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Best Cold and Flu Medicine UK

If you have a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, then it might be COVID-19. Please contact NHS at 111 online coronavirus service.

Cold and flu are common viral infections. While cold is a generally harmless viral infection that affects the nose and throat, flu can be a deadly infection caused by viral attacks on the lungs, nose and throat. Cold and flu have almost the same symptoms; the similarities in symptoms make most people assume both to be the same.

A doctor may advise on care and prescribe over the counter flu remedies. Make sure you don’t use flu medications if you are taking paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets as this may increase more than the prescribed dose.

Top 10 Cold and Flu Medicine UK

1. Sudafed Mucus Relief Day and Night Capsules

Sudafed Mucus Relief Day and Night Capsules

This product focuses on the number one bane of cold and flu conditions; mucus blockage. It comes with a powerful formula that successfully reduced mucus production during the illness period. It also aids quick recovery by combating the symptoms of cold and flu. This is achieved through the combination of effective agents like caffeine, paracetamol and phenylephrine hydrochloride.

The product also comes in day and night capsules, to be taken at the indicated time frames. This allows the product to properly handle recovery from the cold while keeping you active during the day, and sleeping well at night.


  • Day and Night capsules
  • Contains caffeine, paracetamol and phenylephrine hydrochloride
  • Mucus relief
  • Quick-relief
  • Reduces mucus accumulation effectively
  • Also great for congestion headaches
  • Day capsule contains caffeine

2. Schwabe Kalopa Film Coated Tablets

Schwabe Kalopa Film Coated Tablets

Schwabe Kalopa Film Coated Tablets

This medicine will help relieve you of cold and flu symptoms without necessarily having to put your day on hold. The drug contains herbal ingredients and is free f wheat, soy, GMO, corn and gluten. Instead, it uses a powerful formula comprised mostly of Pelargonium sidoides, a natural extract derived from the geranium family.

The plant-based nature of the medication makes it ideal for vegetarians. And its potency can be seen not only in its effective treatment of cold and flu but also on coughs as well.


  • Made from Pelargonium sidoides
  • GMO, corn, wheat, gluten and soya free
  • Pack of 30 films coated tablets
  • Treats upper respiratory infections
  • An effective cold killer
  • No side effects
  • Takes a while to show results 

3. Pureessentiel Hypertonic Nasal Spray

Pureessentiel Hypertonic Nasal Spray

Pureessentiel Hypertonic Nasal Spray

This product is great at tackling the nasty symptoms of cold and flu by hitting you directly where it affects; the nose. It is quite effective at clearing the nasal passages of blockages and catarrh, thereby giving fast relief and easing breathing. The product consists of 100% natural ingredients and extracts well-known for the treatment of common flu. The effects are also gentle on the nostrils and can be used by anyone in the family.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Contains four essential oils
  • Non-irritant
  • Fast relief
  • Tolerable taste
  • Suitable for three-year-olds and above
  • May be too harsh for some people

4. A.Vogel EchinaforceChewable Cold & Flu Tablets

A.Vogel EchinaforceChewable Cold & Flu Tablets

A.Vogel EchinaforceChewable Cold & Flu Tablets

This chewable tablet combines traditional herbal remedies to give effective relief against cold and flu. The formula comprises of plant extracts including Echinacea purpurea and Moench herb, fused with other essentials like sorbitol and magnesium stearate. The tablets are tasty and easy on the palette, as they come in orange flavours and contain sucrose. They also work perfectly for everyone; adults, children and the elderly. And they offer quick relief for not only cold and flu, but also sore throats as well.


  • 80 chewable tablets
  • Made from herbal extracts
  • Orange flavour
  • Suitable for children aged 12
  • Stops coughs and colds
  • Works for sore throats
  • Effects take time to show 

5. Metatone Tonic Original Flavour

Metatone Tonic Original Flavour

Metatone Tonic Original Flavour

Not everyone likes tablets, and you may happen to be one of those kinds of people. And once you fall ill, refusal to swallow pills is the main reason why it takes you a long time to recuperate. In such situations, and in cases where the illness is cold, Metatone Tonic Original Flavour is your go-to medicine. This adult tonic with a pleasant taste will restore your health and vitality in no time as the combination of vitamins with which it’s made will provide an excellent boost for your body system.


  • 500 ml tonic
  • Contains vitamin B1and glycerophosphates
  • Adult pre-meal cold & flu therapy
  • Provide a gentle boost during and after illness
  • Also great for fatigue and restlessness
  • Pleasant taste
  • Leaves an aftertaste that takes getting used to

6. Beechams Flu Plus Cold & Flue Sachets

Beechams Flu Plus Cold & Flue Sachets

Beechams Flu Plus Cold & Flue Sachets

This is another perfect oral alternative for people who dislike pills and capsules. The product comes in 10 sachets of powder formula which can be mixed into a hot drink. The formula comprises of paracetamol and phenylephrine- both designed to combat cold and flu virus. It is further strengthened with vitamin C to boost resistance from further infection and speed up the recovery process. To make this remedy palatable, the powder drink comes in an aromatic and tasty lemon flavour, so you can enjoy the relief it brings with every sip.


  • Contains paracetamol and phenylephrine
  • Lemon flavour
  • 10 powder sachet
  • Perfect for people who hate pills
  • Good taste and aroma
  • Non-drowsy
  • Slow relief

7. Natures Aid Herbal Catarrh Relief Formula

Natures Aid Herbal Catarrh Relief Formula

Natures Aid Herbal Catarrh Relief Formula

A traditional remedy for cold and flu, this syrup gives you great relief from the bothersome symptoms of the sniffles. It combines a collection of ingredients which include herbal extracts from Burdock root and Hyssop herb. It also includes active agents like capsicum oleoresin, ethanol and caramel to give it a palatable flavour.
The product comes with quality standard approval and is quite effective against nasal and throat catarrh. Its traditional herbal remedy nature also makes it perfect for vegans and vegetarians.


  • Made from unique plant extracts
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Traditional syrup formula
  • Quick-relief
  • Perfect for post nasal drips
  • Clears sinuses
  • The taste takes a bit of getting used to

8. Schwarbe Pharma EchinaCold Effervescent Tablets

Schwarbe Pharma EchinaCold Effervescent Tablets

Schwarbe Pharma EchinaCold Effervescent Tablets

Another traditional formula made from plant extracts, this product comes in highly-consumable effervescent tablets. The formula consists of dried juice from the Echinacea purpurea, making it a very effective solution for cold and flu. And unlike most swallowed tablets, the effervescent nature of this product ensures it dissipates almost immediately it hits bottom, releasing the well-needed agents for combatting the flu.

This product is also vegan-friendly, as it is free of lactose, GMO and gluten. And those with allergies for wheat and soya need not worry about such in the formula as it is strictly void of these ingredients.


  • Contains Echinacea purpurea juice extract
  • Vegan-friendly
  • 20 effervescent tablets
  • You can taste the Echinacea
  • Very dissolvable tablets
  • Shortens cold
  • It should have more tablets

9. Vicks First Defense Nasal Spray

Vicks First Defense Nasal Spray

Vicks First Defense Nasal Spray

This product goes directly after the major area through where the cold virus makes life unbearable; the nose and throat. It performs a tremendous feat as the first line of defence by fighting the symptoms of common cold at the point of attack, all the while giving you soothing relief. Not only is it a good symptom treatment medicine, but is also great for prevention. Once inhaled, it helps to inactivate any trapped cold virus, eliminating them in the process. And it can achieve this feat for up to 4 days.


  • Triple Action Effect
  • Microgel formula
  • Twin pack
  • Fast relief from cold and flu
  • Helps to unblock blocked nostrils
  • Easy to move around
  • Not ideal for people who cannot tolerate camphor

10. GinSen Antiviral Tablets

GinSen Antiviral Tablets

GinSen Antiviral Tablets

GenSen Antiviral tablet is a multi-use traditional food-supplement remedy for common cold or flu induced chill, headache, fever, and sore throat. Should you experience windy coldness, these tablets will eliminate it while strengthening your body’s immunity. You can also use it to treat head heaviness, dizziness, severe body discomfort, dry mouth, constipation and other everyday health challenges.


  • Traditional Chinese Ginseng formula
  • Natural immune support
  • Jar of 30 capsules
  • Fast relief from cold and flu induced illness
  • Treats other viral infections
  • Great immune booster
  • Not suitable for children and pregnant women

Cold and Flu Medicine UK Product Guide

When the flu hits, anyone would be tempted to jump at the nearest ‘solution’ they can find. The sniffles, the nasal blockage and the annoying fevers can be frustrating. Fortunately, with the products listed above, such issues can be swiftly avoided. When put to the right use, any of these products can serve as a great counterattack against the common cold virus.

However, it is wise to be sure what to take and to whom each product is most suitable. Purchasing the wrong or improper type of medication can cause issues ranging from the illness not being treated to serious cases like allergic and chemical reactions. So, to ensure what you have picked is best suited for your physiological configuration, be sure to check out the following factor before taking these or any other anti-flu products.

With the knowledge that both (cold and flu) are viral infections, medical scientists have been able to come up with medications that prevent and cure both. Having been infected a few times with cold and flu differently, I found out that there are medicines that work for both. 


Method of Administration

Cold and flu medications come in various ways of use. The most common are the tablets and capsules, which can be taken orally. Some tablets can be dissolved in water before drinking, like the effervescent types. Other oral options are the tonics and suspensions, most of which appeal to children more than grownups.

There are also nasal sprays and droplets, which can be inhaled directly through the nostrils. The tea types are drank like regular beverage and are mostly preferred by those who do not like to swallow pills. And there are also the balm options, which come as non-consumable, direct-application balms or as balm-laced tissues.


You must ensure to check what the product is made of, to be certain, the contents can be tolerated by your body. Most cold and flu products contain general ingredients like camphor, menthol, magnesium stearate, and vitamins- most of which are tolerable by everyone. Others though may contain essential oils, plant or fruit extracts, and even ibuprofen. If this is an issue you need to consider, be sure to check the content before selecting them.

Age Specifications

In buying your cold and flu medicine, it is essential to buy based on who it is for. Cold and flu medicines tend to comprise the same materials and ingredients, but the variation lies in the percentage quantity of each agent. It would help if you took note that the concentration of flu medications made for adults are much stronger than those manufactured for younger children. This factor is significant, as administering adult medicine to children can prove to be dangerous and even fatal.

Likewise, taking medication with a concentration lower than your age specification requires means you will spend a lot of time and money before noticing results. As the symptoms of cold can be very bothersome, you will find this problem frustrating, should this ever happen to you. To avoid this, be sure to check precisely what age-grade the product has been made for, and what age must avoid consuming or using them.

Pregnancy and Allergies

Checking to see if pregnant people can use cold and flu medicine is very crucial. As some drugs can harm the foetus and in severe cases cause a miscarriage. This won’t be good if it happens. Most cold and flu medicine will specify if pregnant or nursing mothers can take them in the pack. And if it’s a yes, you can after the pharmacist says so.

Some medicine may contain ‘ingredients’ that you are allergic to be sure to consider that when you go to buy your medication, so you don’t buy what will keep you nauseating all day. Some allergies are even as bad as having terrible skin conditions. Please, keep this in mind.


Many products come with vegan-friendly notifications for those to whom it matters, so you can look out for such if it mattes to you. Most vegan-friendly products are made purely from plant extracts and are GMO and gluten-free. Fortunately, most of the products featured on this list appeal to vegetarians, indicating that such a factor is as important as the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What is the best cold and flu medicine?

There is no exact “best medicine” for cold and flu as a body reaction to medication varies from person to person. What might best treat cold and flu for me may not do the same perfect job for you. Allergies, diets and a whole lot of other factors may not make a seemingly best medicine for one best for all.

How do I get rid of a cold fast in the United Kingdom?

It’s advised you keep yourself as warm as possible at all times, especially during winter. If cold still show up, have a warm bath in the tub, and rest. Unchanging, do well to treat yourself for a cold then. 

Do injections treat cold and flu faster than pills?

Tablets, when absorbed through the stomach, pass through the liver before entering the bloodstream. Injections, on the other hand, enter the bloodstream immediately. Going by the explained, injections treat cold and flu faster than pills.


Finding the best cold and flu medicine UK markets have to offer can be tough. But with the right guidance and instructions, this becomes as easy as eating pie. On this review, we have featured the best options for you to choose from, thereby eliminating the problem of confusion. When buying, do well to be mindful of the product guide as it will help you narrow down your choices to meet your need. If however, you still find it hard to decide, I will select the three best options for your consideration. I recommend Kleenex Balsam Facial Tissues as the best choice, NUTRADEFENCEC Cold and Flu Tea as the premium optionand for the best budget, the Vics Vapo Rub.

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