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Cholesterol Test Kit UK

Best Cholesterol Test Kit UK


We all should bring in improvements in our lifestyle to prevent ugly cardiovascular diseases from affecting us. A sign of cardiovascular wellness is optimum levels of cholesterol in our blood. But how to ensure whether your blood cholesterol level is optimum?  You will have to go to the lab to do a test and wait for a few days for the results to arrive. But does that imply you will have to schedule a doctor’s appointment at regular intervals to get your blood cholesterol levels checked? Well, no more because you can do it at home with the help of the best cholesterol test kit.

Having a cholesterol kit at home is more like a necessity now, especially if you are a cardiovascular patient. I realized the absolute need for this hard, and since then, I always keep a cholesterol kit handy with me.

I never knew that I could have cholesterol because I perceived myself to be quite fit and healthy. I was having nausea, chest pain for a few hours, and when these started getting worse, I called my neighbour for help. He noticed my symptoms, and while dialling the ambulance, he used his cholesterol kit to check my cholesterol levels. The results were displayed almost immediately, and my glucose levels were way above the range! Even though I had to stay in the hospital for the night, the doctor advised me to keep track of my cholesterol levels at home with cholesterol kits.

Cholesterol test kits have helped me immensely, and I don’t have to spend sleepless nights worrying about it. So, here are my recommendations about the best cholesterol test kits you can get in the UK:

Top 10 Cholesterol Test Kit UK

EasyLife UK 3 in 1 Blood Cholesterol Test Kit

 Blood Cholesterol Monitor kit 3 in 1 Meter System, EasyLife Blood Cholesterol, Blood Glucose and Blood uric Acid Test kit

 Blood Cholesterol Monitor kit 3 in 1 Meter System, EasyLife Blood Cholesterol, Blood Glucose and Blood uric Acid Test kit

If you want a test kit to check blood glucose, cholesterol, and uric acid, then here you go! With the help of this testing kit, you can record all the necessary routine blood tests. It is a comprehensive test kit by the company Easy Life, and it comes in a convenient zip case. You will get two cholesterol test strips and ten uric acid strips and blood glucose strips. In case you run out of strips, you can buy them separately easily.

The test kit takes only 20 seconds to display the results, and once you get it, you will be relieved. You would not face any calibration problems once you set the device to begin measuring once you insert the strip. 


  • A set of spare batteries are provided with the device.
  • The display of the device is large with date and time.
  • The tester can measure blood glucose, cholesterol, and uric acid levels.
  • Results are calculated within 20 seconds.
  • To prevent calibration problems, you can set the tester to start measuring once you place the strip in it.
  • Complementary test strips are provided with it.
  • Memory capacity for both cholesterol and uric acid is 50 tests, and glucose is 200 tests.

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  • Super easy to use.
  • The instruction manual is easy to follow.
  • The calibration is excellent.
  • The device has a clear display.
  • It might not work if adequate blood is not in the strip.
  • Need control solution

BeneCheck UK Cholesterol Test Kit With Monitor 

BeneCheck Plus Cholesterol Monitor (with Case, Lancets/Pen, and 10 Strips)

BeneCheck Plus Cholesterol Monitor (with Case, Lancets/Pen, and 10 Strips)

If you want to purchase a travel-friendly and compact device, which will allow you to check your cholesterol levels at your convenience, then you should check out this kit. You can easily control the device or even hold it just with one hand. As this compact device can measure uric acid and glucose levels, you will only get ten cholesterol test strips with it. Some users even claimed that this is the fastest cholesterol kit they have ever used!

Also, the test kit’s measurement range is considerably wide, so the chances are rare that your cholesterol levels will not fall within the limit. Also, the device displays accurate results for cholesterol levels within 26 seconds.


  • The device is pretty simple to use and following the instruction manual is sufficient.
  • The device is compact and handheld, so you can even carry it on your trips.
  • The long battery life of the device.
  • The strips of this kit are relatively cost-effective when you are buying it separately.
  • You will only need to put a small amount of blood to conduct the tests.
  • The measurement range for cholesterol is between 100 mg/dl and 400 mg/dl.
  • The menu system is simplistic, so even newbies can set it up and use effortlessly.
  • The date and time setting is easy to set.
  • Pretty accurate results.
  • Produces the results within 26 seconds.
  • Compact and well-packaged device.
  • It might not offer accuracy at all times.
  • Strips are usable only if the correct coding key is used.

SpeedGUC UK Household Testing Cholesterol Meter

13C Household Testing Uric Acid Meter, Cholesterol Meter & Blood Glucose Meter, 3 in 1 Medical Test Kit Health Monitoring Equipment for Diabetic, The

13C Household Testing Uric Acid Meter, Cholesterol Meter & Blood Glucose Meter, 3 in 1 Medical Test Kit Health Monitoring Equipment for Diabetic, The

Another great option for choosing a cholesterol meter for your home is this unit by 13C. The device is inbuilt with a multifunctioning monitoring system, and thus it can help you keep track of your blood sugar, uric acid, and of course, cholesterol! Unlike other home test kits, this one does not require any operating insert. Because of this feature, you are expected to get your results at a lightning-fast rate.

The device is equipped with an automatic on/off option, so you don’t have to remember switching it on/off manually. The unit comes with a large display so to provide you utmost convenience in reading the measurements.


  • The measurement range for cholesterol values lies between 100 mg/dl and 400 mg/dl.
  • To reveal your blood cholesterol results, the device needs only a minute.
  • The kit can store about 50 cholesterol test results to help users keep track of their readings over time.
  • The 2.5 inch LCD of the testing unit makes it super easy to analyse the readings.
  • There is no need to insert the strips; the new design makes it convenient to check your cholesterol levels.
  • The operation is done via test papers that need to fit the meter perfectly.
  • The kit has numerous safety certifications, like TUV, CE, etc., so it is entirely safe for you.
  • 3-in-one home test kit.
  • Readings are accurate.
  • The display is pretty large.
  • No need to insert strips.
  • Not par with lab results.
  • Batteries are not provided.

Mission UK Cholesterol Meter + Lipid Tester

Mission 3 in 1 Cholesterol Meter + lipid panel test

Mission 3 in 1 Cholesterol Meter + lipid panel test

If you are suffering from irregular blood cholesterol levels and your lipid profile is also not looking great, you have to check out this product right now! The test kits come in an attractive blue package, and if you have an eye for compactness and aesthetics, you might fall in love with it. It is from the brand ACON, and it promises to deliver accurate results within 45 minutes or less.

Read up the instruction manual, and you will understand that the test strips are equipped with colour-coding for better understandability of the results. It comes in a handy zip case so you can carry it around with you all the time and took the test whenever needed.


  • The device is equipped with advanced features to provide you with maximum accuracy.
  • The test results show you the level of your cardiac risk so that you can take necessary actions.
  • To help you read the values without straining your eyes, the device has an in-built large LCD screen.
  • Within 45 seconds of taking your blood sample, the meter displays your results on the LCD screen.
  • You can even keep track of your lipid profiles
  • The device allows you to test your CHOL/LDL ratio for better analysis of your cardiac health.
  • A colour-coding system in test strips to understand the results.
  • Tubes and lancets are decent.
  • Readings are similar to lab tests.
  • The risk factor report is delivered in 2 minutes.
  • The machine is well built.
  • Might malfunction at times.
  • Quite expensive.

FORA 6 Connect UK Bluetooth Multi-Parameter Cholesterol Testing Meter

Multi-Parameter for The Monitoring of Total Cholesterol, ß-Ketone, Uric Acid, Glucose and Hemoglobin Using Whole Blood (Meter, 3in1)

Multi-Parameter for The Monitoring of Total Cholesterol, ß-Ketone, Uric Acid, Glucose and Hemoglobin Using Whole Blood (Meter, 3in1)

Are you sore after every cholesterol test because it demands a considerably large sample of blood? Well, now your worries will be gone for good because this device is packed with advanced features that do not require so. Thanks to the innovative slip-in technology, as with its help, the meter shows your results in the shortest time possible. The meter also offers Bluetooth connectivity, and via it, the results are sent to your smartphone.

A set of strips is provided along with the device, so initially, you don’t have to invest in purchasing strips. You can perform all the tests and for better access to your results, download the iFORA HM tracking tool available for both ios and android.


  • All the strips are designed using the latest slip-in technology.
  • A small amount of blood sample is only needed for testing glucose, cholesterol, and B-ketone.
  • Only a single meter is needed to perform all three tests.
  • Test strips are designed to offer maximal longevity.
  • 5-electrode technology is implemented in the strips for better accuracy.
  • 3.0µl of blood sample is required to get measurements of your cholesterol levels.
  • HM, tracking tool allows you to save the test results with date and time so that you can share it with your doctor.
  • A set of strips for every test are provided.
  • Strips are designed to deliver accurate results.
  • Results appear within 5 seconds.
  • No calibration is required.
  • The device is not travel-friendly.
  • Strips are expensive.

Multi-Function  Tester With Strip Analyse

SUN RDPP 3 in 1 Multi-Function Blood Sugar,Uric Acid,Cholesterol Monitor,with Test Strip Analyze

SUN RDPP 3 in 1 Multi-Function Blood Sugar,Uric Acid,Cholesterol Monitor,with Test Strip Analyze

If you have not been satisfied with the way most cholesterol testers perform when taking the entire sample, then take a look at this one. Like most other devices featured in this list, the meter can measure blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acids. Once you place the strip into the meter, the smart device identifies the type of test you are willing to do.

The smart design of this device will also impress you as well as the built frame of it. You can operate it effortlessly and the results delivered are also found to be similar to test results done in the medical labs. There are a few buttons in the device to ensure effortless control of the operations.


  • The meter can calculate blood sugar, uric acid levels, and not to forget cholesterol range.
  • Displays the results of the cholesterol tests within a minute.
  • Designed in a way so to facilitate convenient bloodsucking.
  • The meter can store up to 50 records of cholesterol values.
  • The strips are colour-coded so that the device identifies it instantly when inserted.
  • The kit is equipped with innovative electrochemical sensing technology.
  • The steps for operating it are easy to follow.
  • Automatic on/off functionalities.
  • Design of the meter.
  • Large display of the device.
  • Requires a small amount of blood.
  • Batteries are not included.
  • The testing papers are not available at all times.

Vopeee UK Cholesterol Home Testing Kit

 Vopee 3 in 1 Test Meter,for Cholesterol,Blood Glucose And Uric Acid Test with Large LCD Screen Included 10 PCS Uric Acid Test Strips (Color : 3 in 1 Test Meter)

 Vopee 3 in 1 Test Meter,for Cholesterol,Blood Glucose And Uric Acid Test with Large LCD Screen Included 10 PCS Uric Acid Test Strips (Color : 3 in 1 Test Meter)

If you think that you will not conduct a cholesterol test at home because the process is very complex, this cholesterol kit from Vopeee is here to prove you wrong. It has been specifically designed for users to track their cholesterol levels effortlessly within the premises of your home. With this home testing kit, you can check your blood sugar levels and uric acid range from time to time.

The device is built using advanced technology so to deliver super accurate results within just 30 seconds. The best part about using this device is that it allows you to have a quick knowledge about your risk factors for certain diseases, like heart, kidney, and liver disorder.


  • Just switch on the device and adjust the device’s encoding to match the code on the test paper of cholesterol.
  • In case it does not match, pressing the right and left keys simultaneously will work.
  • The meter upon detecting the test paper will measure the results of the particular test only.
  • Alcohol prep pad is provided to encourage the free flow of blood into the test strips.
  • The meter comes with lancets to prick your skin to collect blood without causing much pain.
  • The device will automatically conduct temperature correction not to let the temperature affect the results of the test.
  • You will get results exactly within 30 seconds.
  • Built of the device.
  • Accuracy of the results.
  • Works pretty fast.
  • Temperature correction effect.
  • Cholesterol strips are not provided.
  • Poor instruction manual.

BENECHECK UK Plus Cholesterol Home Measurement Kit

Benecheck Plus - 3in1 Meter (Cholesterol + uric Acid + Glucose)

Benecheck Plus - 3in1 Meter (Cholesterol + uric Acid + Glucose)

If you want a device formulated using the latest electrochemical technology, a sensation in the medical industry, then you can check the features of this cholesterol tester by Benecheck. The manufacturer is an expert in developing in-vitro products, and thus their cholesterol meters are a huge success. You can keep track of your health by knowing about the uric acid, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.

The plus system requires only a small amount of blood sample to conduct the test so your fingers would not be sore after the test. The device is compact, and thus you can easily carry it to your workplace and even on your trips.


  • The device is designed with innovative amperometric technology to offer accurate readings.
  • The strips are built by following the techniques of electrochemical technology.
  • All the strips are built in a way to offer similar results to that of a medical lab.
  • The device is compact, and it is convenient to carry it with you at all times.
  • The meter offers multiple functions and enables users to perform several tests at home.
  • The strips are colour-coded, so you would not be confused while using it.
  • Only a small blood sample is required to measure the cholesterol levels of blood.
  • Easy to use cholesterol meter.
  • Results are accurate
  • The built quality is decent.
  • Clear display.
  • Insufficient testing strips were provided.
  • A bit expensive.

CERASCREEN UK Cholesterol Home Testing Kit

cerascreen® Cholesterol Test – Determine Your HDL, LDL, Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides and The LDL/HDL Ratio Quick & Easy from Home | Health.

cerascreen® Cholesterol Test – Determine Your HDL, LDL, Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides and The LDL/HDL Ratio Quick & Easy from Home | Health.

If you have high LDL values and might not be aware of it, you should check today and not wait to turn into a health risk. Often high LDL cholesterol values are responsible for causing strokes and other cardiovascular disorders, so you should pay attention to your health. Keeping this issue in mind, Cerascreen has developed a self-testing cholesterol test kit matching gold standards.

While this might not be a cholesterol meter, your blood sample will be tested by experts. You will collect your sample and send them to a specific location via mail. The results will be delivered to you within a few days via email.


  • You will get a kit with the help of which you can collect a sample.
  • Experts will test the sample in an advanced laboratory.
  • You will receive a detailed report about your test results.
  • Based on the results, you will receive recommendations about dietary supplements and medicines.
  • The kit comes with a return bag in which you will have to place the sample to mail it.
  • Illustrated instruction manual to help you understand the process.
  • Accessories like cloth, plasters, and swabs are provided with it.
  • Easy to use.
  • The results are 100% accurate.
  • Experts check samples.
  • Tests are done in the laboratory.
  • Results take time to arrive.
  • Tests might get cancelled.

CARE Diagnostica Self-Testing Cholesterol Kit

Cholesterol Test Kit Home Cholesterol Test Finger Prick Blood Self Testing For Cholesterol Levels. (For one use only)

Cholesterol Test Kit Home Cholesterol Test Finger Prick Blood Self Testing For Cholesterol Levels. (For one use only)

If you have doubts about your health, wait no more, and look for ways to resolve it. If what you suspect is a high cholesterols level, you can check out this kit from Care Diagnostica. The usual range of cholesterol lies within 200 mg/DL, and anything above this could indicate abnormal blood cholesterol. Ideally, you should measure your blood cholesterol on an empty stomach just after waking up, so try to follow this.

It is also best to conduct the test in a room with ample natural or artificial light to see when the Colour changes. To perform the test, prick your finger with a micro-lancet and then wait for 3 minutes for the results to arrive.


  • It is a single-use kit; thus, it consists of one strip and one lancet.
  • The strip changes the Colour according to your cholesterol range for better understandability.
  • The kit offers quick results, just within 3 minutes.
  • The strip is designed innovatively to offer accurate results.
  • Only a small drop of blood is required for the test.
  • Gives you an indication of your heart health.
  • It helps you to take preventive measures and also bring in positive changes in your lifestyle.
  • Easy to use.
  • A detailed instruction manual comes with the kit.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Best for one-time use.
  • The timing of the test impacts the results.
  • The Colour might not match with the comparison colours.

Cholesterol Test Kit For UK Buying Guide

To help you make informed decisions about purchasing cholesterol kits for home, here are some questions you might have been dying to ask us:

Why should you use a cholesterol kit?

 A cholesterol test kit allows you to check your cholesterol levels at home without an appointment with the doctor’s clinic. Thus you can take your test anywhere and at any time, entirely at your convenience. You would also get your cholesterol levels within a few minutes (in some cases within seconds), which is impossible if you are testing at a laboratory.

How to use a cholesterol test kit?

Open the package, you will find a lancet, and with the help of it, you will prick your finger. Squeeze your pricked finger and deposit a drop of blood onto the strip. Now, insert the strip into the cholesterol meter and then wait for your results to be displayed. 

 The above procedure will work only if you are using an electronic cholesterol meter. In case you are using other types of cholesterol kits, after placing the blood on the test strip, you will see it changing Colour. Then you will have to compare the Colour with the chart coming with the kit and know about your cholesterol levels.

Are the results of a cholesterol test kit reliable?

There is no one answer to this question: it depends on the cholesterol test kit you are buying. While some kits deliver results that are quite similar to the ones done in labs by physicians, others might not give you much accuracy. However, it is essential to keep a kit handy and test with it from time to time and then compare the test result with that of the lab’s to evaluate its accuracy.

Does the FDA regulate the home cholesterol kits?

Some cholesterol test kits are FDA certified, and you would find this information in the product description. As safety is our topmost priority, there are also a set of safety certifications most cholesterol testing kits acquire to offer assurance to the customers.

Do you have to buy any other components other than the cholesterol kit?

All the kits mentioned in this kit come with all the accessories you need to perform the cholesterol test. It includes lancers and strips, and each can be used once only. However, to use it further, you will have to buy strips and, in some cases, lancets as well. If you wish to save some money, better check out the strips’ price before placing the cholesterol kit or meter order.

How much blood sample does the kit need to work?

Again, this factor varies from device to device, and thus there is no flat answer to this question. The devices formulated using the latest technology only require a tiny sample drop, so don’t worry about it. However, some kits might not work unless you place a reasonably large size blood droplet. If this seems like a problem to you, it is wise to stick to the kits, which do a great job even with little blood.


Now that we have reached the end of the article, we hope that most of your doubts regarding cholesterol kits are cleared. On the contrary, if you are confused because of the overwhelming options you have, then check our recommendations:

 Before going for a particular product, check out the pros and cons of this article as it focuses on reviews from real users. So take good care of yourself to have a healthy heart to spread all the love you have!

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