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Best Cordless Phone UK

These days, we may all have mobiles in our pockets, but a traditional cordless phone still has its place for landline calls. When talking to family and friends, or calling customer services with a problem, it is also cheaper and more convenient than a smartphone. And organizations with current landline infrastructures may not be ready to move to VoIP systems or mobile devices.

And the good news is that today’s best cordless handsets are more flexible than ever, taking on some of the smartphone models and features we identify with. This includes detailed contact lists and answering machines, plus nuisance caller handling measures. Some phones allow you to whitelist trusted numbers so that, while blocking all others, you will still get their calls; other systems enable you to screen calls before answering them so that you can verify who is calling before talking to them.

As we dig under the manufacturer’s hype to uncover the truth about the new cordless phones, our thorough analysis and testing procedure requires over 50 separate checks and measurements. We go further than everyone else in our cordless phone tests – carefully testing how far the range can go, how convenient it is to use, making calls to and from a reference phone. At the same time, our expert panel checks the sound quality with professional equipment at both ends of the line. We also perform a comprehensive reliability survey during the year to talk to thousands of home phone owners to find out more about long-term use from individuals who know the phones best. This huge undertaking helps us recognize the top brands of cordless phones that you can rely on and report on those whose standards have risen or fallen, allowing you to make a more informed choice before you part with your hard-earned cash.

When searching for a new cordless phone for your landline, there is a range of things to remember. You couldn’t live without the must-have features, the number of handsets needed, or the range necessary for your home’s size.

This can be perfect if you have friends or family living overseas and would like to use your broadband link to take advantage of lower foreign call rates. Few forms of Nuisance Call Blocking are now available on most cordless phones, but some are more robust than others. It’s easy to get the best deal as we track our prices daily to ensure you get the best offer. We also give the Price Match Guarantee, so we will match it if you find it cheaper elsewhere.

Top 10 Cordless Phone UK

1. Gigaset C570A

Gigaset C570A

Gigaset C570A

Our Best 2021 Cordless Phone. Do you need a new cordless phone and would you like to know that your money is well spent? You could spend hours agonizing about different options, reading endless reviews of clients and expert opinions. Or you might only go for the Siemens Gigaset Premium C570A, No.1 on our list. With its compact and elegant design, it will immediately impress and blow you away with the excellent sound quality on calls and an outstanding full-duplex loudspeaker. Gigaset’s latest phone has been launched and has been extremely successful since its release, garnering high praise from many of our clients. It features a beautifully wide 2.2-inch full-colour display, a flexible stand-alone answering machine platform, and a range of premium DECT features that make it the year’s most desirable home phone.


  • Best-in-class HD-sound full-duplex loudspeaker.
  • A big 2.2-inch TFT colour monitor with a modern user interface.
  • Extra-large phonebook: up to 200 contacts per entry with three numbers.
  • Stop nuisance callers by adding to a blacklist unique numbers.
  • Stand-alone flexible base with integrated answering machine.
  • The concept looks fine.
  • Exceptional on-call voice.
  • One year warranty.
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Easy to setup.
  • Phone dead after six month
  • Giga set unable to be used.

2. Panasonic KX-TGC213EB Trio 

Panasonic KX-TGC213EB Trio

Panasonic KX-TGC213EB Trio 

The Panasonic XK-TGJ320EB is an excellent cordless phone that has been suggested as a Which? The Best Buy. We were impressed with the TGJ320’s high-class architecture and impressive features, including advanced Nuisance Call Blocking, which allows you to block individual numbers as well as calls from withheld numbers (or whole groups of numbers based on the first two to eight digits). Typically, Panasonic phones perform well in our tests for sound quality, so it was no surprise that the XK-TGJ320 received top marks for call clarity. The phone also features a duplex speaker, so hands-free calls are excellent. The 1.8″ full-colour display, integrated answering machine and shared phonebook are further advantages” (in packs of two handsets or more). The Panasonic XK-TGJ320EB, top-rated by experts and customers alike, is unlikely to disappoint.


  • Blocking of Nuisance Call
  • Caller ID Talking
  • For up to 250 contacts, the phonebook
  • Wide full-colour show of 1.8
  • Answering system with a recording time of up to 40 minutes
  • Easy to set up
  • Reliable product
  • Good phones twin headset
  • Simple and Elderly Friendly
  • Little sound
  • The ringer is too long

3. BT Elements 1 km Range IP67 Rated Cordless Phone

BT Elements 1 km Range IP67 Rated Cordless Phone

BT Elements 1 km Range IP67 Rated Cordless Phone

The BT Elements 1K Weatherproof Cordless Phone is certainly the best option if the range is a problem or you want to use your cordless phone outdoors in all kinds of weather. There are so many features in this easy to use a long-range handset, but the one that sets it apart from the rest of this list is its impressive splash and dust proofing. Rated IP67, it can handle virtually everything that life can throw at it. The BT Elements 1K is also compatible with GAP, meaning that any matching handsets can be registered to its base station. Up to five handsets can be connected this way, making it a perfect option for those with larger properties and lots of rooms. This cordless phone is also a perfect choice for casual users, with up to 10 hours of talk time and 250 hours paid on standby. If all you need is a reliable cordless telephone, the BT Elements 1K provides that and so much more. The BT Elements 1K is the ideal phone for any busy household with a backlit screen to make it easy to read, and the possibility to save up to 30 numbers on redial.


  • Outdoor Range of Up to 1km
  • 50 Calling Numbers List
  • Splash and Evidence of Dust (IP67 rated)
  • Installed Nuisance Call Blocking technology
  • Phone range is good.
  • Design and all overlook good.
  • Customer is very satisfied with this phone.
  • Poor Base holder
  • Bad quality of speech and poor coverage of distances.

4. Yealink SIP-W52H Cordless Phone

Yealink SIP-W52H Cordless Phone

Yealink SIP-W52H Cordless Phone

The Yealink W52P is a remote-based IP cordless phone: mount its base to your IP line and position the handset anywhere you want. This model lets you simultaneously makeup to 4 calls and handle 5 SIP accounts. Finally, up to 4 additional phone handsets can be attached to it so that you can take advantage of the following characteristics: call transfers, free in-house communications, 3-way conferencing, etc.


  • Exceptional HD sound with technology for wideband.
  • Up to 4 Simultaneous External Calls.
  • Up to 5 Accounts for VoIP.
  • 1.8″ colour monitor with an intuitive user interface.
  • Speak time of 11 hours, standby time of 120 hours.
  • Easy to setup
  • Excellent product
  • Great Add-on Wireless Headset.
  • Good Service
  • Unable to connect to your base station.

5. Doro PhoneEasy 100W DECT Cordless Phone

Doro PhoneEasy 100W DECT Cordless Phone

Doro PhoneEasy 100W DECT Cordless Phone

The Doro PhoneEasy features big, widely spaced buttons and a brightness and readability level that make it suitable for visually impaired users.

The smartphone has a built-in hearing loop for those who require help hearing. The Audio Boost button will raise the volume to a +10dB. Maximum loudness amplification: 30dB Total ring volume of 90 decibels.


  • HAC. (hearing aid compatible)
  • Place memory – 5
  • Pre dialling
  • Irreplaceable memories – 2
  • Phonebook locations are twenty.
  • Volume standard for a smartphone.
  • Speaker volume control: 5
  • Ringer volume settings include: 5 through 8
  • Good easy to use the phone.
  • Good elderly phone
  • A clear and loud voice
  • In this too many buttons.
  • Horror-inducing ringtones, to the detriment of those with impaired hearing.

6. Fixed Landline Cordless Phone

Fixed Landline Cordless Phone

Fixed Landline Cordless Phone

One-click quick dialling, automatic answering,sub-machine expansion, free intercom, key lock. The white backlit display screen, the dark atmosphere at night tends to remain clear, set the alarm time, backlight brightness adjustment, the operation is extremely easy.

All sorts of ringtone preferences, volume control, and one-button muting turn the ringer switch on/off, for a quiet rest area. Multiple variations can be introduced like cordless landline telephone and wireless telephone with the wired foundation, remote calls, wider coverage.


  • Hand-free calling.
  • Multiple types of ringtone selection.
  • Fast dialling 
  • Automatic answering.
  • Key lock
  • It utilizes a rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride battery.
  • Multiple colours.
  • It’s not multiple uses.

7. BT Home Phone with Nuisance Call Blocking

BT Home Phone with Nuisance Call Blocking

BT Home Phone with Nuisance Call Blocking

The Advanced Phone, operated by the award-winning TrueCall’s operation. Have the ability to recognize which calls are to be managed and which are to be blocked. Smartphone with 100 per cent caller-blocking and voice mail responding.

Nice quality sound with the hands-free speaker. A 12-minute automated voice message answering system with remote access.


  • Block up to a thousand numbers.
  • Remarkable sound quality.
  • Fast set up.
  • Hand-free speaker.
  • Long-distance reception, up to 300m outside, up to 50m indoors.
  • Twenty-two speech hours or 240 standby hours.
  • Listen to see if you have a second call pending.
  • The easy screen displays reminders when you have notifications.
  • Confidential Call Block Button.
  • Obtain up to 200 new connections.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Good quality
  • Nice built-in response type.
  • Good looking phone
  • Excellent phone
  • Stop working after six months.
  • Poor sound quality.

8. Binatone Veva Dect Cordless Phone

Binatone Veva Dect Cordless Phone

Binatone Veva Dect Cordless Phone

The Viva 1700 is a cordless phone with state-of-the-art features including voice mail, caller ID, and call limitation. This durable phone features last five number redial, five ringtones, four ways to send and receive messages and a two-line monitor. With 7 hours talk time and 0 hours of standby time, you are given plenty of battery power and can store your last ten calls.

A basic DECT home phone with call blocking features. Caller ID defines who called the previous number, while the last number redial decides who called the previous number. A 100-page phonebook memory allows you to store up to 100 phone numbers and 10 hours of talk time with all of your near contacts. A cordless telephone means no more cords to tie up the room.


  • 100 thorough memory information.
  • Ten rings.
  • The last number, redial.
  • Caller ID
  • Caller Log
  • Ringer regulation prevention.
  • Up to 10 hours of talk time/100 hours of standby.
  • Up to 50 metres indoors/300 metres outdoors
  • Out of range indicator message
  • Low battery alarm.
  • Two blocks the particular types of calls and numbers specified. G. Disallowed phone numbers.
  • The manufacturer’s one year warranty.
  • Its good little phone.
  • Good stuff
  • Good looking phone.
  • No LCD backlight.
  • Its heavy phone.

9. iDECT Loop Plus Cordless Telephone

iDECT Loop Plus Cordless Telephone

iDECT Loop Plus Cordless Telephone

In addition to being well-designed, the direct Loop Plus cordless phone is eye-catching. The futuristic-looking phone rests on the base station’s looped support. But does the odd appearance impact how convenient it is to use? Read on to see the results from our test.

The iDECT Loop Plus telephone is stylish. This phone comes with a built-in answering machine, caller ID, hands-free speakerphone, and a backlit monitor. It has a hundred name and number phone book and call blocker.

This phone comes with an integrated phone blocking feature, thus reducing your distractions with calls and texts. The function allows you to put 20 numbers into the block and unblock lists. You can select which mode you would like to allow.


  • Call blocking system.
  • Stylish design
  • Answer machine
  • Backlit display.
  • Last 5 number redial
  • Caller ID
  • Batteries included: 2 x AA
  • Up to 100 telephone directory.
  • Stylish headset
  • Good audio quality
  • Compact phone
  • Elegant phone
  • The answering machine gives after six months.

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10. Gigaset S30852-H2762-L121 Cordless

Gigaset S30852-H2762-L121 Cordless

Gigaset S30852-H2762-L121 Cordless

The Gig package S30852 has the perfect grip that will last all day and guarantees efficient contact in any demanding setting. Purposeful language use by AVICT of a Rock Wrestler in a setting with Gig Set Pro. Ideal for professionals in trades and sectors like manufacturing, workshops, labs, warehouses, and factories. The flexible operation involves thick rubber keys when wearing gloves with illuminated alarm and keypad for low light conditions. Compatible with all Gig set pro base stations, Monticello systems, allowing full coverage in many office environments. High-quality audio and one-touch customizable profiles easily adapt to various operating s with 14 hours of talk time and vibration choice for notification in noisy s. The initiative design incorporates high-end audio, and HD voice feature set integrated into the handsets and a hands-free mode to deliver professional communication.


  • Big touch screen monitor.
  • Strong responsive design with two colour schemes.
  • Water and dust resistant up to IP65.
  • Hands-free phone calls and high-quality sound.
  • Tone inputted via a 2.5mm socket.
  • Shock immune, with blinking and vibration warnings.
  • Click when the screen is off.
  • Ringer off choice when in the charger.
  • PIN-unlocked key lock.
  • Software update via web download (SUOTA).
  • For up to 200 contacts (first name, surname and three numbers per contact).
  • Base Station Improve your connectivity.
  • Its compatibility phone.
  • Innovation communication solutions.
  • Big Screen
  • Ringtone is bad.
  • The call begins when you pick up.

Cordless Phone UK Buying Guide

When purchasing a cordless phone, it can be difficult to see the variations between models and their relative benefits. Understanding what to look for when purchasing a DECT cordless phone can be challenging.

When buying a DECT cordless phone, it is important to understand how they function and their key specifications. Here are some key points to remember when buying a DECT cordless phone so you can get the right phone for your situation.

When selecting a new home phone, it’s important to consider different features compatible with personal needs. Cell phones come with several features, but certain people will enjoy some phone elements more than others. We’ve explored the four main characteristics that differentiate the line’s top from the typical cordless phone.

Sound Quality

The priority of a cordless phone is good sound. Unlike cell phones, which are more vulnerable to degradation from signal strength changes, you do not anticipate your landline to be affected by signal strength fluctuations. We provide consumers with ratings on our products, and we constantly test and evaluate new products here on our blog. Learn can models provide the best sound quality and stop having to replace your phone before making your purchase. We specialize in cordless phones and just call, email or live chat away if you have any questions.


Think about the size of your house, and how far you would like to be away from your main phone line to make calls. Most DECT phones have the necessary range for indoor and outdoor use, within certain buildings. However, if you live in an older home with thick walls or have in the past had issues with cordless phone signal coverage, then a long-range cordless phone is a safe option.

Number of Handsets

Many cordless phones today are relatively capable of up to six handsets. Deciding how many phones you need to find a decent price will help you find a reliable service provider. If you are interested in the model but want to add more handsets later, you can check the maximum number of handsets the model is expandable too. Having more than one handset allows you to position one in more than one location. It also provides your home with added features such as call transfer, intercom, phonebook sharing or phonebook transfer, and often more (e.g. baby monitor).

Call Blocking

If you get many unwanted sales calls, you might want to consider the Call Blocking options that your phone has. Many phones now offer Call Blocking, but the features can differ depending on the phone’s manufacturer. You should be able to stop all calls from ringing and restrict which numbers you want to block. Advanced call blocking phones would allow you to block calls by sort, such as spam and telemarketing. International calls, those from withheld numbers, or toll-free numbers. For any call blocking features to work you will need Caller ID allowed on your landline so double-check with your line provider if this can be activated and whether additional fees apply.


How can I expand the range of my phone that is cordless?

They say the devices can operate up to 50 metres away and up to 300 metres away. However, walls can hinder the range because of how thick they are. If you have bad reception, it’s helpful to purchase a separate antenna. (also known as a repeater). Simply position this small box as far away from your base as possible, but still in range. This will provide two times the range for your amplifier. Not all smartphones have the ability to operate with signal boosters. Shop our mobile phone reviews to find out if your phone can operate with the service you want.

What is the best home phone for sound quality?

After making countless calls on every telephone, I can honestly say I heard no difference in the sound quality. Gigaset claims to have the best equalizer feature set, but the layperson would have a tough time hearing any difference between the devices.

Why do people ever use a landline phone?

Just like that, you don’t. The days in which getting a landline was a must are slowly disappearing. Cell phones contracts usually provide more free minutes than landline telephones. They make it much easier to block nuisance calls. Their usefulness is not limited to being at home.

Internet service providers previously needed a landline to connect to your router and transmit data. As a result of fibre-optic broadband becoming more commonplace, the need for cabling for broadband is dying out. Owing to optic fibres’ various qualities, it is not mandatory to have a landline to access the internet.

The most convincing reason to purchase a landline, as described above, is to call the emergency services in a power blackout while my cell phone is down. Still, unless you are a character in a horror movie, that seems like a fairly specific and unlikely collection of circumstances to be in.


Overall, a cordless phone is a perfect option for those who are searching for a way to keep their hands free while making their calls. A cordless phone allows you to use the phone between calls, while a corded phone requires you to be connected to the phone. Using mobile phones for short calls is good, but if you have a call that lasts a long time, a cordless phone is a safer investment.

Today, cordless phone output is as good as that of cabled phones, if not better, once you remain close to a landline base. If you have any ideas for a cordless phone that’s the best, please leave them in the comments below.

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