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Best Cordless Impact Wrench UK

To get the right impact wrench, you need to consider the area where you will be using them. The size, weight and quality of the tool you should look for are different.

They come in several design variations and offers various features. The price of each unit should be viewed as a guide. As such, consider the following questions:

Is it easy to use? How easy is it to control?  How long is battery life? Can you reach all of the functions without adjusting the tools? How powerful is the motor? 

For starters, you want a lightweight cordless impact wrench, which will easily blend in with your task and your environment. These tools are quite light and portable and will be an asset to your workshop.

Depending on the kind of floor you will be working on, you want a tough tool with a solid build. This will allow you to use it in highly restricted areas.

These tools are also equipped with power settings. So you can switch to the pressure setting once you need to work in narrow spaces. This means you will not need to create your own tool management system and you will just use a single tool to access any type of surface.

In assembly tasks, and most especially automotive workshops, pneumatic and air wrenches are popular. But, they tend to be quite weighty and require a corded connection to a power source. Such features do not only limit mobility but also make them bulky and heavy in design. This is why today we appreciate the arrival of cordless impact wrenches, as they eliminate the many drawbacks that come with their corded counterparts.

Cordless power tools are a significant upgrade in the workshop environment. These models do not need an external power source and use a rechargeable battery instead. And though they feature potent motors, they usually come compact, lightweight and easy to carry about. These pros make it easier to use them on scaffolding, overhead, and in places that we’re originally hard to reach with corded tools.

Choosing the best product, however, may seem challenging. Each model, though generally perform the same function, and vary in other aspects. As such, you might wonder how to pick the one with the best torque, how much IPM/RPM you need, and what voltage is most ideal. And in some cases, you have to decide which is most suited for your specific task like say, changing a tire or removing lug nuts.

In this review, you will get a good look at the best cordless impact wrenches in the UK today. Each product has been thoroughly tested, which explains why they raked in so much positive feedback from users. A product guide has also been attached to the review for your consideration. Here, you will learn to identify the best models to select by understanding the essential features to look out for.

Top 10 Cordless Impact Wrench UK

1. Ryobi UK Cordless Impact Drill Wrench

Ryobi Cordless Impact Drill

Ryobi Cordless Impact Drill

The perfect device must come with a blend of comfort, speed, power, and high-quality performance. It must satisfy all requirements and achieve a considerable amount of versatility. That is what this product is all about.

I love how balanced the performance is. With three speed settings, it works on virtually all fastening and unfastening tasks. The motor is exceptionally high-powered and delivers a torque of over 400Nm. Its high IPM also ensures the machine offers optimum resistance while working. And the 1/2 in square drive comes with a locking pin that lets it fit easily in any socket.

I found it quite useful for a wide range of tasks- fixing tires, coupling engines, bolting car doors in place, and so much more. The design is both attractive and efficient, and the weight sits comfortably in my grip when I work. Plus, it features an LED light that assists in the dark. And the trigger settles on the finger without being excessively sensitive.


  • 18 Volts
  • 2900RPM
  • 400Nm torque
  • 3 Speed settings
  • ½ in square drive with locking pin
  • Great power
  • Comfortable handling
  • Perfect for old, rusty, stuck bolts and nuts
  • Needs a higher battery power than recommended

2. Dewalt UK High Torque Cordless Impact Wrench

Dewalt DCF899P2-GB High Torque Cordless Impact Wrench

Dewalt DCF899P2-GB High Torque Cordless Impact Wrench

Force is as essential a feature on cordless impact wrenches as most others. It is the difference between a machine that chickens out over a fight with a stubborn bolt, and one that stands it ground. When seeking a machine that offers an insanely high level of torque, Dewalt is usually my first choice.

Though operating at a power of 18V, this device displayed an incredible level of performance I never expected. Delivering an impact force of 2400IPM, it further wows me with a whopping torque capacity of 950Nm. To top it off, the device permits up to 1625Nm of breakaway torque capacity, for super stubborn screws! Such levels of power make the tool a perfect option for both regular and intensive workshop requirements.

The motor is kept efficient with a powerful fan cooler that prevents overheating. Its Li-Ion battery delivers up to 5Ah, so I got to work quite extensively. I also found the state of charge indicator to be a handy option for checking battery level.


  • 18 Volts
  • 950Nm torque
  • Up to 1625Nm ‘breakaway’ torque capacity
  • 5Ah Li-Ion battery
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Seriously heavy-duty power level
  • The highest of grunt
  • Powerful battery with fast charging
  • Somewhat heavy

3. Makita UK Cordless Impact Wrench

Makita Cordless Impact Wrench

Makita Cordless Impact Wrench

Resilience is another factor I always look out for, and this product has loads of it. Do you notice a slight resistance from the bolt when your machine works? Well, I never did, at least not with this device. And I was quite impressed that such attention was paid to this detail.

I like to believe this has to do with its IPM to RPM ratio. At 3500IPM and 2800RPM, the perfect balance required for more challenging jobs was struck. A high-torque further enhances this; all combined to give you one of the hardiest motors I have ever used.

The device also features an interesting Reverse Rotation Auto Stop mode, electric brake, dust and water resistance, and 3-speed power selections. And in the dark, its LED switch and glow-in-the-dark bumper let you operate it with ease.


  • 18 Volts
  • 3500IPM
  • 280Nm torque
  • 3-speed power selections
  • Phosphorescent bumper
  • Comes with battery protection circuit
  • An absolute time saver
  • The unit quickly gets into a wide variety of places
  • Plenty of grunts
  • New batteries take six power cycles to build a full voltage

4. DICN UK Cordless Impact Wrench

DICN Cordless Impact Wrench

DICN Cordless Impact Wrench

The most enjoyable thing about these devices is that they come with their power source. Eliminating the need to connect to an external electrical output means you need perfect battery life to harness their capacity fully. This product has the overall best battery I have ever used on such devices.

It features an impressive 6000mAh Lithium-ion battery, capable of handling extensive work. I noticed a significant amount of time passed before I realized I had been running the device continuously. The battery power is more than enough to feed the power-packed motor, which provides a maximum torque of 420Nm. That is more than enough force to unfasten the toughest of nuts.

The handling is also quite comfortable, and the device features a Forward & Reverse mode. It also features a low-pressure trigger switch and comes with a socket set. Plus, I love the carrying case, which makes it easy to take the power tool from site to site.


  • 18 Volts
  • 6000mAh Li-Ion battery
  • 420Nm torque
  • Mid-Handle design
  • Heavy-duty carry case
  • The 18V cableless impact clamp is a lightweight and efficient impact clamp. Ideal for all toolboxes, mechanics, brick and car parks. Max Clock: 420N.m.
  • Pervasive operation time
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Comes with variable speed
  • Not powerful enough for tighter nuts

5. Einhell UK X-Change Cordless Impact Wrench

Einhell X-Change Cordless Impact Wrench

Einhell X-Change Cordless Impact Wrench

I always have this strong faith in Einhell devices and machines. So when I came across this piece of beauty, I knew we would get along just fine. Now, while the total output of the device is commendable, I have to give extra thumbs up to the lighting.

Of all the devices I tried out, this one produced the most effective LED lighting. The beams efficiently illuminate the work area, removing the confusion caused by shadows cast by the bits. The brushless motor also packs a significant amount of punch during operation. And its high-torque design ensures even the toughest of tasks are done in a breeze.

Regardless of its powerful motor, this device still sits comfortably during handling. The grip is quite exceptional, and the weight is in no way overwhelming. Using it, I enjoyed long hours of continuous work, even in situations of low lighting. It was quite impressive.


  • 18 Volts
  • 215 Nm torque
  • LED light
  • Hex head style
  • Bit adapter
  • Brushless motor – more power and extended service
  • Quick operation
  • Very bright LED light
  • Good power
  • Overkill for some smaller jobs

6. Makita DTW Cordless Impact Wrench

Makita DTW Cordless Impact Wrench

Makita DTW Cordless Impact Wrench

Having a device that is so easy to move around is a great advantage for all mechanics and DIYers. Such machines make it easy for you to manoeuvre them around and operate in the oddest of spaces. Plus, they prove no challenge in terms of storage space. This is one of those machines.

The small size makes it so comfortable to handle, and I could build a holster for it and play ‘Wild West Cowboy’! But the size does not in any way impede its performance. At 1 kg, this device easily earns the nickname ‘small but mighty’, with its power. With a torque of 190Nm, a speed of 2300RPM, and an impact force of 3000IPM, it is perfect for average tasks.

The Li-Ion battery type makes sure the device maintains and delivers power for very long. And though it tightens at such a commendable torque, it also displays a nut-busting capacity of 320Nm!


  • Ergonomically built handle with rubberized soft grip perfectly suits your hand to ensure optimal control and comfort.
  • 18 Volts
  • 1kg in weight
  • 190Nm torque
  • Variable speed control
  • Battery Protection circuit
  • Easy to carry about and store
  • Long service life
  • Very sturdy design
  • Not suitable for industrial use or more massive tasks

7. DeWalt UK Compact Cordless Impact Wrench

DeWalt Compact Cordless Impact Wrench

DeWalt Compact Cordless Impact Wrench

Time is an essential factor in every workshop, and I am not left out in this. We want to get in there, face a task and get out as quickly as we can. When it comes to tightening and unfastening bolts, this becomes crucial if you deal with a large number of vehicles. So, you need a machine that can achieve the highest amount of tasks in the shortest time.

Speed is my biggest takeaway from this device. Yes, it does exhibit good power, and the battery life is also commendable, but the pace is incredible. It runs at a whopping 2300RPM; perfect for something its size. While most feel this is normal, I noticed a significant reduction in work time, compared to when using other devices. And for something this fast, the heat dispersion technology is fantastic.

The device is also relatively easy to operate and features an intelligent trigger for complete control. The overall design is very efficient, making work quicker and more convenient.


  • Ultra portable, lightweight architecture permits implementation in confined spaces.
  • Enhanced ergonomic style and rubber grip improve comfort and improve application control
  • 18 Volts
  • 2300RPM speed
  • 203Nm torque
  • LED ring
  • Aluminium front housing
  • Superfast operation
  • Easy to handle
  • Great energy saver
  • The rectangular detent pin makes tool change relatively slow

8. Bosch UK Professional Cordless Impact Wrench

Bosch Professional Cordless Impact Wrench

Bosch Professional Cordless Impact Wrench

Car owners, mobile DIYers and automobile professionals all have one thing in common; cars. Whether a personal or professional situation; being able to change your tire in an emergency quickly is exceptionally crucial. And with the right tools, this that be easily achieved. This, as far as I believe, is one of those.

The head style and motor power, combined with its range of socket options, make it most ideal for tire bolts. It features a torque of 300Nm; more than enough to pull or push any tire bolt without hassle. And in anti-clockwise rotation, an Auto Bolt Release feature allows it to shut down the device once the bolt is off. This proves quite handy when you absentmindedly work on a tire.

Another added advantage is the socket can be changed quite quickly. This proves most ideal in situations where time is of the essence. The efficiency, power and excellent handling make this a must-have device in your workshop and car trunk.


  • Auto Bolt Release (ABR) shuts off the wrench automatically in anti-clockwise rotation
  • 18 Volts
  • 300Nm torque
  • 2400RPM speed
  • Electronic Motor Protection
  • Auto Bolt Release
  • Great force
  • Changing socket spanners is very fast
  • Can work with the batteries of all Bosch Professional 18V batteries and chargers
  • Not suitable for more massive tasks

9. VonHaus UK Cordless Impact Wrench KIT

VonHaus Cordless Impact Wrench

VonHaus Cordless Impact Wrench

Having extra power capacity in your device can make a whole lot of difference. Power input plays a massive role in how efficiently and effectively your machine operates. Higher power means you get a device that can tackle even the toughest of tasks. And that is what this product is all about.

At 20V, it carries the highest voltage capacity of all the products listed, and this is expressed in its performance. I like how the device exhibits such measures of heavy-duty, regardless of its small size. The motor delivers a torque of 240Nm and features an impact rate of 2700IPM. The operational speed fires away with significant effects, and the most rigid screws are either pushed or pulled to place.

Besides the extensive power capacity, I also consider the directional control a bonus. Combined with its variable speed control trigger, I got tons of handling with the device. I also like that the battery can be interchanged with products of the same battery and model requirements.


  • 20 Volts power
  • 240Nm torque
  • 2700IPM
  • Variable speed control trigger
  • Directional control
  • The battery comes fully charged
  • Very versatile
  • Charges quickly
  • Somewhat heavy

10. Milwaukee uk Cordless Impact Wrench

Milwaukee Cordless Impact Wrench

Milwaukee Cordless Impact Wrench

While looking for a powerful device with speed and torque is excellent, it is relatively pointless if you cannot enjoy its operation. Having a machine that never neglects ergonomic requirements can be the difference between sweaty and smooth work. Good thing then that this product excels at such.

For starters, the device is extremely portable. At 1.1kg, it offers you excellent operational service at a very lightweight. Also, the grip is surprisingly comfortable. The material allows easy grip, and the handle size is ideal for all types of users. Plus, the compact dimension makes it so convenient to clip to a belt holder and carry around.

Though an 18V battery powers the device, it is best suitable for smaller and lighter jobs. Regardless, I find it to be a handy tool for domestic tasks that require immediate attention.


  • 18 volts
  • 1.1kg in weight
  • 240Nm torque
  • 3350IPM
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Very ideal for light use
  • Great for scaffolding
  • Lightweight
  • Strains under rusty screws and bolts

Cordless Impact Wrench UK Product Guide

Everyone who owns a workshop knows how essential power tools are. These handy devices are excelling at making tasks easier and faster. Plus, they add a bit of fun to work if you know how to use them well.

Cordless impact wrenches are fantastic, but picking the right one for your type of work can be a drag. If not done right, you might end up with a power tool you either cannot use or does not fully satisfy your mechanical needs. To avoid this, I have compiled the critical features you need to consider into this detailed product guide. Here, you will get a more in-depth glimpse at the precise specifications you need to check for before taking a product home.


The life of every cordless power tool dwells in its battery, and if you wish to get the best out of your product, you must keep a keen eye out for its features. Observe the following factors for best performance; battery power; battery compatibility, battery type, and charging speed.

The battery power is determined by the voltage and amp-hours (Ah). The voltage determines how powerful the machine is, and is a massive indication of the strength and resilience of the imbedded motor. The amp hour is a measure of its endurance. It dictates how long the machine can stay operational without displaying signs of overload or mechanical fatigue.

Generally, tools with higher voltage and amp-hours exhibit more power than those of lower specifications. This is quite important, as the power of the device determines how heavily it can be used on demanding tasks.

Products with 12V batteries usually come with motors that are suited for such voltage. As such, they are best useful for lighter tasks and DIY operations. Those with 18 to 20V are hardier, and can even remove rusty lug nuts and bolts with minimal effort.

For the best performance, make sure the battery of the device is of lithium-ion technology, as these work far better than the Nickel Cadmium types. Also, some can use the storms of other cordless power tools in your workshop. You can check for such compatibility, as it may save you extra costs of purchasing a battery, especially if the product comes naked. Fast charging is also essential, and 2 hours or less of charging time is regarded as fast enough for these products.


The intensity of the task you wish to perform determines how much torque you look out for. Torque refers to the physical force the machine can dish out. It is measured in pound per foot (lb/ft), and heavily depends on the power of the motor itself. And since higher voltage and amp-hours determine the capacity of the engine, they also mean machines with high numbers exhibit the same light levels of torque.

Power tools can achieve simpler, less demanding tasks with lower torque. But as a rule, an excellent quality cordless impact wrench possesses an average torque of 200 lb/ft. Such sheer power is enough to pull out even the hardiest of lug nuts without stress.


RPM or Rotations per Minute determine the speed of the machine. This feature is quite essential if time is a factor you heavily depend on (which is the case in most situations). The higher the RPM, the faster the power tool achieves its tasks. Generally, products with a minimum of 2500RPM are great for all-purpose jobs.


Just as crucial as the RPM is the IPM (Impacts Per Minute) range of the product you pick. The IPM measures how quickly the hammer creates a force of impact on the nut, to release it from its hole. Higher IPMs mean tasks are completed faster, and it works together with RPM to give you the best performance.


Whichever machine you pick, you must make sure there are ergonomic features in place. These ensure you work with the product smoothly, comfortably and without stress. A big part of this lies in the grip. You must be able to use the machine without worrying about blisters or fatigue from the grip material.

Also, look out for extra comfort features like LED lighting for working in poorly-lit areas. Others include battery indicators, variable speed trigger, and lightweight design.

Top 10 things to look for when buying a cordless impact wrench

1. Size and Weight

Size is extremely important when buying any tool. For example, a chain saw is typically too large to be a hand tool, so the power cord extension should be wide enough to reach.

The same is true for wrench power tools. They are supposed to be your right-sized tools. Thus, you need to consider the size and weight, as well as the handle diameter of the cordless impact wrench.

2. Chargers

The most important part of a cordless impact wrench is the charger. This device is critical if you want to use it. For example, the battery capacity of the tool might not be enough to power a plug-in cordless impact wrench if the tool’s power source is weak.

Thus, you need to pay attention to this. The charger is the cable that connects the power source to the tool and the batteries. A cordless impact wrench should have a dual-charging function that will allow you to use both the cordless impact wrench battery and the plug-in battery simultaneously.

Also, consider the capacity of the charger. The capacity of the charger is quite important. When choosing one, remember to check its maximum rating, which is usually quite high. If your current battery capacity is quite low, consider buying a new one to make sure you can get enough power to use the tool.

3. Tool safety

The tool safety is a crucial part of a cordless impact wrench. Specially if this is a tool that is supposed to be used with both hands, therefore, you should take all the necessary safety measures before using the tool.

Check that the torque specifications, battery type and wire connector type are safe for your home environment. The tool can potentially be very dangerous if you use it improperly or without precaution.

4. Warranty

The warranty for a cordless impact wrench depends on the manufacturer’s recommendation. If the tool is provided with a warranty, then you will get a warranty for the first year. The warranty will be voided if you damage the tool, let it run out of battery, or if the tool battery dies.

However, this warranty is typically not cheap, especially if you choose a high-end tool. For example, the Bosch PDC Multitool is covered for two years or 100,000 hours of use, whichever is less.

5. Price

The price of cordless impact wrenches is quite competitive. However, the cost of a cordless impact wrench is highly dependent on the quality and the features.

The more you pay, the more powerful the tool will be. If you are looking to buy a highly-rated tool, you should pay attention to this factor. The tools with the best reviews offer great performance at a reasonable price. However, you have to make sure that the price you are paying is reasonable for the features you will get.

Cost Per Year: Price Per Year: When looking at cordless impact wrenches, it is important to check the total cost per year. The price per year is the overall price, including the cost of the tool, battery, charger, warranty, etc.

If you are looking for the best cordless impact wrench for the job, you should consider the features that matter the most. This will help you narrow down the number of models available. For example, you should consider features such as torque measurement, battery capacity and battery life.


Can a cordless impact wrench remove lug nuts?

Yes, they can. Lug nuts are originally fastened at a torque of around 100 lb/ft. And under everyday situations, a device of the same power can unfasten them. However, lug nuts may freeze or rust into place, mostly due to being left for a very long time. In such cases, a device with much higher torque will be needed. So using a tool with about 200lb/ft or more will easily pull it out.

Can I use a cordless impact wrench with no training?

Yes, you can. These devices are designed to allow novices and beginners to use them without issues. However, as a beginner, it is advised to always carry out a final tightening of bolts with a torque wrench, instead of the cordless impact type. This preserved the service life of your device.

What is the difference between an impact driver and an impact wrench?

The difference is visible in their function and design. Impact drivers are used for drilling nuts and screws into materials, like wood, metal, and concrete. Impact wrenches, on the other hand, are used to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts. The design of both machines also varies, with the latter being more massive and more powerful.


Having the right power tools and machines on a workshop is the dream of mechanics and DIYers who wish to run a project as quick as possible. These devices make work easier, faster and more convenient. For automotive experts and vehicle repair professionals, power tools like cordless impact wrenches cannot be overlooked. They are of significant help in rapid fastening and unfastening both new and old bolts and nuts.

Here, I have highlighted the various features and factors to consider when getting this device. I also created a list of the top quality devices you will find most useful. I made sure to provide only products with a long-standing history with quality and class. And each product is thoroughly tested and analyzed, to ensure their parameters are nothing short of exceptional.

I have also answered some popular questions that surrounding understands the use of these products. I hope that combining the information will help solidify your purchasing confidence. But if choosing still feels difficult for you, do not worry. I have selected the three best products to choose from, to make it much easier for you. For overall best quality, I recommend Ryobi It offers a great combination of performance and comfort in a catchy, high-quality design. Dewalt High Torque is your premium choice if you are okay with spending more money. But if your purchasing power is relatively low, you will find DICN Cordless Impact Wrench to be your best and highest quality option.

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