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Best Children’s Fitness Trackers UK

Children, unlike adults, are perpetually energetic beings. From the park to the living room, they’re always bursting around, full of energy. So, imagine their surprise when you get to tell them such a lifestyle is great for their health. I remember the first time my eight-year-old daughter watched me do 50 pushups at a go. She thought it was a new game I had invented. When I told her it was how grownups stay healthy, she became my workout partner immediately! That was where the idea to get her a children’s fitness tracker struck me.

Like myself, many parents who wish to keep an eye on their child’s physical health, consider getting them a kids fitness tracker. The hiccup is, you might find yourself confronted with so many factors to consider- such as what features to base your choice on and the best brand to buy. There’s also the issue of price, longevity and durability since it’s going to be used by a child. You might even wonder whether your child needs or wants one to begin with. And some of us even confuse children’s fitness trackers with child trackers watches!

This guide has been compiled to help you and easy through all these problems. From numerous research to analyzing various user reviews, I’ve compiled a list of children’s fitness tracker you can get for your kid. I’ve also made sure to address the numerous confusions and highlight the factors to look out for in fitness trackers for kids. Combined with my personal experiences as a parent and a workout enthusiast, I’ve made sure to give you the best children’s fitness tracker buying guide you can rely on.


1.LETSCOM High-End Fitness Tracker

LETSCOM gained huge respect in the market with this incredibly built product. This classic slim fitness tracker keeps your child or teen ecstatic for physical activities. A quality product from a high-quality brand, it is highly recommended on numerous review lists, with tons of praises from many satisfied users.

LETSCOM high-end fitness tracker offers a combination of up to 14 indoor and outdoor sports mode. It also comes with the basic step, calorie, distance and sleep tracker, as well as a heart rate monitor. All of them function at a 24/7 monitoring routine. Other interesting features include remote photography, sedentary alerts, smart notifications to allow calls and alerts from texts and social media and GPS connectivity, so readings and stats collection is accurate.

LETSCOM high-end fitness tracker comes in a comfortable, slim design with IP68 waterproof resistance. The built-in USB plug allows you to charge without a power cable or doc, and a charge lasts up to 7days of usage. It’s also compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, where it connects and works with the VeryFitPro app.


  • 14 multi-sport options with activity and Sleep trackers
  • Heart rate monitor and remote camera control
  • Stylish, slim, comfortable design with IP68 waterproof resistance
  • Cable-free charging with 7-day battery life
  • Android and iOS compatible through VeryFitPro app
  • The app is easy to use and set up
  • Very good battery life for the price
  • Very accurate heart monitor
  • The display is poor in daylight

2.Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker


Fitbit might very well be the most popular and successful children’s fitness tracker brand in the world. It should be no surprise, therefore, if her product makes it this high on my review list as the Ace 2 is no new name when it comes to fitness trackers for kids.

Fitbit Ace 2 comes in a simple, yet stylish, child-friendly design. The fitness tracker excels at the two most basic functions; activity and sleep tracking. Ace 2 tracks every move of your child on a full-day basis to give you up-to-date statistics about their exercises. And during sleep, it continues by keeping stats of your child’s sleeping time.

The Ace 2 has an impressive water-resistance up to 50 meters and an animated clock that gives the display screen a playful look. A 1-hour active minutes goal feature ensures kids get enough daily physical activity required for the development. The fitness tracker also connects to an app that allows parents to keep track of children activity and even set parental controls.

Easy-to-use and very eye-catching, Fitbit Ace 2 maintains battery life for up to 5 days after the charge. It also comes with virtual badges and avatars that keep kids motivated. Its lightweight design makes it an ideal accessory for playtime. And the bands are interchangeable, so your child can feel unique with numerous customizable options that are sold separately.


  • Active Minute goal feature
  • Simple, child-friendly interface
  • Customizable, detachable bands and accessories
  • Water-resistance up to 50m
  • Virtual badges and avatar rewards
  • Parental control setting options on the app
  • 5-day battery life
  • Kids love the changeable faces
  • The interface is so easy to understand
  • The battery charges fast
  • The app only syncs with one phone at a time

3.LETSCOM ID205L Fitness Tracker


This is another great product from LETSCOM. The ID205L fitness tracker is no doubt a great item to get for that teen or tween who loves to exercise. It is sturdy, beautifully crafted and surprisingly fashionable- making it perfect for every kid. 

LETSCOM ID205L features a wide touchscreen and activity tracking for calories, active minutes and distance covered. The sleep tracker automatically goes to work when you’re asleep and keeps a record of your awake, light and deep sleep periods. It also comes with a heart rate monitor that oversees your heart status as you work out.

This children’s fitness tracker offers a built-in sport mode for nine different sports. It also features relaxation training functions, sedentary, call and message reminders, music control, alarms and customized watch dials. Reject Call functionality allows you to reject your phone calls from the fitness tracker itself. Also available are stopwatch settings, a breathing guide to help you feel relaxed, and message storage of up to 10 messages.

LETSCOM ID205L fitness tracker comes with an easy-to-charge battery that can last for more than ten days. It’s comfort with Android and iOS smartphones and Bluetooth devices. When connected, it remotely controls functions through the VeryFitPro app. And IP68 water resistance means kids can worry less about splashing around in the pool.


  • Nine sport modes with Activity and Sleep trackers
  • Large TFT customizable colour display touchscreen
  • Relaxation training functions and breathing guide
  • Reject Call function and Music control
  • 10-day battery life
  • IP68 waterproof resistance
  • Very accurate step counter
  • Love the large and clear display screen
  • There are tons of features to explore
  • It fits better on bigger kids

4.MoreFit Kids Fitness Tracker


When it comes to getting maximum value at minimum cost, MoreFit rules the day. Combining exciting features in a slim, lightweight and interesting design, kids feel super with this cute fitness tracker. The colourful overtones make it an easy choice for both boys and girls who want to show off on the playground.

MoreFit activity tracker monitors steps taken, distance covered and calories burned. It also features an impressive heart rate and blood pressure monitor. And a blood oxygen saturation tracker helps you maintain pace during physical activities.

The fitness tracker also features a multi-sports mode and sleep tracker, which record your child’s sleep periods and offers adjustments where needed. A notification feature enables alerts from calls, messages, apps, alarm clock and sedentary reminders. And a colour display screen with two interchangeable themes and adjustable brightness showcase all these functions.

MoreFit Kids fitness tracker comes in various attractive colours. The IP67 waterproofing protects it from rain, sweat, hand washing and even swimming. The smart band has a built-in USB plug, visible when the custom TPU bands are gently pulled off, so you charge directly, without a cable. And it is also compatible with Android and iOS through its app, ‘JYouPro’, available on both app stores.


  • Heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation monitors
  • Four sport mode with Activity and Sleep trackers
  • Remote camera control
  • Interchangeable colour display themes
  • IP67 waterproof with detachable custom TPU bands
  • Built-in USB charger
  • Android and iOS compatibility through JYouPro app
  • Very stylish and comfortable
  • Beautiful interface
  • The app displays sleep patterns by day, week or month
  • The strap may be too big for younger kids

5.Garmin Vivofit Jr. Daily Activity Tracker


Garmin overtook the kid’s fitness tracker market with the Vivofit Jr., a wide array of basic children’s fitness trackers. The Vivofit Jr. eases into the hearts of kids all over, as it stormed the markets with different pop-culture-themed colour patterns.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. Daily Activity Tracker features include step tracker, sleep tracker and active time tracker, for the recommended 60-minute daily activity goal for kids. The simple, yet, high-resolution display is readable in sunlight, making it easier for younger kids to interpret. And also never have to worry about charging the battery as it comes pre-charged enough to last a whole year!

It is also preloaded chores, like cleaning the room, to help teach kids responsibility. These are managed and personalized, along with all collected statistics and data, on the free app installed on the parent’s smartphone. The chores can be scheduled daily or weekly, and kids get virtual rewards after tasks are completed. The parents can also reward them with pre-agreed gifts.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. Features task timers so parents can set reminders for kids to achieve daily tasks. The robust, elastic design allows it to fit snuggly on the child’s wrist. The band strap is adjustable so that it stretches and accommodates up to 150mm in width. Stain and water resistance of up to 50M, make it swim and bath safe. And it comes in so many colour designs for kids to choose from.


  • Activity and Sleep trackers
  • High-res. personalized screen readable in sunlight
  • One year battery charge
  • Preloaded chores with virtual badges and rewards
  • Water-resistant up to 50m
  • Works great at encouraging kids
  • The sturdy build makes it last long
  • The interface is so easy to operate
  • Screen is scratch-prone

6.Latec Fitness Tracker


With hot colours and hues on both the outer case and screen interface, this smart band attracts the attention of every teen and preteen with a knack for physical exercises. Latec offers fresh insight into the market with this innovative design, giving this product an edge like no other.

The sweetest thing about this children’s fitness tracker is the colour play. On the outside, it expresses itself in very bright red. The screen interface also displays details using a wide array of other bright colours.

Latec also offers eight default exercise modes, with six additional in the app. Impressive sleep and heart monitors work with notification support for calls, texts and social media apps. It features a stopwatch, sedentary reminders, GPS sports tracking, mind training and music function. The fitness tracker also offers remote camera capture and a built-in USB charging port, with up to 7 days of usage after just an hour of charge.


  • Colourful display screen and body design
  • Up to 14 sports modes with GPS sports tracking
  • Activity, sleep and heart rate monitors
  • IP68 waterproof, up to 3m of diving
  • Mind training and music control
  • Built-in USB charger with 7-day battery life
  • Very easy to set up
  • The strap is adjustable
  • Very easy to clean
  • Music control requires a manual connection for every use

7.Delvfire Pulse HR Fitness Tracker


Delvfire Pulse combines productivity with simplicity to make it a sure selection on my review list. With a simple, yet customizable design, this children’s fitness tracker easily passes as a fun choice for kids and teens.

Delvfire Pulse kid’s fitness tracker uses an all-day activity tracker to monitors steps, heart rate, distance, calories and active minutes. It also features multi-sports tracking and uses your phone’s GPS to capture your stats in real-time. Auto tracking of sleep quality during the night keeps tabs of your sleeping health. And wrists sensors allow you to turn on the screen when you turn your wrists automatically.

The children’s fitness tracker also offers notification features for calls, social media alerts and messages. Silent alarms and sedentary reminders alert you on activities and tasks. A built-in USB port makes charging easier and faster and lasts up to 7 days. And its IP67 water resistance makes it ideal for swimming.


  • All-day activity and heart rate trackers
  • Multi-sports mode with GPS sports tracking
  • Automatic sleep tracker with silent alarms
  • Wrist sensors and custom heart rate zones
  • Google Fit and Apple Health integration
  • Night mode and IP67 water resistance
  • Built-in USB charger with 7day battery life
  • Amazing heart monitor
  • The reminders and alarms work great
  • Has a very short range with the connected phone

8.LETSCOM ID115 Fitness Tracker


Looking for a design with simple functions at an even lower price? Then, this is the perfect fit. Portable, comfortable, attractive and easy-to-use, ID115 fitness tracker comes with the right essential features specifically needed for kids.

LETSCOM ID115 children’s fitness tracker comes in an ergonomic, slim design with a simple, easy-to-use touchscreen. The tracker monitors steps, calories, distance and active minutes. An auto-sleep tracking function also supervises sleep patterns and durations. And it’s also synced with your smartphone so you can get your call, text and social media notifications on the fitness tracker.

ID115 also offers sedentary reminders and a long battery life of up to 7 days after 2 hours of charging. The built-in USB port means there is no need for a charging cord or dock. The bands are also interchangeable, so it continues to fit into your style routine. And it comes with wide compatibility for Android, iOS and Bluetooth.


  • Activity and Sleep trackers
  • Notification features and sedentary reminders
  • Simple, easy-to-use, comfortable function and design
  • Remote camera shooting
  • Interchangeable bands
  • Built-in USB charger with 7-day battery life
  • Android, iOS and Bluetooth compatibility
  • Very consistent step tracker
  • Functions are basic and easy to use
  • Very lightweight
  • Battery life could be better

9.Huawei Band 4 Smart band


Huawei Band 4 smart band combines the joys of youth with the comfort of childhood into one powerful kid’s fitness tracker. The Band 4 smart band proves by function and look to be an ideal companion for every young mind.

Band 4 comes with a fancy 2.5D colourful touch screen with an engaging interface. The Huawei TRUSeen TM 3.5 monitors allow the fitness tracker to keep accurate stats about your heart rate. For sleep tracking, its TruSleep TM 2.0 monitor analyzes sleep quality by recognizing the four sleep phases. Intelligent reminders also alert you when the heart rate exceeds the maximum average, and the sleep tracker can identify up to 6 types of sleep problems.

This children’s activity tracker also comes with nine sports mode so you can track your child’s exercises. It also offers data tracking for steps, distance, speed, calories and many others. A Watch Face store allows you to change your screen to different styles. The smart band also has a built-in USB charger and usage time lasts up to 7 days. 


  • 9 Sports mode with Smart Heart Rate and Sleep tracking
  • 2.5D colourful touch screen with customizable watch faces
  • 5ATM water and sweat resistance
  • Watch Face store
  • A built-in USB charger and 7-day battery life
  • Amazing sleep tracker
  • The interface can be customized at all times
  • Strong battery life
  • The screen is hard to see in daylight

10.Letsfit ID115UWaterproof Fitness Tracker


Displaying the classic, humanized design it is known for, Letsfit offers great value at a low price with the ID115U waterproof fitness tracker. The lightweight, ergonomic design means your kids and teenagers can have the best time of their lives when they play.

In addition to the activity tracking of step, calories, active minutes and distance, ID115U also gives you a daily health snapshot. The sleep cycle analysis works with silent vibrating alarms to help you maintain healthy sleep patterns. The children’s fitness tracker comes with sedentary reminders, calls, message and social media notification features when connected to the mobile app. It also offers cable-free charging with IP67 waterproofing, remote camera shooting, 7-day long battery lasting life and a Find Phone feature that allows the tracker to locate your phone when misplaced.


  • Activity and Sleep trackers with daily health snapshots
  • Sedentary alarms and notification features
  • Remote camera shooting and Find Phone feature
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design
  • IP67 waterproof with 7-day battery life
  • Good step counter
  • The app is very easy to use
  • The strap is not stain-proof

How to Choose Children Fitness Trackers UK

Product Guide

Now, you might find yourself wondering if you need a product guide for children’s fitness tracker. The answer is a solid yes. Not only will a product guide tell you how to pick the right kids fitness tracker, but it also addresses key questions that come from making these choices.

Firstly though, you should know the difference between a kid’s fitness tracker and a child tracker watch. A kids fitness tracker is a basic device which uses a pedometer that takes readings of physical activity. This is why fitness trackers for kids are usually worn on the wrist, allowing them to get as many data as possible from arm movements. 

A child tracker watch, however, is a smartwatch with an in-built GPS feature so parents can keep knowing their children’s location. Unlike fitness trackers, many child tracker watches also take SIM cards, in addition to linking with phones, and therefore function as cut-down phones.

Other questions are surrounding the purchase and use of fitness trackers for kids. This guide will help address them so you can select the right fitness tracker for your child.

What does it do?

Fitness trackers for children are meant to do just two things; track their daily activities and their sleep. There are models, however, that offer heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation monitoring, breathing guides, relaxation training and even blood pressure monitoring. Others feature multi-sport functions and even notification features.

When picking a fitness tracker for your kid, consider whether or not, the child needs these extra features. Models like LETSCOM ID205L and Band 4 are perfect for teens and preteens because of the various elements. For younger kids of age nine and below, Garmin and Fitbit Ace 2 works best, as they are much simpler to operate.

How does it connect to the phone?

Kid’s fitness trackers all come with a dedicated app that is installed on a smartphone. This connects the fitness tracker with the phone via Bluetooth. Without this connection, fitness trackers would not perform their basic functions. Most times, the reference is made on the child’s phone, but for younger kids, the parents’ phone monitors the activities. Before downloading, be sure to confirm the precise app that works with your child’s fitness tracker. The fitness trackers for children also connect with the phone’s GPS to read distance and steps covered.

Is it appropriate for my child’s age?

Usually, kid’s fitness trackers are designed for all children, but the choice depends on their age. Younger kids are more suited with simpler models like Ace 2 and Vivofit Jr. as these models are sturdy and easier to operate. Vivofit Jr.’s 364 days battery life also means you worry less about whether your child recharges or not. Older kids who like to explore the options their fitness watches have to offer to feel at ease with LETSCOM, Latec and Band 4 models.

All products listed here also feature waterproof protection, since kids might expose the trackers and smart bands to water. But if the length of exposure to water might be an issue, be sure to go for a fitness tracker that offers higher water resistance- at least IP67- for your kid. 

Does my kid need one?

It is one thing to get a fitness tracker for your kid, but another for your child to need one. Ask yourself why you plan to get one in the first place. If you wish to impact the habit of fitness and exercises in your child, then start with simpler models like Fitbit Ace 2 and Letsfit. If your kid finds workouts fun or wants to feel the vibe of tracking their activities like mom or dad, LETSCOM and MoreFit models will do the trick. And if you want to keep a close watch on their physical health, then you might need models with heart rate and blood pressure monitors like Latec and Delvfire Pulse.


Fitness trackers for kids are great at instilling healthy habits in children. They help us keep an eye on their physical health and also combat sedentary behaviours in their activities. They differ completely from child tracker watches as they only focus on their active lives and not their location. And they encourage a vibrant outlook on play and work.

Every product listed in this review has the potential to meet the monitoring needs of interested parents. Each has been thoroughly researched to provide the details needed to make a solid decision on which to give your child. They all come from reputable brands and offer impressive features, both you and your children will appreciate.

The buying guide is also a great tool to consult when deciding which to buy, what features to expect, how to use them and why you should get any of the kid’s fitness trackers mentioned. However, if you wish for me to suggest what children’s fitness tracker to buy, then consider the following three.

The LETSCOM High-End Fitness Tracker is my best value choice as it offers a lot of features for a great price. If you’re on a budget, the LETSCOM ID115 Fitness Tracker is a good choice for the lowest price. But if you don’t mind spending a lot on quality and basic function, you might want to consider the Garmin Vivofit Jr. Daily Activity Tracker.

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