn water spots, car wash scratches and other paint defects with its heavy oxidation. You can also use this rubbing compound for reconditioning your paint and removing the normal wear and damage.

Mother’s MO rubbing compound is specially made for professional use as it can easily work on the factory-applied paint as well. It can help in clearing clots and provide a smoother finish. Not just cleaning the mess, Mother’s MO Rubbing Compound leaves an enhanced gloss and impeccable finish on any surface.

Irrespective of the type of surface you have, Mother’s MO rubbing Compound’s formulation will make sure that it gets the work done more efficiently. The professional application of this rubbing compound further makes it a favoured pick.

  • Clear clots and remove water spots
  • Heavy oxidation formula
  • Designed for professional use as well
  • Enhanced gloss
  • Excess exposure can result in skin dryness and cracking


#9 Farecla G10-500 Fine Compound

Farecla has yet again proven that the brand dominates the cutting and rubbing compound products’ market. So far, our list includes plenty of Farecla products that are best known for their excellent finish and superior removal efficiency. This particular Farecla product is a finishing compound which is ideally preferred for its smoother finish. Available in a 500ml bottle, this liquid compound will answer all your requirements regarding spot removal and fine-tuning the surface.

Irrespective of the surface material, Farecla G10 will make sure it leaves a glossy shine and ultimate finish. If you have been struggling with the issue of discolouring in your products, Farecla G10 can help you bring back the colours. It is ideal for both hand and machine use, so you can use it according to your preference and effectiveness.

Just like any other Farecla product, G10 Fine Compound promises you to provide superior abrasion removal that lasts long. Whether you want to apply it on steel or any other metal, the advanced liquid formulation will provide a better and efficient removal work.

  • Glossy finish
  • Addresses discolouring issue
  • Ideal for both hand and machine use
  • Some substances can be allergic


#10 Exact 05266 Cutting Paste

When you are using any cutting compound there have high chances of wear and damage that can be severe for the material surface. Exact Cutting Paste is an efficient companion for power tool accessories used in cutting metal. It is a compact cutting paste that you can easily carry for emergency use. It also ensures that the material and the tool used to cut does not overheat and damage the surface.

It is a recommended product for those who use cutting metal and other power tool accessories as it minimises the wear and damage that can be caused to the material. Exact Cutting Paste can be efficiently used on hard and brittle material due to its advanced formulation. It gives a long-lasting life to the metal cutting accessories by minimising the damage.

If you are worried about the separation and cooling during the metal cutting, you should definitely start using Exact Cutting Paste to ensure everything falls into the right place.

  • Ideal for metal cutting accessories
  • Easy to use on brittle and hard materials
  • Prevent wear and damage
  • Harmful for aquatic beings


Best Cutting Compound in The UK – A Quick Buying Guide

You would find a wide range of cutting compound products in the market that are meant for different purposes and have various features. Some are ideal for hand use while others will give your glossy finish. It is essential to make a well-informed decision by getting hands on the right product. When you are searching for that ideal cutting compound, there are plenty of factors that you must take into consideration in order to make a smart purchase. Here we have created a quick buying guide for you that will highlight the factors that you must look into each product.

  • Application

It is essential to prioritise the need for easy application in a cutting compound. You would not want to create a mess while working, so it is necessary to look for products that claim to offer easy applications. Products with superior liquid formulation are said to be easier to apply. Look for cutting compounds that are easy to apply and offer faster results to avoid the hassle of clearing the mess afterwards.

  • Suitable Surface

When you are buying a cutting compound, make sure to ascertain its suitable surface types. For instance, some cutting compounds only work on steel surfaces, while others can be used on ceramics and other metals. Hence, it is good to look for products that support a number of surfaces. Instead of buying the wrong cutting compound, it is better to act smart earlier and get the detailed information regarding the product.

  • Smooth Finish

Every cutting compound should leave a smooth finish, but not all products can promise you that. It is essential to complete the abrasion work without leaving any trail, and that’s why it is essential to prioritise smoother finish. There are plenty of cutting compound products in the market that not only offer a smooth finish but add a glossy touch to the surface. You must always fall for such products.

  • Hand or Machine Use

Cutting compounds can be used with hands and machines both. But not all brands will provide you with that facility. Some only offer hand usage and others might provide you with both. It depends on you as a buyer to decide whether you need a hand or machine application while purchasing a cutting compound.

  • Brand

It is not always necessary to be brand specific, but some quality brands make it impossible to look past their products. Some of the credible names in the market have bagged ample popularity with their reliable products. It is essential to go for those credible brands that have already established their names and customers have given great reviews about them. To get the best quality product, you can sometimes be a little brand specific.

  • Reviews and Recommendation

To verify the veracity of any product, it is good to rely on reviews and recommendations. Ask your family and friends regarding the cutting compounds that they have been using. By taking suggestions from plenty of people, you will be able to streamline a bunch of products that will make it further easier for you to make a decision. You can check the reviews of a particular product before making a purchase.

  • Cost

Another essential factor that you must not ignore is the cost of the product. Though there are some amazing products in the market that might charge you hefty, you must not equate price tag with quality. It is essential to remain open to the options available in the market and choose the one that falls into your budget. You must have a budget in your mind for your cutting compound; it will help you in filtering the products according to that budget.


Nobody likes the marks and scratches on their metal surfaces. Be it your car or any other metal surface; it is essential to ensure that the surface remains smoother and scratches free. That’s where you would need a cutting compound which ensures efficient abrasion removal. There are plenty of products in the market that claim to provide a superior solution; it depends on you as a buyer to weigh all the factors before making a final decision.

The above mentioned were the top 10 picks of the best cutting compound that you can find in the UK and fulfil your requirements. Go through each product and conduct independent research before concluding.

In case you are struggling to find answers to the questions regarding the products of the buying guide, you can connect with us anytime. We are here to help.

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