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Best Cleanser to Use With Clarisonic


There’s a lot of things to give care to in your body system, but one that stands out is the skin. Your skin is a crucial part of your outfit because those are the clothes you put on when you remove your designers. In several cases, many people neglect the importance of paying attention to their skins. They firmly believe that bathing regularly and rubbing lotions will keep the skin fresh. Well, if you have that school of thought, I hate to break it to you that you’re wrong.

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Your skin may not seem important because you do not pay the necessary and required attention to its importance. Your skin is one of the most fragile and brittle sections of your body. And due to this delicate nature, you need to care for your skin attentively and carefully. Good skincare is more complicated than just taking your bath regularly and cleaning facial sweat; it goes way beyond that. To properly care for your skin, you need to be intentional and specific about your choice of products. That’s primarily because the process of skincare is heavily dependent on the quality of the products you use.

I remember back in June 2018 when a close friend of mine had some spots on her face and came to me for my skin products. I recommended the products that helped me, but she complained they were too expensive. A month later, the next time I saw my friend, she had a skin breakout with big boils and pimples on her face. According to her, she had gotten skin products from a local store, which were less expensive. She had to use the same products that I recommended earlier, but this time, she needed more products, and the prices of the products had increased. When your skin is in optimum condition, your confidence level rises almost automatically.

Likewise, you prevent yourself from any skin disease while still maintaining a beautiful younger look. Over the years, a brand with the name Clarisonic has been a driving force in the world of skincare. That’s because their products are of top-notch quality. One important skincare routine you should never miss is cleansing your face. Washing your face ought to be the first step of any skincare routine. However, you need to buy cleansers that have good quality and suit your skin specifications. In this guide, we’ll be describing ten top cleaners you should consider for your Clarisonic.

Top 10 Cleanser To Use with Clarisonic

1. GarnierMicellar Cleanser Water Oil

Garnier Micellar Water Oil Infused Facial Cleanser, 400ml

Garnier Micellar Water Oil Infused Facial Cleanser, 400ml

GarnierMicellar Water Oil is the number one best selling product in the makeup removers category. This cleanser has a calm and smooth feeling but is very useful in cleansing. Likewise, the GarnierMicellar Water Oil is very affordable and cost-effective So, if you’re looking to purchase a cleanser that takes your makeup off while still cleansing your skin, you may want to have a go at the GarnierMicellar Water Oil. This product has been tested and trusted by thousands of consumers on Amazon.

When you apply this cleanser on your skin, it attracts the dirt and cleanses them while the oil liquefies any form of makeup, even the waterproof ones on your face. When you use the GarnierMicellar Water Oil, your face stays clean, even without rinsing. After usage, your skin is free from dirt, smooth, and fresh. Likewise, the product gives your skin the necessary nourishments and care. Whether you have oily skin or dry one, this product has a very versatile and flexible feature to suit you.


  • The dimensions for this product are 7 x 5.6 x 17.6 centimetres while the dimensions for the package are 18 x 7 x 5 centimetres.
  • The product weighs 0.93 pounds, while the package weighs 0.44 Kilograms.
  • The volume of this product is 400 Millilitres.
  • The product cleans even the toughest of waterproof makeups.
  • With this cleanser, you effectively clean your face while still keeping your face gentle and smooth.
  • Whether your skin or eyes are sensitive, you can use this cleanser without the fear of an adverse effect.
  • It is specifically for the female gender.    

2. ANLAN Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Cleanser for Clarisonic 

Face Skin Scrubber,ANLAN 4In1 Electric Ultrasonic EMS Ion Face Cleanser Blackhead Remover Pores Cleaner Wrinkle Remover Comedone Extractor Skin Care...

Face Skin Scrubber,ANLAN 4In1 Electric Ultrasonic EMS Ion Face Cleanser Blackhead Remover Pores Cleaner Wrinkle Remover Comedone Extractor Skin Care...

The ANLAN ultrasonic skin scrubber has a function to clean the pores of your skin thoroughly and improves its ingestion limit. When you purchase this product, you protect your skin against ageing and wrinkles as this gel causes you to look more youthful—protected and compelling for all skin types. ANLAN skin chemical is the leading premium quality original and premium skin cleansing agent available.

This cleanser has up to 24000/s high-recurrence ultrasonic vibration and compelling nano-medium that strengthens the cleaning intensity of the gadget. The ‘Particle mode of this product has multiple functions that spare your time and make your skin look keener and smoother. The “Particle” mode can drive in nourishment rapidly, improve skin ingestion ability against maturing hostile to wrinkle and wrinkle removal.


  • The dimensions of this item are 17 x 4.3 x 1 centimetre while the dimensions for the package are 21 x 12.3 x 2.9 centimetres.
  • The total weight of this product is 200 grams.
  • This ANLAN ultrasonic skin scrubber comes in only sky blue colour.
  • This product cleanses your skin entirely and saves you a lot of time.
  • With this cleanser, you need not bother about adverse effects such as skin injuries.
  • This device has USB charging with a battery that lasts very long without charging.
  • This device has a portable design, which makes it easy to carry along with you everywhere you go.
  • You can conveniently use this cleanser if you’re male or female and at any age.
  • At the start, you may not know how to use it without reading the user guide.  

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3. QV Gentle wash

QV Gentle Wash 500ml

QV Gentle Wash 500ml

There are sometimes that as much as you need to clean your face, but still save some money. That means you don’t want a mediocre product at a cheap price, and neither do you want an expensive product. If you’re looking for that balance for your facial cleanser, you should consider QV Gentle wash.

Firstly, this cleanser comes at a ridiculously cheap price with an added free delivery. Now, that doesn’t now mean the product doesn’t work well or has adverse effects. As a matter of fact, it works perfectly for different skin issues. Some of which include eczema, dry skin, psoriasis, and many more. Furthermore, the constituents of this mixer have specific details that caters to different skin types.


  • The product has a neutral smell.
  • Also, this adds no unnecessary colour as it’s colourless.
  • It contains 15% glyceron.
  • The cleanser leaves your skin smooth and refreshed.
  • It has features that suit the needs of a sensitive skin.
  • This product has multipurpose features which make it suitable for hand washing, makeup cleansing, and skin treatment.
  • The product foams mildly.

4. Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel (8.0 oz)

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel (8.0 oz)

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel (8.0 oz)

If you have dry skin, then I believe you’ll be in the market for face cleansers that don’t dry your skin immediately after cleansing. If you fall under the dry skin category, then the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel could as well be the only cleansing product you may end up needing. The customer reviews section for this product on Amazon has more praise than backlash for this product.

It may interest you to know that this product is the best selling daily cleanser for Mario Badescu’s. The item inside the container is a gel. This gel is non-foaming is responsible for the thorough cleansing of all forms of dirt and any other unwanted particles. And of course, it doesn’t dry up the oils in your skin.

Furthermore, this cleanser contains alpha-hydroxy acids, and these acids are responsible for the prevention of particles that can cause a build-up of pimples and blackhead. Likewise, this product has extractions of papaya and grapefruit to help your skin through the exfoliation process. This face cleanser gel clears your skin of all dirt without any unnecessary form of dryness.

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  • This face cleanser gel weighs about 0.7 Ounces.
  • The products’ dimensions are 5.1 x 5.1 x 16.5 centimetres.
  • It has specific designs that cater to both the male and female gender.
  • This product helps thoroughly clean your skin, and it’s excellent for acne removal.
  • It does not dry up your skin of essentials.
  • When you buy this product, you get protected against possible blackhead and pimples build-up.
  • The smell may not be pleasant, dependent on your nose sensitivity.

5. GarnierSkinActiveMicellar UK Cleansing Water

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water, 700 ml

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water, 700 ml

GarnierMicellar Water successfully purifies skin for a one-stage and straightforward approach to eliminate makeup from the face, eyes and lip region. I know we already reviewed a Garnier product earlier, but this product is a great cleanser. Garnier Cleansing Water successfully scrubs and eliminates all hints of dirt, contamination and makeup from the skin. This product also has a sparkle boosting recipe that helps to uncover the skin’s regular brilliance. The product also has gentle and aroma free properties, both of which makes it reasonable for much more delicate skin.

GarnierMicellar purges waters tenderly to remove makeup and dirt from your skin to leave it liberated from pollutants and makeup to uncover skin’s regular sparkle. The delicate purifying equations skim over the skin and viably eliminate makeup without the need to rub or strain fragile touchy skin. They are the only micellar water perceived by the British Skin Foundation and Allergy UK. They are reasonable for all skin types – with a reach covering dry, typical or slick delicate skin. GarnierMicellar Water makes makeup expulsion simple – you just need one cotton fleece cushion to eliminate all hints of earth, contamination and makeup from eyes, face and lips.


  • Product dimensions are 6.8 x 8.8 x 20.6 cm
  • The volume of this product is 1.7 Fluid Ounces.
  • The total weight is 750 grams.
  • Excellent in makeup cleansing.
  • The product has specific designs for sensitive skin.
  • It has no odour.
  • It’s not perfect for insensitive skin types.

6. SukinMicellar Cleansing Water

Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water 250ml

Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water 250ml

I almost forget to introduce you to the SukinMicellar cleanser; I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. The primary ingredients for this product are micellar water and aloe vera mixed in the right proportions garnished with the perfect mix of chamomile and cucumber. This product cleanses your face of all possible dirt and makeup while still hydrating and cleaning your skin.


  • Product dimensions are 7.5 x 5.8 x 17.1 centimetres
  • The total weight is 0.26 Grams.
  • The volume of this product is 10 Millilitres.
  • Suitable for both male and female
  • Perfect for cleaning on any type of skin
  • It may be too potent for some sensitive skins.

7. Sukin Cream Cleanser

Sukin Cream Cleanser 125ml

Sukin Cream Cleanser 125ml

Yes! I’m introducing you to yet another Sukin product. Sukin cream chemical helps to eliminate makeup, oil and dirt development on your skin. It additionally feeds your skin with a mix of regular oils, including Rosehip, Avocado, Sesame, and raw grain oils. An imbuement of aloe Vera, cocoa margarine, vex, and Horsetail leaves the skin feeling relieved, sanitized and delicately hydrated. Back rub into skin in a delicate round movement. Eliminate with cotton fleece or warm face material. Use on more than one occasion every day. This cream cleanser suits all types of skin, with specific designs for dehydrated skins.


  • Product dimensions are 5.08 x 5.08 x 15.24 centimetre
  • The volume of this product is 226.8 Grams, with a volume of 125 millimetres.
  • It has a chocolate and aloe vera smell.
  • It cleanses your skin of makeup and surface grime.
  • Significant specifics for dehydrated skins.
  • Budget-friendly price
  • It comes only in plastic containers.

8. Victoria Beauty Micellar Cleansing and Toning Water

Victoria Beauty Snail Gold 97% natural Micellar Cleansing and Toning Water – the ideal makeup remover and facial cleanser, 200 ml

Victoria Beauty Snail Gold 97% natural Micellar Cleansing and Toning Water – the ideal makeup remover and facial cleanser, 200 ml

If you are a heavy-user of makeup, and you have a hard time removing these makeups, then you’ll love this product. This victoria beauty cleanser eliminates even water-resistant cosmetics effectively. Also, it cleanses the dirt and debris you gather during the day while still cleaning up an abundance of oil. The product functions as a brilliant pore chemical to allow your skin to inhale, quiet disturbance and give extreme solace. I think you should know that this brand cares about you. Firstly, on your purchase, you get an E-book that’s a step by step guide on achieving healthier skin. Furthermore, you get a 100% guarantee; that is, if you’re not satisfied, you can return the product swiftly.


  • The dimensions in L x W x H are 18.1 x 12.8 x 3.5 cm
  • The product weighs precisely 238 grams.
  • Colourant free
  • Ingredients are about 97% natural
  • The product has a specific design for sensitive skin
  • 100% guarantee
  • It requires a temperature of below 25 degrees

9. NIVEA MicellAIR Skin Breathe Micellar Water 

NIVEA MicellAIR Skin Breathe Micellar Water (200 ml), 3-in-1 Sensitive Make Up Remover, Micellar Cleaning Water, Gentle Moisturiser for Women NIVEA MicellAIR Skin Breathe Micellar Water (200 ml), 3-in-1 Sensitive Make Up Remover, Micellar Cleaning Water, Gentle Moisturiser for Women

If you’re a woman, and you’re reading this, I recommend this product for you. Partly because of its brand name, but chiefly because of its profound cleansing ability. NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive 3 out of 1 Micellar Cleansing Water scrubs profoundly, eliminates makeup from face and eyes and saturates in one stage. If you have sensitive skin, then you’ll love the triple action power of this product. From the redness of your skin to the tightness and skin dryness, this Nivea cleanser has got you covered. This product has a perfect blend of dexpanthenol and grape seed oil which help cleanse deeper.


  • Product dimensions are 5.9 x 3.7 x 18 cm
  • It is odourless and colourless.
  • The total weight is 240 Grams.
  • Excellent for sensitive skins
  • Cleanses your skin very deeply
  • It has no adverse effects.
  • It is more comfortable for women.

10. FIND – Micellar Water 3in1

FIND - Micellar Water 3in1 for Dry and Sensitive Skin (3x400ml)

FIND - Micellar Water 3in1 for Dry and Sensitive Skin (3x400ml)

If you have dry and sensitive skin, I’m guessing you already know that you ought to use alcohol-free cleansers. And if I’m to recommend one, it’ll be the Find Micellar water. This product comes in three bottles, with each having a volume of 400ml. This product cleans the skin meticulously without rubbing and any other form of discomfort. Likewise, it has a micellar technology that takes care of dirt and removes them swiftly. The Switzerland-produced cleanser has provitamin B5 and cherry blossom extracts in large quantities.


  • This product weighs 1.48 Kilograms.
  • Its dimensions are 23.8 x 19.8 x 17.6 centimetres for length, width and height respectively.
  • Very cost-effective.
  • Cleans and nourishes your skin.
  • It has no alcohol constituent.
  • Cleansing action may be too intense for susceptible skins.

Buying Guide for Cleanser To Use with Clarisonic

I have just discussed some stunning cleanser options for you to buy. But you’re still supposed to know the buying requirements for skin cleansers. That way, you know what exact parameters you want. Here are some steps to follow;

Determine your skin type 

Before you walk into any store online or offline for cleansers, first identify your skin type. There are two general skin types, namely; oily and dry skin. For dry skin, never buy a cleanser with alcohol content, while you should search for a cleaner with alcoholic content for oily skin.

Product Understanding

If you look closely at my product lists, you’ll notice that the same brand appears more than once. That doesn’t mean they’re the same product. The same brand may have different cleaning products. Therefore, you have to read the specifications carefully to understand.

Customer Feedback

Sometimes, I advise people to read the customer review section before the specifications. I say this because you may find an exact person with your skin features in the review section. However, some customer reviews may be misleading in some cases.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are these cleansers meant for the face alone?

No! Not all cleansers are only for your face. They may just have an excellent makeup removal feature.

Can I use cleansers on an already damaged skin?

You should do proper research before you make a product choice. For example, one of the above products works for acne, while another asks not to use on damaged skin. So, again read specifications.


Keeping great and nourished skin can be very easy or very hard. Where you fall in the coin depends on the effectiveness of your products. You can always come back to this guide to check out some specifications before you make your choice. I’ll most likely buy these three products GarnierMicellar Water Oil, GarnierSkinActiveMicellar and Victoria Beauty Micellar Cleansing because of its reputation on amazon and cost-effectiveness.

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