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Best Corded SDS Hammer Drills UK

Construction and masonry work moves smoothest when done with the best tools and an SDS hammer drill is one of those. The key objective of every worker is to achieve quality work at the fastest time. Since hammer drills are perfect for both, they make a valuable addition to your kit.

Before discovering how handy these tools were, I found completing given projects tedious. This was most especially on jobs that require drilling into tougher materials like concrete, stone, and asphalt. But with the help of SDS hammer drills, I found a way to go about my work with comfort and ease.If you recently figured out the need for this power tool, you might find yourself confused about how to pick the best corded SDS hammer drills for your work. You might ask yourself questions like the power requirements, comfort in use, operation technicality, and even versatility. With so many models flooding the market, making a choice that perfectly suits your needs may prove overwhelming. Knowing the factors to look out for is powerful information when choosing an SDS hammer drill.

This is why I have compiled a compact list of the best SDS hammer drill models in the market. I also included a product guide for extra convenience. Here, you will get a detailed overview of factors like torque, power outage, grip comfort, and extra features that come with most models. You will also be informed about the terms that get you familiar with the difference between corded SDS hammer drills and their regular counterparts. As these terms are usually interfused, there seems to be a considerable level of confusion among interested users.

This review and product guide was composed, using general facts, suggestions from experts, feedback from numerous users, and my personal experience. The models featured here are from reputable brands of outstanding performance and quality. Each model has been tested, observed during use, and details about the operation were recorded. All of these were finally compiled to present to you a collection of the best corded SDS hammer drills money can buy.

TOP 10 Corded SDS Hammer Drill UK

1. Einhell RT- RH 32 1250W 3 Function SDS Rotary Corded Hammer Drill

Packed with a wide array of outstanding features, this high-class corded SDS hammer drill takes the top spot on my review. Einhell provides an excellent and balanced blend of quality performance and design with the RT-RH 32 model. With its stunning design and incredible functionality, this powerful SDS hammer drill is a product that is worth every penny.

This corded SDS hammer drill is so powerful; it drills into the concrete like butter! And it offers surprisingly great handling, considering the powerful torque. The drill bit locks safely into place, and an overload slip coupling in the chuck protects you from injury in case of any sudden jam. And the drill speed is astonishing, as it eats and impacts through the toughest surfaces.

I love how soft and comfortable the handles are, as they let me employ the intense motor power with ease. The three-function feature allows me to switch to whatever mode that works best for the material I wish to drill. Powerful as it is, Einhell RT-RH 32 SDS Rotary hammer drill is not as heavy as expected, so I found myself working at a really enjoyable pace.


  • 3-function universal feature; hammer drilling, drilling, and chiselling
  • 1250W motor power
  • 3.5J impact force
  • 800 RPM torque
  • SDS Plus chuck
  • Makes light work of drilling through masonry
  • Lengthy cable
  • Easy to use
  • It is rather heavy

2. Makita HR2470X Rotary Hammer Drill

Makita HR2470X Rotary Hammer Drill (2.7 Joules) 240V Electric

This corded SDS hammer drill is hands-down, one of the best I have ever tested. The simple, streamlined design does not in any way, hinder its ability to provide high-standard performance. I had high expectations from this hammer drill model, considering Makita is a brand known for nothing less. And I feel proud to say I was more than impressed by its raw power.

At an impressive speed of 1100RPM, Makita HR2470X is one super-powered rotary hammer drill. The powerful force is more than enough to bore through wood, concrete, and even steel, the latter reaching up to 13mm! The extra handle was of great help and ergonomic; perfect for the tougher jobs. And it was very convenient to handle, as I noticed I was not quickly exhausted from the heaviness of any sort.

The forward and reverse actions of this SDS hammer drill hardly gave any recoil, much to my surprise. It was rather impressive, considering how powerful the motor is. I also like how I could switch between settings, and therefore, enjoy amazing versatility.


  • 2.7J impact force
  • 1100 RPM torque
  • 780W motor power
  • 4500 blows per minute
  • Multiple function feature- rotary and rotary hammer
  • Very long life span
  • Excellent drilling power
  • Great for chasing out socket boxes
  • Chuck action could be smoother

3. Makita HR2630 26 mm 3 Mode SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

Makita HR2630 26 mm 3 Mode SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

Power, balance, and resilience are the major selling points of the HR2630 SDS rotary hammer drill. I always feel so at peace when I go for the Makita brand and have never been disappointed thus far. And with so many satisfied DIYers sharing this view, I cannot be wrong. I love how Makita gives you high-value products that merge quality, long-lasting offers with the HR classic ‘pretty boy’ brand look.

This corded SDS hammer drill offers great balance when handled. The recoil is rather minimal, for a corded drill, and allowed the work to run smoothly without pain, even in concrete! Changing between its multiple modes is also very easy, thanks to a well-placed change lever. And the trigger control gives me full say on the variations in drilling speed.

For an SDS hammer drill of its size, the motor is commendably powerful. And the build is so compact and lightweight. It also features a torque limiter that stops rotation in case of a jam. And when you need to change the bit, it is so easy to install, courtesy of a one-touch sliding chuck!


  • 2.4J impact force, at 1200 impacts per minute
  • 1200 RPM
  • 800W motor power
  • 3 mode feature; hammer, rotation, and hammer with rotation
  • Modified operation-mode change lever
  • Very versatile function
  • Comes with torque limiter
  • Very long cord
  • Too powerful for day to day DIY tasks

4. Bosch PBH 2100 RE Corded Hammer Drill

Bosch will always stand out in the power tool market, so having another model from the brand on my list is to be expected. And their products always stand out, like this corded SDS hammer drill model. Rocking the familiar Bosch colour pattern and design, this hammer drill packs a punch so mean; the price it is offered for is almost unbelievable.

As always, the brand will continue to impress me with its knack for providing drills with powerful motors. The compact design combines with a perfectly placed extra handle that gives the safest of grips. It also makes it much easier to handle and use, with a comfy selection switch for changing the drill settings to preference.

Small and light as it is, the PBH 2100 RE easily drills into concrete and hardwood. Its high-speed drill rotation is astonishing, as also is the quick response of the variable speed trigger. I expected the hammer drill to be lightweight, considering its size and design. As it turns out, it is.


  • 2300 RPM torque
  • 1.7J impact force
  • 550W motor power
  • 4 mode selection- hammering, chiselling, drilling, and screw driving
  • Compact build
  • Very powerful drilling
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Only uses SDS easy-fit drills

5. Evolution Power Tools SDS4-800 4 Function Corded Hammer Drill

 Evolution Power Tools SDS4-800 4 Function Hammer Drill (230 V)

Though they have been around for very long, I never actually tried out power tools from Evolution. I admit, Bosch has always been my go-to brand for a long time, so when I heard about this one from an expert I interviewed, I decided to give it a shot. This model in particular ticks all the boxes on my list, granting it a well-deserved spot on my review list.

The first thing I like the most about this corded SDS hammer drill is its robust design. The craftwork looks very sturdy and durable. Seeing it, I assumed it would be hardy enough to take the tough work I was about to set it upon. And my assumption paid off, as it proved to be as tough on material as it looked on the outside.

The torque is really fast, the impact force is massive, and the grip is very firm. It rocks a powerful motor that gives it such immense drilling capacity. And the robust build proved to be very useful in absorbing vibrations if there were any.


  • 4 Function setting- drill, chisel, hammer, and rotation
  • 1.6J impact force
  • 650W motor power
  • 1100 RPM torque
  • Ergonomic main handle
  • All-purpose drilling machine
  • Quality cable
  • Speed control is very useful during long operations
  • Directions might prove difficult to new drill users

6. Bosch Professional GBH 2-20 D Corded 240 V Rotary Hammer Drill

 Bosch Professional GBH 2-20 D Corded 240 V Rotary Hammer Drill with SDS Plus

This is another model from Bosch that confidently answers the call for portable, yet powerful corded SDS hammer drills. And as the model name implies, the performance quality is at a professional level. The drilling capacity is surprisingly high, as it cuts into masonry with such ease and little effort. And the small size testifies to its compact nature and lightweight, making it perfect for working overhead.

The fact that this corded SDS hammer drill was corded is no hindrance to my work. I could easily take it over objects and obstacles without tiring out. The hammer drill felt right in my grip and the extra handle gave me the added balance when I needed to bore through a concrete wall.

For me, the controlled performance capacity of this corded SDS hammer drill is its best feature. Of course, the speed and power are commendable, but in my opinion, this model is the most manoeuvrable one on this list


  • 650W motor power
  • 1.7J force at 4200 blows per minute
  • 2.3kg lightweight, suitable for overhead working
  • 1300 RPM torque
  • Continuous variable speed control
  • Bores through concrete with minimal effort
  • Easy to carry about
  • Using is not hard because of clear functions
  • Only uses SDS-fit drill bits

7. Hitachi DH26PX SDS Plus Hammer Drill

Hitachi DH26PX 26mm 240V SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill and Side Handle

Old but gold, Hitachi is a household name when it comes to construction tools. The brand has been around for longer than any builder or DIYer can even think back to. And they are known for their quality for just as long. I have the utmost respect for their products and especially love how this one solidified my faith in the quality of their performance.

Everything about this corded SDS hammer drill is designed to make use easier. From the classic double moulded side handle to the large change lever, to the easy bit mounting and low vibration. Working with this corded SDS hammer drill was a breeze. Then again, with a motor power of 830W, you cannot expect less.

I was also very impressed with the angle adjustment feature on the hammer drill. With it, I could achieve easy alignment of the chisel blades during chiselling. This reduces the required task effort tremendously.  Also, for a rather powerful SDS hammer drill, it was lighter than I expected.


  • 3 Mode function
  • 830W motor power
  • 3.2J impact force
  • 1100 RPM torque
  • Double-moulded side handle
  • Very powerful
  • Works fast
  • Great hammer
  • Not suitable for drilling cores

8. MPT 1500W Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill with Cord

MPT 1500W Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill,3 Function and Adjustabl Soft Grip Handle,Include 3 Drill Bits,Point and Flat Chisel with Case


MPT is a known name when it comes to veteran power tools manufacturers, so it is logical to expect great performance from one of its models. Though it comes in the retro design-build most people frown about, this heavy-duty SDS hammer drill makes up for it in power. As the name implies, it is more than capable of taking down the toughest and meanest of stonework, masonry, and steel.

It packs a highly powerful motor, typical of professional, heavy-duty corded SDS hammer drills. I expected a lot of feedback from this model due to its powerful motor but the build is specially designed for vibration control, which I liked. This also barely mattered as the massive impact force generated by the motor meant quicker completion of the operation.


  • 1500W motor power
  • 4350 blows per minute
  • 880 RPM torque
  • 360 degrees adjusting rubber handle
  • Air inlet design, with double-layer dustproof
  • Very controllable
  • Powerful
  • Great for drilling cores
  • Heavy and bulky

9. Dewalt D25033K-GB D25033K SDS Plus Hammer

Dewalt D25033K-GB D25033K SDS+ Hammer

The best thing about Dewalt is what you see is what you get. And after so many years of using their products, I have come to terms with the quality performance the brand has to offer. Dewalt tends to be on the pricey side but in the end, it is money well spent, as you get to enjoy the service of an impressively built corded SDS hammer drill.

The simplicity in its design is stunning. I love the slim look and how it handles comfortably in my grip. I also love the capacity as it proved rather effective when drilling into masonry. This corded SDS hammer drill also features a mechanical clutch that prevents sudden torque kicks, in case a drill bit jams. And I found the control rather convenient during use, though the product does mention an electronic variable speed feature.


  • 710W motor power
  • 1550 RPM
  • 3 mode feature
  • 5680 blows per minute
  • Amazing, shock limit design
  • Long-running time
  • Sturdy, yet light
  • It is a bit noisy

10. VonHaus 1500W Rotary SDS Hammer Impact Drill

VonHaus Rotary Hammer Drill 1500W - SDS Hammer Impact Drill for Drilling and Chisel - Masonry & Demolition - Auxiliary Handle - 4 Functions - Compatible with SDS Plus & SDS Bits

VonHaus prides itself on producing some of the best construction power tools you can find and their high quality is spoken of far and wide. Many users, like me, have attested to the durability and efficiency of their power tools. This corded SDS hammer drill is one of VonHaus’ finest and appearing at the final spot on our list does not in any way, belittle its performance.

This high power drill is perfect for the heaviest of work and that is precisely what it is built for. Its motor can create enough driving force to tear through brickwork, plaster, tiles, and even old grouting. These can all be performed by choosing the right function from any of the 4 modes it has to offer. I used this hammer drill on some old tiles and it completely tore them off the wall.


  • 1500W motor power
  • 4 Function mode- drilling, hammer drilling, rotation-chiselling, and chisel-lock
  • 800 RPM, with up to 4000 beats per minute
  • Adjustable 360 degrees locking handle
  • Easily cuts through bricks and cement
  • Excellent drilling
  • Chisel action is great at taking off tiles
  • Quite heavy

Corded SDS Hammer Drills UK Product Guide

Before you cross over to SDS hammer drills, you need to also be sure about what a hammer drill is. A hammer drill or impact drill is a drill that combines drilling with percussive impact to bore holes into materials. What this means is as the drill rotates the bit very fast, it also pushes it up and down, rapidly, like a woodpecker would a tree.

The combined drilling and blows from the rapid impacts quickly break the material as it drills into it. SDS hammer drills are special types of hammer drills that use SDS bits to pulverize materials.

There are features you need to consider when selecting a corded SDS hammer drill for your project. These must be seriously considered as they help you decide if the drill you are about to pick is the right fit.

Power Source

Corded SDS hammer drills employ a plug-and-use function, i.e., an external power outlet. While such drills are lighter and leaner in size and build respective, they are usually noisy. Also, the length of the cord might hinder flexibility during use, unlike cordless SDS hammer drills. However, corded models are usually more powerful than their cordless counterparts, and less bulky.

For best use, go for models with wires long enough to suit your workshop space. Another fix is to get an extension box that can be fixed to the original power source, then plug your drill onto that. Most corded SDS hammer drill models though tend to come with reasonably long cords, so this usually barely comes up as an issue.

Size of Chuck

The chuck is the groove where the drill bit is attached and the size determines how big the drill bit you use can be. Corded SDS hammer drills have the advantage of easy fitting of the drill bit but you must mind the chuck size if the size of the drill bit is important to you. If your project requires large drill bits, it is best to invest in SDS hammer drills with larger chuck.

Motor Power

This determines the kind of work you can achieve with your corded SDS hammer drills and is measured in watts (W). Most models come with motor power levels varying from 800W to about 1600W. The power level of the motor determines how easily it would be to bore into materials.

For lighter, DIY projects, and SDS hammer drill with about 850W is convenient, like the Makita HR2630 26 mm 3 Mode SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill. Heavier construction duties, as well as projects involving working on denser materials, require SDS hammer drills with higher motor power. A good example is MPT 1500W Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill.


This is the measurement of the speed and power of the hammer drill. The drilling speed is measured by RPMs, that is, rotations per minute (RPM), and the higher the RPM, the faster the drill will be. Corded SDS hammer drills with higher torque offer more drilling force than those with lesser ones.  The Bosch PBH 2100 RE Hammer Drill at 2300 RPM, for instance, is conclusively more powerful than the Hitachi DH26PX SDS plus Hammer Drill at 1100 RPM.

To achieve faster work on heavier materials like concrete, an SDS hammer drill with a torque of at least 1300 and above will serve you best.  DIY and moderate housing projects will cope well with most corded SDS hammer drills as they usually come with torque ranging from 1100-1500 RPM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are corded SDS drills more powerful than cordless ones?

Though cordless drills are more convenient and less noisy, corded drills are more powerful, lighter, and leaner in build.

Can I push in screws with an SDS hammer drill?

Yes, you can, but it must be with an SDS hammer drill that can switch between drilling and hammer drilling. This is very important, as trying to drill with the hammer function on can damage both the screw and drill bit.

Can you convert a regular drill to an SDS drill?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is replace the chuck of a regular drill with an SDS chuck.

Can I use an SDS hammer drill as a regular drill?

Most hammer drills come with a function switch feature that allows you to change from hammer drilling to regular drilling. To use as a regular drill, simply switch to drill function.


Corded SDS hammer drills are one of the most versatile power tools you can have in your workshop. They offer flexibility, power, and convenience, combined with speed and quality performance. Be you a construction worker of an avid DIYer, these tools always prove to be of utmost help.

I have compiled the best cordless SDS hammer drills in this review, to help you make an easier choice for your project. I highlighted the features, merits, and drawbacks of each tool, to help you decide what best suits your workshop requirements. Each model has been workshop tested by experts, regular DIYers, and myself, with apt testimonies regarding their performance. I have also included a product guide, stating the specific features you need to consider when shopping for the best corded SDS hammer drill for you.

A Q&A section has also been added to this review for your consideration. Popular questions regarding use, performance, and the necessity of corded SDS hammer drill have been answered. For new and sceptical users, this section is key, as it addressed the unclear areas that plague the decision to buy or use a corded SDS hammer drill. The detailed construction of this review ensures you can make a perfect choice.

My overall best pick for this corded SDS hammer drill review is Einhell RT- RH 32 1250W 3 Function SDS Rotary Hammer Drill. It strikes a perfect balance between performance and price, making it a top choice in my book. Budget shoppers will do great with Evolution Power Tools SDS4-800 4 Function Hammer Drill as it gives quality performance for a very affordable price. And if you would believe in the idea that heavy spending guarantees a quality product, Makita HR2470X Rotary Hammer Drill is your premium pick.

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